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🧵1/ #Pennsylvania 📢 CALL your PA Reps & tell them to NOT attend A*dit the Vote T*ni Shuppes Biblical Citizenship classes
🚨She just sent every PA legislator an email invite to attend
⚠️She's P*triot Academy NE Regional Director
#Harrisburg #PAGOV #Philly #Pittsburgh
🧵2/ #Pennsylvania ⚠️ Watch this P*triot Academy B*blical Citizenship class promo video
🚨A*dit the Vote T*ni Shuppe emailed every PA legislator an invite to attend & asked her viewers to call their reps
‼️Sh*ppe is P*triot Academy PA Ambassador
#Harrisburg #PAGOV #Philadelphia
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BREAKING: In an emergency alert, #Philadelphia residents (~1.5M people) have been warned to not drink the city water due to a new chemical spill upstream into the Delaware River.
All over the city people are rushing to stock up & stores are limiting purchases. City of Phila emergency warning re water departmentMap showing most of Philadelphia east of Schulykill river isPeople are lined up with two cases of bottled water during tA Philadelphia Water Department truck
NEW: Philadelphia city OTIS Deputy Managing Director Mike Carroll said the chemical spill "included ethyl acrylate, MMA (methyl methacrylate), and butyl acrylate — which was also found after the recent train derailment in #EastPalestine, Pa." (source:… )
Learn more about the #EastPalestine chemical disaster in our deep dive report [Feb 13] .. Philly updates to follow…
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We are #LIVE from #Philadelphia covering an apparent public community meeting about new redevelopment plans for FDR Park in South Philly hosted by the authors of the plan. Residents who planned to speak against the redevelopment are not being allowed in.…
There is a security guard at the door of the Grand Yesha Ballroom in South Philly asking what side people are on before allowing them inside the apparent public comment meeting.
A community member shows the only green space in the area and explains how the redevelopment plan is to replace part of the area with AstroTurf. Image
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NEW: Noisy Philly Counter-Demo Challenges 'TERFs' at Independence Hall [article + video]…
Unicorn Riot interviewed nearly a dozen hoarse but spirited attendees.
Full video premiering now: Philly Noise Demo Confronts 'TERFs' at Independence Hall [4K] (29min)
On Sunday, November 13, a hundred-plus counter-demonstrators tried to drown out about 30 protesters who were demonstrating against transgender people's access to medical transitions #TransAwarenessWeek
29min video premiering now:
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I know I went MIA after my long post the other day.. And I want to say how much I appreciate the literal hundreds of DM's and responses from it. You guys are some bad ass people, and I appreciate every single one of you. I have not been able to go through all of the messages, but
I promise I will, and I will respond to each and every one of them because of how much I appreciate them/you all. Between here and Facebook, having so many people reach out means alot. Between the calls, texts, DM's, comments, and even some people showing up at my house, it was
more than I expected. But as an update, I am doing a bit better now. Yesterday I chatted with @weirdoskye and was able to get a ton of perspective, understanding, and most of all hope. I don't have everything I want in life, but I am thankful for what I do have & The people I do
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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Philadelphia is a dying city. It is doomed. Wawa tyson and the blvd @PhillyMayor @JimFKenney @DriscollForPHL
Wawa Tyson and the Boulevard #Philly #Philadelphia is screwed
@Wawa how can you put up with this in Philadelphia? When are you going to put pressure on city officials to do more
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'Twas the day before POPS Christmas in July
And all through the office
All the employees were stirring
Preparing for the Bike giveaway!

Santas helpers at the POPS are hard at work preparing for POPS Christmas in July Bike giveaway! 🚲
Tomorrow, The Philly POPS and @Comcast @NBCUniversal will gift 150 bicycles and helmets to children of local first responders or affiliated children in need including members of the military and the Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments.
Christmas in July is part of the POPS’ Salute Series – events held in connection with American civic holidays that honor the very American tradition of service.
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The Philly POPS' Christmas in July is this Friday and will feature plenty of holiday fun for the whole family!

At the event, The Philly POPS and @comcast will gift 150 bicycles and helmets to children of local first responders or affiliated children in need. Image
Christmas in July is part of the POPS’ Salute Series – events held in connection with American civic holidays that honor the very American tradition of service.
The POPS would like to thank our bike giveaway partners, John Nistad of National HR and Milay Galvez of Advanced Sports for continuing to support this yearly tradition.

#phillyarts #christmasinjuly #phillypopschristmas #philly
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Philadelphia is the straw purchase AND ghost gun capital of the East Coast. We have shootings every day & more gun homicides than any other big city this year and last. Now we've had two cops shot at THE concert of the year.
#Philly #Shooter
The GOP will claim that this cop shooting in #Philly is about "Democratic lawlessness," but it's actually and only about the proliferation of guns and the refusal by any Republican and some Democrats to do anything at all to control this rampant #GunViolence.
The good news is that no one died in this shooting at the fireworks in #Philly, that it wasn't a mass shooting event like #HighlandPark. But every child at this family event who was told by police to run will be traumatized in a city already beset by too much #GunViolence.
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1/ Reviving a Before Times Thanksgiving tradition of helping fund schools serving low-income students via @DonorsChoose. Stop panicking about Nu and buying stuff you don't need. Let's help some kids!
2/ This elementary school teacher in Oklahoma is trying to buy coats for her mostly Native American kids: Needs about $400 more to get the job done. Every little bit helps.…
3/ All the schools I will be focusing on in what historically has been a very long, multi-day thread will fit this criteria: Learn more at @DonorsChoose
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I am a #PA citizen who wants to be prepared with the correct info #education when I go to the voting booth on #nov22 #pagovernorrace @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @RepLouBarletta @VoteJoeGalePA @JasonFox29
@UkeeWashington Continue⬇️
@PhiladelphiaGov #Democrats control the @PHLCouncil mayor office @JimFKenney & the inner-city education for 70 years. Yet
PublicSchools in #Philly have an average math score of less that 25% & reading less that 40% @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA
@RepLouBarletta @JasonFox29
In #BuckCounty #PA larger control by Republicans. #PublicSchools have an average math score of over 50% and reading score of over 70 % @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @VoteJoeGalePA @ZamaforPA @Charlie_Gerow @RosemaryConnors @BillAFox29 @WilliamsSharrie
@UkeeWashington @JasonFox29
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LIVE: 'Running Down The Walls' Marathon Organizes to Support Political Prisoners [Philadelphia, PA]…
This year’s Running Down The Walls marathon in Philly is in honor of longtime political prisoner, journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, and features a large puppet in Mumia’s likeness:…
Mumia Abu-Jamal’s grandson, Jamal Jr. is addressing the crowd now:
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This is pretty unsettling. #Philly is a Mid-Atlantic city. This is historic flooding in a city which doesn't--or didn't used to--get extreme weather. But when you get 8inches of rain in a few hours. This is "unprecedented"according to PFD Commissioner Adam Thiel.
The Schuylkill has only been this high one other time: in 1880. And at the other end of the city, the Delaware has flooded. Over in Manayunk everything is underwater. The river is literally running through some businesses--shops, restaurants. The clean-up is going to be brutal.
I am grateful that we are on high ground, but the flooding has literally turned sections of the city into islands. Including 30th Street Station, which is a major Amtrak hub. The Schuylkill there is several feet above crest, which is why the Vine St Xpway is flooded out.
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#Defundapalooza was EVERYTHING!!! Amazing resources from amazing organizers & thinkers across the country for campaigns to #DefundPolice #RefundCommunities #DefendBlackLives many HOT off the presses, like authors hadn't actually seen the designed version of some! Missed it? 👇🏽
We shared @projectnia's #DefundthePolice video , disponible en español tambien aqui:…
As well as the Police Abolition 101 zine collabo between @projectnia & @interruptcrim, based & expanding on @MPD_150's resource - disponible en español pronto!… #DefundPolice #DefundthePolice #Defundapalooza
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Spending the day writing about next week's primary in #Philly. Only here could a guy fired by the current DA for being bad at his job be running to replace him.
The only rational and progressive choice for DA is Larry Krasner, who is implementing much needed CJR.
His opponent, Carlos Vega is supported by the FOP (which should be completely overhauled and John McNesby removed) and Ed Rendell, who hired Vega a bazillion years ago and apparently wants none of the reforms Krasner has put in place.
If you want an end to relentless incarceration of Black, brown and mentally ill Philadelphians, vote for Krasner. If you want police reform, vote for Krasner. If you want the same structural racism and status quo CJ system, Vega is your guy. But Philly deserves and needs better.
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We need more #COVIDvaccine sites in #Philadelphia and we need access to more #vaccines. #Philly should #opentheLinc as part of a more coordinated effort to get more #shotsinarms.

We have great public transport, rideshare options, engaged & informed citizenry in #Philadelphia who will rally to get people to a mass #COVID19 vaccination site.

#opentheLinc is just part of the solution to increase access to the #COVIDvaccine. More mass #vaccine sites, like University stadiums, are needed throughout #Philadelphia to increase #shotsinarms.

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OK indulge me, a review of the 10 articles I wrote in 2020, a productive year, including 2 labor book reviews, 2 reporting on labor topics, 1 coop/labor history, 2 on unions during the pandemic, and 3 with labor analysis/commentary. #1u #UnionYes #UnionStrong
First, the comments I sent to the #NLRB about their proposed new rule on grad student organizing, which amazingly, I don't think they ever issued! That's good since it would have been bad, and it might still come.…
Then an analysis and discussion of lots of labor movement data, including union membership, union elections and strikes, in @OrganizingWork.…
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Just learned that @MarcFarzetta lost his morning gig @975TheFanatic. Mixed feelings, given how I was there at the start of Marc's @SportsRadioWIP career in '05. He works hard & is a nice enough guy, but he's also dishonest & not particularly talented. 1/…
In the years since I met Marc in '05, I hadn't paid much attention. I left the #Philly area for graduate school and a career overseas, and wasn't surprised to hear WIP hosts throw him an on-air producing credit during an occasional holiday visit. "Good for him," I thought. 2/
But I also recalled how Marc got in the door. He was part of an intern contest & stood out as the eager beaver (some would say "brown-noser") of the pleasant bunch. He was far from the most talented, and the hosts (including the @WIPMorningShow crew) weren't shy about that. 3/
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Trump loses yet again in #Pennsylvania. From 3rd Circuit: "The campaign's claims have no merit." The Trump-appointed judge says the challenged ballots are few, margin of Biden victory is 81k and the suit "never claims fraud or that votes were cast by illegal voters."
"Though it alleges many conclusions, the Complaint is light on facts," the appeals court opinion states. The opinion was written by Judge Stephanos Bibas, who Trump appointed.

There are some sick burns in this opinion.
Just saying.…
This is CLASSIC chiding as the judge writes Trump's campaign"waited almost a week after #ElectionDay to file the original complaint, almost another week to amend it, then another 3 days to amend it again. Its delay is inequitable, and further delay would wreak further inequity."
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#BLACKVOTERSMATTER #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
Now that it's clear that Philly pulled through for Biden in this new lead in Pennsylvania, I just want to remind you all of this @phillymag op-ed I wrote on Election Day of how he owes us BIG TIME. #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Philly #PA…

FYI: #Philly is the poorest major city in America, with an overwhelming mostly Black and brown population.

#Election2020 #BlackVotersMatter
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They once roughed up my dad at the Spectrum for doing nothing more than rooting for the Canadiens at a Flyers game. I watched multiple fights break out outside a Genesis concert at Veterans Stadium. Don't mess with #Philly. Those people live to fight.…
I mean... it's Genesis. If hearing Invisible Tough drives you to violence, you just live to fight.
*Invisible Touch, I mean. There's nothing "tough" about that song.
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@6abc has arrested two men who drove up from Virginia with guns to attack the #ConventionCenter. There is now a huge police presence at the Convention Center in Center City.

Philly PD have surrounded the Convention Center after arresting several men who drove up from Virginia with guns to attack those counting votes in #Philly.
This is an evolving news story that I will update as more details become available.

I have checked and been told votes continue to be counted in #Philly. The Philly police are patrolling the Convention Center in case anyone else attempts to interfere with the vote count.
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#UPDATE on #Pennsylvania: Trump's edge is being winnowed down. There are now only 142k votes between Biden and Trump. Trump still leads BUT the mail-ins are leaning more than 80% Biden, so we are on board for him to take #PA. More data to come from the SoS late today.
My latest data is that the near #Philly suburbs are trending Biden. These trended Trump in 2016 among white voters.
There will be a #CountEveryVote rally in #Philly this afternoon AND a #STOPTHECOUNT rally.
Also, Trump is working to stop the count in #PA. That may slow counting but won't end it. Right now Biden is over 80% in #Philly. Hillary had 85% in 2016 and we know there were many more votes this year because of mail-in ballots. About 8% more. So that would give Biden 8% more.
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