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I feel @BernieSanders righteous indignation about how the system has completely failed. Also, Biden’s take on health care is a band aid on a mortal wound.

Biden, it’s a fucking debate about politics. You’re supposed to have a back and forth about your politics. #DemocraticDebate
Biden is doing his best moderate sounding Bernie impression, which is pretty smart. I dislike him and think he will be bad for the global ecosystem but he is definitely politically savvy when he is coherent. #DemocraticDebates
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Sanders as usual making fine points about healthcare, the same points I see working class Americans making on this very website every day #DemDebate
Italy does NOT HAVE A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM. Joe Biden factually wrong there. Italy has a mixed system: people can choose to pay. Also, many services require copayments #DemDebate
Placating, gentle body language from Biden. Popular with voters. He has good bedside manner, but not convincing points. #DemDebate
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Judy Woodruff on surveillance of #NYC Muslims while he was mayor: But it wasn’t a religion that killed them.

Mike Bloomberg: No, but all of the people came from the same place. And all that came were from a place that happened to be the same religion.

At #DemDebates, Bloomberg has yet to be asked about surveillance of Muslims in NYC.

It’s a reminder of:
- shitty moderation


- anti-Muslim sentiment & disregard for Muslim-American votes is bioartisan.
I understood long ago that I was way to the left of the Democratic Party so when I became a US citizen and was eligible to vote, I registered as an Independent.

I also understood that if the GOP are overtly Islamophobic, the Dems are not guiltless.
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Hey CBS: BLACK MEN ARE NOT A PLACEHOLDER FOR BLACK PEOPLE. This question was worded horribly. #DemDebates #DemDebate2020
I N T E R S E C T I O N A L I T Y. Black women exist and face erasure. Stop it. #DemDebate2020 #DemDebates…
Yes I’m quoting myself but it was a damn good article
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As we move deeper into instabilities of all kind - climate impacts, supply chain disruptions, political instabilities, mini-crashes and mircro-collapses, complex, multi-step plans and processes for change are going to be less and less effective.
Command and control doesn't work too well during disruption and it doesn't know how to improvise.
I don't know that the world ever really worked the way that our log frame ands theory of change diagrams implied, but if it ever did, I don't think it is going to in the 2020s and beyond.
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@BernieSanders said he would disavow anyone who makes "ugly" remarks online in his name. Last night and during last debate Chapo Trap House did just this - making vile remarks about Sanders' Dem rivals and Culinary Union members. Bernie, Gray & Sirota have all appeared on CTH.
Christman of Chapo Trap Hse saying:
"@amyklobuchar might get some heat coming out of this debate.
She had some tasty moments, she clashed with mayor @PeteButtigieg .
We were saying whenever we watch those guys fight it’s like
watching two assholes passing a turd back and forth."
Here is Christman disparaging @JoeBiden and telling people that they don't like to have Joe come out after "sundown" as if he has dementia problems and they don't like him being alone with the press because if it. Texas says his Med Alert bracelet could be out of batteries.
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#Thread: It's almost debate time! We're teaming up with our friends at @PolitiFact to fact check tonight's #DemDebate. KHN will be listening for health care claims to fact check. #HealthCheck
@PolitiFact Do Americans really like their health plans? We fact-checked a claim by @JoeBiden that "160 million people like their private insurance." via @shefalil KHN/@PolitiFact #HealthCheck
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Guess where you’re not going if you don’t win Black voters?

Amy came with the bars.

Is anyone gonna ask her about her prosecutorial record tho?

I just wanna say that activists have been saying that Trump is the symptom-not the virus-for years now.

First time I remember hearing it on the debate stage.

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yet another hit piece against a certain candidate.
"In a rant on MSNBC that went viral on Tuesday evening, the longtime Democratic strategist vented his concerns about the party’s prospects for beating Donald Trump, taking particular aim at the party’s leftward lurch."
"We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells.
It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party."
"For fuck’s sake, we’ve got Trump at Davos talking about cutting Medicare and no one in
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Look it’s no secret that I was a full fledged supporter of @CoryBooker in this race. He’s my senator, I’ve known him since his mayoral campaigns and I firmly believe he is the person to move us beyond #Trumpism so yeah I’m sad and upset right now,
But my heart is troubled today because I worry we are not as well poised to defeat @realDonaldTrump because we have lost many excellent candidates due to a combo of a bad plan re: #DemDebates and the outsized influence of money. The only reason @TomSteyer is still in is $$$
Millions of campaign ads got him the name recognition he needed. We should have let candidates on the debate stage through #Iowa and #NH and let VOTERS decide who is viable. Instead we have a small field and a white one. @CoryBooker was my top choice,
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#Impeachment Hearings reinforced the #TrumpBribery story for staunch #Democrats, but did it get critical conversion votes from any 2016 #Trump supporters, who are already immune from #media distortion? #Trump2020 net-benefit:
Formidable rhetorical skills on full display from #Republican lawmakers, compelled to make best use of limited time granted by #AdamSchiff.

"They Got Caught"
#DevonNunes warming to his role as House IC Minority spokesman, finds loophole in House Rules:
Expert litigator Rep. #JohnRatcliffe, R-TX discovering and breaking down inconsistencies in #DavidHolmes claim that he overheard both ends of a phone conversation between @realDonaldTrump and #GordonSondland:
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Ahead of tonight's #DemDebate (moderated by all women) we took a look at the 600 questions asked of candidates so far, and how the subjects of them lined up with moderators gender, race and ethnicity. (A thread!) 1/…
First things first: There's a debate in political science about the efficacy of representation - is it stronger for a woman to represent issues dear to women, or equally strong for a man?

There's a strength in allyship, per @MelissaDeckman… 2/
When it comes to the questions asked in the past 6 #DemDebates about issues traditionally dubbed "women's issues," women have taken the lead (14/18).

And: Latino and black moderators have asked ~4 in 10 questions about civil rights and immigration.… 3/
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Okay we are taking a quick break.

So if I am keeping up...we have covered a number of topics tonight on the #DemDebates and no candidate has tied any of it to sexual violence.

Let me see if I can help them out.

#metooVoter #askaboutmetoo
They started with impeachment of the current president for the Ukrainian controversy. I have another reason. #metooVoter…
They jumped over to Biden and the questioning of his integrity. #metooVoter…
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#HologramTHREAD: DNC Bullshit

I've slept on this. I've thought about not saying it. I've thought about just keeping it to myself.

I can't.

The DNC made a special provision to keep Tom Steyer in the race and give him a shot at Debate #5.

Billionaire Tommy Boy, late to show up
to the Election of the Century, (1) bought his way into Debate #4 with dubious means, and now (2) had the DNC kowtow to him to keep him (and his money) around for a while longer.

As someone representing a true grassroots candidate, this is INFURIATING. Here's what it is:
Because Steyer has been pouring his $$billions$$ into Iowa and New Hampshire. Every so often, odd polls would show up with Steyer pulling 6% in an early state. There's no way that Steyer can get 3% nationally: He has zero grassroots. He runs $$millions$$ in online ads to get
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Tonight on the @CNN #climateforum, Democratic candidates will talk through their plans to rapidly transition our country to clean energy. We’re guessing we’ll hear a lot about #renewables & carbon pricing. But what will they say about #nuclear energy?

Will they mention that it’s the largest source of carbon free electricity in the US?

#climateforum @wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon
Will anyone point out that, considering the scale of the challenge, we should get rid of fossil fuels before even thinking about getting rid of nuclear?

@wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon #climateforum
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This is a thread about what occurred at the Democratic Debate when @KirstenJohnFoy @Mysonne @angelopinto720 @lsarsour and I made the decision to stand up for Eric Garner and the sanctity of Black life. #DemDebates
We could not sit silent while @NYCMayor Bill DeBlasio misrepresented his positions on Stop and Frisk and continues to employ the police officers who killed #EricGarner, in particular Daniel Pantaleo.
We chanted “Fire Pantaleo” after he concluded and it was over. We went back to enjoying the debate. A security officer came over to us and said as long as you stay quiet you can remain.
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Princess NXVIM: Beating Trump is impossible. #DemDebate
Tulsi didn't make it 3 seconds before mentioning her service @PCNedStark #DemDebate
@PCNedStark Castro: Just wants us to like him, damn it...please. #DemDebate
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It’s 8pm ET and we’re counting down the seconds ’til night 2 of the second #DemDebate begins

Follow along as we live-tweet the whole evening starting… NOW
'Go easy on me, kid.' — @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris greet each other before facing off for the 2nd #DemDebate

DE BLASIO: 'We can make change in this country... Yes it can be done. Tonight, we have to get to the heart and soul of who we are as Democrats... Kamala Harris said she’s not trying to fundamentally change society. Well, I am.’ #DemDebate
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This is your official #DemDebate2 night thread. I am just getting settled here, drinking water only because my liver is still recovering from last night, and I turn on CNN and this dude is preaching to the audience about RAAAAACCCISM! I think he's the head of the DNC. #Hectic
I can already tell I'm going to have to risk gastro upset and head for the liquor cabinet. This is going to be a disaster. #PJMDrunkBlog #DemDebate2
@CNN thinks #KristenG thinks she's being beat up on because she called for #Franken to resign. I think she's a loser because she's connected up to her ears with #NXVIM #DemDebate2 #ChildTrafficking #PJMDrunkBlog
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.@PeteButtigieg's quotes from the debate, a long thread. Divided into differently lengthened segments for your reading delight. #DemDebates #DemDebate2 #TeamPete
"I'm running for president because our country is running out of time. It is even bigger than the emergency of the Trump presidency. Ask yourself how somebody like Donald Trump ever gets within cheating distance of the Oval Office in the first place. 1/5
"It doesn't happen unless America is already in a crisis -- an economy that's not working for everyone, endless war, climate change. We have lived this in my industrial Midwestern hometown. My generation has lived this as long as we have been alive. 2/5
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I watched "The Great Hack" today, then browsed news articles about it and was more than a little startled. Did nobody except @WIRED… understand that the "hack" was a social/psychological one that forces examination of our current definition of "private"?
@WIRED Brittany Kaiser said their platform fell within the UK's definition of information warfare. Let that sink in. Cambridge Analytica ran a bunch of #psyops in Africa & some in Asia tweeking their targeting before setting it loose on the UK and USA. #TheGreatHack
@WIRED CA's psych warfare & RU's voting platform hacks need to be front and center in #DemDebates but you know they won't be.… #TheGreatHack
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Some unsolicited thoughts on the #DemDebates:

I reject this “moderate” vs “progressive radical” Democrat framing. It’s established by the Republicans, which is now an extreme party. The center has shifted right. Anyone to its left is always radical, socialist, Muslim Kenyan. 1/
Compared to Trump, every single Democratic candidate is...wait for it...a MODERATE. Just look at their comments on race, pluralism, national security, even income inequality, climate change, health insurance COMPARED to Trump's comments and policies.

Who’s the extremist? 2/
Democrats need to stop being hijacked by Trump’s base that will never, ever vote for them. Court your base, which is the majority & the diverse multicultural coalition. Blacks, women, immigrants, asian americans, latinos, educated whites, now independents, youth…3/ #DemDebate
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1/ #Racism- and #Sexism-by-Proxy … a thread:

A while back, my usually-progressive son said it was wrong to give children 'black' names like LaShawn or LaTonya.

"There's so much racism," he said. "Their resumes and other applications will be rejected because of their names."
2/ I said this was a classic example of racism-by-proxy: "I'M not racist, but OTHER PEOPLE are … and we should all cater to them."

"But I'm just being realistic!" he countered. "Racists won't change, so black parents should give their kids race-neutral names."
3/ I said racists won't change if we never challenge their racism.

"If we accept racism as an immutable fact and act as if we must all adapt our lives to fit their biases," I said, "we help perpetuate racism. We practice racism-by-proxy."
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