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Welcome to Wednesday's daily🧵covering all the news from #Russia's war of choice.

The Kremlin hopes to mobilise 1m "soldiers" to fight the losing battle. To defend their homeland, #Ukraine troops need winter gear. Please help us reach £10k target…
Today is Day 217.
Yesterday saw the "results" of the fixed and illegal referenda, blank voting papers, stolen toilets, empty passenger jets heading into #Russia and much more.

Missed it? No problem - scroll though from here:
#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

One of the most important pieces of news came late last night and that is #Italy's confirmed commitment to #Ukraine despite the change of government.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState

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”Joko alkaa riittää?”
#Mielenosoitus #Narinkatori'lla Helsingissä lauantaina 10.9.2022 alkaen klo 14:00.
- Emme tarvitse #sähkö'n säästöjä.
- Järkensä menettänyt
@MikaLintila lietsoo Suomeen #sotatila'a.
- Täällä ovat kaikki. Ota ystäväsi mukaan!
@MikaLintila @valtioneuvosto Samaan aikaan kun #Venäjä-#USA vienti ja tuonti takovat uusia ennätyksiä, ilman sanktioita.
- #WEF-#mRNA hörhöjen tavoite on ajaa #Leipäjono -suomalaiset polvilleen.
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پنجاب کا پہلا مارشل لاء
مارچ 1919ء میں ایک انگریز جج سر ڈزنی رولٹ (Disney Rowlatt) کے زیر صدارت "Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act" اور "Indian Criminal Law Emergency Power Act" ایک کمیٹی کی سفارشات کے مطابق منظور کیے گئے جس کا مقصد ھندوستانیوں پر تشدد
اور انقلابی کاروائیوں کا سد باب کرنا اور بدامنی کو کچلنا تھا جوپہلی جنگ عظیم کے دوران بنگال، پنجاب اور ھندوستان کے دوسرے علاقوں میں زور پکڑچکی تھیں۔
اس مارشل لاء کی نوبت کیوں ائی؟
ھندو-مسلم نےایک گلاس میں پانی پی کراورایک پلیٹ میں حلوہ پوری کھاکر یگانگت کافقیدالمثال مظاہرہ
سکھوں کی سان فرانسسکو میں تشکیل پانے والے انقلابی تحریک "غدر" (1916) فرنگیوں کی آنکھ کا کانٹا بن گئی تھی.
"لکھنؤ پیکٹ (1916)" جس میں ھندومسلم اتحاد انگریز راج کے گلے کی ہڈی بن چکا تھا۔
یہ تمام اتحاد، جلسے جلوس، پرزور کارروائیاں، 1917 کا روسی پرولتاریہ انقلاب، افغانستان کا
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کسی نے سچ کہا ہے کہ "سیاست کے سینے میں دل نہیں ہوتا"

ایم کیوایم کا پیپلزپارٹی کیساتھ معاہدہ پر اپوزیشن کی حمایت کا فیصلہ۔ تحریکِ عدم اعتماد کے ضمن میں اپوزیشن کا پلڑا بھاری ہوگیا۔
#MQMP #GameOverIK #UsmanBuzdar #PMLQ #عدم_اعتماد_بیرونی_سازش #AUSvPAK…
اور اگر متحدہ قومی موومنٹ اس کا اعلان کر دیتی ہے تو میرے خیال میں عمران خان صاحب کو باعزت طریقے سے استعفیٰ دے دینا چاہیے۔
کیونکہ جمہوریت میں سادہ اکثریت کھو دینے کے بعد قائد ایوان کے پاس سیاسی اور آئینی طور پر کچھ نہیں رہ جاتا۔
#MQM #MQMP #PDMMafiaExposed #عدم_اعتماد_بیرونی_سازش
آنے والی حکومت عارضی ہو گی جو جلد انتخابات کا اعلان کرے گی۔ جس میں پاکستان تحریک انصاف سمیت تمام سیاسی جماعتیں دوبارہ میدان عمل میں ہوں گی۔

@PTIofficial @pmln_org @PPP_Org @MQMPKOfficial @JIPOfficial @ANPMarkaz @BAwamiParty @juipakofficial @BNP_Official_ @Rehbar_Taraqi #PMLQ
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1/ This incident have to do with the global context. The West...has thrown its entire #propaganda machine into agitation work and has given a lot of encouragement and assistance to the so-called democrats or opposition in China — people who are in fact are the scum [of 17]
2/ Some Western countries use things like #HumanRights or like saying the socialist system is irrational or #illegal, to criticize us, but what they're really after is our sovereignty...
3/ Two conditions are indispensable for our development goals: a #stable environment at home and a peaceful environment abroad...
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Looking ahead to September 23, the 49th anniversary of #MartialLaw a thread.
Situating September 21 in real events (from The Historical Atlas of the Republic)…
You can go into detail not just about September, 1972, but 1969-1986 in this detailed timeline of martial law.… (parts 1-4)
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🚨🚨BREAKING: #MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell’s notes for his meeting with Trump show that he lobbied to install Trump loyalists to gin up “evidence” of electoral “fraud” and impose #MartialLaw to keep Trump in power.

The #TrumpCoupAttempt continues.🤬…
#InsurrectionAct now as a result of the assault on the...#MartialLaw if necessary upon the first hint of any”

Lindell appears to be arguing that, in response to the violence at the Capitol, Trump should invoke the #InsurrectionAct, which would allow him to impose #MartialLaw.🤬
“Move Kash Patel to @CIA Acting.”

Kash Patel—former staffer to @DevinNunes—was key in Nunes’s efforts to undercut the #TrumpRussia investigation.

As CIA Director, he could declassify documents related to the #TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe that some #traitors want released.🤬
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Well, the @freelancer #COVID19 survey was pretty good. Here are all my answers...
100% remote or bust. Image
We're right on track to $DJIA 60,000 and stealthy hyperinflation for the Bottom 33%... Image
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Another bombshell science study shows the damaging protein produced by #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is "extremely similar to the one produced by HIV." One imminent HIV researcher remarked on record, "It was like deja vu" when he first studied the #coronavirus protein.

#WeaponizedHIV Image
The researchers are saying now that we need to look at late-stage HIV-1 patients who never received antivirals (rare in the US< more common in Africa) to see similarities between SARSCoV2 and late-stage unmedicated HIV1.
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In this thread, I'd like to provide to you some #FACTS then calls for the brave of our #POTUS in this fight for #ElectionIntegrity and how @realDonaldTrump can prevent #ForeignInterference in upcoming elections
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NOW: @DepEd_PH holds weekly virtual press briefing. | via @MB_InaHernando Image
This week's virtual presser of @DepEd_PH will focus on partnerships with parents through PTAs and students; changes in the Child Protection Policy and updates on DepEd TV | via @MB_InaHernando Image
NOW: @DepEd_PH USec @LuntiAnne discusses the importance of partnerships with parents in the implementation of the Basic Education - Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) | via @MB_InaHernando Image
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Recent Q post Told Us to 'Follow The Pen' And Asked Us If we Were not 'Following' ??

Meaning We Should Know Their 'Playbook' By Now

Q is Asking Us to see the 'SMEAR' Campaign that's going to Start(Already Started) On POTUS Now...!! ImageImage
6 Q posts with SMEAR #BarrComing
#B2equalsBillBarr ? #Senate ImageImage
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Just spoke to 1 of the more than 40 people seeking refuge inside of a strangers house on 15th & swann. He says he @DCPoliceDept chased the group w tear gas. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to go 🏠. @wusa9 #blacklivesmatter @DMVBlackLives #MartialLaw #amplifymelanatedvoices
Here are pictures he sent me from inside the house he is trapped in. @wusa9 @DMVBlackLives #AllLivesMatter
. @MekaFromThe703 told me that protesters are on gathered inside three floors in this house. @wusa9 #AllLivesMatter #protests2020
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By flirting with #MartialLaw, Trump is testing the water.

Who’s going to stop the wannabe dictator?

By saying he wants the military on the streets because police brutality has not been brutal enough to end uprisings against police brutality, he’s saying I want more brutality.
And who will stop him?

Trump has created a space for dictatorship which the Dems should immediately have jumped to close. Where are they? Any one of them could’ve simply posted a video on Twitter or something!

They will not save us. We must save ourselves.
“He sounds just like one of our despots,” a friend after we watched Trump’s inauguration, Jan 2017. That’s why I called him American Sisi 👇🏽

Trump nominated more generals to his cabinet than any of his predecessors. Now he wants military on the streets.…
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Is Trump declaring Martial Law?
So after hiding in a bunker for a bit, staying silent as more 140+ cities & towns across the US rise up against police violence & racism, Trump finally addresses the nation to grandstand and threaten Martial Law?

He is a failure. And a coward.

Trump is being deliberately evasive. He wishes he could just go full-on authoritarian. He wants to be able to declare Martial Law.

Who will stop this fascist fuck?

How will US politicians and branches of government in an ostensible democracy stand up to him?
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OK I've told people in my Signal chat groups & I'll telll you all now:

#coronavirus already infects 100% it touches. It can only evolve to spread faster and more sneakily esp w/ 30+ day #lockdown.

This will result in more asymptomatic deaths and longer incubation periods.
Only two things will stop this: A full #MartialLaw #Lockdown like they're doing in the Philippines & Colombia (1 member per house allowed 2 hours once per week for food only, enforced by military) or Universal Masking (everyone wears mask 100% of time).

Since we're doing neither
Since we're doing neither...

#coronavirus will mutate to spread more viral loads and that almost always means "multiple organ failure" (key thing to look for) and we're seeing that more and more.

It'll also become a more silent stealthy killer going into May.
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Around 1995, Steve Jackson (@SJGames) started to develop a new game, called “Illuminati: The New World Order” (INWO), which was a card RPG.

Look at the cards in the game and you will see that we are being manipulated.

All the cards in the game are happening in real life. ImageImageImageImage
Part 2.
#quarentena #Epidemic #coronavirus #pandemic
These are the cards of the moment.
But you insist on not wanting to see. ImageImageImageImage
Part 3.
#MartialLaw #LawAndOrder

MARTIAL LAW! She is coming.

You will soon see what facial recognition is for and what it has actually been implemented around the world for. ImageImage
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1. One day after G7 leaders backed HK's autonomy, CE Carrie Lam is now planning to impose a "#MartialLaw" to #HongKong. HK's commerce minister even claimed that such martial law will have no effect on this Asia Financial Hub & should be accepted by the international community.
2. This Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) HKGov planning to use, would allow HKGov to do whatever it wants. It is a de facto Martial Law, with no PLA marching on the streets, but would bring an equivalent threat of violence to the city.
3. According to ERO, Lam can "make any regulations whatsoever which (s)he may consider desirable in the public interest" without check and balance from the legislature, include declaring curfew. #HumanRights and freedom of expression are under threat.
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Martial Law and its Real Life Ramifications

People are beginning to wake up to the fact that we could lose many of our Constitutional Rights should potus declare Martial Law.

I’m no legal scholar, so I’ll rely on several abridged definitions. I welcome additions & corrections.
“The Constitution's guarantee of the right of habeas corpus protects U.S. citizens from potential arbitrary excesses of martial law. Only the president can declare martial law on the federal level and only governors may do so on the state level.”

Supreme Court rulings now allow the declaration of martial law by the president OR Congress.

“Martial law is an extreme and rare measure used to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos.”
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