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If Kissinger, HRC & George Webb/ #Qanon say Trump is not Deep State--
he's Deep State & a #2A honey trap.
He'll fire-up #MAGA
step-down ala Nixon
& Pence will run the #GladioC gun grab
w/ 666k Gulen #MAVNI UN Peacekeepers.
These 2 memes are throws.
They are sure that regular people are more likely to buy the lie if they throw in some F-bombs but if you know what you are looking at (& looking for) that strategy is a "tell" as in "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much" as The Bard once explained quite plainly to us all.
Plan was for Trump to be "owned Perot" & run 3rd party to throw it to HRC'16-JEB'24. The tell was "Low energy JEB" was a set-up for "Hi-energy Comeback Kid" 2024 (zero imagination) & this is why HRC Pied Piper'd him early-on--to get him enough support that running Indie...
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@3_ThreeFeathers @Eileen15853174 @intheMatrixxx @moncherrieamour Bro, I knew 1st drop Q was a black hat psy-op but it was not until I learned that Woodward was ONI & w/ Rummy had run a palace coup on Nixon like Bannon & Page, both ONI, tried, that I realized Q reminded me of Deep Throat. #GladioC is where the way, way deep thinking is at.
@3_ThreeFeathers @Eileen15853174 @intheMatrixxx @moncherrieamour Dr Steve=Harvard (or Yale) PhD.
I'd have been surprised if they'd NOT come out w/ a Q.
I'm doing a P-land paper right now & brought-up Santiago & when Tapper reported "CIA in my head" & that FBI had made Ak sheriffs give him his gun back I thought Jake had went off his nut & I..
@3_ThreeFeathers @Eileen15853174 @intheMatrixxx @moncherrieamour jumped on it & collected every story there was one him thinking black op site=travel ban. Then I went to Cernovich as he'd dug on Mateen & I'd matched where they'd both been stationed. Cernovich clammed-up & I know now why--oh shit, more confirm on my Watergate2 school play. I'd
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@ProtestChris @Jordan_Sather_ Green's clean. 1st time he went into prayer I did too & that's not something I've done much since a kid but for aforementioned fires. He was 1st to get impatient & say WTF? too. I'd say not smart enough to shill but beanz gets $2250 1 week=$10k a month & she's dumb as gd dirt.
@ProtestChris @Jordan_Sather_ I knew when webb denied the pay-out but not that he had contact w/ her in Feb '17 that it was for realz. She did not show up on our TL till Maersk madness, Fatdingo just before that w/ cs the spoof white rabbit humb drive trish dumped on him. @csthetruth @quinnmichaels
@ProtestChris @Jordan_Sather_ @csthetruth @quinnmichaels What I mean when I say I've tracked Q for over 500 days now. I figured out it was a soft reveal opp & stall before I even jumped in Jan 8th. Critical thinking= "how is this guy still alive & why did he 86 his 1st 53 days? What is he timing out? & wtf does his A+ intel come from?"
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Sadly, while certainly very well intended, today in numbers +/- 75% to 25% @AmerMedicalAssn national delegates have voted to leave a role limited to actual public “health” and emotionally vote to enforce registration of all firearms and... (thread) 1/
..impose now as AMA policy some albeit wise and other very unwise restrictions on #2A rights of American gun owners. More sadly missing from this convo in the House of Medicine today was actual health issues related to mass violence that should be in the domain of medicine.. /2
The majority elected to fuel emotional populist anti- #2A politics with no scientific evidence based data which I thought we are trained to require. We spent little to no time today on more germane issues for the House of Medicine related to mass-violence deaths like: /3
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@Anne4189 @LauraLoomer @csthetruth Throws & Tells
A “tell” is when a poker player strokes his beard when bluffing–it “tells” you he is lying.
A “throw” is a thing that looks like you’re being told something but it is really a lie designed to “throw you off track.”
#MAGA #qanon
@Anne4189 @LauraLoomer @csthetruth When YT started striking & 86ing #Qanon decoders who talked a/b the #BakerActLARP that was a tell. 1st it revealed that DS’s main fear is #Parkland & #VegasTruth. If Q is a threat to the DS but YT pushes & pays decoders, then why did only ones who talked a/b P-land get struck?
@Anne4189 @LauraLoomer @csthetruth 2nd, what did it tell us a/b the plan? What would #Parkland & #VegasTruth ruin? A: #GladioC b/c w/o control of MSM & social media, the LARPs & lies fail. If everyone knew what false flags & crisis actors were they’d not be so easily controlled.
See that & my #NoMAVNI page.
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Read 2 on Mueller &……
ask yourself:
W/ $14m, 16 CGI sharks & an Ass USAG en pocket, how after 1+ year has he not found charges a/g a 40 yr NYC RE dealer w/ Russian, Chinese & underworld investors?
The #GreatAwakening is Lucifer's grand “soft disclosure” operation.
Here is what we’ve done in the past.
Here is what we are doing now.
Here is what we are going to do–and there ain’t a GD thing you can do about it.

He was supposed to run 3rd party & throw it to HRC'16-JEB'24.
But the harder tried to lose the primary, the more the RWNJs loved him.
NP, be the GOP candidate & hand it to her.
But the more outrageous he was, the higher his numbers went.
finally it was obvious he'd win as per this Oct 2016 DNC salvage report.…
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soft disclosure op went awry & citizen journos dug Indiana & shovels got gulen & kids' blood on them. Pence is telling Qtips he's not HRC's DS plant for when trump fakes a Nixon & takes a dive after riling up #MAGA for the #GladioC #2A gun grab. @Grannypi @paisleytears @krikin
THIS is "the plan"--since no #Qtips after 6 months of this #Qrap-op could tell me what it was, I had to figure it out for myself.

Now, anyone want to play "Pin the Nose on the Pedo"? I brought a game board. Pop it out & count how many spaces/faces are in the #Qlub.

#MAGA #QArmy
I am not saying that all these hoaxers & clowns are pedos--that's what the game is; ya'll got to figure it out for yourselves. I'm sure some let clues over the months. Here, use this divining app. 1st one gets a bingo, hit me back. #WhereAreTheChildren
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YOU have been SUCKERED & TRICKED & played for FOOLS!

#Trump2020 #MAGA #MAGA2018 #GreatAwakening #NRA #Qanon #QAnonArmy #QAnonPatriots #QanonPosts #TheStorm #AmericaFirst #2A #DrainTheSwamp #PATRIOT #CONSERVATIVE #Roseanne
Were SPIES inserted into HIS CAMPAIGN
Who have ALL done COVER-UPS for the CLINTONS
#AwanBrothers #MAGA #NRA #QAnon #Roseanne
Better learn what a “controlled opposition, soft disclosure honey trap” is b/c you elected one & they been making lists this entire time & will trigger #GladioC & will begin seizing arms w/ the help of 666,000 #NoMAVNI Gulen mercenaries CNN will call UN Peacekeepers. #MAGAveteran
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I knew George Webb was a soft disclosure op 500 days ago (How's this guy alive?) before jumping in on Day78 to make sure he didn't do a limited hang-out. I knew he had deleted the 53 days & he used all my stuff but I was going too fast & could not figure out what he was...1/
trying to time it to. He ignored me & blocked a lot of my posts on YT but i did not let on I knew it was him. I think he even sent glads twice to scare me off late March 2017. some thought he was working for Trump, others he was Mossad & someone who knew DMd me 7 said McCabe 2/
I got 2 tweet replies total the whole year & he blocked me early Nov. I think he caught me telling 1 of his girls he knew a/b Awan in Oct '16 or maybe even as early as April. the 1 who DMd me May '17 knew a whole lot more. He never lied, explained gladio & JTTF, the works but../3
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90% of YT stars w/ #MAGA hats are paid controlled opposition & 99% of fans who give them money are buying #HopePorn
If you want a real patriot doing real work & who knows how to expose them & stop the Deep State takeover of US government support me NOW.
Threads! #Bernie2020 $26
We got till #June24th to #StopTheSacrifice & #GladioC Help!

Long thread to @Suzi3D #MAGA
Research is NOT action & does NOTHING to stop them!
It's 2parties/1master & you know it--but you love the USA.
12 cited/sourced threads explaining what is going & what we need to do. Study! #GladioC #NoMAVNI #VegasTruth #BakerActLARP #NikFam #OpBrainstorm
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RETWEET to #RedPill the masses.

1/84-In 2016 @realDonaldTrump "woke" me to the #GlobalistAgenda:

It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:




2/84-This is going to be a LONG thread... for those in a hurry, here's @RockingMrE w/the Globalist Agenda Explained in 11 minutes:

Don't take his word for it, RESEARCH #NWO & read this thread when you have time.

@POTUS #MAGA #KAG #QAnon #GreatAwakening
3/84-I'd like to start by saying I'm NOT an expert on the #NWO. I'm simply a patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why... as I listened to @realDonaldTrump speak about Globalism, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
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It is a staged revival of Watergate & everyone on both sides of the aisle, bar & camera are acting-out scripted parts, top to bottom. It is the only viable explanation. It is ALL a huge #2A #CoIntelPro honey trap & just a stall for #GladioC
#StopTheSacrifice #MAGA @quinnmichaels
500 days I hoped to be wrong. Trump said he'd run GOP b/c #Fox Viewers are stupid. I thought HRC'16-JEB '24 paid him $.5B to run 3rd. They had to adapt. Trump, HRC & ALL are in on #GladioC
That's why #Q but no #Parkland & #VegasTruth
#MAGA2018 & #Bernie2020 MUST #StopTheSacrifice
THIS is Job #1 now!
#NoDACA until #NoMAVNI on US soil.
#Bernie2020 & #MAGA must unite to #StopTheSacrifice on #June14th
Go to #OpBrainstorm
To stop #GladioC we must stop the MSM & social media blackouts NOW! #Parkland & #VegasTruth NOW!
#NikFam is a trove a/b that #BakerActLARP
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2 Chicago girls head shot a/b a year ago w/i hours of each other were worth $1mil each in comas for "hot swaps." Baltimore PD took in 2600 in 36 month hurt too bad to be booked. Freddie Gray was killed for his cord blood which goes for $1800a gram: He had a/b a quart of it.
This is the reason for BHO's CJ Reform Bill--the $22k a year states pay per prisoner pales in comparison.

This is also why 55,000 die from heroin & #opioids ODs each year & no one asks where it comes from.

Why would she care a/b $6 mangoes into O'Hare?…
Go back to the 1st week of Jan 2017 & watch George Webb YT videos like "Dyncorp #Haiti & Me" & ones w/ Monica Peterson in the title.

He is part of a massive "soft disclosure" operation (like #Qanon) meant to terrify us & convince up to submit & has no reason to lie & does not.
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You know what the REAL solution to Roseanne being cancelled is?

Talk about Valerie Jarrett-

Don't let Roseanne's martyrdom be in vain

#ValerieJarrett #RoseanneBarr #Roseanne
Valerie Jarrett was the most powerful woman within Barack Hussein Obama's White House

It's fair to say in the entire world

Most significantly, where the facts lie, in so far as Valerie Jarrett is the hatchet person in charge of deconstructing America
Those of us who hold steadfast to Conservative and Judeo/Christian ethics take particular umbrage when the likes of Valerie Jarrett, a stealth communist, lectures us. Moreover, internalizing that Communists & Islamists have taken hold of American power centers is too much to bear
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Explaining you're being duped by charlatans is blasphemy?
Watch the raw news drone footage of Feb 14th.…
Governments agents will be able to show up at your door & shoot you dead saying you'd not give up your arms. #MAGA #2A
If you have none they'll plant one like they do in the ghetto.
Watch the new BWC video from the team that breached Paddock's room.
The windows are still intact.
Kids saw & talked to Cruz while shots were being fired!

It was a drill.
This is not hard.
Student says fake:
Behold a Pale Horse (1991, Cooper killed right after 9/11.…
What non-fiction books have you read?

I get no joy or $ from this. #MAGA #NikFam #2A
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Civics, Logic, & Philosophy should be REQUIRED courses in order to graduate High School. This would create more critical thinkers like @KyleKashuv & reduce the # of David Hoggs in the world. It would also teach everyone how to identify, combat & avoid #HiviteTactics #ByePhoenicia
I believe in the United States Constitution. I believe the document truly protects & preserves Freedom, Dignity, & Justice for every man, woman, & child. We just need to get back to it.

#TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople
@POTUS #QAnon #theStorm
#HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #MAGA
Now that I am aware of #hivites & what they do, when I re-read the Constitution, I can clearly see how our Nation's founders were trying to resist & combat #HiviteTactics back then. #WWG1WGA #GodBlessAmerica
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Oliver North smuggled arms to CIA-created terrorists, the Contras & laundered drug money w/ Noriega who GHW Bush paid.
Bush pardoned North.
The Deep State aka New World Order made North #NRA
president to weaken the #2A.
#molonlabe #tcot #MAGA @Tactical_review
Bush promised Iran missiles to keep American hostages til after the 1980 election
& sabotaged Operation Eagle Claw.
Ask Bannon how.
#IranContra still runs
but w/ #opioids & heroin not coke
ISIS & Contras use the same tortures taught them by the CIA.
Controlled Opposition
Not all who say what you like or wear a #MAGA hat is on your side.
1000s are paid to keep you looking at things that don't matter, ie.
Brazile's book was not a tell-all;
it was a "Look over here--not over there"
controlled opposition op--to stop the digging.
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#PARKLAND HOSPITAL-jfk/oswald #PARKLAND FL-shooting #PARKLAND, #PARKLAND MIDDLE-student run down #PARKLAND ELEM-ammo dropped in classroom by military helicopter. #DeepState is killing our kids. It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA #ParklandShooting #MSD #GreatAwakening #NowComesThePain
#PARKLAND Memorial Hospital in #Dallas TX where JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald were pronounced dead in 1963.… #DeepState killed #JFK #jfkfiles #parkland #ParklandStrong #GreatAwakening #NowComesThePain
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1) This succinct explanation of #QAnon was posted on research board (credit that #anon), found it a great explanation... and reminder... of what we're doing. Some badly intentioned people have been exposed, ignore them, trust the plan.

#WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill
2) A brief summery of Q (minor edits to original)

Q Clearance Patriot is an exit node of the NSA + United States Cyber Command, an online identity fueled by a group what is internally known as the "Wizards and Warlocks".

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill
3) They've been given the task of sufficently "red pilled" folks insight into the wrongdoings and evil that almost took over our world.

They hold the evidence to bring down a world wide ring of blackmail: Admiral Rogers gave Trump the key.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #DrainTheSwamp
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Thread: One should ask, "Why are Palestinians protesting?" before cheering for their death in Gaza.

Most Americans don't understand how every day life of an average Palestinian is constantly and violently disrupted by Israel

I will try to give about 10 examples
Palestinians are forced to live in two areas -- West Bank & Gaza. It's almost impossible to go from one to another. Israelis control the borders

Gaza is the largest open prison in the world. It's surrounded by giant fence/wall
Life in #WestBank is miserable because the Israeli police are right there.

Every day, Palestinian children and adults have to go through all kinds of checkpoints and searches and harassment

They are literally under a military occupation

#Israel #apartheid #IDF
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I'm sure @GenFlynn & @JohnBWellsCTM know #BernieSanders has had a gun in his ribs since being pistol whipped the night of the convention. They threatened his family & have painted a bad jacket on him since. Never held a job? Come on folks, he could have turned lobbyist after...1
his 2nd or 3rd term & made bank but the people of Vermont love him & since we're having a #GreatAwakening here how a/b ya'll learn the difference b/t communist & socialist & a social-democrat, huh? How dumb is marching w/ a sign w/ "No Socialism" on 1 side & "Hands-off ... 2
my Social Security" on the other like 2 different people did the sign? It worked okay until GHW created FEC Inc to get Watergate off his back a/b CREEP & made it 2partes/1master & lobbyists took over. Gridlock means corporate equilibrium. We been social-democrat since the... 3
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Reuters "Trump approval direction by states". Look at all the red arrows showing his falling approval in so many states
"80%+ of every single demographic says the economy will be extremely or very important to their midterm vote in November via new @CNN poll:"
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