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@realDonaldTrump HUGE!!!
Q ANON stringers have been linked back to Wikileaks.

Here's what to do for those that want an easy understanding of it.
A couple of web sites involved.
Copy Stringer like so ⬇️⬇️⬇️
@realDonaldTrump 2/5
Go to
Enter stringer in the plain text field or hash search like ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Press the Hash It button to get the hash code.

@realDonaldTrump 3/5
Copy the Hash code as seen in the image below!

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So our poor friend and Q impersonator, Austin Stienbart has been arrested. #QAnon2020 #QanonArmy #qanon #WWG1GWA
It’s interesting to read the elitist mentality that he has.
“When asked by the FBI to take down the medical records, he declined”
Suppose for a minute that Austin was a product of the old guard. He would rightfully believe he was protected via corrupted heierachy of authority above him. He would have been told that he can act as he pleases and they will make the consequences “go away”. He actually says it:
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1. Monumental discoveries! You will have not believe the connections made in this thread!

The number of patients received by the USNS Mercy and the Comfort are extremely low despite the media saying an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 patients are inundating hospitals.

2. It's simple. Money.

Imagine for a moment there really isn't as much inundation and overwhelming surges of coronavirus patients as the media says there is. Trump, wanting to be the best president he can be, sends out the Navy to help. But, the hospitals aren't really overrun.
3. Remember, this is just hypothetical! I am in no way stating that COVID-19 is a hoax, understand? But, if hospitals have to start giving up their patients in order to make room for the additional Coronavirus victims, then the Navy ships should be filling up quickly, right?
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5️⃣G📱 THREAD 📲 5️⃣G

I put together a timeline on the events that have taken place during the Trump presidency in regards to 5G.

As news continues to surface, I believe the President has taken precautionary measures to safeguard the 5G network for health and security.
● April 17, 2018
The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to move forward with a plan that would prevent federally subsidized telecommunications carriers from using suppliers deemed to pose a risk to American national security.…
The decision takes aim at Huawei, sending a message to the China owned telecom giant, the govt doesn't trust them.

A day earlier, the govt barred ZTE from using components made in the US, saying the company failed to punish employees who violated US sanctions against NK & Iran.
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@POTUS #6April

"as we enter a crucial and difficult phase of the battle"

#GodWins #InItTogether


#Trump just said that the operations are not just about drug trafficking but also human trafficking!

Chanel Rion made the right Question.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #HumanTrafficking #GodWins #TheStorm #QArmy #QProof #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

#Trump says the operations are not only targeting drug trafficking but also human trafficking!

"...women and children..."

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #HumanTrafficking #GodWins #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
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Emotionally unstable people are easier to CONTROL

Emotions cloud judgement. Emotions cloud logic.

Logical thinking ELIMINATES emotional nonsense.

#StableGenius #QAnon #WWG1WGA #coronavirus #ChineseVirus #InItTogether #TrustThePlan #Trump #TheGreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
Think logically.

Don't play the game of the shills and the #FakeNewsMedia #EnemyOfThePeople.

[They] want you to be scared, so they can CONTROL you.

Don't let emotions cloud logic.


#DarkToLight #GodWins #WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening


THINK BIGger picture.

Only less than 10 - LESS THAN 10 - people have the full picture.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheStormIsUponUs #Trump #InItTogether #ItsHappening #QArmy #UnitedNotDivided #TheGreatAwakening
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There is a subway line that goes under Central Park. That subway line is called 'Q'. There are water pipes that run under Central Park. One tunnel is almost directly under the Alice in Wonderland statue.

Watch the water.

Epstein’s townhouse was incredibly close to the Alice in Wonderland statue as well.
I should add that the subway tunnel that runs under Central Park is now unused.…
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Okay, not good. First we get @realDonaldTrump being threatened by #HRC & now #India is banning CQ export. More proof the US needs to move all essential products to our national security & health back into the #UnitedStates. Globalists showing their power. They forget GOD WINS.
I STAND CORRECTED. @realDonaldTrump doubles down on his ability to leverage his relationships with the right allies to help #ThePeople of the 🌎. Glory to God! God speed @POTUS #WRWY! #WWG1WGA
My alternate tweet in my brain for this was, @realDonaldTrump whips it out on the table to the bewilderment of the world. 🤣 wtf is wrong with me haha
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(1) This is research my daughter has done about the history of the Corona Virus it's long but VERY interesting! I'm so proud of her! #WWG1WGA #Thread
The “Free World”

 “Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something which is everything.” – Alan Watts
Economists agree, there is no such thing as a “free lunch” ie all goods and services come with an associated cost.
Goods, services, creations, ideas, life can be directly associated with a cost (monetary, labor, pain, suffering(?))
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1/ Patriots, I think I might have found multiple meanings of CovFeFe.

This is 5D chess Warfare!

Included this original post on Adrenochrome because it goes so much deeper than we all imagine...

Here it goes...
2/Cobalt (Co-49%) – Vanadium (V-2%) – Iron (Fe-49%) together makes a soft magnetic alloy with the highest flux density of any strip core alloy, making it ideal for use in tape cores and magnetic cores in many innovative technologies.
3/The magnets clean up the impurities from 5G working on an ionic level. This keeps oxygen from being depleted, making harmless, the high radio frequency radio waves (mmWave).
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This tweet from #POTUS has a lot more to say then you think.

I'll start with this.

If I were John or Tony #Podesta, I would be very worried right now.

This took me to dark places.

Please research further on your own, leaving much out due to topic.

Continue at your own risk.
The concept of #POTUS being at #WAR has different meanings.

There is clearly a WAR against COVID19.

One conclusion is that POTUS is fighting on multiple fronts.

One other front is the removal of CABAL fuel, Human Trafficking and Ped0philia, their last supply.
#POTUS tweet supports this conclusion and the #Podesta brothers are a target.

Please research Podesta Brothers & #PizzaGate.

POTUS begins tweet with ..... = American Morse Code = P

P > Podesta > Ped0phile

Not here to debate the Q meaning for P.
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Trump has really Turned up the volume confirming @AustinSteinbart is #Qanon I really want to see the #QPhariesses explain away this. Decode of Trumps message to Queen satan using the word and which was not in my other because he had room to write and but used & instead which..
means nothing in Gematria. This seems a message to & not about "annunaki nephilim austin" if it was about him his name would be first & it would not change the number.
Kara means Black for those that don't know in one of the languages used by the Khazarain Mafia
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If You Die Of Heart Attack It Will Be Ruled As #Covid_19
Panic In DC
(ie. AC/DC)
The First ARREST (CARDIAC ARREST) Will Send SHOCKWAVES Around The World.
(Installed #5G During This & Likely Tomorrow Roll Ou)

@realDonaldTrump Referenced The Date & Numbers 151 As A Confirmation (151 Unmarked Graves Italy From 1917 WW one Started By A Man With Initials FF)

2Million America (First)
Have PaceMakers & 250K Have Heart Defibrillators & Many Other Medical Devices 5G (60mghz) Will Interfere
With... " SURGE " Is Another Electrical Term & Many More. Paramedics Were Instructed If A Patient Can't Be Resuscitated By Them DO NOT Bring To Hospitals
The End Is Not For Everyone. God Wins
@RealJamesWoods @TuckerCarlson
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As you may know, I've been closely following James Comey's recent tweets, and engaging others in digs and decodes of them. Here is an updated slide deck of ,the results of that effort as of today. (45!) Please share your thoughts along the way. #WWG1WGA
(1 of 34)
(2 of 34)
(3 of 34)
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ALERT: We have broken the #COVID19 code of the Satanic globalists' plan. Here it is, read this thread till the end.

Deep State animals in the US created this virus. They gave this virus to the reds in China. As far as we can tell Dictator Xi is not involved, some Wuhan lab...
... Chinese globalist traitors unleashed this bio-weapon on China just before the Chinese New Year when chances of maximizing impact by traveling abroad were highest. This bio-weapon has 3 components: SARS, MERS, and HIV.

Who benefits from the older generation dying sooner?
Who stole the money in the Social Security Trust Fund?
Who created the pyramid scheme of Social Security?
Who has made it impossible for many young people to marry and have children?
Who is worried they do not have enough newcomers to prop up Social Security systems in the world?
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Got some decodes coming out of 1 of the head witches out of the US. Twitter & #QPharisees on me like flies on shit so I am going to have to post this as a thread while I go as they love to delete while I make these. I will let you know when I am finished. @AustinSteinbart #Qanon
You can follow along if you want but she is a tricky witch not for beginners…. #MAGA #Trump2020 #DigitalSoldiers #Qarmy #Coronavirus real bad news for some.
Both @realDonaldTrump & the Witch are using some type of super computers for their gematria messages the Hilderbeast tries to throw me off by doing number jumps by the grace of God so far her attempts has failed if you recall when she ordered the hit on @AustinSteinbart & his
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Trump has said “hidden scourge” many times recently.
•Go to google & type it in
•I looked up the terrible book listed in the search. Read the awful description!
2. Trump mentioned “hamberders” with Clemson football. Look up berders.
These people are sick!
3. Trump has been saying “hidden scourge”
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Amazing show today with @TnHomesteader and @st8blegenius on the Sunday Source!

#WWG1WGA #TheStormIsHere

Look at the symbolism from the #WorldMilitaryGames held in Wuhan, China. @st8blegenius goes through all this and more on #TheSundaySource with @TnHomesteader
The symbolism shows how #China and the #UnitedNations are ready to take over as a "global peace keeping" force. This also looks like a magic circle.

Btw, #China was just granted a space on the #UN "human rights council." This part of the games was called "A New World"
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@realDonaldTrump fa salire sul palco i bad actors [Fauci], li mette sotto i riflettori per poi buttarli giù davanti agli occhi del mondo intero.

#EnjoyTheShow 🍿

#Trump #Fauci #COVID19 #QAnon #ChineseVirus #Italia #coronavirus #5aprile #MEGA
Trump spinge per la cIorochina, in quanto terapia efficace contro il coron@virus.
Non per i vaccini.

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1)Os Túneis Secretos do Central Park

🌪A Tempestade já paira sobre Nova York e seu alvo agora é o resgate de crianças mantidas pelo #PedoWood nos túneis subterrâneos do Central Park em Manhattan Nova York.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #PedoWood
Segue a thread
2) O Central Park foi inaugurado em 1857 e fica Localizado na Ilha de Manhattan no coração de Nova York USA o parque possui 843 hectares e para vcs terem uma idéia o Parque do Ibirapuera em Sp possui 158 hectares.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
3) Muitos de nós sabemos que NY e cheia de túneis principalmente pela sua vasta rede de metrôs mas o que poucos sabem e que existem túneis secretos por toda a cidade e que agora sabemos que tbm existem embaixo do parque.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
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