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You know what's intellectually lazy? Using the same tired arguments after every mass shooting.

We need to find a way to address gun violence so we don't have 49 people get shot up for enjoying their lives. And still preserve the Second Amendment. 1/
People are equating #RedFlag laws to banning guns. And they're just NOT the same thing. 2/
I'm going to start building on the idea, and share my own experience with firearms INCLUDING a time when an armed robber pointed his gun at ME! 3/
As I've posted (and will repost here), several states already have red flag-like laws in place. Guns have already been taken away by court orders. And yet, no one has claimed the 2nd Amendment is gone? 4/
The fact is, we all live with some kind of gun restriction in place, and we still "have" #2a. I'd argue for some changes to laws, you would too. In fact I welcome your comments. 5/
"Red Flag" laws exist for banking and yes guns in some states. Some of these laws are NEW since the Parkland shooting, when we began having this awkward conversation about guns. 6/
I remember this one v well because I had just gotten back home to work remotely, and had turned the TV on to have some background noise. Within a few mins the live coverage began... My heart sank 7/
As the students walked out. I don't have any kids now, and never had any of my own, but I've always had friends' kids, church kids, girlfriends' kids in my life. It brought me to tears. After this we had town halls, school safety discussions, and a new law passed in Florida.
It "bans bump stocks and allows law enforcement, with the approval of a judge, to bar a person deemed dangerous due to mental illness from owning guns for up to a year." 9/…
UP TO ONE YEAR - that's a check in the system that I want to come back to later. 10/
(There should be more checks, just to be clear on my view)

On New Year's Eve, 2011 my truck was broken into while I was working late, doing end-of-year banking stuff. When my boss and I heard the alarm, we bolted for the back door. 11/
Since we were the IT dept, and this was a depository institution, I happen to have video of the whole thing! :)

My boss, being the USMC Vietnam Vet that he is, opened the door first, startling the man who was tearing out my truck's dash. 12/
Before fleeing in his car you can see there, he pointed his gun at us and threatened to shoot my boss. Standing next to him of course I was right in the crosshairs as well. Fun night. Here is some aftermath of the truck. 13/
Rest of the story another time, I bring this up as my own personal experience on the receiving end of the barrel. Could have been much worse – we both lived to 2012 unscathed!

Tomorrow I'll add some notes from growing up around guns and also not dying. 14/
This is an example of violent crime. Violent crime including burglaries and robberies has declined in recent years. 15/…
While violent crime overall is declining, what about mass shootings?

Mass shootings are about consistent in frequency and # of victims.… 16/
But that's over the last decade. Note ALL of the top-casualty shootings in this list are from the 21st century.… 17/
Another piece of this National Conversation is school shootings, which went from something that rarely occurred to a frequent nightmare playing over and over. Let me put it another way... 18/
... I was 13 when Randall James shot himself in the bathroom. My sister was at Richland HS at that time, and you're silently thinking tk yourself, "OMG I completely even forgot that happened."

We have seen a lot since 1999. 19/
Each time, as I'm reminded reading old articles for this thread, we Americans lock in and state our piece. It's the culture, it's depression, it's government, it's the shooter! 20/
⏹Video gamers say it's not the video vames
⏹"Mentalal health experts" (psychiatrists) say it's "not us!" Mental health is fine!

If you ask me? I say we're dealing with a Spiritual matter. I'm kinda with Oprah on this point. 🙏…
So any way you want to look at this problem, violence, gun violence, mass murder, terrorism in some cases, it's a tall order. It's physical, mental, and spiritual in nature. Won't be solved with any one approach alone. 22/
Alright, it's easy to get lost in generalities, so let's get more specific on solutions. Violence in culture is a problem. You don't need a bar chart to understand this.
The purpose is not to prevent any and all crimes by someone, but rather to deter the likelihood dozens of other citizens could be killed 24/
No federal law implemented should work this way anyhow. (do any now?) Criminal speeders don't obey school zones, we still have those. 25/
As a side-note, suicide prevention doesn't belong in the legislative discussion around mass shootings, either. While tragic, they have their own set of causes. 26/
So how do we address it? In almost every mass shooting, we find out in the days after that someone reported a concern, and others knew something was wrong. "It could have been prevented." "We did report it, nothing was done." 27/
School security and violent culture have to be a part, but I want to talk now about so-called #RedFlagLaws or "Extreme Risk Protection Orders."

This will be no blanket endorsement — Look back to my first statement. 28/
We have to ensure any laws passed protect from political abuse. There must be ample checks in the system. 29/
This isn't the 2a. No one is caving on the Second Amendment. The 2a is not on the table here. 30/
Senator @LindseyGrahamSC added in his statement in March, the burden of proof must be on law enforcement (to prove the person is an imminent risk to theirself or others.) My stress would be on risk-to-others.
@LindseyGrahamSC At this time I'd like to add a message from MY president, "the Gipper," Ronald Reagan. 32/
President Trump weighs in: He, and hard-line 2nd Amendment Senators "don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people,

"We don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people." 33/
He is also saying "meaningful background checks" and that he's not considering a revival of an assault weapons ban. More here:… 34/
Ben Sasse, who once sharply criticized the President on this, now shows willingness support RFL if it INCLUDES due process measures.… 35/
He argues (so do I) for a guardrail to ensure the gov 👇

"doesn’t run roughshod over the rights of Americans, but rather that the executive branch has to make a proactive case before a court, and then a court would have to adjudicate..." 36/…
5 proposals may be under consideration - @thehill
related to background checks, red flags of course, assault weapons, and domestic terrorism as federal crime. 37/…
Now to look at some specific objections I've read or heard:

🔸Who decides who is 'crazy'? Who appoints the judges?
This can't be about blanket identifying people as crazy, based on posting a range selfie to social media. We're talking about people making threats to act... 38/
...violently against their neighbors and classmates. Random people! Sometimes politically motivated to target a group, this is terror! Our laws have to protect our Citizens. 39/
🔸You can't take the #2a without #DueProcess!!!
Correct. Who says there isn't (or can't be) due process? There are many places TO-DAY you can't go with a weapon. People convicted of certain crimes can't possess firearms and other restrictions... 39/
...exist, but that doesn't mean Due Process wasn't followed.

The late Justice Antonin Scalia even wrote in 2008: "Like most rights, the 2nd Amendment right is not UNLIMITED. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner and for whatever purpose." 40/
🔸"There is no hearing. All the judge has before him is the statement of concern." - @RepThomasMassie in National Review…

While I appreciate Rep. Massie's commitment, this could be amended to the law. Some kind of plan even @SenTedCruz could support?
Once again, red flag laws are NOT the #2a. They're also mainly designed to address Mental Health and threatening situations, not drug busts.

Rand Paul is open to meaningful discussion.… /42(b)
In the article, @RandPaul mentions a 48-hour emergency order. In "tweet 10" of this tread, I pointed out Florida's existing RF law allows for up to a year. But either way, the weapons are returned to their owner. 43/
This article goes in depth to the 108 cases processed in Broward County since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act passed. Presents both sides fairly.… @jessicalipscomb 44/
One case was a 27-year-old armed security guard, who was firing his gun during an argument with a neighbor in an apartment complex. A former Navy SEAL had the "worst case of PTSD" his psychologist had ever seen. Parents found a suicide note from their 25-year-old son. 45/
Of the 108 cases,
- 28 were related to domestic violence
- 45 to mental illness
- 37 contemplating suicide

Judges granted 3/4 of petitions. 1 concern is the cost of an attorney being out of reach for many. This has to be addressed or it's not a fair process. 46/
Right, that's all I want to say about red flags for now. I honestly think it's only part of the overall picture. Why are mass shootings happening? There's not one simple answer, but keeping things exactly as they are now is not it. Thanks for reading! 47/end
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