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Here are some important interventional cardiology algorithms I've compiled over the past couple of years. The good IC/CTO operator always knows what the next step is. Major credit to @esbrilakis for many of these algorithms. Must think systematically about every PCI. 1/
Very nice algorithm on tough to wire vessels. Important techniques to know: Use of SuperCross (only use 120/they tend to straighten out), Hairpin wiring technique, deflection balloon, and probably most importantly, appropriate wire shape. 2/
A suggested algorithm on use of hemodynamic support in PCI. 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/12/2020-2…

What Doctors on the Front Lines Wish They’d Known a Month Ago - The New York Times…

#CommonSense #Covid19 #Doctors #coronavirus
Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand. - The New York Times…

#collapse #epic #demand #economy
Defund (and redesign) everything. - Deep Code - Medium…

#defund #institutions #redesign
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Police brutality is abhorrent, but #PsyOpBob played no innocent roll. Everybody there knew he wanted to cause trouble, and was calling him out. He brought a helmet, but did he put it on when the cops came? No, but he put on a mask. #BuffaloPD #SocialEngineering #CivilWar
I've seen many a #CrisisActor, but this guy is a like their stunt double. Sure, he probably did hit his head, but it was "all for the cause". I don't buy the fake blood thing. That would make the cops actors too...
which ain't that far of a stretch considering whackness out here.
I have no idea who to trust any more, but I definitely know who not to trust. So if this is going down, I'm going to support the guy who lets me defend myself form the #LiberalZombieApocalypse, with force if necessary.
I'm Packin' #MAGA for my protection.
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The #USA #Coup Stage 3: The Coopted Generals & Insiders”- - -
As I mentioned in this report: 1-This is a common ingredient in all coups; 2- My inside sources have alerted me of the “recruitment” efforts within Armed Forces Units by the #Coup-Planners.
This is my main tweet altering my 1/3 #USA community with #CoupInEffect
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Per requests by many subscribing members of my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities I am opening my latest exclusive livestream on #USA #Coup to public. Here’s the link:
This video series are made possible by my kind and generous 1/3 #CommonSense community. Consider joining and supporting our resistance- - - Join me on #Patreon!
The #Coup Enters Phase 3: Coopted Generals & Insiders!
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Attention: I have a private (Urgent) podcast: “Alert: USA #Coup- Entering Phase 3 (The Generals)!” It is just published and now available to my 1/3 Resistance #CommonSense Network at #Patreon. Join & Tune in: Join me on Patreon!
I am on the road ... recorded this while driving. I’ve been in touch with my inside sources. This is based on solid info confirmed by 4 active military sources. Please help disseminate. Share. Thank you all.
I cannot, and will Not, use platforms such as YT or FB for reports and messages like this ... and you know why. These urgent programs will be at #Newsbud & #Patreon.
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“Taking on All the Pseudo-Constitutionalist!” Watch Full Segment Here:
Welcoming, and thanking Carl H. & Joel S. To my #CommonSense Community at #Patreon. Join me on Patreon!
This is the voice of “One World Gov”, #NWO. There is this thing called sovereignty. And within this sovereignty no one has voted and elected you to inject your order here, #UN. We address it as we deem right, ourselves. Get lost now.- - -… #
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I’ll be recording an in-depth analysis (and forecast) segment on Post-Covid #EU, mainly #Greece #Spain & #Italy, including: The coming designed riots there & steps 2 take ahead of #NWO strike. The full program will be available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Stay Tuned...
My segment will include steps to get ahead of the coming “Designed” riots in these countries. #Soros Not done with #Hungary. #NWO Covid game includes riots in “target” #EU nations for the intended Domino Effect. Join my #CommonSense communities at Newsbud or Patreon, and tune in.
To those of you DM’ing me on whether this coming analysis will include #Turkey: The short answer “No”. Too late for any steps there. Unfortunately, with the majority’s participation there, the design destiny has been carved in Stone. Sad: yes. Real: Yes.
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“USA: A NWO Coup Delivered With MSM Hypocrisy on Steroid” Watch the full video here:
Second Amendment= An Obstacle against NWO #Coup; so must dealt with. As was 1st Amendment: The one they took away by #NWO’s complete takeover of the media. You see what I see? - - - Police detain store owners live on air ...… #
Welcoming, and thanking, Jeremiah B., Joyce C., Ellis M. & Daniel O. To my #CommonSense Network at #Patreon.- - - Join me on Patreon!
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Welcoming, and thanking, David L., John C. & M.G.W. The newest members of my #Commonsense network at #Patreon. Also thanking my new #Veterans sub-community here! - - - Join me on Patreon!
That’s because #Riots game is brought to you by the same NWO #coup plotters who brought to you #Covid19 game lockdown game, Next, around September they will bring to you #Occupy 2.0 riots + lockdown game. Pure & Simple!- -… #
Same again: brought to you by the same #NWO gang who brought to you #Antifa 1.0, #Covid19 Shenanigans- And Mark this: the coming #Occupy 2.0 before the Nov elections (around mid September). #Coup in effect. - - -… #
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“The Winning Recipe for 1/3 #CommonSense” Tune in, chin up, and proceed because we’re winning. Watch full video here:
People, I have first-hand, direct experiences with #Coups. And, I’m telling you there is a coup in effect- don’t take all this so lightly.
Welcoming Lana A. & Richard L. To my #CommonSense community at #Patreon. - - - Join me on Patreon!
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“Action Alert: From Virus vs. People to People vs. People Lockdown!” Watch the full video here:
Thanking and welcoming David S. to our #CommonSense Network at #Patreon making all these open-to-all discussions videos possible. - - - Join me on Patreon!
Many thanks to Moira my newest #CommonSense network member (99th!) at #Patreon. - - - Join me on Patreon!
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“The Odds of the “1/3” USA Winning Against the NWO” Watch the full video here:
What we’re seeing with these riots here in #USA will be replicated around the world: On Unemployment, Hunger, Ethnicity, Race ... Watch #Spain #Greece #Turkey ... All by design. #Covid curfew replaced by #riot curfew. Flu interchanged with poverty ... All preplannec by NWO strike
The coup is in effect: Not the time to hide in lockdown under your blankets. Pls watch this video and dial the numbers per my discussion. We need to quickly establish the network with the 1/3. Tune in and join our action alert.
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“My Whistleblowing Journey- Comparing the “Left” ... and the “Right”” Watch Full Video Hete:
Welcoming, and Thanking, Nicholas R.-My newest member of my #CommonSense Network at #Patreon making this new video-podcast series possible. Thank you🙏 - - - Join me on Patreon!
Many thanks to Fergus O.- the newest member of my #CommonSense Network at #Patreon Welcome, Fergus!
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“Part 2: A NWO Coup in Effect: What We Can, and Should Do” Watch the full segment here:
Welcoming, and thanking, Thomas W.- our newest member of my #CommonSense Network at #Patreon. Thank you, Thomas. - - - Join me on Patreon!
Welcoming Daniel K., Wendell É. & Garcia J.- My newest members at #Patreon #CommonSense Neywork. Thank you for making my new series possible. - - - “Join me on Patreon! “
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“Alert: A NWO Coup in Effect (Part 1)” Watch the full video here:
Just finished recording Part 2! Thanking my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities for making this open-to-all video series possible. If you can, joins & support my work here: Join me on Patreon!
Thanking and welcoming J.K. to my #CommonSense Neywork at #Patreon! Join me on Patreon!
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NWO’s #Covid War- This Time the Collateral Damage= “We the People”- Full segment available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Watch the preview here:
Welcoming, and thanking, Richard H. my newest #CommonSense network at #Patreon. Thank you, Richard! Join me on Patreon for exclusive videos- podcast & reports.
Many thanks to T.M. who just joined my new #CommonSense network at #Patreon. Together we can! Join me on Patreon!
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Totally Unplugged on what It is to be a real Constitutional American ...
I have several new videos coming up on this,the power of 1/3 #USA & more exclusively 4 my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities.- - - “I’ve signed death certificates during %Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims!”… #
Here’s the link to my new #CommonSense Network at #Patreon. Join me !
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Just Out- “Covid Tide Turning BIG Time ... BUT Don’t Let Up Yet!” Watch Full Video Here:
This video was made possible by my #Newsbud & #Patreon community. Join my Patreon community of you wish to see open-to-all discussion series like this. Thank you all! - - - Join me on Patreon!
Welcoming, and thanking Srinivas M. To my #CommonSense network at #Patreon. Thank you! Join me on Patreon!
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I see these things all the time and simply don’t understand what’s going on with #LawEnforcement in the #UnitedStates at large. I have been in the Event Security business for 30 years. I also have 15 years of varying types of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training...
This behavior by #MinneapolisPolice Officers is not about subduing a suspect, it’s about teaching a lesson. The Lesson is #compliance.

Here is how #GeorgeFloyd could have survived his detention and arrest:

- Yes, obviously: Get off his neck.
(Step by step, as follows)
Step 1- Use both hands to hold #GeorgeFloyd in place. By placing both hands in the middle of his back, just below his shoulders.
Keeping pressure on him and allowing the officer to change positions.

Step 2- If #GeorgeFloyd became combative, Officer #2 could have intervened...
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“Those Who Should (and MUST) Remain Locked-Down ... Indefinitely!”-Unedited & Unplugged Against the Haters. Watch & Share:
I want to thank my #Newsbud community and every single patron at my #Patreon #CommonSense Neywork for making this open-to-all video series possible. Join me on Patreon!
This intense divide along wearing or not wearing mask is symbolic; much more above and beyond #mask. It is the clash between pro-authoritarianism & liberty-minded; its the clash between NWO-Liberalism & Anti-Police State; It symbolizes too big of a divide & differences
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“Starve Thyself While Feeding The Fat Cats!” Watch, then how after your so-called “Representatives”. Full video here:
Welcoming, and thanking, Lee H. to my #CommonSense network at #Patreon making my new open-to-all video series possible. ❤️ Join me on Patreon!
Thanking my newest Patrons, John H., Raenya S. & David F., for their support making this new video series possible. Join me on Patreon!
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Just Out- “Declaring The King of BBQ Globally ... and Demoting One!” Happy Memorial Weekend to All❤️ Watch here:
Welcoming DSF to my new #CommonSense community at #Patreon. Thank you! Join me on Patreon!
Going to record an unplanned session pre BBQ party...
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Answering Questions From My New Common Sense Community (#CSPN#) at #Patreon. Full episode (40 Min) at Patreon. Here’s the preview at my YT:
You can join my #CSPN community here at #Patreon: Join me on Patreon!
Currently uploading to #Newsbud platform as well. It will be up shortly and accessible to all my Newsbud community members.
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