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❗️Only an #antisemite would use the @TheIHRA Definition of Antisemitism - the origins lie in the #EUMC - would concoct a #malicious #malevolent #libel that it's responsible for human rights harm!❗️

@FranceskAlbs wants #antisemites to get away with #antisemitism by blaming #Jews
The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) surveyed Jewish Europeans & showed that the examples in the definition reflect what the vast majority perceives as antisemitic.

What's the problem? @FranceskAlbs doesn't want any opinion from the very people who experience #JewHatred daily!
The Commission considered the victims' perspective as an important starting point in tackling all forms of racism & hatred.
Thus, @FranceskAlbs wants to #EXCLUDE Jews altogether while defining the meaning of #antisemitism or #JewHatred.
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Oh Maree, Maree, Maree. How did your radicalisation occur?

Maree, by the way, is a British #antisemite who was ejected from #LinkedIn for her #nasty #antisemitic #behaviour.

Poor Maree, doesn't know her history!

There has NEVER been a country or state called Palestine! Image
The only People who ever had sovereignty in Judea & Samaria: JEWS!

The word JEW comes from JUDEA!
Judea comes from the name JUDAH!
Judah was one of the sons of Jewish Patriarch, JACOB, whose name was also ISRAEL! Image
Palestine is the Anglicised name for the Latin, Palaestina, from the HEBREW for Philistine, or "INVADERS from the Aegean Sea!"

In 135, Roman Emperor Hadrian wanted to erase Jewish history like all antisemites, like you, Maree. Hadrian decided to RENAME Judea to Palaestina ImageImageImageImage
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The @womensmarch is following their disgraceful #antisemitism scandal with now bringing pro-Islamic Republic of Iran women as so called “representatives” of women in Iran dying for freedom FROM the IRI. Women’s March is foul. #مهسا_امینی 1/3
On @negatmortazavi whom @womensmarch invited to “represent” the women of Iran. Does she seem critical of the #IRI? Watch her in her own words: #مهسا_امینی 2/3
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Vous vous souvenez du grand ami de Fabrice #Divizio le Pasteur #antisémite Vindigni ?

Ils avaient fondé ensemble une chaîne YouTube, qui n'aura, semble-t-il, pas résisté aux révélations de l'Action Antifouchiste !
Tous les contenus passionnants ont été effacé, dans le plus grand silence de Fabrice et Daniel. Chut pas de vague surtout.
Et pourtant quel dommage ! Vous savez pas ce que vous avez raté ! C'était vraiment une abomination.
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@AgretDenis, antivax, très connu à #Montpellier, continue à diffuser des théories antisémites, eugénistes, validistes ; "principe de précaution", c'est comme ça qu'il l'appelle.

Aujourd'hui, il fait de la pub pour un Phare'nuaire, mais de qui on parle ?

Accrochez vous⏬⏬
2 - Les Enfants-Phare c'est un site holistique, positiviste, souverainiste, qui sert à relayer toutes les infos des actions lies à la galaxie de Reifocovid et d'autres mouvement #antivax #NewAge en France.

On dirait des bisounours du suprémacisme blanc.
3- Bien évidemment, ils se disent apolitiques, mais dans leur journal appelé LePharandol, on y trouve des théories complotistes antisémites, eugénistes, le #DeepState #NouvelOrdreMondial, mais également des traitements anti-covid, et le charlatanisme médicale du réseau Solaris.
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1/21 L’imam #HassanIquioussen pourrait être expulsé. Certains le voient comme un "libéral", d'autres comme un simple imam qui incarnerait "les musulmans" (exemple : le député LFI @GuiraudInd). Il n'en est rien.
D'autres encore affirment qu'il est "proche des Frères musulmans".
2/21 L’objectif de ce thread n’est pas de me prononcer sur le bien-fondé ou non de son expulsion. Il est d'exposer un résumé des sources concernant cet islamiste sur lesquelles je travaille et alerte depuis 2017.
Plusieurs threads sont nécessaires. Celui-ci est le 1er.
3/21 Les propos de #HassanIquioussen que je vais partager sont choquants. Mais il est nécessaire de les montrer pour connaître la réalité de ce fanatique et mieux condamner ses propos. Ces sources ont valeur de preuves. J'espère donc que Twitter ne me censurera pas.
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Hey Rosie! Meet the EGYPTIAN TERRORIST Yasser Arafat who was made “leader of the Palestinians” in 1964 by the former USSR!

Look up USSR! Both Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas were KGB agents like PUTIN of Russia 🇷🇺

They conned the world & YOU!
Oh look 👀 it’s Mahmoud Abbas with Putin . . . The one committing war crimes in the Ukraine 🇺🇦

That’s what YOU support dhimmi (look up that word too)!
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Enfant d’immigré, issu d’une famille aux origines juives, Eric Zemmour est pourtant un #fasciste, #raciste, #antisémite, xénophobe, homophobe, misogyne, chauvin…
Zemmour est aussi un escroc qui falsifie notre Histoire de France à coups d’abracadabrantesques détournements.
Contre-vérités. Clichés. Inventions. Approximations…
Or, Zemmour ne fait pas un travail d’historien. Mais de dangereux #agitateur d’#extrêmedroite patriotarde, qui a fait de la #haine un fond de commerce fort lucratif…
André, professeur d’Histoire géographie et authentique
historien, a eu le courage de se taper la pénible lecture du dernier torche-cul de #Zemmour : « Destin français » et le démonte sans mal lors de cette conférence donnée dans le cadre de l’Association des Amis du Monde Diplomatique.…
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Donation No. 24 to the ADL. The proverbial hits just keep on comin', don't they? #EndJewHate Image
Donation No. 25 to the ADL. This Twitter account was operated by the same white supremacist who created the one cited in my previous tweet.

What a world, what a world. 😉#DeplatformHate Image
Donation No. 26 to the ADL. #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate Image
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The torrent of #racist #disinformation in Ireland in the few days since the tragic killing of #GeorgeNkencho has shown it’s driven by a very vocal minority, in concert around key accounts. Co-ordinated, deliberate #FarRight agitators supporting Irish neo-nationalist groups. ImageImageImageImage
Many of these accounts are bulk generators of #racist and #conspiracy content across social media platforms. Well-established among these propagandists is the avowedly racist and #AntiSemitic YouTuber, Keith Woods - aka #NUIG graduate Keith O’Brien of Roscommon #AltShiteUnmasked ImageImageImageImage
#Racist Keith O’Brien generates masses of #FarRight #Propaganda, to 29k subscribers on @YouTube alone. Voices like this are pivotal to local #AltRight movements, but Ireland is small and #AltShiteUnmasked all have real names, addresses, streets they walk down, and a job... ImageImage
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@rlefraim wrote, "SORRY, GUYS.

Dying does not wipe away history and make one an angel.
1) #ElijahCummings #Antisemite #Swamp
This man was one of those who has sought the endorsement of anti-Semite Louis Farahan, one of the Congressmen who refused to condemn anti-Semitism in his own party, and more.
As far as I am concerned, this wipes away all the good he might have done in his years in Congress and places him firmly in the side of the Swamp. 3)
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#NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member of #JewishVoiceForLabour:
"Let's be clear very clear what that is code is,there is NO SUCH THING as an agreed international code for #Antisemitism,there is a document that has been pushed for many years now by pro-#Israel organizations"
"There is NO International Code of #Antisemitism, this is a ploy to get rid of #JeremyCorbyn" says #NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member #JewishVoiceForLabour,"there is a document that has been pushed for many years now by pro-#Israel organizations"
Shame on you, @margarethodge what a liar👇😡There is NO International Code of #Antisemitism, this is a ploy to get rid of @JeremyCorbyn & to silence critics of #Israel & #Zionism‼️@UKLabour
WATCH response from #NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member of "Jewish Voice For Labour":
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A thread about what has caused the rise of #Corbynistas and why we must never ever let them near power or those who have facilitated it ever be able to hold positions of power either. #Corbyn is an extremely dangerous man. 1/14
The brainwashing of his now supporters began in school & subsequently found favour within Universities too with their pandering to Palestine whilst totally demonising Israel’s right to exist. The wilful ignorance of the Hamas Charter is symptomatic of the propaganda problem. 2/14
It is this unwillingness to see #Corbyn’s past with any sense of critical thinking which sets #Corbynistas apart from others, they're like the mindless fools at a #Hitler rally, incapable of anything other than group-think. A huge problem as history has already demonstrated. 3/14
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