1) This is the 7th formal analysis within the #PardonFlynnNow movement. It might better be termed the 1st Team Formation analysis. At any rate, our small, young movement requires some team building and this is that moment.
2) Before I dive in, a small progress report is due. We have commenced the creation of two support teams, one for memes and one for website development. I truly am super excited about that, and thanks to all our amazing volunteer team members, more than I can say.
3) By the way, if you're reading this, and interested in volunteering to join us - we're all 100% unpaid volunteers - please reach out to me, or to @TamaraLeigh_llc, and we'll put you to more work than you can handle, immediately.
@TamaraLeigh_llc 4) So, diving in now. There are two forms of resistance a young movement like ours faces. They are: Positive and Negative; or we might call them Supportive and Constructive, or Oppositional and Destructive. We'll discuss each in turn.
@TamaraLeigh_llc 5) Positive resistance comes from friends, allies on the same side, wanting the same ultimate outcome, but who disagree - and sometimes fiercely and passionately - over the means to the ends. They agree on ultimate ends. They disagree on means, or the method of getting there.
@TamaraLeigh_llc 6) While this is ALWAYS the case for any movement, in our specific moment, our friends oppose the cry for a Pardon, and want an Exoneration, or a Clearance, etc. More specifically they do NOT want @POTUS to Pardon, they want a clearance from the Court system. Justice from courts.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS 7) Our great friend, @SidneyPowell1, has given fresh air, new impetus and GREAT inspiration to those hoping for clearance at law. Her hiring was the greatest turning point in the legal process for our hero, @GenFlynn. You may believe me when I say, I hope this works out.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 8) Yet, great as her skills and powers are, @SidneyPowell1 may not be able to complete her mission if the courts are corrupt. I won't go any further, here, in discussing the probabilities. My mission is to face the risk of failure, due to corruption.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 9) Allow me to back up and discuss how we created the #ClearFlynnNow movement for a moment. It started out as...yes...#PardonFlynnNow. What we discovered was that our friends couldn't buy in. Tons of reasons. But, bottom line, we learned we had to shift, and we did.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 10) So, when I decided, all by my little lonesome, that the time had arrived to return to our original hashtag, I knew with literally scientific certainty that our new stage would face vastly greater opposition and enjoy support from a dramatically smaller number of supporters.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 11) The opposition from our enemies is both 100% predictable and equally unimportant. It is the opposition from our friends that matters. Again, you may believe me when I tell you, I care. I respect the disagreement of our friends, more than I can express.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 12) So, please understand that friends are allowed to disagree with friends. And, please remember, the disagreement is over means, not ends. We're together. We truly agree...over the end in sight. We merely disagree over the means to that end. The method.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 13) And then there's the opposition. They're tricky, crafty, and they learn. They know we kicked their butts all over the block in the first stage of our movement. The #ClearFlynnNow movement succeeded in a manner that shocked them into a new awareness.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 14) Please mind, I respect them as enemies, but also, as former friends. I was a diehard member of their lot. I understand how they feel about our hero. To them, he is a perfect traitor to the America they believe in. I understand and love them.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 15) That we can no longer be friends breaks my heart. We should all be merely Americans...first. Sadly, they are not. They are, it must be stated clearly, Globalists, if not Communists or Socialists. And those "ideals" BREAK the dream of America.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 16) Allow me to make this bold claim. I read The Communist Manifesto...well. I am its student. I first read it in 1981. I bought in but didn't agree with its violence or the goal of wiping out the family. Yet, I bought in. I do not apologize for that, rather, I proclaim it.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 17) The reason this matters today is this. Whereas I left the left, the left today has a target, a zero point, and it is right there between @GenFlynn's eyes. And the way that shows up most clearly right now is by those who oppose his Pardon, for false flag reasons.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 18) Trolls. They often enjoy 64 followers. They show up in my threads, commenting that Flynn MUST be cleared through the court system. They more they do that, the more I am certain the court system, corrupted as it is, will never clear Flynn.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 19) To all our friends who disagree over the means, I apologize again, and state, emphatically, I hope you're right. I would LOVE to return to an earlier faith in justice I once enjoyed. That I believe justice has inverted to injustice is a pain I wish no other to bear.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 20) To all our enemies who fake their support, placing their faith in a corrupt judiciary, I say, beware. America Herself demands a faithful judiciary. And, @realDonaldTrump is coming. He will no longer allow corruption from the bench of law.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 21) Which brings me back to the ultimate purpose of the #PardonFlynnNow movement. Yes, it is to procure a #PardonByInnocence. But it is more. It is to remove from the swamp it's great protector, corrupt judges, corrupt courts.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 22) And that brings me back to the infrastructure of our movement itself. In forming, we must all be supporters of @GenFlynn. In storming, we must fight through our agreements and disagreements over our means to the end of returning to him his voice.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 23) Those who honorably disagree with a Pardon, are happily embraced in his Clearance, with the hope of judicial justice. Those who join me in the request for Pardon, surrender their faith judicial justice. We call for Executive correction of judicial injustice.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 24) We must rise higher in our analysis, friends. We walked away from kings. We walked toward executives, a President. We did that in 1789. We were right. Here's what we have failed to understand. A President is not a King. His children have no rights of rule. But...
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 25) A President IS a TEMPORARY King. That's what we achieved. And, how may we know this is true? By Power of Pardon. It is the definitive power. And where did we fail in this? We failed to Constitutionally grant the President executive power to correct injustice at law.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 26) Our greatest Constitutional failure was to provide the President power to pardon by innocence. It is easily corrected. It doesn't even require a Constitutional amendment. Rather, a single execution of executive privilege to pardon by innocence is all that's required.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 27) And that is the motive force behind our movement. Yet, confession must be expressed, it's complicated. It isn't easy. It isn't simple. It IS complex. It IS historical. It IS structural. It is, in the end, Constitutional. This is difficult stuff. I confess, it is difficult.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 28) What in tarnation does that have to do with building a movement? EVERYTHING! To sign on for the #PardonFlynnNow movement is NO mere tactical thing. It is, rather, a commitment to cleanse the judicial system of its corruption.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 29) A new term is required. Prosecutorial Corruption. Our prosecutors; local, state and most of all federal, are among the most corrupt among us. Contemplate that. Prosecutors are corrupt. This is no mere incidental occurrence. It is endemic.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 30) And that, finally, brings me back to the stages of team (or movement) formation. We must form. We agree about ultimate ends. We must storm. We disagree about means to those ends. We must norm. We find our working method. We must perform. We fight and win.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 31) Where do those four stages of team development come from? The original analysis was completed by Bruce Tuckman, here:

@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 32) So again now, that tells us where we're at. We formed during the #ClearFlynnNow movement. Right now, in the #PardonFlynnNow movement, we're storming. The next stage is NORMING. Let's zero in on that.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 33) In NORMING we build method. We build message. We build action and endeavor. We build team unity. What is our mission, again? It is two-fold. First, we MUST procure Gen Flynn's Pardon By Innocence. Believe it or not, strategic as that is, it is still ONLY our tactical mission.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 34) Second, we must remove the protective wall of corrupt injustice from the swamp, writ large. What does it mean to Drain The Swamp? More than anything else, it means the removal of corrupt judges from their high and mighty courtly powers.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 35) Following the corrupt judges, we MUST destroy the evil injustice of prosecutorial advantage. In effect, the rule of Presumption of Innocence has been destroyed. Do we love America? Will we make Her great again? Then we have no choice but to restore Presumption Of Innocence.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 36) @GenFlynn has been presumed guilty from day one. His life was overturned. His family threatened. His career destroyed. Can you say the word "egregious?" This has been a travesty of injustice from day one. It is this that the swamp knows it can do at will.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 37) So, we few. Those of us willing to pay the price of our participation, knowing that the evil ones will with zero point targeted efficiency come to destroy us, we who are still willing to face that threat, we must form, storm, norm, and ultimately perform.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 38) If I mention Saint Crispin's Day and Henry the 5th, are you with me? If not, look it up. We few. Let us charge forth to save America Herself. @GenFlynn is our leader. We MUST get back his voice, destroy his gag order. Days count. Are you with me?
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 39) If there's a single idea to hold onto, it is this. Gen Flynn and Trump forged a patriotic friendship, and it succeeded. To my own perspective, no other force equals that friendship in explaining Victory 2016. Imagine that, again, for 2020. Please.
@TamaraLeigh_llc @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump 40) As we form, storm and norm our movement so that it may perform, nothing is more important than winning the battles we face to, simply Make America Great Again. Please, join me to request from @POTUS, please, Sir...

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