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Justice time!
Midnight Riders!
U.S. Navy Destroyer launches Tomahawk cruise missiles
Sep 25 2020 15:20:31 (EST) NEW

Beam-riding, also known as Line-Of-Sight Beam Riding (LOSBR) or beam guidance, is a technique of directing a missile to its target by means of radar or a laser beam…
#MAGA Image
Comparing 2 words
REMEMBER The Lobster thread? 🤔
TE = JG = 105, EG = 150, SG = 25
MI=150 & 25
BEHEAD=150 & 25
JACK=150 & 25
FEMA=150 & 25
Is the MI Beheading the traitors?
#WeAreTheNewsNow ImageImageImageImage
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Sunday, September 27, 2020
What is the over/under done in 30 months?
#FreeFlynnNow… ImageImage
Flynn gets off this week.
Sullivan exposed after the election.
Flynn will already be in charge of the FBI.
#FreeFlynnNow ImageImage
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De bizarre complottheorie QAnon is in opkomst in de VS, tot in het machtscentrum in Washington. Maar ook in Nederland is de samenzweringscultus populair.
Kijk hier onze complete reportage. 👇📺
Daaronder uitgebreide draad >>…
In Nederlandse QAnon-groepen op Facebook zijn dit jaar 40.000 berichten geplaatst die leidden tot een half miljoen interacties. Dat blijkt uit een analyse van de UvA i.o.v. Nieuwsuur.
M’n artikel over QAnon hier 👇…
In nog eens 300 andere Nederlandse Facebookgroepen werden QAnon-berichten gedeeld. Op besloten groepen en verwijderde groepen hadden we geen zicht. Er is een duidelijke stijgende lijn te zien van berichten sinds de corona-lockdown dit voorjaar.
(analyse door @favstats UvA) Image
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The following is my thread is on, Sandro Botticelli’s (1445-1510); "Young Man Holding a Roundel" and how this may relate to today's events.

This will be a long thread and while reading, think "one leads to another, then to another, then at the end all will come full circle".

With that said, please read all, then decide for yourself.
1/ 1/ This $80m Botticelli could be one of the most expensive portraits ever sold at auction
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Let's find out why #POTUS left the news conference today. 9/23/20
The video lasts 17:00 = CUE
#POTUS announces his leaving at 16:13
"I have to leave for an emergency phone call"
At 16:32 he said, " I have a big call a very big call"

JG of "I have to leave for an emergency phone call" = 2563
#POTUS is telling us he has "POWER OVER THE MATRIX"
Now he runs the world, controls the money, the politics, and every facet of life!
The 1% who used to control everything are death!
You are watching a movie!
Def of heap
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Corruption in the Lexington Kentucky Police Department: The Bluegrass Co... via @YouTube
#WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst #YouMeWE #MAGA2020 #Kentucky #BreonnaTaylor
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Wheels churning...…

Such gratitude & appreciation to ALL Patriots in service [not profiting]. There is a reason profiting will put some last.

Aim: End of DS /criminal elite's crimes against humanity, harming innocent etal towards life/liberty sovereignty.
Meanwhile, BLM/Antifa are behind murders, violent riots, destruction!!

Q invites everyone to research, strengthen their own conviction for right of self-determination. This movement was never abt electing a President. Trump didn't put US into this position. DS did by harming US! Image
All those defaming the pure intent aim of Q / Qanon, will be checked at the reset. The meek receive first!

Blessed Qanons are patriotic, family values, God-based movement of good will #Love for ALL people's right of self-determination. Opposing oppression, injustice, corruption! Image
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Do you know the difference between a Commonwealth and a State. If not, read on. Couple of articles, food for thought.

Reason: Why not? (free information)

What’s the Difference Between a State and a Commonwealth?

Difference Between Commonwealth and State…
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1) Fil du 22/09/2020

Q#post n°4738 à 4741

3) @drsimonegold :
"Le Nevada est le 7ème État à revenir discrètement sur sa décision d'interdire l'HCQ pour le COVID-19. Les médecins du Nevada peuvent maintenant à nouveau prescrire l'HCQ.
Les gouverneurs ont menti et devraient être tenus responsables."
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1.) @TuckerCarlson I’m adding my thoughts to your question to @IngrahamAngle about why the Democ🐀’s are so focused on abortion... Image
2.)📢Because they’re in bed with Big P & the rest of the GL🦠BAL HEALTHCARE CAB🦠L📢
ALL for POWER & 💰... Because there’s A LOT of 💰 to be made off of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry as well as from the sadistic philanthropists who fund them.
3.) They’re not only making a HUGE financial profit, but they’ve also been slowly sneaking in their “population control agenda” a.k.a “GREEN NEW DEAL” by means of the pharmaceutical industry!
AND they’ve been doing it for DECADES!
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Everyone loves Ring of Fire, what a great song. Celine Dion, super famous Canadian singer songwriter and Millionaire Socialist loves it too. Here she is, click to enlarge.…
Celine used to look like this. Granted, already weird.
Then she got into children's clothing.
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1) Fil Q du 20/09/2020

Q post n°4686 à 4737

Thème: "21-25 SEPT [suivez et pistez les événements]"
3) Q post n°4686

Q publie à nouveau l'image du "punisher".
La Justice est la seule voie à suivre.
Transparence et divulgation.

Q nous invite à suivre de près les événements:
- du 14 au 18 Sept
- du 21 au 25 Sept
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▶Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6  09/17/20 (Thu) 23:02:29 30d223 (2)  No.10685518

Q Drop 4736

Encoded Q Drop 4736

▶Anonymous  09/17/20 (Thu) 23:03:23 5bd9b1 (12)  No.10685538>>10685600


▶Anonymous  09/17/20 (Thu) 23:03:47 000000 (15)  No.10685550


periscope depth
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Sep 19 2020 22:53:11 (EST) NEW
SEPT 21-25 [track & follow events]
Running RED.
Rig for Red… first week!!!
Running RED… second week!!!
MOAR BOOMS next week!!!
The Day of Reckoning is Upon Us.
Video posted 11/17/13 👆

Fill that spot quickly! 👇🍿🎉🥳
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RBG Q PROOF (thread)

Remember 4686? Looks like Q hinted that #RBG may have been dead for longer than is being reported by fake news.

“Equal justice under the law” >>> words on SCOTUS building

“Track & follow events” “Sept. 14-18” >>> [DISCLOSURE] of [JUSTICE] Ginsberg’s death
If you’ve been to the SCOTUS building, you’ve seen these words, which Q references.
Bracketed words [JUSTICE] and [DISCLOSURE] seem to refer to the disclosure of Justice Ginsburg’s death, which was reported on 9/18. Q told us to pay attention to events from 9/14-9/18.
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This is an outrage! The liberal left-wing media is off the hook and trying to intimidate Republican elected officials & their supporters. AP reporter Michael Kunzelman called me earlier to tell me that he had called several large companies who had contributed to my re-election..
because I support a terrorist group. He stated that they told him if they had known they never would have given to me. Shocked, I asked him what terrorist group do I support. He said Qanon. I am sorry, what? “Can you show me where the FBI has officially named Qanon a terrorist
organization, & show me how I support Qanon?” E.g. do I work for them? Do you imagine that I am part of the organization? Do I get 4 am taking points? Because I assure you, no one calls me. His evidence; he sent me an article with a link to an old FBI bulletin that merely
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Ein neuer Fall aus der Reihe #Wahldepp.

Diesmal schreibt jemand sogar noch #wwg1wga auf den Wahlzettel und legt etwas "Inspiration" für die Auszähler bei. Image
Wahrheit als Suchbegriff ist aber ganz schön weit gefasst.

Da könnte die Recherche etwas länger dauern. Image
Erst gestern hatten wir von einem #Wahldepp berichtet, der #EvaHerman angeschrieben hatte.

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#QPost Sep 16 2020 15:51:34 (EST) NEW
We know Disney is a Pedowood.
Mickey Mouse's penis is pointing to 6=30
SEP has 30 days
15 days to OCT
Mickey Mouse it's pointing to 10:09:06=16
The clock has 8 REDs
@realDonaldTrump Image
If we think mirror
Mickey mouse is pointing to 1:51=7
Mickey mouse penis stays at the ALARM=6
ALARM at 6
7=[G] ENOU[G]H
6=[F]=[F] pocket-controlled [D]
1= Jan
JAN 6 [2]y D
#QPost 477
Think clock
Wind the clock w/ all markers.
Future proves past ImageImage
Q !!
Sep 17 2020 16:02:29 (EST) NEW
RIG FOR RED. Mickey Mouse Clock Post
All The Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know…
Standing by
#MAGA2020 ImageImageImage
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Probably the most commonly repeated question I get is “What if Trump is really DS and Q is a psyop?” So I’m going to do my best to share here what I tell those people. Short answer is this. If this really is one big scam then yes, we are in deep deep trouble. But here’s why...
... it’s not. First of all, at this point we now know what the plan was. Infiltration not Invasion. And not to be a smart ass, but it was working. Less than 10 years after 9/11 we elected a Muslim to our highest office. And he charmed the shit out of just about every fast...
... asleep American sheep out there. Personally I never cared for the guy. I questioned his meteoric rise back in 2006 but did I suspect he was part of some global Deep State hell bent on world domination?? Of course not. Nobody did. But in hindsight we now can see exactly what..
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Found something interesting.
An essay with a lot of instructions.
They seemed to be well funded, organized and connected.

Decide for yourself.


1/ Forming An Antifa Group… Image
2/ First, some connections. 👇

Action Network bonds Antifa, BLM riots, and DNC at the hip… Image
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Thread about the phrase "You have more than you know." It appears 37X on #QPosts
Jewish Gematria:3328=Mortuus Ambulare A Virus Causing Zombification.
Have you ask yourself why there are flies and all kind of insects on Biden's body, Hilary's body & Obama's body?
Let's find out. ImageImageImageImage
Check it out by yourself.
A fly in his eyebrow and a cockroach near his neck. I wonder how many more under his clothes.
@DanScavino tweet this. Is Dan telling us Biden is taking care in a basement? Is he sick, is he dead, is he a zombie?
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“We Were Part Of Multi-Generational Trauma Based Mind Control Families”
👉Humanity was NOT prepared for the level of PURE EVIL that enslaved this planet.There was an extraterrestrial war to save Earth & SOON we thank our Galactic Family in person.
#YouWereChosen For this Mission.
156 pages ....
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🛑#ChildTrafficking DETAILS frm Survivor PLS🙏WATCH


▫️HOW/WHERE to SPOT TRAFFICKED CHILD-Shipping Containers dirt holes

▫️[They] have DNA on kids AND politicians/H-Wood

💔THIS would put 99% in the hospital
🛑Blood Ceremonies AFTR HOURS in OUR Churches!

🛑Neck Tattoo SIGNALS


▫️It's time to HEAR not just listen

▫️Time to ACT not just see

▫️We owe these #chidlren a chance at life-Away frm EVIL

🛑Pls SHARE! #TheGreatAwakening is NOW!

Video2▫️Pls WATCH
🙏Please SHARE Videos #1👆🏼
and #2👆🏼

💔We need THE WORLD AWAKE NOW! Only united & with God can we win the #ChildTrafficking WAR!

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