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145 CEOs Send Senate Fake Numbers With Demand For Red Flag Laws And Background Checks via @yidwithlid
@yidwithlid The executives from companies including Walmart, Yelp, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Levi Strauss and Company, Uber, and more warned the upper chamber that the country needs stronger background checks, and red flag laws to prevent “gun violence.
@yidwithlid What the corporate executives above and the liberals who are pushing red flag laws don’t tell you is that they destroy our rights “endowed by our creator.”
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Ten reasons why you should oppose #RedFlagLaws, a brief thread.

1) #RedFlagLaws are an inversion of “innocent until proven guilty.” The standard of evidence is low and while state laws vary, many different people, not just family, can report you.
2) You don't have to be in the room (and advance notice isn't required) for the petition to be granted meaning you must wait to defend yourself. Most laws provide no penalty for abuse and no state law allows for civil cause of action against false accusers.
3) Time varies as to how long until respondents can have their day in court. A study conducted on Indiana's law, which said 14 day wait, revealed that the average wait was 9 months. Rights delayed are rights denied.
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The #Democrats2020 scream #GunControl, but like all other valid laws on the books, they refuse to enforce & cry when done so. They will never be content until the #AmericanConstitution is destroyed. Give up your guns, give up your freedom. #2A
The #Democrat controlled #Congress, are at this time filling their time with ban firearm bills of all types. They don't want some guns, their ultimate goal is to take all. #Communist tactics, total confiscation, total civilian population control. You will be at their mercy. #2A
The #Democrats use #RedFlagLaws to camouflage their real purpose.
This won't hurt a bit, they say. They just forget to tell you, one call, that's all, & your constitutional #2A right is all but gone. Innocent or not. #ATF will come get you & your guns. You will need a lawyer.
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CORRECTION #FakeNews @politico , .@realDonaldTrump USED the talking point of #RedFlagLaws to bait the DEMS and it worked. @SenSchumer immediately said NO to RFL as "they don't work".

POTUS intention ALL ALONG was to tackle and SOLVE #Mentalhealth especially since (cont)
(cont) asylums closed en masse from 1955 an 1994 putting hundreds of thousands of mentally ill on the streets. By addressing this crisis, and pairing it with the unresolved issue of healthcare, Pres Trump can gain a win win for both a public/private partnership in the HC debate.
President Trump is a staunch #2A defender. He will NEVER touch our guns. He understands better than anyone just how egregious a corrupt government with over reach and a weaponized Justice and Intel department can be into confiscation and eradication of all our Amended Rights.
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@mitchellvii Hey @Mitchellvii.
I have been observing recent events over your tweets supporting #RedFlagLaws, but until now have refrained from comment. However I have a few things I would like to say, both to you, and those who now turn their back on you... (cont)
@mitchellvii Firstly: I'm English. This means, in the normal run of things, I consider American Gun Law to be none of my business. I don't consider it for me to support or reject any proposal for what Americans should do in their own country
@mitchellvii But I am a patriot, a friend, and part of the same world-wide movement #WWG1WGA
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1) "Only healthy seed must be sown." - eugenics poster, UK, 1930s.…
2) Comment: "mcstafford 194 points 2 years ago

"This is the first time I've seen propaganda on this topic in English.
It seems like one of those paths to Hell that's paved with weakly considered good intention."
3) MiaWallace91 110 points 2 years ago

"I was quite surprised myself, but then I kept on reading about it and bumped into an English biologist called Julian Huxley, who was apparently a highly influential figure at his time, and, incidentally, an eugenicist."
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@mitchellvii, Please consider these thoughts.

The U.S. Constitution is an absolute document. There is no periodic reinterpretation of its contents. It means what it meant at the time it was written and that meaning holds until the language in the document is deliberately ...
... changed using the constructs built in the document. If the constitution says, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, the right to bear arms therefore shall not be infringed.

For those who want to make the argument that people of extreme mental illness should not ...
... bear arms, the constitution will not support that argument. No matter how sound such an argument is. Statute cannot force guns out of peoples hands.

When the constitution was framed, mental illness to the extreme it is today did not exist in any broad sense. In the ...
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I believe if @realDonaldTrump gets his way with #RedFlagLaws, federal agencies will have less power and secret federal FF programs will be eliminated and these program’s “assets” will be in treatment so they will no longer cause any harm.
Think: Mass Shooting go up the more powerful and secretive the federal government gets. That’s a clue!
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If Trump supported any Red Flag laws, it would be #boomerangsuicide by design.

Track powerful psychotropic drugs & 👉🏽therapists, rather than allowing taddle-tails.

Law titled "Red Flag" could slide in state reciprocity, while they aren't looking.

Trump knows how to play them.
#wellhellzbellz #2A

Mental institutions & therapists > 'program-specialists'…..
Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept
[administered by ]
Something out of a movie?
The hole is deep.

#Q772 173 pg document.👈🏽😱
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He will be taking a “vacation” this week. How convenient. What a disaster. Imploding...

I don’t wish ill on the guy he just kept digging himself in a hole on the #RedFlagLaws for 60 hours straight. He has lost a big following and this is good for the 2nd amendment.
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NY and CA are the only states who don’t like guns.

Apparently Chicago LOVES guns bc lots of people are shot and killed there weekly - and they have the strictest gun laws!
Mental health is a serious issue. It’s up for debate. Our #2A rights are NOT! The problem is the #HIPPA laws put into effect by @BillClinton When the current background check can’t access mental health records then they effectively are useless.
But like what we are learning with #CPS and #fostercare the integrity of the health report can be problematic if the healthcare provider is paid to write a bad report. I.e, paid to make you seem mentally unstable ergo lose your rights. (Insert guns or kids)
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Here’s the problem @mitchellvii: many of us who are ardent @POTUS supporters have a difficult time trusting the due process system for #redflaglaws. Why should we trust that an Obama Judge Will make a constitutional ruling on whether a gun owner has had due process protections?
The NRA supports a redflaglaw that guarantees adequate protection of due process rights for gun owners. See this national review article…. The problem is the standard to strip guns from legit owners who are mentally competent can be too easily manipulated.
I think many of us on the right who you claim do not support @potus because we are wary about a proposed redflaglaw simply do not trust many of the judges who would be making this determination, and we do not trust the process itself. We have a valid basis for our lack of trust.
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Discussion Guidelines for #RedFlagLaws
#USBillOfRights cannot be comprised any more
#2A protects all other #GodGivenRights
#RedFlagLaws are already trampling on due process ruining people Legally, Financially & Reputations
@realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @dbongino The #FoundingFathers meaning of #2A was not for hunting, it was meant to repel a #LandInvasion or put down our own corrupt #USGovt if it starts taking our #USBillOfRights away.
We are meant to have arms to match our U.S. standing Police & Army so they can't overrule the #People.
@realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @dbongino The #USGovt should #Fear it's #People so that the #USBillOfRights / #USConstitution is protected from #Corrupt Power-Hungry #Politicians so they don't become #Tyrants.
#2A is by design, the ultimate checkmate on #TyrannicalGovt.
#WeThePeople should never #Fear their own Govt!
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1.) #RedFlagLaws, yes they violate the Constitution, let me show you the ways.

#2A - It never ceases to amaze me how the phrase, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, simply cannot be understood by such a large swath of the American people.
2.) I understand there are folks who don’t like the #2A , but pretending it’s not there or that it says something it doesn’t is lazy, arrogant, and tyrannical.
3.) #4A - We all have a right to be secure, in both our homes and our property, and against unreasonable search and seizure. But how secure are you when someone can make an unfounded claim and your house is entered and your property seized?
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@mitchellvii I believe @realDonaldTrump knows Democrats won't give him anything on #RedFlagLaws. They DO NOT want to "give him" a WIN of any kind. They'll just badminton this issue around in Congress thinking they can turn-it into another negative jab. All the while, Trump is readying for...
@mitchellvii @realDonaldTrump ...the one-two punch that will down the entire radical #socialist Democrat party. Come Nov 2020 we'll have a full deck. Every branch of gov't. will be majority conservatives & liberals will be 100% blocked from Constitutional infringement of any kind. But there's even more...
@mitchellvii @realDonaldTrump ...ahead. Many wonder what will happen after the 2024 election. No need to worry PATRIOTS. There is a two-decade+ Plan in place that is bigger & bolder than you could possibly imagine right now. The PATRIOT MOVEMENT will not subside after 2024 it is going to SWELL beyond...
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You know what's intellectually lazy? Using the same tired arguments after every mass shooting.

We need to find a way to address gun violence so we don't have 49 people get shot up for enjoying their lives. And still preserve the Second Amendment. 1/
People are equating #RedFlag laws to banning guns. And they're just NOT the same thing. 2/
I'm going to start building on the idea, and share my own experience with firearms INCLUDING a time when an armed robber pointed his gun at ME! 3/
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No #RedFlagLaws 🚩 #Congress.
The laws are already in place. Liberal Judge's PC B💩S keeps the records of insane people's threats off government records. I believe in 1st Amendment rights, but you can't holler fire or bomb in a theater or make threats on anyone. #MassShootings 🙏
Federal Firearms prepurchase form filled out by firearms purchasers. Criminal records, drug use and mental illness all covered. More laws will not stop the "MONSTERS ".
#RedFlagLaws🚩 only open the door to false accusations against anyone made by anyone anytime. 1 phone call & 🚔
Millions of people have died in the name of "SAFETY" over "LIBERTY".
America is such a great nation because we have the right to self defense. This situation we find ourselves in is about #Democrats "CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE". #GunControl = No guns = 💀.
NO #RedFlagLaws 🚩@POTUS
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Trump's address on Monday amounts to "leftist-narrative" porn.

#RedFlagLaws should not be passed.

These laws seem fine on the surface and to some extent reasonable. With a strict definition of “mentally unstable”, the law would work. But who sets the definition? It would ...
… end up being the federal agency who will enforce the law.

So, the FBI will be the party who will manage and update the definition based on future executive orders by future Presidents. We see the left believes people being intellectually interested in and collectively ...
… researching on the practices of the federal government is considered terrorism should make us pause in supporting laws that gives them the power to decide who owns guns.

Right now, the left is like a pack of hyenas circling a dying Lion. Once the law is in place, they ...
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Why did I try to start this? Because I want the left to play it with us.

Use it against them, they use it against us.. Then you see the True Colors of how the #RedFlagLaws will Actually work.
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The FBI faked evidence to make the case to spy against an opposing candidate to the setting president.

FBI agents conspired with the setting president to ensure the fake evidence would stop the opposing candidate and if that candidate won, he would be removed.

The FBI ...
... allowed emails to be deleted, phones to be destroyed and words changed to protect the candidate of the party the setting president.

This FBI will be the agency that will enforce the #RedFlagLaws.

Once enacted, the FBI will enforce the laws the way the political party ...
... they have a track record of supporting, wants them to.

Which means, everyone in America would somehow be found to be nut cases and no one gets to buy or own a gun.

Yeah, let’s see how that works.
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If everytime some nut job pulls the trigger or deep state pulls a false flag you infringe on our right of self defense, @realDonaldTrump they will keep doing it until we are left with nothing. Red flag takes away due process and they will decide all white guys are a threat.
Fascist Democrats already claim that white men are all racist even if we don’t know it and we have “white privilege” even though our kids are put behind everybody else’s kids for scholarships, school admission and jobs. Of course they will say we are crazy
In less than 1 year Maryland has used its Red Flag law 788 times, folks. Nearly a thousands times Since Sept 2018 citizens have been denied due process having their rights taken. Their names may never be cleared there’s no real way to reverse this action.
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Several things to say about this:

Just because Republicans are too afraid of @NRA and Tea Party to even discuss modest gun safety measures, they shouldn’t get away with exclusively scapegoating people with mental health challenges.


If we want to identify “large contributors,” let’s start with the demonization of immigrants that has been so in vogue in Trump’s GOP.

@realDonaldTrump dangerous, racist rhetoric is part of the problem.

So are unnecessary, fear-based laws such as #txlege #SB4.

With respect to the intersection of mental illness and gun violence, one way to take that on is to do what law enforcement leaders have asked #txlege to do: pass #RedFlagLaws to prevent guns from being in the hands of unstable/dangerous people.

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