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🇫🇷 "L’arme aérienne est l’arme du politique par excellence, produisant des effets immédiats et décisifs sur l’ensemble du spectre de la conflictualité."

Retour sur l'audition du général de corps aérien Frédéric Parisot, major général de l'@Armee_de_lair par @AN_Defense

"La France est une puissance aérospatiale, et cette caractéristique [...] est un atout extraordinaire pour notre pays. C’est, bien sûr, un avantage décisif sur le plan militaire et diplomatique, mais c’est également un atout industriel et économique au service de notre pays."
"L’aviation fait partie de notre histoire commune et elle constitue un héritage exceptionnel qu’il nous appartient de faire vivre en l’adaptant à la diversité et l’imprévisibilité des circonstances et des menaces." @Armee_de_lair
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Znów głośno o systemie obrony przeciwlotniczej i przeciwrakietowej S-400, który #Turcja zakupiła od #Rosja. Wszystko dlatego, że dyplomaci z #USA rzekomo mieli zaproponować Turkom przekazanie go #Ukraina. Czy to dobry i realistyczny pomysł? Dzisiejsza nitka właśnie o tym 👇
Zacznijmy od przypomnienia, że #S400 to największa kość niezgody między Turcja a #USA. Za jego zakup Turcja została obłożona sankcjami z Ustawy o przeciwdziałaniu wrogom Ameryki przez sankcję, została wykluczona z programu produkcji myśliwca #F35, a USA odmówiły przekazania jej
tych samolotów (łącznie Turcja miała dostać ich 100).

Skoro #Turcja zdecydowała się go zakupić, to znaczy, że musi być bardzo cenny dla nich sprzęt, nieprawdaż?

Średnio. #S400 stoją spakowane, np. dlatego, że Amerykanie są klarowni w komunikowaniu Turkom, że używanie
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#Russland's Truppen sind bereits im Oblast Kiew (#Ukraine) gesichtet worden. Scheint, als will #Putin schnelle, harte Fakten schaffen. /MS
Bei #Kiew wurde ein #Ukraine-Militärflugzeug abgeschossen, es gab 5 Todesopfer. (Korrektur) /MS
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🧵 Dr. Can Kasapoğlu #F16 alımı

1) Türkiye'nin F-16 modernizasyonu isteği birkaç açıdan önemli. Öncelikle, Türkiye'nin jeopolitik rakipleri 5. nesil kabiliyete geçiş yaparken Türk Hava Kuvvetleri'nin 4. nesil bir kabiliyet ile on yıl geçirmesi zorlayıcı olacaktır.
2) Teknik olarak F-16V modernizasyonu, özellikle gelişmiş sensör konfigürasyonu ile, Türkiye için iyi bir ara çözüm. Ayrıca, #TSK F-16'nın önde gelen kullanıcılarından biri. Savunma ekonomisi, altyapı ve pilot havuzu açısından da ciddi avantajlar var.
3) #Su35 gibi çözümler eğitim, simülatör, altyapı, pilot havuzu hatta doktrin çerçevesinde radikal değişiklik gerektirir. Ayrıca, yaptırım tetiklemesi neredeyse kesin. MMU ise, iyi ihtimalle, 2030 bandında anlamlı sayılar ile envanteri doldurmaya başlayabilir.
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Die Türkei will weitere Raketenabwehrsysteme vom Typ #s400 aus Russland holen.
Russ. Vertreter erklärten, dass ein entsprechender Vertrag schon bald unterschrieben wird.
Die Verhandlungen seien in der Endphase.
Zuvor führte ein ähnlicher Deal zu massivem Streit in der #NATO
Zur Erinnerung.
Im Jahr 2017 vereinbarten Moskau und Ankara die Lieferung der #s400 , was zu massiven Verwerfungen in der #NATO führte.
Washington äußerte massive Sicherheitsbedenken, führte Sanktionen gegen die Türkei ein und schloss das Land aus dem #F35 -Programm aus.
Das #s400 gilt als eines der fortschrittlichsten Abwehrsysteme der Welt.
Mittlerweile gibt es schon den Nachfolger - das #s500.
Codename: #prometheus .
Das System soll sogar in der Lage sein, Satelliten aus der Umlaufbahn abzuschießen.
Einsatz der S-500 im Video👇
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Interesting updates frm #Ukraine-#Russia
~President Putin said Military build up is defensive & pose NO threat.
But here's the catch:
1⃣ Russian convoy wr seen taking BRIDGE sections. Prolly planning to cross a WATER body. Closest water body is 50-70 Km away from the border Image
2⃣USAF RQ-4 Global Hawk ws seen flying close to Crimea. Interestingly in the same area there's a S-400 sys. (Pic 1)
Anything within 400 Km range of it--- if flies, it dies! ---as a veteran said.
USAF C-130 J ws also seen over Ukraine.

Location of S-400 in the pic-2. 👇 ImageImage
3⃣ The only bridge that connects Crimea to Russia has been shut down for civilians. Its now being used only for movement of military convoys. (pic 1)
4⃣ In the Donbas region, there hv bn 21 ceasefire violations. Both Russia & Ukraine hv accused each other of shelling.(Pic 2) ImageImage
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I understand @ishaantharoor may not have chosen the title and that presenting this as a clash of two leaders’ ego is catchy. But this is missing major issues, at least four of them :
1/ How it started: there is a constant disregard in reports for the fact that FR-TUR tensions started and continue in Northeastern #Syria because Ankara’s milit interventions disturbed the fight c/ #ISIS. Why is it important ?
Because the US was the main player on the ground and the failure to find an understanding with TUR led to the escalation we saw in October 2019 when TUR intervened and the US withdrew without consulting its European allies.
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1/ Take this with a grain of salt, but the 92N6A fire-control radar used in Russian military #S400 systems seems markedly more capable than its export version (the 92N6E).
Note the claimed detection ranges for a target with a 4 m2 RCS:
92N6A: up to 480 km
92N6E: up to 250 km
2/ Photos of the data for the 92N6E is from a 2019 Almaz-Antey marketing brochure that was kindly sent to me by @konrad_muzyka
3/ Data for the 92N6A is from a local media news report on an event held by the 1490th SAM Regiment (Leningrad Oblast) (2nd Air Defense Division, 6th Air and Air Defense Army). News report can be viewed here (0:45):
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Great little thread by Ian on myths of S-400 and what lies beyond Russian usual marketing tactics. #S400
Unless PAF is using C-130 or IL-78 to attack Indian territory we can safely assume most of our fleet especially JF-17 with low RCS than F-16 should be able to get as close as 100km-150km to let go of Raad-II up S-400’s keister with good ground intelligence.
*IL-76M, PAF doesn’t operate IL-78
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Even after the 1962 Oct-Nov border war with India and Mao’s order for the PLA to return to pre-combat positions, since the Hu Jintao period, that entity has repeatedly flouted what may be termed as the “Chairman Mao LAC” by moving further and further into Indian territory... .
Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Balakot strike ended the confidence within GHQ Rawalpindi that India’s leaders would not permit any expansion of the low intensity terror and border conflict with Pakistan into territory under the control of the Pakistan military...
... the response of Indian troops at Galwan followed by the Modi app ban has surprised those within the CCP, who have long been comforted by the silo system of decision making in the Lutyens Zone ensuring that border hostilities not be followed by any effect on trade & commerce.
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30.05.2020, #ABD'li bir general Irak'ın Kuzeyine ziyaretini #KürdistanBölgesi olarak isimlendirmiş. #PKK #KCK #PYD #YPG #FETÖ'ye destek veren #ABD'li yetkilinin açıklamasına şaşırdık mı? Hayır
02.12.2004, #ABD Hv.Ulş.K.lığında fotoğrafı çekilen anıttaki görevlerde ne yazıyor?++
#NATO/#Müttefikler arasında işbirliği kapsamında da olsa #ABD'nin kirli planlarını dikkate alarak, yakıt ikmali desteği bile yapılsa, #Suriye'de ortak devriye yapacak kadar işbirliği içerisindeki #Rusya ile özellikle #Karadeniz' konusunda #ABD yüzünden karşı karşıya gelmeyelim.
@veryansintvcom haberi çok daha güzel detaylandırmış.
#ABD'li General #EricHill’in “#Kürdistan” sözü kişisel bir tarif ya da gaf değil. #ABD'nin ve #Pentagon’un resmi politikası.👇👇…
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“This talk about Turkey not being a reliable ally. I find this very upsetting because this is not true. The terrorist threat we face from Syria is a fundamental national security concern. NATO allies have really failed to understand that. Allies have to be there for other allies”
Macron’s advisors’ must be giving wrong advice: Not true that #France was ready to sell #SAMPT to #Turkey which despite that bought #S400. France gave 4yr wait for delivery and refused to give interim system. “this is bad advice he’s getting, because he’s not telling the truth”
In recent operation: We’ve blocked over 465 tunnels. If #YPG are minding their business in #Syria, why are they diggging tunnels into our country? Internal disagreement in #NATO about national security priorities. #Turkey cleared largest area from ISIS in Syria- singlehandedly.
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[Thread] The press conference btw @realDonaldTrump and @EmmanuelMacron today has been fascinating at many levels. The #ISIS part was in particular an excellent summary of the state of play...1/
While many commentators focused on the “#braindead” comment on #NATO in @PedderSophie ’s itw for @theeconomist, most of them missed the topic Pres. #Macron wanted to address with it...2/…
The real question was : is the spirit of the alliance respected when a member (#Turkey) acts unilaterally in Northeastern Syria, endangers the fight against #ISIS and doing so harms a key security interest of other NATO members ? 3/
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Tomorrow Sept.16 Ankara to host trilateral #Russia-#Iran-#Turkey summit on #Syria. It is expected to announce quite important decisions on, e.g. finalization of the Constitutional Committee & political process in general, #Idlib, return of #refugees, humanitarian aid. Stay tuned.
#Putin just landed in #Ankara for trilateral #Syria summit. Apart of #Syria related issues #Russia, #Iran & #Turkey will likely to discuss the recent attack on #SaudiArabia oil facilities which led to 19% increase of Brent price & will likely increase regional tensions.
#Putin & #Erdogan just finished bilateral talks. Instead of planned hour-long meeting they spent 2 hrs.
Topics discussed are quite evident judging by #Russia's lineup:
- #Lavrov
- FP aide Ushakov
- energy minister Novak
- defense minister #Shoigu
- #Syria special envoy Lavrentiev
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#Breaking: for the #first time observed, the recently arrived from #Russia to #Turkey #S400 is in operational mode and deployed in #Ankara.

#ISI #IMINT #VISINT #intelligence
#Turkey, #Ankara, Mürted Akinci #Airbase: Deployed #S400 launch components.

#ISI #IMINT #VISINT #intelligence #Russia
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“Although many in #Turkey talk about ‘alternatives’ like the Russian Su-57, for now, there is no tangible ground for any co-production or tech-transfer ventures. Besides, the #F35 is an information-superiority asset and a situational awareness node.
The Russian military aviation prioritizes very different features such as super-maneuverability and kinematic edge. These are completely distinct design philosophies.”
"Turkey, US at odds again over Ankara’s ouster from F-35 program" @EdamOrg's Security and Defense Studies Program Director Dr Can Kasapoğlu's comments for @arabnews…`#Turkey #Russia #S400 #F35
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Pentagon: "Türkiye'nin F-35 programına katılımını askıya alma sürecini başlatıyoruz" #SONDAKİKA
Pentagon: “Türkiye bu kararından dolayı iş imkanlarını ve ekonomik fırsatları kaybedecek. F-35 programıyla bağlantılı 9 milyar dolarlık bir kayıp olacak”
#Pentagon: “Türkiye yakın bir NATO müttefiki, askeri ilişkiler güçlü olmaya devam edecek. Türkiye ile ilişkimiz çok katmanlı ve F-35 ortaklığının ötesine uzanıyor”
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14. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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Ακολουθεί thread για τους #S400 στην #Turkey: H παράδοσή τους έγινε 4 σχεδόν χρόνια μετά την κατάρριψη ενός ρωσικού Su-24 στη #Syria τον Νοέμβριο του 2015 -κομβικού σημείου στις ρωσοτουρκικές σχέσεις
η αντίδραση των ΗΠΑ τότε έχει πολύ ενδιαφέρον: To NATO δεν επέδειξε, σε πλήρυ ισχύ, την αλληλεγγύη του προς την σύμμαχο Τουρκία. Αργότερα ήρθε και η στήριξη στο PKK (YPG/PYD) στον αγώνα εναντίον του ISIS
η τελική παράδοση των S-400 μας δείχνει κάτι για Ρωσία, Τουρκία και ΗΠΑ. Η πρώτη "αποζημιώθηκε" για το καταρριφθέν Sukhoi και τον νεκρό πιλότο. Η δεύτερη επέμεινε στον υπαρξιακό της φόβο (Κουρδικό) αλλά και σε συμβολισμούς. Οι ΗΠΑ προσβλέπει σε μια διευθέτηση win-win της κρίσης
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THREAD: Teknoloji transferi, ortak üretim, kaynak kodlarına ve algoritmalara ilişkin bilgi paylaşımı ve ana bakımların olmadığı, ayrıca export versiyonuna ilişkin degradations ve standalone karakteristiğin söz konusu olduğu bir off-the-shelf silah alımı için,@EdamOrg @sinanulgen1
#Türk askeri çevreleri ve savunma sanayiinin #S400'lerden öğrenebileceği ve öğrenemeyeceği, keskin kategorik ayrımlar var;
A) Belirtilen eksiklikler çerçevesinde, tam olarak anlaşılamayacak bazı hususlar;
1) #Türkiye, #S300, Pantsir gibi sistemlere de sahip olmadığı için, S-400'ün 30K6E Battle Management Sistemi'nin diğer Sovyet & Rus yapımı SAM sistemleri ile network kapasitesi, SAM hybridization performansı, integrated air and misisle defense architecture oluşturma kapasitesi,
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