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Response to #Biden skipping the California Dems is scathing.

Biden's "refusal to show up only reinforces the idea that he’s an elitist and he is more interested in collecting big checks in CA than being in genuine touch with grassroots activists."…
#Buttigieg and #Warren took Biden on.
Buttigieg said that "the riskiest thing we could do is try to play it safe.... In these times, Democrats can no more promise to take us back to the 2000s or 1990s than conservatives can take us back to the 1950s.”…
#Warren: “Some Democrats in Washington believe the only changes we can get are tweaks & nudges.If they dream at all, they dream small.Some say if we’d all just calm down, Republicans will come to their senses. Our country is in a time of crisis. The time for small ideas is over.”
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Happy #mayday Everyone!

For those of you who don't know, May Day is the Labor Day that's actually about celebrating the workers who make the nation run rather than sales on electronics…
May Day is actually the day that workers all over the world honor those who fight for worker protections

We invented Labor Day to draw attention away from the socialist May Day.

America wanted to celebrate workers, but like, not in a way that was inconvenient to capitalism.
So instead of a day that was anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-police state, anti-exploitation, anti-colonialism....

We got a day that celebrates workers by giving money to the rich. Cause that's how we do in America.
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So at least two Proud Boys made their way into the crowd of counterprotesters in #Philly to try to incite violence.

Their names are Simon Greenwood & David Kuriakose. Both were involved in the mob attack in NYC last month; Kuriakose was arrested and charged with riot & assault.
Here are the 2 Proud Boys, Simon Greenwood (L) & David Kuriakose (R), smiling for the camera last month when they took part in a mob attack on lone individuals in NYC. A month later, they're trying to incite violence in #Philly.

Almost like they're just ... violent people.
Dropping this thread here for those who are wondering about the non-white Proud Boys and how they fit into the broader (fascist) ideology that binds them all together.

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So you think you understand socio-technical systems from your knowledge of the technology? The tech is just the enabler; humans have agency.

networks of networks of Humans relationships are complex:
Couples a challenge
Families are more so
Interactions among Tribes...
I've modeled out, created and verified
-physical properties of adaptive aerospace materials (03-04)
-evolutionary game theory (04)
-word of mouth process and enterprise software decisions(05-10)
-tech and env impact (06-07)
-bird flocking for multi-robot control (05-08)
- computation and communication trade-offs in sensor networks (08-12)
- relationship local vs global optimal for value flow in nets (10-14)
- disease propagation in human contact networks (12-15)
- geographic cost/value asymmetries in advertising (14-17)
as a rough outline
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Get ready to change the world in 3 simple steps:

Below is a list of candidates that will be on the Nov. 6th ballot. Please follow their social media accounts, promote their tweets and say their names.
Some may not have been your primary favorite. But these candidates might be the only path to take back our democracy. Please support them by making sure everyone knows these names.

If you have more Dems candidates Nov 6 ballot, please post below.
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You know @PhillyMayor .

Violently arresting the spokesperson for the peaceful protest that spurred your recent proclamation on Philly's collaboration with ICE is a bad look.

We see you. We vote.
You had your negotiations. You held your press conference. You stood in front of #Philly and talked about your good conscience.

And when the dust settled and the cameras cleared, you went after them. Vindictively.
You figured you could appease the liberal base and seen on the side of tolerance and reform.

But then you had the Philly police chokeslam a woman who had embarrassed you with her protest
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In my 11/9/16 column after the election, written on deadline an hour after #HillaryClinton gave her concession speech, I wrote about issues I'd covered t/o the election: rampant misogyny and Trump's outrageous courting of racists.

I never believed PA, WI & MI vote totals.
Trump targeted PA as a state that if it didn't go for him, the election was "rigged."
PA hadn't voted #GOP in 30yrs
PA hadn't voted against #Philly in 60yrs
#HillaryClinton lost by less than half a percent.
Just enough NOT to trigger an audit.
The same thing happened in MI & WI.
There will always be a significant number of journalists and state politicians who feel, as I always have, that the vote totals in these three states were manipulated.

I hope the #MuellerInvestigation finally exposes that.
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