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@jsolomonReports dropped an article that has some really good info but it has a few things that need to be addressed as well, so I will just give an old cops perspective and you can take it from there.

@drawandstrike has a good thread as well luv ur work…
The article starts off with the mentioning of Mueller's past and him being rug up on the carpet for FISA abuses that in some cases predated his tenure as Bureau Chief and some after he took the helm. This news isn't a revelation, I tweeted about it a while back a couple of times
In both cases I posted a video of Mueller addressing it to the public in one speech and in another video he addressed it before congress.

When Mueller took over the FBI there was a severe rash of NSL (National Service Letter) abuse going on. Mueller addresses it in the video.
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Continuing the drama... Dance card #3 in play after his #ProAbortion statement & the yearbook image surfacing. #RalphNortham now says he's not one of the people imaged in the costumed image in his yearbook. Now says he has no intention of resigning at this time.
2) 🤔Does it really make it better if #RalphNortham wasn't in the yearbook image & yet, he chose to use it as one of the images on his specific page? That, for me, would actually be a statement that appears 2be a direct #Racist political statement, orchestrated by him.
3) #Coonman?
No certainly - NOT - him in the image & it wasn't his choice to add the image either; nor the nickname Coonman. These are in no way #Racist... #NorthamResign has no basis in fact.

#FakeNews ==> #NOT ] !!! [
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To all the reporters supporting @realDonaldTrump and not taking Q serious at all....
How did we know:
1. Who Nelly Ohr is and her H.A.M. Radio license and fluency in Russian...
2. Our steel industry was being sabotaged by inferior steel from Russia and China...
3. Fusion GPS was being paid by the DNC
4. Clinton Foundation received donations from Aus and SA
5. the MSM has 4am talking points sent to the entire network to thwart the narrative to their liking
6. George Soros is receiving OUR tax payer money to fund Antifa
7. The C._.A. Has been spying on the senate and most of the republicans running for ‘16 presidency
8. That the people running Google/23&ME/Fakebook are in cahoots to collect as much data on citizens as it possibly can.
9. Snowden was a psy-op not a hero
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Belangrijke ontwikkeling: HTS (Al-Qaeda in Syrie) is met offensief bezig in Idlib &Aleppo-prov in NW-Syrie. Islamistische rebellengroepen, zoals al-Zinki, verliezen gebied en wapens. Zij trekken zich terug naar Afrin, dat onder controle staat van Turkije.…
HTS maakt allemaal wapens buit en verovert gebied. Al Zinki is min of meer verslagen; de zoveelste groep die het moet afleggen tegen HTS/Nusra/AlQaeda.
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1/ Mensen, ben met deze Kerst op Griekse eiland Lesbos waar 1000en asielzoekers zitten in belabberde omstandigheden.

Komende tijd vul ik dit draadje aan met sfeer, uitleg &info vanaf de grond.

Kwam net paar Iraakse jongens tegen bij de kerstversiering op dorpsplein in Mytilini.
2/ Ik heb letterlijk 1 tweet gepost vanuit Lesbos waar ik zit en nu al veel zeikopmerkingen over asielzoekers. Echt, ontvolg me gewoon als je het zo goed zelf weet, niemand zit hierop te wachten. Dus lees gewoon dit draadje. Vragen stellen no problem. Zeiken doe je maar op de wc.
3/ Ik ben hier op Lesbos met @jenanmoussa. We hebben deze reportage gemaakt. Is in het Arabisch, maar beelden geven idee van sfeer hier. Situatie hier is ellendig voor asielzoekers, maar opzich valt het me iets mee. Ik ga later in op details.
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So, I've waded through the Evangelical Alliance's new pastoral "guidelines" for interacting with trans people (ughh, the things I do to expose #transphobic #ciswits to the world), and let's just say it's time to tear this particular sh*t-bag a new hole.

So, straight off the bat, first page of text, the use of #language is . . . well, yeah, see for yourself:

"It is important to remember that transgender is not simply an issue to be debated;" - p5, #Transformed


When such language gets reinforced by insisting...

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They CLEARLY STATE that there is 25 mcg of Thimerosal in the flu vaccine. Look at their packaging. It’s on their inserts.

Also in case you didn’t know 25 mcg is a lot

the math on how many ppb in a flu vaccine: (next tweet)

#WWG1WGA #VaccinesWork #NOT #MAGA #GreatAwakening
25.0 mcg / 0.5mL (size of the flu shot)=
25.0 mcg / .0005L =
…250,000 mcg / 5L =
50,000 mcg / L
1 mg/KG = 1 PPM (formal definition of PPM)
1 L = 1 KG (density of water or saline solution)
1 mcg/L = 1 PPB (because 1 KG and 1 L of water are equivalent)

#MAGA #GreatAwakening
50,000 mcg / L is 50,000 ppb Which is 250x the amount considered toxic waste and you inject it in your body.

Think about that

#WWG1WGA #VaccinesWork #NOT #MAGA #GreatAwakening
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Λέει ο τρόμπακλας φιλελές ότι η επιβολή διδάκτρων φέρνει βελτίωση της ποιότητας των σπουδών και των μαθημάτων. Επιχείρημα; "Ο φοιτητής/μαθητής, επειδή θα πληρώνει, θα πονάει το σχολείο και το βιβλίο και το μάθημα και θα είναι επιμελής". Λοιπόν, ώρα για ένα #truth_bukkake...
Έχω πάει και σε ιδιωτικό δημοτικό σχολείο και σε δημόσιο, και σε γυμνάσιο-λύκειο ήμουν στο δημόσιο. Το δημοτικό, και στο ιδιωτικό και στο δημόσιο, ήταν πάνω-κάτω τα ίδια. Απλά το ιδιωτικό είχε και σχολικά λεωφορεία. Α, και ποδιές, που τις φοράγαμε μέχρι και το '83.
Εννοείται ότι οι διδακτικές μέθοδοι στην πρωτοβάθμια εκπαίδευση στα ηρωικά '80s ήταν παρελθοντίλα του κερατά. Και ναι, ο δάσκαλος (στο δημόσιο) στην Ε' και ΣΤ' δημοτικού είχε βέργα. Που τη χρησιμοποιούσε χωρίς πολλούς δισταγμούς.
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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