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#Brazil Forces allied to #Bolsonaro have caused a huge forest fire, displacing an Indigenous community and MST camp.
The #Amazon rainforest has been burning for weeks at a record rate - adding to an already alarming level of deforestation. #Bolsonaro
#PrayforAmazonas #Brazil
The Brazilian Amazon, considered the "lungs of the planet", have been burning for weeks. Conservationists have blamed #Bolsonaro, saying he has encouraged loggers and farmers to clear the land for cattle ranching #Brazil #PrayForAmazonia
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With unswerving loyalty, Stephen
Miller has singular control of an
issue central to the presidency

And the chilling parallels that echo Germany in the 1930s.

“Night of the Broken Glass” = Trump’s Immigration Raids
The horrors at the border are the result of Steven Miller’s singular agenda to make America a homogenous (European) genetically pure society & in so doing destroy any vestige of the rich multiculturalism we enjoy now.

#DontDoGeneticTesting #DataMining #Cyberhacks
Hitler’s 4-Step Process for Dehumanizing the Jews

1. Prejudice
2. Scapegoating
3. Discrimination
4. Persecution

We are at step four....😱…
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I have lots of new followers so I am going to start at the beginning.
On May 25th 2019 I found a magnetic rock in a gravel pit.
It was really cool and got me thinking that if one little rock was so powerful what about tons of rock?
I was talking about my special little nugget and someone put me on to #leylines. Never heard of them. Found out some cool stuff here.…
I started looking at the Cairns the settlers put all over the place. What were they?
Soon enough I discovered that a #cairn was put at the junction of 2 powerful leylines.
I still didn't understand what a leyline was. I thought it was a stone formation. I got my lead pendulum out and started looking for them around my country property. I found positive
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After a fire devastated Notre-Dame in April, we launched an investigation into what happened.

We found that an early miscommunication led to a delay that put the cathedral dangerously close to collapsing. This is the story of how it was saved. #NotreDame…
At 6:18 pm on April 15, a smoke alarm went off at Notre-Dame. A guard was sent to check for fire, but he found nothing.

Nearly 30 minutes passed before they realized a critical mistake: the guard had gone to the wrong building.

The full story is here:…
The delay put firefighters in a near impossible position.

The fire had consumed the roof of the cathedral, causing the spire to collapse.

The northern tower was under threat. If it fell, they feared it could bring down the whole cathedral.

Full story:…
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Il suffit d'ajouter "macronienne" à un mot pour lui faire perdre sa signification
Ainsi la justice macronienne n'est pas la justice et l'écologie macronienne n'est pas l'écologie
C'est incompréhensible sans la 3ème édition du dictionnaire de la novlangue macronienne que voici ⬇️
Aides sociales = prestations pour fainéants @Jolou80519809
Arabie Saoudite = mine d’or
Argent = alpha et oméga
Avenir = fin du monde
Bâtir = Détruire le pays par la base ex. #ViolencesPolicières contre les #GiletsJaunes @prisederisque75
Bâtisseur = #Vinci
Bérégovoy = #DeRugy
Canicule = opportunité
Canidé = Castaner
Capitalisme = Religion d’état @prisederisque75
Castors = nos soutiens @freedomliberta
#CETA = obligation
Champagne = boisson de base (sauf pour #DeRugy et sa femme)
Champs-Elysées = Champ de Mars (à Rome)
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À ceux qui se demandaient encore pourquoi la loi d’exception pour #NotreDame prévoit de décider des abords sur ordonnance...
Vous avez là des éléments de compréhension : des pans entiers d’un lieu de charité vont être privatisés et transformés en commerces .
Les rooftops manquaient pour contempler la nouvelle flèche devant « répondre aux enjeux du XXIe siècle »
On pourra bientôt prendre des mojitos là où avant on soignait les indigents.
On a déjà déménagé le palais de justice. Il y avait une belle réserve foncière à récupérer, des m2 à plusieurs dizaines de milliers d’euros.
On va pouvoir transformer l’Ile de la Cité en un Disneyland pour touriste. Ce sera chouette de penser à Victor Hugo.
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Powerlessness makes people feel detached, abandoned & desperate. Abusive behavior by those w wealth & power deepens the crisis. In such conditions, a con-man who makes menacing threats against the other convinces the powerless to degrade their own humanity & give up their rights.
This should not be the story of American politics in the 21st century, or of European democracies, or of any other place. We are watching these forces work with horrifying efficiency, but we must remember: these are not the only forces at work & they are *not* the most powerful.
Whether to confront the #OttawaFloods or to rally in support of the cultural heritage & human achievement of #NotreDame, or the global collaboration among young people to demand a #ClimateSmart future, constructive engagement empowers people & makes more good possible.
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1. Dice el Cardenal Gracias que dentro la reforma de la Curia y de la Constitución #PrædicateEvangelium, la prioridad será la evangelización.

¿Que significa eso teniendo a un Papa que está al servicio del #Islam y del #globalismo?…

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(Thread) La Religion Civile vue par Rousseau, concept réapparu au cours de la Révolution Française des lumières. #1789
À mettre en parallèle avec 2019 et les #GiletsJaunes, #NotreDame, l’Agenda chaotique en cours.
Article à retrouver en intégralité :…
Le clergé et le catholicisme ne sont plus considérés comme fiables par les Révolutionnaires, et ils décident alors comme Rousseau l’avait proposé, d’instituer une religion civile. Rousseau qui était protestant, appréciait beaucoup la religion chrétienne, mais (...)
considérait que le chrétien ne fait pas un bon soldat prêt à mourir pour la patrie, d’où la nécessité de l’établissement d’une religion civile qui crée le sentiment d’obligation de l’individu envers l’ État et soude le corps social.
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BOMBINGS🧨MURDERS🗡 during ...explaining #13Days of
#AbelDanger video w/ @fieldmcc & Juan 0 Savin (107=17) @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #TrustThePlan
2/ These Horrors are #OccultSacrifices This is THEIR #Satanic #FireBaptism where they Murder the Innocent as a Sacrificial offering to #Lucifer #Baal #Moloch & other Demons #13Days Of
👉🏻#BELTANE 👈🏻 #SriLanka #NotreDame #QAnon

3/ I have been keeping track of these Horrific events... Lets Pray that I won’t have to add more - Amen 🙏🏻
Please take a moment to read... 13Days #Beltane #Occult
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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1. One of the #Illuminati’s founding members, #AlbertPike, outlines his plan for #3WorldWars to bring about the consummation of all things.… ...
2. The first 2 have played out exactly as he predicted. The third is supposed to be a war between the monotheistic religions, particularly #Christianity and #Judaism against #Islam.
3. I suspect the #NotreDame cathedral fire was the signal for a wave of #IslamicTerrorism to start, and for the news to start covering it. Were they covering this?:…
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ON APRIL 16th @EricHolder SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOAT 🤔Still Standing By the Flame I see?
MORE False Flag attacks Coming?
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService @FBI #QAnon #CIA/#MOS #Dogs
2/ REMEMBER Last Years Assassination @realDonaldTrump Attempt? Are todays @EricHolder Tweets a possible 187 @POTUS attempt?
NOTE: The day that I noticed Eric Holder at JFK’s Grave Site, his latest Tweet was about The
👉🏻Mueller Report!!!! 👈🏻 #Qanon
3/ There are No-Coincidences... Goats B-Day? April 16th?
POPE BENEDICT WAS BORN ON APRIL 16th... #NotreDame 🔥#FightingIrish ☘️ 187? NotreDame Coach Dies at 81 🤔
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#Paris A few hundred demonstrators gathering near the Gare du Nord for #Acte23 #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #France #ActeXXIII
#PARIS #ActeXXIII A bus carrying #GiletsJaunes and #StreetMédics came from Moselle , is controlled and searched by gendarmes near Parisian toll. #Yellowvests #France #Acte23 #Macron
Departure from one of the three protest points in #Paris at North Station. A lot of policemen around. #Acte23 #GiletsJaunes #ActeXXIII #Yellowvests #France
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J’ai vu passer quelques demandes sur les définitions entre restauration et reconstruction ? Quelles différences ? Que dit la Charte de Venise ? Un fil basé sur les travaux, entre autres, de J.-P. Marchand, Philosophe et spécialiste d’Architecture et de Riegl. ⤵️
Je l’ai eu comme professeur lors de mon année à l’École d’Architecture de Strasbourg (ENSAS), il intervient toujours dans le Master II Architecture et Archéologie de Strasbourg.…
Tout d’abord au sujet de #NotreDame, il ne s’agit pas d’une reconstruction mais bien d’une restauration. On la restaure à son état antérieur à l’incendie. Restaurer c’est remettre en état en essayant de respecter l'aspect primitif, le style.
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War on Christianity

1400 year old Christian monastery - Saint Elijah's Monastery, located in the Nineveh Governorate, Iraq was destroyed by ISIS - a covert army created by Mossad CIA.
ISIS came riding in the 2300 Humvees gifted by Obama admin 2015
War on Christianity

1800 year old church set on fire by ISIS - a covert army created and funded by Obama admin and Mossad
ISIS completely burned the 1800 year old Syriac Catholic Diocese and its contents in Mosul July 2014
#NotreDame #NotreDameDeParis
War on Christianity III

1,600-year-old Monastery of St. Mar Elian, in #Homs Syria was completely destroyed by ISIS using bulldozers
Barack Obama admin created and funded a proxy army ISIS to destabilise #Syria and to persecute Christians and destroy their cultural heritage.
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136. Foro en el que se menciona lo de Denis Arends.…

#NotreDame #DennisArens @watchmennews911
139. A continuación las 3 fotos que @NetteLiebe adjunta al tuit.

Foto 1

#NotreDame #DennisArends
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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The Notre-Dame fire occurred on April 15th.
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Un petit thread sur les relevés 3D sur #NotreDame :
Je vois fleurir un nombre incalculable d'articles sur le clone numérique de la cathédrale. L'article de @Willvs dans @LeMonde résume bien tout ce qu'il s'est dit ces derniers jours à ce sujet.
Qu'en est-il vraiment ?
Difficile de le dire. La première numérisation dense de la cathédrale date de 2002, réalisée par le cabinet CMS MOREL (disparu depuis) et la société pionnière MENSI (qui a réalisé les premiers scans avec EDF dans la grotte Cosquer ; aujourd'hui intégrée dans le groupe TRIMBLE).
Ce fut un bel exploit, mais la lourdeur et la relative lenteur (seulement 5.000 points par seconde) des capteurs de l'époque me font dire que la couverture de la cathédrale n'était sans doute pas optimale. Que sont devenues les données ?
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Q has said “See something say something” I was thinking what National landmark does the You nine it states of America have that would compare to Notre Dame cathedral. With the full Mueller report coming out later today would the deep state attempt another false flag? Was it a...
Accident,arson or a act of terror! I was not sure until I saw Michelle Obama sipping her wine while On a day cruise, with the reflection of Notre Dame burning in the background and a necklace that appears to say burning on her neck! These people are sick! #Qanon #NotreDame
Then today are young lady drove up from Florida to Colorado who was obsessed with the columbine shooting. She is reported to have taken her life. As we know the deep state communicates through code due to the fact that their communications have been cut off through normal ways
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L'#IncendiedeNotreDamedeParis à peine éteint, de vives disputes se sont élevées au sujet du financement de sa #reconstruction. Mais d'où venait l'argent nécessaire à la construction des #cathédrales au Moyen Âge ? Un thread ⬇️ #histoire #medievaltwitter
Beaucoup l'ont fait remarquer (poke @MickaelWilmart !) : dans l'appel aux dons lancé par Emmanuel #Macron entre autres, il y a quelque chose de très médiéval
En effet, de très nombreux chantiers de cathédrales ont été financés par des appels à la générosité de la population. Ainsi à Rodez à la fin du XIIIe siècle : au moins 34 % du budget total de la fabrique – association qui gère la cathédrale – vient des quêtes
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A tale of two fires?
While the whole world bleats over #NotreDame fire, even Hindus are utterly unaware that 2018 saw fires in SEVEN Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu within a short span of time - including Meenakshi Temple.
#HinduGenocide #CulturalGenocide
No investigations were made, no reports.

What's worse, Hindu rituals happening for more than a millennium were blamed for the fires without any investigation!

No Hindus stepped forward to salvage the damage by offering to rebuild the temples or property destroyed.

This is not a story buried in history. It's just one year old, yet it's completely unknown to everyone!

This is the #CulturalGenocide waged on Hindus while they pledge support over "international calamities" like Notre Dame.

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This is the “religion of peace” showing their understanding, & how welcoming they are to other religions. It is the reason #NotreDame no longer exists. It’s why they take truck & plow through innocent people in Nice. It why they tried to subvert a train on it way to Paris & ran
2/ three Marines who who were going to SAVE lives, not eradicate them. It’s Ft Hood, it’s a radicalized #Muslim throwing a five year old three stories off the #MallOfAmerica We had none of this until importation began by Sweden spread to the EU, and BHO brought it to America.
3/ It’s travesty that does not belong in our government, our country, or our neighborhoods. They want to kill us. ALL of us. We are the infidel. It’s time to shoot them. Move them out, ship them home. #RadicalIslam #Muslims
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#Breaking: The company who worked on the restoration on the #NotreDame in #Paris has confirmed! There were no welding works going on, and there were "NO HOT SPOTS" according the company, or flames being used. The company and workers confirmed to investigation police the BRI.
#Update: Just in - The Company who worked on the restoration on the #NotreDame in #Paris has also said, that work did no started at the church at the time of the fire! We only extracted some of the statues on the Notre-Dame and completed the full scaffolding on Monday.
#Update: Just in - The Company who worked on the restoration on the #NotreDame in #Paris said, that there were only 12 workers on the scene at the cathedral of the Notre-Dame and they left around 05:20 PM way before the fire started.
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