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you know what? I will take the time to address right now, which this whole remark is total nonsense. I brought it up last night, but the fact that this was the first reply in, just doesn't make sense. Fwiw, this is not personal to anyone, but wtf. THREAD.
there's a large subset of humans who spend a LOT of time bellyaching about what the specific four "major" sports teams have done or not done regarding championships, and as a literal lifelong fan of my hometown teams, it's unbelievably lame on so many levels. For a clear reason
that reason being that it is a notion that operates on the premise that any or all teams and/or cities have some inalienable right to "winning" which is just beyond bizarre. People want to get caught up in "minor league sports town" and "loser mentality" bs, but dude, nah.
this might dovetail with the fact that my job is what it is, but since I was ten years old, I never expected any team I ever rooted for to win anything. The purpose of the positive is a separate matter from why the negative sucks. I like sports. I like rooting for the home team.
but this notion that we've got to constantly whine about letdown is ridiculous. And also just a weird waste of time as I see it. We get to watch grown humans play games at the highest level in real actual time. If you genuinely like sports, that is AMAZING.
and why do I say that? Because I'm lucky enough to travel the country and have already in life known so many actual humans who just want to be a part of the experience of what is team play and commitment. Did I cry my face off when the Caps won it all? Of course. But...
that came with the simple caveat in my mind. They did it. it was awesome. I got to see it. I was alive when the one thing my favorite pro hockey team brought home the cup. That will legit make me happy for the rest of my life. sure the losses suck, but it wasn't in vain.
as for the rest, if all you get out of sports is watching the team you like win championships, I don't know what to tell you. No offense but that's incredibly small minded to me as an adult. One that takes sports WAY too seriously at that. They are literally games tho.
not to be stupid about this but sports and the fan experience are truly about the friends you make along the way on a lot of levels. I've made so many. It's kept me whole, it's made me happy, it's made me sad, it's made me think, it's made me real. But yanno what? I got to see it
the reason I played sports was not just to win. and the reason I watch sports is not ONLY to back a winner. It's about more than that, and if you want to spend your time in real actual life complaining about what one team "blew" - you don't *really* like sports. You like wins.
and god bless Coach Herm. You play to win the game, surely. But so few of us are playing. WHICH IS THE COOL PART. You get to see the most accomplished humans in the world play. All the time. It's genuinely awesome. The weird self shame bit about "DC sports" is just so beyond me
I talked to two kids last night from the Nats academy who explained how baseball helped them become better people and made their parents proud.

And on the real, it's a world and an industry just like anything else and comes with MASSIVE problems too. But be real.
for strict categorical purposes, I know I'm the biggest sports fan that most of my real life friends actually know. I root in weird ways for weird things, because that's who I am. not everyone is like that.But I do it for the humans.
and I'm not here to tell anyone not to have emotions. Lord knows yerboy is completely outta control on the play to play level with this.

but seriously, enough with the categorical description of failure as THE massive storyline for everything. please. It doesn't make sense.
not to be crass, but Peter Crouch once said a line that I'll adapt for this purpose. When asked what he'd be if he weren't a soccer player, he said "a virgin."

If it weren't for sports, specifically D.C. sports? I'd have no friends. I love my friends. And I love D.C. sports. fin
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