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1 Who wants to throw down on another 'Hateful Talking Heads' Dive?

#WhosNext? Bette Midler. B/c she's clogging the air w/emotional pollution while her skeletons are tucked neatly away from public eyes.
Here's all I've got so far... what can you add to the mix?
@POTUS 2/ I only have some leads to follow, but here goes.

Like Alyssa Milano in my earlier thread, Bette is a CAA mouth piece. (CAA threw the public party depicting a child having sex w/a beast while onlookers wearing sex toys snorted cocaine)
Along with this bizarre child sex ritual party, CAA was repeatedly accused of supplying Harvey Weinstein w/actresses and covering for him. Bette didn't seem to mind AT ALL as is seen in the smiling photos of Bette, her daughter and Weinstein. Eww...
@POTUS It won't show a preview of the link? Well... just click it if you need verification ---> caa.com/caaspeakers/be…
@POTUS 4/ Bette's daughter, Sophie, was in a Woody Allen movie. (Weird how friendly BM is with known pedos &rapists around her daughter.)
Sophie attended the $40k/yr Nightengale Bamford school for girls in NY, same as the #Vanderbilts, Weinsteins, #Bronfmans...

@POTUS 5/ "Haselberg then studied sociology and East Asian studies at Yale University, worked at an ad agency in China and returned in 2011 to Yale to study at the drama school."

China, huh?

She was also in House of Cards w/Spacey. More pedos for Bette's kiddo

@POTUS 6/ Now for the elusive husband. So hard to find out ANYTHING about him except for his weird comedy shtick we are lead to believe granted him his millions... hmm...
@POTUS 7/ And here's a photo of Bette's husband, Martin von Haselberg and his comedy shtick, Kipper Kids, which, as per the next article I'm about to post, we are to assume earned him millions...
@POTUS 8/ Much like every article I can find of him online, I only see his $22million having been gained from tiny rolls here and there in nothing major along with his inflatable sculptures (So much $ and shipping abilities, in the art scene these days.)

@POTUS 9/ Could his $22M have anything to do w/his ties to commodities trading? Why wasn't it mentioned before?
"Haselberg is a German performance artist,commodities trader and actor. He was born January 20, 1949; in Buenos Aires, Argentina to German parents."

@POTUS 10/ Also, could be nothing, but Dad is a German commodities dealer into bizarre painted naked men performance art. Daughter attended a $40k/year school where Weinsteins, Bronfmans, and Vanderbilts went, and then moved to live in China. Germany and China. Hmm...
@POTUS 11/
And I find this interesting:
Turns out Martin Von Haselberg is hard to research b/c he goes by HARRY KIPPER... and he is (or was?) a Scientologist. Aren't they being investigated for human slavery? How many sexual predators can one family take?

After 3 days of not finding a THING on Bette Midler & Martin and Sophie von Haselberg that didn't appear to simply be scrubbed pr fluff, I find a couple random articles with tiny bits and BAM!

I just found the following bizarre interview of Harry Kipper from 1986...
@POTUS 13/Bette's husband:
"My grandfather was the Emperor’s chief of staff. He got the highest military honors that you can get. And personally knew the Emperor and everything."

"[My friend's] father was a real suave black market forger...Just like me."(cont..)
@POTUS 14/ (cont.. Harry Kipper interview)

"Well, my family has been in metal trading and banking for about 300 years and I got into it through them before I went to drama school."

So his family is in banking, huh? Where? Germany?
@POTUS 15/ His grandpa was chief of staff to the German Emperor around 1920, came from a banking family, traded in anything there was a market for... ALSO, Martin a.k.a. Harry Kipper's full name is Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg. Maybe those surnames will help in your searching.
@POTUS 16/ ALSO TOTALLY forgot to mention, Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg a.k.a. hubby Harry Kipper's family goes waaay back as art dealers. Bankers, traders, high-ranking military, art dealers.

BM's dad worked as a painter for the Navy in Hawaii. Might be a thing. Might not
Well divers, those are the crumbs. I hope they lead you further than they lead me. I think there's more to her husband's banking/military history &maybe something to Sophie's being groomed at that school and then sent to China to work in advert. Post finds below!

@POTUS 18/
I TOTALLY FORGOT to add that @BetteMidler being loud about anything is weird when she's never been loud about CAA representing NXVIM's child trafficking daycares! protecting Weinstein &throwing a child sex ritual party
see alyssa thread for more info👇
Should be more like... Boom? Knowing how hard it's been for any of us to find info on BMs connections (all online info is PR only), finding this Kipper interview from '86 giving his rotten family background was HUGE.
@KerfuffleBuff2 Add your finds and lets keep the dive going.
19/ I'm still trying to find family names for hubby Martin von Haselberg. But, if they've been bankers and art dealers in Germany for 350 years AS WELL as high ranking govt officials, they DEFINITELY had a working relationship with the Rothschilds. Definitely.
Rothschilds AND SOROS!!! Soros was a Jewish German who profited on commodities and Art at the SAME time as BMs husband's family. Smells like a handler.
@KerfuffleBuff2 There's a children clothing line called Kipp Collection and Kipp Kids based out of NY that you CAN NOT find any company info for. I wonder if it's related to Harry Kipper? If so, it would be like Celine's weird recent interest in kids clothes. Child models?
And here is another possible method of collecting kids (KippCollection?):
And they have businesses listed in Nashville as well as CA and NY.
@POTUS 20/ **BOOM**
Midler Family Foundation "matches inner city kids with professional theater artists to create original theatre."
seems like no biggie till you see her Jeckyl Foundation "has provided aid to health organizations working in Haiti." Laura Silsby?
@POTUS 21/ B--O--O--M
Here's where it takes a seriously dark turn....
BM's husband sick & Ms Mildew married him

Here's an interview with his partner, also calls himself Harry Kipper

Skip to 5:15-15:16 to see what he does with children &little people.

@POTUS 22/
Here's a video compilation of WHAT the Kipper Kidds are about. (@BetteMidler /Ms. Mildew's husband). Pay attention to children and little people. What kind of people do people in this line of work associate with?

@POTUS 23/ A live performance of BM's husband and partner smearing fake? feces all over each other. Think about who comes to performances like this. Are they associating with ethical others? Remember hubby comes from German banker art dealer family. LikeSoros.
This is the trailer for Martin Vonhaselberg/ HarryKipper/ @BetteMidler 's hubby's movie. Remember children and little people. Cannibalism. "Tell yourself this isn't real."


@POTUS 25/ A clip from Bette Midler's hubby's film:
Witch Egg- A song about her lover, her Lord, Satan.
"Tell yourself this isn't real"

Danny Elfman did the music. Funny... he does John Depp and Disney movies too, huh? Mickey upside down spells Wicked.

@POTUS 26/
And, in case you think @BetteMidler / BM married him later and wasn't' into perversion, here's a clip of her Ms. Mildew act. Every utterance shows she has very low standards of morality.

@POTUS 27/ A few more clips in case you weren't sure of the character type we're dealing with here.... with this hate-spewing BM Bette Midler.


Cuurent -

@POTUS 28/
Bette got her start in sexually explicit drag shows.
Married husband who's act involved naked men painted like death smearing feces on themselves, cannibalism, &children.
Daughter went to same school as Weinsteins, Vanderbilts, BRONFMANS&...
@POTUS @99freemind @IPOT1776
@POTUS 29/
...after attending the school for pedos, BMs kid moved to China before returning to do a Woody Allen film(Sophie VonHaselberg is surrounded by pedos)

&Bette Midler's husband is not only into demonic, cannibalistic,child abuse art, but...

@POTUS 30/
... but his family comes from a long line of Jewish German Bankers who he admits trade in wherever the $ is like art.. exactly like Soros. His banker grandpa worked for the Emperor in the 20s and had to have had a working relationship with the Rothschilds.

@POTUS 31/ Further digging... look into Charles L. Sussman. Harry Kipper is listed as the CEO of Sussman&Assoc., but you can't find him mentioned anywhere. Sussman has his hands deep in the money and moving of the music biz (trafficking?)

& look into Danny Elfman

@POTUS 32/ These people (Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, etc...) spread hatred like a virus. It's NOT Love. It's Hate. They Worship it & spread it & people eat it up & poison themselves with the hate viruses of the people they worship.

Let's kill the Virus with Sun Light.
So... #WhosNext?
@POTUS Turns out... this turned into a real dive... enough bread crumbs creates a whole loaf of bread, right?

Follow this to the end and make note of any places you might want to dig further. This is quite a tangled web of sick people.
@POTUS "Sophie Von Haselberg went to Nightingale-Bamford school for girls in New York City as a child. Haselberg then studied sociology and East Asian studies at Yale University, worked at an ad agency in China and returned in 2011 to Yale to study at the drama school."
@POTUS Scroll down to the Notable Alumni list to see the attendees.

@POTUS He's actually got a lot of aliases.
ALSO, Harry Kipper a.k.a. Martin von Haselberg a.k.a. Bette Midler (BM/ Ms Mildew)s husband was and still mightbe a Scientologist. So Many Pedophilia Connections!
When the list is so long you forget to add truly important parts to the Summary...

Ms.Mildew a.k.a. Bette Midler, now forever known simply as BM, involved herself in the Haiti scene via her Jeckyl Foundation which is heavily focused on children.
@IPOT1776 @CitizensIReport @Anomaly @X22Report @SGTreport @youarefreetv @Spaceshot76 #QAnon #QArmy @POTUS

Can any of you archive the videos of Kipper in this thread as well as the article from '86 with the only findable interview of his showinging his background? I'm not techy.
The real kicker here is that we would have never known any of this stuff about BM and Alyssa if they weren't so loudly spreading hatred (virus) to the point that we're actually fed up and ready to knock them off their pedestal with truth. Hate is lame. #ChooseLove
Regarding my deep dive on Bette Midler (now known as BM). There's another dive from last week on Alyssa Milano that you all might enjoy as well. And plz retweet. EVERYONE needs to see these people in the Light.
Here's the Alyssa Thread. Hint: There's a pedo White Rabbit involved. Eww....

This also gives me the creeps as her theatrical background is from drag shows and we've seen a crazy push to get us to accept children performing drag, which is adult entertainment. Is BM matching kids with drag queens? Nothing against drag, it's just NOT for kids.
And Sussman is listed as the head of BMs Jeckyl Foundation involved in pairing kids to actors and in 'assisting' in Haiti (like Laura Silsby assisted? )

Ghislaine Maxwell(a.k.a. Epstine's child grabber) attends a gala for BMs project to pair actors(drag queens?) w/children for BMs Jeckyl Foundation (also known for their work in Haiti) Thanks @Christi_Amator for pointing me toward @la_nimboni's find!
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