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Friday Fact-Check Overview: 26-05-2023

#russian #Disinformation #Ukraine️ Image
#Eksplozja w #Chmielnickim. Brak dowodów na obecność #amunicji ze zubożonym #uranem

#Rosyjska #propaganda po raz kolejny aktywnie próbuje siać #panikę w #Polsce i krajach #Europy. Narracje te są bardzo chętnie powielane przez liczne konta w mediach społecznościowych. [1/3]
Na ten moment nie ma żadnych dowodów na to, by w #Chmielnickim znajdowały się magazyny, w których składowano #amunicję ze #zubożonym #uranem. Nie zaobserwowano wzrostu #promieniowania ani w #ukraińskim mieście, ani w #Polsce. [2/3]
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‘The existence of #US-run "#biomilitary #laboratories" has been officially denied in May 2020 by the security services of #Ukraine, which had asked politicians "not to spread false information about the alleged existence of foreign #military #biological #laboratories in Ukraine".
A item of the non-profit news organization Coda Story dating back to 2018 reconstructed the origins of this #disinformation content, attributing it to #Russian #propaganda.’…
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1/50 #Science is an ongoing process that serves to investigate phenomena, gain new insights or "correct prior knowledge" and this only works in #discourse. This includes diversity of #Opinion, #tolerance and a broad debate space. This is a large thread.
2/50 "#trust the science" is in my view the most #antiscience statement ever. #Questioning science is how you do #Science. This thread gives some examples and further questions.…
3/50 What about good ##scientific #Practice? I found a glaring example here (of all things, in what I consider to be a rush to #vaccine #approval). #blotgate…
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Unbelievable - #shortage of #oil makes #NATO #warcriminals trying to steal #Syrian oil again.
- The same #CasusBelli that was found to be #false already 4 yrs ago in The #Hague: Articles: 104
#Douma chemical attack that killed 43 in Syria | 27 Jan 2023…
#MSM repeats the same lie: '#DOUMA #CHEMICAL ATTACK 2018.'
Today: "Syrian Military Dropped #Chlorine Gas In Deadly 2018 Attack."
Start: Jan 27, 2023
Last update: Jan 27, 2023
Articles: 107 in 5 hours, 9 pages.…
#Chlorine #Douma #Syria #FalseFlag | 24.04.2018
If it doesn't fit the narrative, there's no harm in shelving it.
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The Brownstone institute is a fracking-billionaire funded anti-science #disinformation outlet

I just highlight some passages to show that the #lableak conspiracy myth would always have happened, no matter where COVID first broke out

If not the WIV, then 🔽

A master thread:
Many amplifiers, including some science journalists, believe that a legitimate scientific uncertainty & geographic coincidence underneath the #originofcovid controversy is the root cause and driver for the conspiracy myth.

This is false
Yes, the inital uncertainties were real
but no matter where the virus initially broke out, there would always be some lab or some scientists that could be made to associate with.

All pandemics were followed by #conspiracy theories about their origins. The 1918 flu was blamed on the Germans and their aspirin, ffs.

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I see a problem in the ability to misuse an AI (#ChatGPT) to generate convincing arguments for #false statements. Image
[The proof still has some obvious mistakes. But this is math - were one is trained to find mistakes.] Image
[Generating different version of the false proof...] Image
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#అశోక #వృక్షాలు

-- ముత్తేవి రవీంద్రనాథ్ గారి వ్యాసం

ఇటీవలి మా ఈశాన్య రాష్ట్రాల పర్యటన సందర్భంగా మేము పలు ప్రాంతాలలో అశోక వృక్షాలు చూశాము. ముఖ్యంగా అస్సామ్ లోని #గువాహాటిలోని విశ్వవిద్యాలయ ప్రాంగణంలో చాలా అశోక వృక్షాలు కనిపించాయి.

'అశోక' అనే సంస్కృత పదానికి శోకము Image
లేనిది (Sorrow-less) అని అర్థం. రామాయణ కథనం ప్రకారం సీతను చెరబట్టిన రావణుడు ఆమెను లంకా నగరంలోని #అశోకవనం లోనే బందీగా ఉంచాడంటారు. 'అశోకవనమున సీత .. శోకించె వియోగము చేత' అనే పాట మనందరం విన్నదే.

మన్మథునికి 'పంచేషుడు',' పంచబాణుడు', 'పంచశరుడు' అనే పేర్లున్నాయి. సంస్కృతంలో 'పంచ' Image
అంటే ఐదు అనీ, 'ఇషు' అన్నా 'శర' అన్నా 'బాణము' అని అర్థం. మన్మథుడికి 'పుష్పశరుడు', ' సుమశరుడు' అనే పేర్లు కూడా ఉన్నాయి. అంటే ఆయన పూవులనే బాణాలుగా వేస్తాడన్నమాట. యువతీయువకులపై మన్మథుడు ఐదు రకాల పూలను బాణాలుగా ప్రయోగించి వారిలో కామతాపాన్ని రగులుస్తాడట. ఆయన అమ్ముల పొది(Quiver) లో Image
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Quick note
Is this a complete list of #Nazi groups in #Ukraine?
NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE, there are more than 50 Neo nazi "volunteer battalions" in Ukraine, plus several more political and underground organizations.
So, let's move to the next one... Image

National Corps
NC is the political arm of #AZOV. This makes them one of the MOST dangerous groups because they invest heavily in propaganda, their "ideologist", Olena Semenyaka, is always touring Europe to court support. N-Corps favours the creation of an "Aryan superstate" ImageImageImageImage

“There are also #Nazis in Russia"

Russia can tolerate an ugly tattoo but being an ACTIVE NAZI is a SERIOUS crime.
Even the well known Nazi Community "White Lives Matter" states that most #Nazi Russian groups were already cracked down. Few remaining are being hunted. The Neo-Nazi Community &quo...The Neo-Nazi Community &quo...The Neo-Nazi Community &quo...The Neo-Nazi Community &quo...
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DONBAS battalion
After 2014 protests evolved into declarations of independence in EAST #Ukraine, the extreme right shifted gear to full-scale armed combat. DONBAS was formed by Donbass native neo-Nazis, their crimes include torture and rape of a person with mental disability. ImageImageImageImage

Quick note
Is this a complete list of #Nazi groups in #Ukraine?
NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE, there are more than 50 Neo nazi "volunteer battalions" in Ukraine, plus several more political and underground organizations.
So, let's move to the next one... Image

National Corps
NC is the political arm of #AZOV. This makes them one of the MOST dangerous groups because they invest heavily in propaganda, their "ideologist", Olena Semenyaka, is always touring Europe to court support. N-Corps favours the creation of an "Aryan superstate" ImageImageImageImage
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AZOV is NOT the only Nazi group in Ukraine.

Misanthropic Division. Formed in Ukraine in 2013
MD has become an international movement with cells in more than 12 countries, including UK and USA
They have been involved multiple terror acts, including the Odessa massacre (2014) ImageImage

C14 (S14)
Paramilitary arm of Ukrainian ‘Svoboda’ party. Was involved in the 2014 Maidan
C14 has been implicated in murders, intimidation and other violent crimes, like burning of Romani camps, which they call “Safari"
Kiev allows total impunity for C14 as “municipal guards” ImageImageImage

Their sadism has no limits.
Their crimes were as atrocious that Ukraine had to arrest them; videos of gang rape were found on their phones, rape of women, men and even babies.

In 2022 Zelenskyy released Tornado from prison, they were given vehicles and weapons. 🤮 ImageImageImageImage
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“Misinterpretation of the “Overdose Crisis” continues to fuel misunderstanding of the role of prescription opioids”

Written with @GhanaboyPharmd @JeffreyFudin @headdock

#TwitteRx #MedTwitter

A brief 🧵to highlight the FACTS:…
This editorial looks to address ongoing #false narratives regarding opioid prescribing and its current role in the #overdosecrisis

In it, we use several excerpts from a recently published news release by PROP, given the distorted reality it represents…

We challenge the view that continued reductions in prescription opioids will be the “key to ending this [overdose] epidemic”…

As if cutting prescriptions in half throughout the US the past decade has resulted in reduced overdose deaths 🧐🧐🧐 Image
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Recently I contributed to a paper on "Reporting Cyber Risk to Boards". It summarizes findings and best practices from a CISO Working Group, and is a must read for CISOs, CIOs, and other Cybersecurity executives that report to the Board.
Boards often fail to see the continuous importance of cybersecurity and have knee jerk reactions to breaking cyber stories in the media then quickly forget about it until the next big cyber incident. Typically, cybersecurity only becomes an issue when it is already too late.
In cases where cybersecurity reporting to the Board is taking place, there is a wide variety of methods, tools, and processes in use. Organizations struggle with what to report and how to obtain effective feedback from the Board.
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Brittany Lee Fischer is a paid operative for Bloomberg’s lobbying org, New American Economy. She even cites them as a source for some of the data she shares.
She obviously has no clue how our immigration system works as we can see from this paragraph where she reiterates this lie spread by @RepZoeLofgren’s office that the employment GC backlog for Indian nationals exists because unused GCs by smaller countries go to waste. #FALSE
In fact, the immigration system works exactly to the contrary of the lie: when smaller populated countries like Iceland do not use up all their 7% quota for GCs, those unused GCs get “spilled over” to backlogged countries. How else did India exceed its 7% cap for FY2013-‘17?
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1/ (Teil 1: Minuten 1-30)
Am 5.5. um 22h strahlte der SWR die Sendung #malEhrlich: Sex gegen Geld – Gehört das verboten? aus. Moderator Florian Weber leistete dort gezielter Desinformation über Sexarbeit Vorschub.
2/ Wie nahezu immer, wenn es um Prostitution in den Medien geht, spielt #falseBalance eine große Rolle. Die Zuschauer*innen dieser Sendung erleben das #PLURV – Prinzip in Anwendung und Wirkung. Schon in der Einleitung wird das greifbar, als Weber die Schlagworte
3/ Bordell Europas | Sextourismus | „Zwangsprostitution“ |Verbot
Anwesend sind: Sandra Norack, Salome Balthus, Julia Wege, John Heer, Manfred Paulus, Leni Breimayer und Judith Skudelny.
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When I rebuttal someone on twitter about #Shilling and #False information I picture them being this type of person. #RespectThePump #CryptoIsAReligion #AltcoinsAreOurGods #InItForThe💸 😂 #WhatTheHellDidIJustWatch?
I'm all about this #Pump
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My interview w/ @GrecianFormula:

With its continued dev't of #ASBMs & associated targeting architecture, #China continues to work on changing the game in #SCS & beyond—but so too does US w/ its own developments & countermeasures.…
The game is afoot, and much is at stake.

But by no means is the game over for @USNavy, in the #SouthChinaSea or anywhere else.

My #BottomLine: there’s no cause for declinist defeatism.…
In @Princeton @PUPolitics's PhD program, I had many great colleagues, incl. @ChongJaIan; w/ @osmastro & @AdamPLiff to follow!

I focused my research on #Chinese #Aerospace Development. Historical summary:…

#BottomLine: PRC prioritized #ballistic #missiles.
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A Sept 19, 2020 letter to Nova Scotia residents warned that wolves packs were roaming & to be wary.

"The fake letter was part of new skills being tested by the #military as it hones its expertise for launching #propaganda missions at home & abroad."…
"The training also involved using a loudspeaker to generate wolf sounds...

The letter was developed by information warfare specialists with the Halifax Rifles, a reserve unit."
"... the deception has nothing to do with wolves; it was likely an exercise in the testing the #military's skills in trying to #manipulate the population with #false #information. 'You start a rumour about wolves on the loose and then you see how the public reacts."

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Anti-Iraq propaganda is at it agai, let’s count the lies or ‘alternative facts by @SimonaFoltyn & @HaidarAfp of @AJEnglish

Here she say: This is first tome journalists have been allowed in!

#FALSE you are NOT the first!
Here @SimonaFoltyn says they were given ‘exclusive’ access - FALSE

Other journalists have visited the site BEFORE you
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So, it's #trashystefanik, is it? Why? Not happy that she pegged Yovanovitch for lying?

That's right. She knew that the #Obama #StateDepartment had assisted her in formulating answers about #HunterBiden and #Burisma as part of helping her to prepare for her #Ukraine appointment.
Yet, during the #ShamSchiff #impeachment hearing, Yovanovitch said that the subject of Hunter Biden/Burisma never came up in discussions with @JoeBiden or the #ObamaAdministration.
You can read her statement here:…
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Trump's Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence—Just ask the FBI

8/1/19: The FBI specifically mentions QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against Trump, Antifa & Pizzagate.

8/3/19 two mass shootings.
5 days b/4 Alt R #ElPaso

FBI assessment that online conspiracy theories “very likely” result in domestic extremists committing violent crimes

The AltR/QAnon folks spun a false narrative about coming ‘Antifa’ violence in El Paso five days before the Maga mass shooter massacred people.

9 people were killed in Dayton, Ohio, when a gunman opened fire early Sunday at a bar.

MX vows to take legal action against U.S. after deadly El Paso shooting

From its effect on the world, 8chan could be ranked as one of the internet’s most dangerous sites.
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I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if mob surrounds them and asks, “Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?” …they will have no answer, says actor #NaseeruddinShah
#Tathya with Apoorvanand
In the context of the Sajjan Kumar conviction in the 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs, we need to rethink about other incidents of violence that have happened in the country, says Prof. Apoorvanand.
We wish you a #MerryChristmas with the Christian Qawwals of Delhi.
"People look at me and wonder who I really am. I have only one answer for them. I am you," says Bernard Rufus, also known as Sahil Sufi Nizam, a popular singer of Christian Qawwalis.
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With border crossings declining for years, and no true crisis to point to, the President has spun a manufactured crisis to justify his ineffective and costly border wall. Let’s fact check some of his outlandish claims --
#FALSE: Pres. Trump’s repeated claim that we have a crisis-level surge of illegal immigration at our southern border.
#FACT: At the end of 2017, arrests of people attempting to illegally enter the U.S. dropped to the lowest level since 1971. Between 2000 & 2018, border apprehensions fell sharply from roughly 1.6 m. in FY 2000 to approximately 400,000 in FY 2018 – that's a 75% drop.
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(1) THREAD: #RobPorter , #SecurityClearances & SERIOUS #Trump #WhiteHouse PROBLEMS

When did the White House know of the serious domestic abuse concerns regarding Rob Porter, the now fallen White House Staff Secretary?
(2) This question is crucial to determining whether those in the White House deliberately ignored security warnings and instead politically decided to retain Porter.
(3) As I told @JudyWoodruff on @NewsHour tonight there were at least 3-4 opportunities where WH had enough info to realize there were serious problems w/Porter obtaining a clearance and they could have, and perhaps should have, taken action.….
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Our #ThursdayThoughts on #Islamophobia are about #Dawah. Read our thread & check our NEW factsheet on Dawah here:…
Dawah is an Arabic term w/ a range of meanings generally understood to signify an invitation (definitions here:
#Dawah activities include acts of charity and proselytization
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