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Elizabeth Warren's cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs health care scheme could prove to be the same kind of campaign kill shot Joe Biden's Ukrainian corruption was. The campaign staggers on for a while, refusing to feel the mortal wound.
For starters, Warren's Medicare for All rollout demolishes her carefully crafted image as a policy wonk. She can't answer even the most basic questions about it without either lying outrageously or dissolving into a stammering wreck.
The staggering price tag of Warren's plan is more than just a ludicrously high demand for spending from a government that's already dangerously in debt. It's a massive power grab that would restructure American society for the worse, even if her fanciful projections were true.
And of course they're NOT true. The costs would be vastly worse than she claims, probably by an order of magnitude. Every American who remembers the Obamacare debate knows socialists always underestimate costs by margins that would be prosecuted as fraud in the private sector.
In Warren's case, she's openly encouraging mass immigration and promising taxpayer-funded health care to everyone who makes it across the border. The migration surge into the United States would dwarf Barack Obama's border rushes. The cost of her program would triple immediately.
Meanwhile, income from Warren's tax hikes would be far lower than promised, as income from massive tax increases always is. The downward pressure on the economy from her tax heist and the migration stampede would be catastrophic. Our economy would implode.
Warren isn't just getting costs wrong - she's imagining an economic and social system radically different from the one that actually exists and fantasizing about how it would flood the government's coffers with money. As often with socialists, she sees worker ants, not people.
And when her lunatic fantasy system implodes, Americans should understand how much force would be deployed against them to make them comply. If you chafed under Obamacare's mandates, you really won't like the feel of the chains Warren would put on you.
The big picture here is not a proposal with absurdly inaccurate cost and income models that turns into a boondoggle. It's Americans refusing to alter their behavior in ways that would fit Warren's beliefs... so she'll MAKE you alter your behavior. There could be no other outcome.
We've seen all this many times before. Warren and her true believers would never admit her health care scheme was ridiculous. They'd bring out whips and guns, mandates and penalties, to FORCE the system to "work" and "fix" all the side disasters it created.
You're not just looking at the end of private medicine with a $52 trillion boondoggle. You're looking at the end of private EVERYTHING. Each component of the economy that failed to comply with Warren's demands would inexorably be nationalized.
We're talking about the kind of people that think you can "fix" high unemployment by making it illegal to fire people and make everyone "wealthy" with food stamps. They would "fix" Warrencare by steamrolling American economics and society flat.
As everyone should have learned from watching the Obamacare debacle, you Little People won't have anything to say about how it all plays out. You won't get to vote on health care ever again. There will be no way to repeal Warren's disaster, no way to do anything but double down.
Socialists believe in one man, one vote, ONE TIME. Once you authorize a scheme like Warrencare, you and your descendants are stuck with it forever. No further votes will be permitted, and soon enough no further DEBATE would be allowed. You literally won't be allowed to COMPLAIN.
You're not thinking big enough if you're focused entirely on how Warren's numbers don't add up. To understand the magnitude of the danger, you have to think about what she would do to "fix" it when it all started falling apart.
Of course, there will always be those who just want their free goodies and think the Evil Rich can be taxed without limit to provide them, but even some of those people will feel uneasy about the size of Warren's price tag and her inability to answer questions about it.
That's what makes this so damaging to her campaign: the suspension of disbelief necessary to believe in Warren's socialism is just too huge, especially in a country enjoying economic prosperity, and she's nowhere near deft and charismatic enough to sell it as a pipe dream. /end
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