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The cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow) coin is one of the more unique and visually impressive challenge coins I’ve seen.

Definitely the best non-DoD/IC coin I’ve received.

OBHack: Happy to start a thread on unique, or interesting, government/IC coins here... you go first...
I should have been a bit more specific.

Photos only (well done @_larry0)

This may take a few days, but here we go.

First, the cDc coin:

Novel media and 3rd axis. Pretty unique. Also, captures fingerprints *really* well.

Impressive Z-height and textures.

Old School back!
Usually coins are made in 1 of 3 sizes, as you see here with NSA, Senate, and US Cyber Command coins.
There are varying textures and idiosyncrasies. For instance here’s a textured edge on a coin presented in appreciation for an exceptional deed or action.

The back has some symbology, more on this later, and captures “thanks Mudge, from a 2 star (Maj) General”.
When I was officially in the DoD, flag officers were the ones presenting coins specifically as a representation of appreciation.

Here are some of the coins I received from 2, 3, and 4 star Generals.

A NSA gift shop coin is there for size and form comparisons.
When I accepted an appointed government position my pay grade was that of a flag officer (i.e. a General).

When I visited agencies they treated me as such, which was surreal having a parking spot with “Reserved for SES Mudge” right in front of each place I visited.
Aside: I actually started requesting that they allow the parking spots to be taken by civilian and non-commissioned officers instead of holding them for me.

That nearly broke several protocol officer’s brains.
There was no way that I wasn’t going to do my own coin given “equivalence” of rank with my position.

I paid for all of my coins out of pocket. I didn’t feel it was an appropriate use of taxpayer money, but I was happy to pay.

Numbers 1, 2, and 6 were *special*.

...The last medical routines of the evening just wrapped up. So offline the wife and I go, to grab a few hours of rest.

Will pick this thread up later and get to some of the more eclectic and symbolic stuff.

Break in the schedule... where were we?

I didn’t see a lot of civilians with flag rank stars on coins, but if I were Secretary of $FOO I’d absolutely consider it.

NB: I had a badge w/ a real 1-star on it that I wore w/o violating rules. Usually adorned inside the pentagon when giving off hours tours :)
Some coins are from large / informal divisions, agencies, and organizations.

Some smaller.

Some of which are well known (now)...
Some are less well known (and some would prefer that)...
Coins can often commemorate a specific activity or effort.

Here is a FeeBee 2004 Boston DNC coin.
Other times it’s a duration and longevity.

In this case longevity retroactive to the public acknowledgement of the NRO
There’s plenty of international collaboration and ‘coinage’ between countries.

For instance, in an earlier tweet you saw “Northern Watch”... lots of stuff going on in that one.
The coin above, on the left, is literally a cutout through the rest of the coin.
When I was given my 1-star insignia and emblems (something most civilians don’t receive apparently), my spouse was bestowed an honorific 2-star rank.

This, apparently, is (correctly) common practice

More later... nurse handoff coming up :)
Some coins I’ve shown are organizational level. Some effort. Some personal appreciation.

I’m not showing ones, here, that are Unit, or closer, level.

Often numbered, engraved, or otherwise very personalized.

People, like this author, undoubtedly have one that is *theirs*
When Navy vessels are commissioned there is often a coin and other artifacts to commemorate the event.

A “plank owner” is reserved for commissioning crew and a very select few others.

For DDG-85 I shared that honor with Secretary Albright and the last living WW1 Navy Aces.
I personally enjoy the coins that have a sense of humor, or are at least somewhat (accidentally?) sardonic in tone.

Sometimes intentional.

Sometimes unintentional.

“Not to promote war, but to preserve peace” - Army War College

Or that amazing hackers (best sense use of the term) are enjoying an ‘isolated’ location and existence ;)

“Using our brains to protect your assets”

I’m sure @dguido would agree.
And... push the meds, flush the drip line, finish the routine, and grab some quick zzz’s before it starts again :)

Wrapping this thread up tomorrow and then taking a break from Twitter.

(I forgot the source of this awesome pic, sorry)
Here are two that are special to me (that I’m willing to post)..

I’m particularly fond of all the agencies/organizations correctly represented on the back of the Situation Room Coin.

Similarly, Marine Helicopter Squadron One has special meaning and the coin is nicely intricate.
Here’s another coin that is a cut out.

Like the unusual form factor coins I showed earlier (flag Officer appreciation coins etc.), cut outs stand out nicely and are less frequently made.

I still grin (just a little) at the term “Cyber Department”
For symbolism this one is one of my all time favorites.

What do you see?
As far as unique coins, this one was presented to me by an intelligence operator, whom I looked up to, that was primarily aboard submarines.

I stopped carrying this one a long time ago. It’s not something I want to have to relinquish going through airport security.
After going inside the belly of the beast it appeared that parts of the DoD/IC had a better understanding, some modest respect, and less fear of us ‘hackers’ / security researchers.

The purple matting is symbolic and represents collaboration & sensitivity (Joint)

I was honored
That’s the end of the thread.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well.

I’m OK.

My child presently requires complex medical care. It’ll be a while, but things should work out.

And with that, TTFN Twitter.

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