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It shouldn't be very difficult at this point to consider the #5GW strategy of Trump's approach to the vaccine roll out. Rushing it out is exactly what stopped the great reset's full implementation. Speaking out on the vax injuries would give them the perfect justification to manipulate the flu/"covid" cases again and try for a bigger and longer lockdown. Trump speaking out against the vax would be the dumbest strategy at this stage and the instant gratification would be insignificant compared to the fatal countermove it would give to the cabal. It would completely compromise the 5GW strategy with warpspeed - which is exactly what stopped their depopulation fema camp end game agenda. Some people don't even understand the bullet we dodged thanks to @realDonaldTrump He is a hero.

The fact we can sit here and talk about this today, while not in a fema camp, is a testament to the success of Trump's strategy.

Most of the doomers I know only just recently found out about the New World Order so they aren't able to see as easily how Trump is already stopping the "great" reset.

Those of us that have known about the NWO for over a decade feel a great sense of relief at the way things have played out.

If it wasn't for Trump, we’d already be in the camps.

Their scamdemic narrative is completely obliterated and that was their BIG PLAN for world government. The People are AWAKE. They will never be able to do this again.

Look around you, their scamdemic plan has been CRUSHED. “Emergency” officially ended. They are running multiple back up plans at once and are increasingly desperate.

Trump stopped the New World Order with warpspeed. That’s right. Right now [they] are trashing around in their dying breaths of panic. Many people have no idea how bad the scamdemic was supposed to be. The defiant ones were supposed to already be depopulated. Their great reset into eating bugs, sleeping in pods in the 15 minute city, tracked with barcode tattoos, social credit scores and CBDC was meant for the sheep who survived AFTER the defiant had been disappeared.

By Trump releasing the vax quickly, it ended tyrannical Governors’ excuse for lockdowns and removed their cover for the great reset with a destroyed economy. We know he already ended their wars and removed the camouflage that would have given them. It also forced them to release a vax under EUA that CANNOT be forcibly mandated, try as they did. That’s why they had to use incentives. It forced them to rush their agenda, which makes it way more visible than their usual slow incremental boiling water tactics, making so many mistakes and exposing themselves in the process. We all know every single time the vax is mentioned, President Trump emphasizes freedom of choice- he’s said no one should be forced and we have our freedoms. He says this repeatedly, every time, without exception. Every single time. He’s always been outspoken against mandates. Most people don’t even realize how huge that was. (Every President before was lockstep with the uniparty pushing the new world order and all pushed mandates.) He’s already said no kids should take it. We all know that all the face diaper parents would have injected their kids with rNA GMOs no matter what Trump said.

If President Trump were to speak up about the injuries- they could seize on that opportunity with the countermove of locking us down again and blaming the injuries on Trump rushing the vax. Just look what they did when he mentioned HCQ- We’d hear an all out media tirade about how the injuries are Trump’s fault because he rushed it and if it wasn’t for him they’d be “safe and effective.” Not to mention, they’d leverage the Trump derangement syndrome they’ve created and associate ANY criticism of the injection agenda as “just a Trump supporter thing.” By removing himself from the equation, they didn’t have that card to play, even though they still try, it’s uniting people across the spectrum. By not saying anything, he’s forcing them into showing their hand to the entire world while it wakes up average everyday people everywhere. 15 years ago when I used to try and tell people there was a nefarious plan to fake a pandemic in order to force vaccinate (depopulate) the world and implement a totalitarian world government for the survivors — people thought I was crazy. Today this has become common knowledge. Trump has destroyed the media’s credibility and woken up regular people everywhere. As tragic as this is, with all the vax injuries and deaths, it’s the best possible timeline and way better than it would have been — which was everyone being forcibly vaccinated against their will without a choice. Trump gave us the choice to peacefully refuse without having to fight or run. The way that I and many folks were expecting this to happen 15 years ago, when we all thought they were going to make their big move with “swine flu” — was them going door to door to force this thing into people with the enforcement of the police and if you didn’t take it you’d be put on a bus and carted off to a quarantine camp, never to be heard from again. Don’t believe me? Look at China and Australia. That’s just not happening and there’s no way it can at this point- not only we’re they forced to end the scamdemic but now way too many people are awake worldwide. If it weren’t for Trump, they’d have already been rounding people up into fema camps and we would have long since lost National sovereignty to the totalitarian global government New World Order, now called the “Great Reset.”

Warpspeed stopped that.
When he says it saved millions of lives it’s because it DID - from the death camps.

Now he is going to completely obliterated the deepstate.
Watch what happens next.

#TRUMP2024 #TrumpIsTheOnlyChoice 🇺🇸🦅…
Like I said, the way this was supposed to originally play out was they were going to go door to door and force it at gunpoint with police enforcement. If you didn't take it you'd be thrown on a bus, taken to a quarantine camp, never to be heard from again. If you don't believe me, in 2008, they already passed a law saying just this in Massachusetts. I remember watching in horror as the news of this law played on MSNBC. The. The Boston marathon bombing marshal law was a dry run for this exact scenario, and no one did a damn thing, it was a successful test of obedience. Now the people are awake and it's over for them. Their big plan for the New World Order is destroyed and they are scrambling, just circling the drain into this big beautiful trap. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Trump’s entire presidency is a military operation to take down the NWO.
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Those who know, know. CIC Trump flew on AF1 to FL on 1/20/21, while Resident Biden had to charter a private jet to DC. Why is that, you might ask. Image
But, wait. Did CIC Trump ever leave DC, or was Resident Biden really at the WH set in GA? I'll let you decide.… Image
Why would any of these props necessary if Biden were actually POTUS? ImageImageImageImage
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How it's done... network, next ImageImageImageImage
Then moving on to ... Image
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1. Sadly, alot of anons and patriots have traded their thirst for knowledge for an easy drink from the fountains of #shillformation flowing freely from the liars that infected Twitter in 2017. All controlled ops. All of them. That's why they hate me. Because I don't sing or (ctd) Image
2. Many of the shills are spewing information that keeps patriots hooked but never offers anything of intellectual value. I guess that works #RooRooRaRasl that are still chanting #ForMoreYears🤡 Image
3. PROOF: As I am writing this thread, the words are disappearing and I have to keep typing them over and over and over again. Ask yourselves? Who is really in control? Image
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1. There’s 86 deltas for today (MAR 28). I’m not posting every delta here, but I do recommend you go check them out. A definite theme today #Patriots. (qalerts(dot)app) LAST STAND. TIDAL WAVE INCOMING. False Flags are a distraction. GUNS ARE SAFE. Pronouns?🤔😳🤷‍♂️ Final stage. ImageImageImageImage
2. Peace through STRENGTH. Shine the LIGHT BRIGHT. Fire in the hole. You are safe. THEY are terrified. [Knowingly] ImageImageImageImage
3. THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU OR AMERICA. You have more than you know. [1] OPENS THE DOOR [Knowingly] ImageImageImageImage
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¿Quién sigue para Durham?

Aquí es donde algunos de mis pensamientos me llevan:

McGonigal fue acusado tanto en DC como en SDNY. La investigación de DC y la acusación posterior parecen haber sido provocadas por un ex amante que contactó al FBI.
Pero la investigación y la acusación de SDNY... ¿qué desencadenó eso?
Me parece que está maduro para que Durham haya recogido esa fruta.

Después de todo, es Deripaska para quien trabajaba McGonigal, al igual que casi todos los demás en RussiaGate/SpyGate.
Entonces, ¿Durham le pasó eso a SDNY en algún momento?

Parece posible.

Si es cierto, entonces sospecho que Durham lo hizo porque tiene algo más grande en mente y/o algo que apunta a un área diferente de la conspiración.
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@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk Q: An example of stoic, calculated discernment, cares about abused children and those who are otherwise politically unrepresented.

NeverQ: You are crazy you are dumb you are a joke you are wasting your time
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk #NeverQ : "I will never do research on the corruption of the individuals and institutions that Q has mentioned. If I do any research, it will be to discredit Q and anons. But, I've found it's much easier to just make fun of them."

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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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#TheGreatAwakening #DIREITAforteUNIDA

Porque Bolsonaro e Militares ainda não agiram?

Para responder essa pergunta é preciso saber primeiramente, quem é o nosso INIMIGO, bem como sua origem, sua religião, sua ideologia e sua história:

Não é um inimigo qualquer, pois são poderosos, controlam o sistema financeiro, controlam a maior força militar e até a maior religião do Ocidente.

Não se vence esse inimigo, pois formalmente não existem! ImageImageImageImage
Washigton D.C, a capital dos Estados Unidos da América não é parte dos EUA?

Bilionários compraram os EUA em 1927, tiraram dinheiro de circulação e criaram o CRASH 1929, para comprar o resto todo em liquidação! ImageImageImageImage
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GRAPHIC & EXTREME CONTENT - Cannibalism ⚠️☠️🦋🐼🩸

Qanon uses the phrase:

“From Darkness to Light”
Also a Freemason saying🕵🏼‍♀️

I’m in a couple Qanon chats to snoop on ‘em 👀🥸

& there’s Egyptian God (pagan sun fertility cults) references

they either KNOW or

DON’T KNOW that QAnon is part of the the evil cabal they say they’re fighting against 😬

To me, it’s obvious & that’s how Q knows what’s up w “leaks”

Aka a way to ritual mock ur victims & create an esoteric “contract” w them for consent / free will 🙃
What is MOAR ?

Found this brand with PANDA 🐼 EYES 👀

A patent for GMO bugs for MONSANTO

Some songs by @deadmau5

& other evil rap songs will come up too if u Google this word ImageImageImage
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Welcome To Your Own Death
A Traitor’s Justice

My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.......
Let The Carnage Begin
Yamato Cannon Online
#DigitalSoldiers At The Ready
I'm The Most Militaristic General Out In The Digital Battlefield
Shutting down the Trumpix....
Promises Made, Promises Kept.
NESARA Is Here 🌈
Sierra Echo Victor Echo November
5:5 Execute The Clowns
Engage Operation Warp Speed
Standby Anons
The World Is About To Change
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NEW: Ohio GOP congressional nominee JR Majewski has repeatedly claimed to not have been a Qanon follower but a review of finds he repeatedly shared Qanon material himself, including this deleted-video he made painting Qs on his lawn.…
Between July 2020 and January 2021 on his now-deleted personal Twitter account, Majewski tweeted the QAnon hashtag #WWG1WGA -- which stands for "Where we go one, we go all" -- more than 50 times.…
Screenshot of another since-deleted video made by candidate @JRMajewski w/the Qanon slogan.…
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Facciamo un po' di chiarezza, perché la modalità panico è ai massimi livelli e adoro i "loro" piani ben riusciti😁

Se il deepstate consentisse ai camionisti di continuare, perderà per pura forza di volontà e numeri.
Ma se respingesse la protesta, rischia di dare inizio a una rivoluzione e incoraggiare più camionisti in tutto il mondo.

Potrebbe finire per unire il mondo rivelando i loro veri colori ed ė per questo che la frase "Queste persone sono stupide" non era solo uno slogan...
...quindi è probabilmente quello che faranno.

Tutta la gente unita è la loro più grande paura e ogni azione che intraprendono sembra avvicinarci alla realizzazione delle loro paure.

Game over🐸🍿

Niente può fermare ciò che sta arrivando.


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I Exkurs #Gewalt:
Das dynamische Protestgeschehen der verschwörungsideologischen Szene spiegelt auch deren Gewaltpotenzial wider:
hier treffen demokratiefeindliche Ansichten & Verschwörungsmythen auf Positionen, die Gewalt als Mittel zum Zweck konkret in Erwägung ziehen. Image
II Exkurs #Gewalt:
Aktuell versucht die verschwörungsideologische Szene demokratiefeindliche Aufmärsche deutschlandweit zu etablieren. Daran beteiligt sind auch Akteure, die schon lange ihre Gewaltbereitschaft offen in lokalen verschwörungsideologischen Gruppen diskutieren. Image
III Exkurs #Gewalt:
Für besonders groß halten wir das Gewaltpotenzial in lokalen/regionalen Gruppen der #Querdenken-nahen Szene: hier treffen verschwörungsideologische Feindbilder auf Akteure, die sich persönlich kennen, zielgerichtet lokal vernetzen & 'handlungsbereit' sind. ImageImageImageImage
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Every moment contains infinite possibilities
Deepak Chopra

That means anything is possible at any time
Maybe everything is possible in every moment

Decide you are bringing the highest possibilities into your life

Find the highest possible situation and set your mind on that
Right now the airwaves are rife with disaster negative situations and dire predictions
There is a way
A possible scenario
That is beautiful
For the highest good of all

Set your mind on that
Anything is possible
Decide you will ride the energies and set a course for peace beauty love bliss life abundance health joy and wealth

Set your mind on that
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I hope to return very soon to the planet I belong to ....
On the planet of LOVE.
Where there is EVERYTHING TRUE full of LIGHT and LOVE!
All beings there are FREE l, full of POWER, LOVE and help each other .... THE DAY IS COMING that we will go to this planet of LIGHT & LOVE! Image
Μας φέρανε σε αυτόν τον πλανήτη,ζούμε ανάμεσα σε ψεύτικα(ανθρώπινα) σώματα χωρίς ψυχές.Οι ψυχές μέσα στα ΑΛΗΘΙΝΑ ανθρώπινα σώματα,μπορούν και δημιουργούν τα αστέρια=ΦΩΣ,με την ενέργεια τους που ενεργοποιείτε από τα συναισθήματα του ΕΡΩΤΑ &της ΑΓΑΠΗΣ.ΕΡΧΕΤΑΙ ΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΨΕΥΤΙΑΣ Image
They brought us to this planet, we live among false (human) bodies without souls. Souls inside the TRUE human bodies, can and do create the stars = LIGHT, with their energy that you activate from the emotions of LOVE & LOVE. END OF THE LIE Image
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First, crazy and reliable are mutually exclusive

Obama Deep State nonsense is a conspiracy theory

If you’re going to fight disinformation you have to bomb with facts.

This thread is an example of how to identify liars, QAnon & why I would destroy Flynn in an interview. Thread/
#Obamagate Disinformation Campaign (ref @ncri_io)

Obamagate was a prevalent conspiracy theory pushed by QAnon accounts, right-wing influencers, and President Donald Trump in May. The Obamagate hashtag surfaced on May 10th, 2020… 2/25
accumulating over two million tweets by the end of May 11th, and another four million tweets by the end of the week. According to research by @AlKapDC, a researcher at Media Matter, #Obamagate originated on QAnon Twitter. 3/25
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1/8 #Veronica #ThePeoplesBridge #RIP Veronica came into our life in 2018. She was such a strong force of patriotism, courage, and tenacity. Her spirit will live on in the tens of thousands of people she touched. She was a modern-day warrior.
2/8 She was a lifelong Kennedy Democrat. When she witnessed what the DNC and HRC did to Bernie, she fought back from the bridge with signs. Then she witnessed what the deep state did to Trump and Flynn, and she again fought back from the bridge with signs.
3/8 Her work for Trump and General Flynn was an act of conviction and sacrifice. She saw injustice in the world and she acted. She was famous, but she was never too busy to call and chat. She was my wife’s good friend and her voice often filled our home as they talked for hours.
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URGENT UPDATE from Veronica’s POA‼️ #ThePeoplesBridge @Keem_113

“They gave Veronica medicine to boost her low blood pressure.
She responded very well
However they are not honoring her patients rights and right to try what she believes are LIFE-SAVING medicines and therapies.
Even denying IV fluids at this point.
We just demanded they fire her attending physician in ICU and that doctor be replaced immediately.
Waiting on response.”

The doctors keep asking POA about Veronica’s wishes NOT to be intubated. PLEASE focus on treatments!
They are starting her on BIPAP as demanded to hopefully improve her oxygen!

PLEASE PRAY for VERONICA 🙏🏻 Lord heal Veronica 🙏🏻
And pray for those who have a choice to make between good VS evil and doing the right thing in treating Veronica …continued
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These are the people on the board that have decided on Trump's Two Year Facebook ban. 👀👇👇

Catalina Botero Marino.

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