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Servers, Servers, Servers......!!!!

Wipe it with a cloth...🤥

That is how "stupid" "they" think you are.
Take it as an insult..
Because it is

#QAnon #QArmy
Crowdstrike, Clowns and Ukraine..

What a 🍿moment!!!

#QAnon #QArmy #LockHerUp #FeedTheGitmo #TREASONSEASON
Servers, Servers, Servers...

#QAnon #QArmy #LockHerUp #FeedTheGitmo
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Donald J. Trump Assassination Conspiracy. Oct 17 2019 Read and share so it never happens. Read the thread
#WWG1GWA #QAnon #Q #WeAreTheNewsNow #PatriotsUnited #Qarmy #SaveAmerica #FactsMatter @TrumpWarRoom #WWG1WGA #QAnon #PatriotsUnited #TheJigIsUp @POTUS
@realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom @POTUS We are going on a Journey of Conspiracy. It starts with the 1906's To something called the "New Left" We could go much further back, But for twitter sake we start here. With this link…
@realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom @POTUS This is John F. Kennedy after his win but before he was sworn in. This is from a new york paper and the headline is "Pelosi spanks the first brat". Referring to Nancy Pelosi's father.
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I admit up front that this is only a POSSIBILITY, but that’s enough to encourage caution. James Comey wants to help what? Article discusses removing @POTUS Compares Comey to J. Edgar Hoover.
J. Edgar Hoover was FBI Director when JFK was assassinated... motorpool passing grassy knoll at time of assassination.
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Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Deleted "former Democrat Senator @HarryReid" - an unfinished tweet that links to a suspended account. - redoes it properly and conveys a thank you for his recent comments. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
@HarryReid 2.
Symbolism comm is straightforward - "former Democrat" - linking to a suspended account. - meaning for what Harry Reid said he's not going to be welcome in the Democrat circle anymore. There may be an additional comm… #MAGA
@HarryReid 3.
Because the tweet was unfinished - it's possibly a call to say more. I have no idea if he's trying to get a deal but part of getting that deal may be to publicly say much more than what he said. Guess if he speaks out again soon we will know. #QArmy
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#Patriots World Wide,

I've report of the horrors that our men and women WARRIORS are facing in the take down of these wicked people. It is literally soul & spirit shaking.

There is zero doubt this is war.

It is taking a toll on our forces in the natural and supernatural.
I will not explain the horrors. This is not a horror show. It's real life. My heart is broken.

I'm writing this to ask for prayer for each one of "the good folk" that are liberating these children.
The horrors witnessed by these highly trained professionals is breaking the toughest most calloused battle-hardened of warrior.

We MUST lift them up in the supernatural.
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😲 #QAnon #QArmy #HuntersMoon ! Did we know this?! 😳 I just found 👉🏻October 13th, 2019 is October’s Full Moon & it’s called HUNTER’S MOON. 9 drops have “Hunters become the HUNTED”
#RedOctober #HuntforRedOctober
@paulacblades001 @JackalsLast @voeljegoed @Devine_freedom
Aaannnd @voeljegoed knew it! Jutzzi knows everything 😂. So brilliant! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Can’t seem to add photos right now Twit 🤨 so here is the link linking “prey” to QDrops “PRAY”.

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11/12/2017 Full Transcription Version (hundreds of posts)


If you are ready to understand the crap going on out there then I can help. There is a lot to learn, but if you do, it will make more sense than anything you were told by the media.
2- Saudi Arabia

Why are the Saudis important?

Because this is where the swamp has its deepest depths/roots/funding and where the storm starts. SA has the most $ which have been flowing to corrupt politicians via foundations, Trump has made a deal with a younger Prince.
3- Saudi Arabia: Salman Vs Al Waleed

Muhammad Bin Salman 32 (Young new hero reformer)

Right: Al waleed 62 (Old school criminal, think 9/11, he is the leader of a large group of bad princes)


Now what really happened at Las Vegas and WHY
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I do NOT adhere to the [DS] #LeftRightDichotomy #DivideAndConquer #HegelianDialectic BULLSHIT so I’m pleased to be able to follow a kind, sensible, #Democrat-professed #HumanBeing.

@RosaKoire #Republican/ #Conservative & / or #Democrat/ #Labour

re [DS] Blue/ Red #LeftRightDichotomy “admixture” [mytho-poetic]… #Alchemical admixture of order & chaos…”

… governed by #Royal #PhoenicianPurple #Synarchy element

“A Glitch in the Matrix”
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#QAnon #QArmy In Chapter 17 - YES, the IMPORTANT 17, @Snowden tells us how we are "Mirroring" China in surveillance of people, on a global scale. You think that AI and all of your data being collected is no big deal? Watch the movie 'Minority Report'. @POTUS @realdonaldtrump
@Snowden @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy Old laws, that we aren't even aware are laws, have never been repealed. Basically, the vast majority of Americans have broken laws, giving a reason for us to be charged with a crime, have other activities explored and 'discovered'. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #TheyKnew
@Snowden @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy Do you shrug your shoulders about the surveillance? Just consider the following paragraph. Think about how many people have recently lost their jobs or been publicly shamed for past actions. They have EVERYTHING - from texts, messages, etc.. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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1) Understanding Military Strategy and the Four Levels of War.
I will explain this the best I can in this thread, and hopefully we will all better understand #HowWeFight
1. Tactical
2. Operational
3. Strategic
4. Political
Q has said repeatedly, WE ARE AT WAR. #QAnon #WWG1WGA
2) Tactical Warfare
A. DIVISION - THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED - The individual level thru division
B. This tactic starts now thru the next 48 hrs.
C. Level where one sees the face of battle (PANIC IN DC). Political has the ability to affect the 3 other levels.
3) Operational
A. Blueprint - Bend the enemy to your will.
B. Campaigns - Designed to win the larger objective.
The Dem Party uses the #MSM, press as a propaganda (lying) machine. Psychology 101.
"Every battle is won before it's ever fought." #GodWins #QAnon
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