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@narendramodi , we all voted 4u4 good governance! Remember u promised ki main jaan bujhke koi Galat kaam nahin karunga?80%r suffering!Y shd one hard working community pay for a rowdy community who’s doesn’t want 2 improve ? Until when? 72 years of appeasement is 2 long time! & Y?
So that they can kick us out of our own homes?852 Hindu gals hv been raped since elections! Hindus forced to flee for safety selling their homes for peanuts! Hindu Temples broken! Hindus can’t take out wedding or funeral processions in their own country!
They can’t sing bhajans or do paath in Muslim populated areas! The Namajis stop emergency services Cos they can do namaj in the middle of the road, train, bus, public places wherever they wish?! This is not even allowed in Muslim countries! Isn’t this all taking too far?
And you want our participation to empower them? So that they can be in high government positions to kick us out? Do u take responsibility that once empowered they won’t do wrong? Remember Osama-bin-Laden was educated? So what difference did he make for his own people except for
Dragging them into their death and destruction! Kerala is India’s fully literate state, 100 people joined ISIS from Kerala! Did they participate in nation building? No, they r probably sharing all important details of our country and drawing further plans to ruin it!
They don’t want to empower their own women- strongly opposing triple talaq so they can continue to do injustice to them which is not even applicable in 80% of Muslim countries! They don’t want to follow uniform civil code! They don’t want to even co-operate in population control
When partition happened Hindu Sindhis-Punjabi’s-Bengalis escaped deathly circumstances leaving everything behind just fled for the safety of their families only in the clothes they wore! They didn’t ask for minority/ reservation? Yes initially the govt housed them but they built
Everything from scratch! Worked hard- ate one meal a day to educate their children! Today those people participate in nation building! Is this not a slap on their face? That they hv to forcefully contribute for people who do love jihad with their girls? If a community wants to
Honestly grow, their focus is completely different! They would look to improve their family, educate them to be self-reliant, to be honest taxpayers, to give something back to the society that has contributed in their upliftment! To pass on those resources so someone else can
Be empowered! This is how it works! Hindus are philanthropists by nature they believe in giving back to society/environment be it money, time, medicines, seva, dedication u name it and some communities just believe in taking and getting more! The more u give the more they want!
This is creating social disbalance, Cos one community has learned to earn n share & other has learned to get easy money n strive on handouts!They r ruined
Y not scholarships for the less privileged like
Physically challenged
Mentally challenged
Senior citizens
Where does caste or religion come in this? Poor, old, physically challenged widows, less privileged can be found in any community?Why reservation? Why the brilliant minds suffer for the dumb ones to pursue courses of their choice!Is this not INJUSTICE to the deserving candidates?
You want participation in nation building But want to cut the hands of the deserving ones in name of religion? Which parent would want their child to go & work in hospitals after 5-7 years of severe toil so that the rohingyas can come in numbers to thrash them?
Those illegal immigrants hv more rights than the Indian nationals who hv participated in nation building from decades! Today no indian can go and settle in Kashmir! Even Rishi Kashyap, after whom Kashmir is named, his successors the Kashmiri Pandit’s r kicked out of Kashmir
Cos they are Hindus but the illegally arrived Rohingyas can go and breathe in the Himalayan air for free? Wow this is simply JUSTICE? Can you take the responsibility that the funding that goes through the minorities ministry which is meant for all minorities but somehow favours
Muslims only? And by the way how can 30 crore one fourth of the total population be termed as MINORITY? Very strange! Can u promise that the funding from the minority ministry won’t end up for the illegal immigrants, rohingyas? Who will take that responsibility?
Shouldn’t before handing out donations, it’s the duty of GOI to ensure first that the illegal immigrants r kicked out and loopholes filled so that no more come in? If everyone gets easy handouts how can u stop the influx of illegal immigration? They will come in huge numbers
To be the burden on the existing economy creating more disbalance! So how long is GOI planning to empower the minority ministry? And yes why this injustice to the majority Hindus? What wrong hv they done? Y r they being punished? What’s their fault? Cos these people r busy
Making their ends meet like the bull working around the oil well - ghanchi no barad- as they say in Gujarati- they don’t actually hv time to THINK abt what the GOI is doing or where their funds r being utilised, doesn’t mean they keep on paying for decades! They r 2 busy earning!
Unlike others who hv full time to get out in the middle of the night in huge numbers to break temples, Hindu homes, cars and public property! These poor hardworking souls hv offices to go to, they are juggling to make ends meet, to give better livelihood to their children-Alas
GOI is NOT going to come and feed their children! GOI is NOT going to pay for their home loans and car loans which in matter of minutes can be ransacked by an uncontrollable intolerant crowd! At the end of the day they hv to somehow juggle to even get those repaired and fixed!
Hindus r educated, hardworking taxpayers and hv jobs to do the next day! They don’t go out in the night to harm anyone! They don’t multiply their families and are NOT a burden on the economy! They r the ones who start from the scratch without government funding and build empires!
Poverty is never religion based! It doesn’t knock on the door looking for people of particular caste creed or religion but minority scholarships and madarsa funding are definitely based for appeasement.
If you are very much concern about high tech madrassa, what about Gurukuls?
Why a maulvi n madarsa get salary and government grant but not the Pandit and the Gurukul?

Why there the temples under the GOI and their collection under scrutiny but not the Mosques and the churches? Why this discrepancy for one particular sect of society? And why appeasement
For the other?

To this date, madarsas which just teaches Quran reading and writing and it’s base knowledge have grown extensively since independence Cos of continuous government funding but the Gurukuls are completely ignored even though there are just handful of Gurukuls left!
A Gurukul taught its students Yoga, Meditation ,Self-Defense, Politics, Religion, History, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Social Justice, Art, Medicine & Nationalism, also the message of Upanishads, the vedas, incorporated the values of Ramayana of supreme sacrifice and service
Over personal happiness. The message of Mahabharata of fighting injustice at all levels, the poetry & great works of Kalidasa, the spiritual heritage of Doha, shabd writers like Tulsidas, Kabir! its an wholesome study of Human awareness, contributed community living and wellbeing
And strong cultural upbringing! They get not only education but training to lead a life full of challenges.The base being Adhyatma.

But where do we see such Gurukuls? Why no government until now has input any funds into the revival of these old valued education system?
If not at city level, this could very well benefit the village youth!

It’s a knowledge based, awareness based, donation based, nation- building education, which was always funded by the king in olden times and the king used to send his own children to learn at Gurukuls alongside
Common people, so this must be very highly maintained just like today’s private schools or perhaps even better?

So has the GOI long forgotten to contribute to this value instilled, strongly patriotic education system? Is just singing national anthem being patriotic? Or learning
To be a responsible citizen more important where a child learns that keeping ur country clean is just like ur home clean?

As u would not harm ur personal property similarly public property should also be respected and as a citizen if u hv rights, you hv responsibilities too?
So I hope that my inputs would certainly make our chosen government rethink abt nation building and people participation! I hope the GOI will look forward to improvise on income based funding than religion or caste based awarding of funds! And if GOi is bent on going on with its
Plans than at least they ensure that these madarsas are not radicalising youth into an uncontrollable mob education which is easily blindfolded to do more harm than good. That the GOI understands that they will be morally responsible if it happens so, they had funds, yet they
Chose to misuse them for appeasement giving one section of society,supremacy over the other. The seat of king is seat of justice, he & his council will be solely responsible if the society & country is uprooted of its centuries old culture, nurture, upbringing, values N religion!
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