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Okay imagine omega Katsuki being given a soft blanket for the first time

(Cw: #bkdk / #dkbk, SFW, A/B/O)
Katsuki had never cared for that stuff—omega targeted items were always just sexist crap dressed in soft layers.
He was supposed to love sweet things because he was a dainty, helpless creature. He needed to be coddled and pampered with softness because omegas were weak🙄🙄.
But of course not every omega fit the stereotypes. People accepted that Katsuki refused to very quick after meeting him.
Though, they seemed to think it meant he *never* could.
Katsuki had to always be untraditional.
He’d never been treated gently, never been courted or spoiled.
Katsuki didn’t care.
But one day, feeling ill, feeling needy, he realized he didnt have ANY classic omegan comfort items.
The realization almost tempted him to buy his first hug pillow or alpha sweatshirt, but he soon recovered and the thought was put out of mind. He was fine.
That is, until one day when he fucked up.
In their demanding, stressful line of work as pro heroes, it was frequent that they made mistakes, and everyone accepted that those mistakes could have fatal outcomes. There wasnt much blame, but it didnt make it any easier to deal with.
Katsuki was barely holding off a breakdown, digging his nails into his palms till they bled and jaw was sore from clenching it.
His supervisor had given him three days off to recuperate from the incident, but it read to Katsuki as a punishment.
He was on timeout bc he fucked up.
Of course Izuku would come after him. Katsuki clenched his sore jaw, focusing on the ache as he tried to ground himself.
“What is it, nerd.” His voice was stiff, tone curt.
Katsuki slowly turned to face Izuku, face tense.
Izuku hesitated a moment.
“Dinner at mine?”
Katsuki scowled, quick to take offense.
Wanting to lash out with the anger, despair, and frustration built up inside him, he met Izuku’s eyes...
And saw the bags under them.
Izuku’s shoulders were drooped with clear exhaustion, and he looked almost pleading.
Katsuki hesitated.
He wasn’t heartless.
He couldn’t refuse so blatant a beg to not be left alone.
Izuku had been in the dog shed for his latest part in a recent fire accident, so Katsuki knew the offer was just as big an attempt to comfort himself as it was to comfort Katsuki.
“Fine. You’ve got ingredients for an actually decent dinner for once?”
He walked ahead of Izuku, knowing the Alpha would follow him like a puppy—he always had.
“I don’t,” Izuku said, sheepish, catching up and following behind obediently. “Err, I might have some... celery?”
“The hell do you expect me to make with that?” Katsuki huffed. “Ants on a log?”
Izuku grinned, thinking of the cute snack Inko used to make them on their playdates. “You’d still pick off all the raisins and make me eat them, wouldn’t you, Kacchan?” He laughed. “You hate them.”
“What about you?” Katsuki asked snidely.“Are you still gonna tell on me if I take two of your apple slices?”
Izuku laughed in delight.
“Kacchan, don’t tell me you’re *still* bitter about that!”
“I got in trouble!” Katsuki protested, petulant. “I had to miss two whole playtimes!”
“Only fair,” Izuku teased, “considering you stole two apple slices.”
Katsuki scoffed, suppressing his grin. “So? What are we cooking? Fruit salad?”
Izuku scratched his neck. “I don’t even have any fruit... Ah. Not that I don’t love your cooking, but do you mind if we order in?”
Katsuki frowned, turning away. “Fine. We’re not eating crap, though.”
He understood why Izuku wasn’t eager to be seen out in public soon enough.
Not only was his own failure broadcasted on every billboard possible, but replays of Izuku’s from a couple days before was as well.
They arrived at Izuku’s place silently, neither of them in a good mood after being continuously reminded of and criticized for their failures.
Katsuki turned on the TV, and of *course* the channel onscreen was displaying footage of his recent fuck up.

Katsuki stared blankly.
Izuku left his bedroom, changed into his loungewear and tentatively holding a bundle in his arms.
He saw Katsuki standing in front of the TV, silent as he watched the footage of the building collapse and fall on the girl, Katsuki missing her by metres.
Izuku frowned. “Kacchan?”
Katsuki didn’t react. Izuku’s brow furrowed, and he stepped forward, blocking the view of the TV.
Katsuki’s face remained blank.
Izuku hesitated. Katsuki was on scent blockers, like he and all pro heroes. But standing so close, and being so accustomed to it, he could smell him.
And it worried him. For Katsuki’s distress to be evident even through his scent blockers, he must have been feeling *horrible.*
If there was an alpha he was close to, a scenting might help him calm down. But he wasn’t...
Izuku bit his lip, eyes flitting to the bundle in his arms.
“Kacchan?” He called, voice gentle, just a hint of an Alpha call in his voice.
Katsuki blinked, looking up at Izuku slowly, gaze empty.
Izuku felt his heart clench.
“Kacchan, let’s sit down?” He offered, gently grabbing Katsuki’s arm.
Katsuki was alarmingly compliant.
Izuku released as comforting a scent as he could, pushing Katsuki down on the sofa.
Izuku paused but unfolded the bundle in his arms.
Hesitating a moment, he lifted it to his neck and let his scent soak through the fabric, releasing as much of it as he could.
Izuku wasn’t sure if this was okay for him to do. Katsuki was very much not an omega that had ever needed or seeked out comfort from an Alpha— especially *Izuku.*
Izuku just wanted to help him, but he feared he would only insult and anger him.
He stood before Katsuki, biting his lip, contemplating.
Katsuki didn’t react, still blank, empty, a clear pit of self-hatred, beating himself up inside.
Izuku realized that this was the first time Katsuki was seeing the name or face of the girl he wasn’t able to save.
Katsuki hadnt been able to see it during the incident itself, building collapsing everywhere, and then she had been crushed by the—
Izuku closed his eyes, spending a sober moment of silence in memory of the poor child.
He opened his eyes and saw the empty despair in Katsuki’s.
Izuku brought the blanket to his neck once more before crouching down before Katsuki, sitting on the sofa.
Slowly, trying not to startle the omega, he unfolded the scented blanket and wrapped it around Katsuki. He smoothed it out, tucking it around Katsuki carefully.
It took Katsuki a long moment to realize what was happening, slowly coming out of his depressed daze.
For once, he didn’t feel like working out until he vomited and passed out. He felt his head clear of his vitriolic self-loathing, feeling incredibly warm and oddly, safe.
Katsuki blinked slowly, turning to see Izuku hovering nervously beside him. Izuku flinched, startling when Katsuki blinked at him.
“What—“ Katsuki cleared his throat, swallowing down his earlier anguish. “What are you—“
“Sorry!” Izuku blurted. “I just, uh, well that’s, it not—“
Katsuki frowned as Izuku babbled incomprehensibly, looking down at himself, only then recognizing the weight on him.
This was Izuku’s place, so he was confused to not recognize this blanket.
Katsuki stroked the inside, eyes widening slightly at the sheer softness of it.
The soft, fine fibres felt so smooth and fleecy against his calloused hands. It must have been expensive, Katsuki could easily tell that it was incredibly high quality. It was so soft Katsuki was struck with the urge to rub it against his face, and unthinkingly, did just that.
Katsuki heard a choked noise from Izuku beside him, but he paid him no attention, focused on nuzzling the soft cloth, subconsciously scenting it himself.
It was only when he paused to breathe in the scent he’d just infused into the cloth that he realized Izuku had marked it too.
Katsuki stopped in his tracks, instinctively inhaling their combined scents on the blanket around them.
‘Oh fuck,’ he mentally cursed, a full body shiver running though him. That felt good. *So* good.
It felt like home.
Izuku was watching, trying to hide his furious blush.
Izuku never thought he’d be so blessed as to have the opportunity to watch Katsuki nuzzle the scented blanket Izuku had bought him, and then claim it with a possessive, content purr and happy chirps escaping him. Did Katsuki even know he was letting out such cute little noises?
Katsuki, in fact, did not know. But he did see Izuku’s wildly embarrassed but excited reaction, and narrowed his eyes, feeling his own face heaten in response. He pulled the blanket tighter around him instinctively, curling into it defensively as he pouted slightly.
“What, nerd?”
Izuku’s face was red, and he felt out of breath. The image of Katsuki, curled up in the blanket Izuku had given him, peering up at him with red cheeks and a childish pout—he would treasure it for the rest of his life.
If he was lucky, he might even get to see other similar views.
“N-nothing,” he stuttered, trying to calm his pounding heart, cheeks burning. “D-do you want... Thai for dinner?”
Katsuki pondered that, and then quietly nodded. He was still tucked into the blanket, and when Izuku got up to call and order, he saw Katsuki snuggle further into it.
Izuku took a few moments to rest his head against the cool metal of the fridge, trying to calm down, unable to erase the way Katsukis eyes fluttered shut, brows uncrossing, face relaxing as he nuzzled the cloth.
He wanted to see that unguarded, pure happiness on Katsuki everyday.
Trying not to get emotional as he ordered their dinner, Izuku thought of the pile of blankets, clothing items, gifts, and courting presents he had sitting in his closet.
He couldn’t resist buying them if they reminded him of Katsuki.
But he always thought he never had a chance.
Izuku returned to Katsuki when he finished ordering.
Seeing the omega he’d admired, coveted, and desired his whole life, let out a small, highpitched keen when he saw Izuku, subconsciously beckoning the Alpha closer, Izuku felt his heart swell.

Katsuki had accepted his courting.
Here is a fic version!!

2448 words of SFW, #bkdk / #dkbk A/B/O fluffy hurt/comfort 💕

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