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Mr. Clean has now stated seven hundred and fifty times that everyone was aware of everything. There was no secret effort to deny funding. Now Mr. Clean stated clearly that when he questioned Trump directly about what he wanted from Ukraine

Trump responded. "I want nothing"
Shifty Schiff trying to put words in Mr Clean's mouth.

Mr. clean clearly states it's his belief. His opinion. His feelings.

Dems lawyer now questioning.

Mr. Clean's memory has "improved" since disposition.🙄🙄🙄
Mr. Clean clearly states it's his opinions, it's his presumption, it's his feeling.


He also clearly stated when he asked Pres. Trump. Trump responded "I want nothing. No quid pro quo"
Mr. Clean stated again president never told him that aid was conditioned on investigations.

End of story.

But he thought, he presumed, he felt it was.

Trump specifically said there was no quid pro quo but by God Mr. Clean thought there was.


This crap isn't even a he said/he said.

It's a he said/he felt thing.


The president directly told him he wanted nothing but Mr. Clean felt something.🙄🙄
It's over folks. Mr. Clean just cleared Trump.

CBS is even agreeing with me. His statement that Trump said he wanted nothing is a game changer.

Mr. Clean said clearly everyone was in the loop, trump stated there was no quid pro quo. No hidden scheme, no orders, not irregular
10:54 am and the Dems entire case fell apart. What a shame.
Cbs news is trying hard to downplay the bombshell. But they are having a hard time 😂😂😂
Hearing is back.

Nunes questioning Mr. Clean now.

Nunes Dems heavily involved with Ukraine to rig 2016 election.
Nunes laying out the Dems actions with Ukraine to stop Trump.

Ambassador write op Ed
Worked with Clinton
Leaked black ledger to hurt Trump and takes manafort
Mr. Clean says Trump said on May 23rd. That Ukraine are all corrupt and they wanted to take him down. He wanted nothing to do with Ukraine.

Mr. Clean has few dealings with Rudy. Just a couple texts and phone calls.
Nunes goes over Burmisa corruption.

Obama's ambassador called for an investigation into Burmisa in 2015

Mr. Clean was clueless of corruption before he got involved.
Castor the ghost lawyer asking questions now.

Mr. Clean says no pre-existing conditions were set for the aid.

Mr. Clean didn't even talk with Rudy until after the call.
Mr clean agrees Trump said "talk to Rudy"

Not "go talk to Rudy"

Seems like Trump washed his hands of Ukraine, didn't want to deal with them.
Mr. Clean says he asked President Trump want he wanted from Ukraine

Trump said"i want nothing, I want no quid pro quo. "
Mr. Clean states clearly Joe Biden did not come up in any discussions.
Sen. Johnson confirms Mr. Clean's statement that Pres Trump as of Aug 31st that there was no connection to aid.

Mr. Clean presumed the aid was tied. Mr. Trump said it wasn't to Mr. Clean and sen. Johnson.
Mr clean is clearly confused and knew nothing while things when happening. He states the "light went on" AFTER this investigation started. In other words while it was happening he was Sgt Shultz. And he is using the new info to color his memories.
Mr. Clean confirms that president had some deep seated concerns about corruption in Ukraine.

And burisma wants the only company that he was concerned with so much for the Biden angle.
Mr. clean confirms that ores trump didn't give him a special assignment. The sec of state did.
Mr. Clean stated" I don't know why there was a hold on aid."

Everything is his opinion about why it happened. He doesn't know.
Mr. Clean says there was no irregular channel. All of the leadership was in the channel.

No concerns were every raised.
Mr. Clean doesn't remember most things. Says it's part of his job to communicate with heads of state daily so they run altogether. Mr. Clean didn't take notes on anything.
Shifty Schiff again just making up shit and putting words and actions in Mr. Clean's mouth.

Trump has every right to limit access to the WH. Again no crime.
😴😴😴 Dem lawyer questioning Mr. Clean.

Mr. clean doesn't remember most things.

Dems trying to expand the "Conspiracy". 🙄🙄🙄
Trump can limit access/ invites to the WH for whatever reason he wants. The Dems are trying to equate Trump's refusals to have Ukraine president at the WH until he investigate the corruption to a hold on the aid. 2 very different things.

It's legal for a quid pro quo on WH visit
Trump wanted an admission of investigation before invite to WH.

Big deal. That's called diplomacy.

Trump has every legal right and responsibility to dole out access to the WH.
Mr. Clean states NO one told him that the aid was tied to anything. He was presuming they were.

This is devastating to..............the Dems.
Nunes questioning Mr. Clean

Says if he was concerned about foreign aid he should have asked the person in charge of foreign aid....😂😂😂 Schiff had him questioned. For some reason that transcript hasn't been released. ..imagine that. .
One of the major issues for Trump is to get NATO to pay more.

Mr. clean agrees.

Nunes is building the case that aid was delayed for other reasons and concerns.
In common core math 2+2 does not equal 4.
Let's do it up so far.

Mr. Clean doesn't know.
Trump stated clearly to Mr. Clean he wanted nothing, no quid pro quo
Sen. Johnson confirmed that
Mr. Clean assumed a lot of things not at the time but based on news reports
No irregular channel existed
Everyone was aware
Casper the ghost lawyer making some good points.

Why didn't Mr. Clean say Trump said he wanted nothing in his opening statement.

Mr. Clean doesn't know...
Mr. Clean might know much, nor remember much but I know this hearing is yet another epic fail by the Dems.
Nunes says if WB would have testified none of this would matter.
Casper the ghost getting in the weeds.

That everyone wants in the loop. I Don't care about the weeds.
Casper the ghost pretended to be a potted plant again. 🙄🙄

30 min break.

I notice no one is acting like Mr. Clean is in danger like Vindman. 🙄🙄🙄
Okay, im back. Jordan kicking ass.
Dem congressman bullied the ambassador by calling for protesters at his hotels.

This hearing didn't turn out how the Dems and fake media expected it too. I don't know if Mr. Clean was trying to hide his call with Trump or if it's was a cleverly laid trap by Trump & Mr Clean. I suppose it doesn't matter. The fact is Mr. Clean pretty much ended Dems today.
Rep. Stefinnick is now up.

She is bringing it home.
Fartman is up now, I hope he doesn't blow it.
It's illegal to set off a fire alarm when there is no fire, dumbass.

Fartman is still spewing his noxious stuff.

Oh wait he's done.

Rep Hurd is up. Maybe he can clear the air some.
Hurd pretty much is wrapping things up. Zelensky is not a lair.
Radcliff up now.

Talking about Holmes.

Mr Clean says he doesn't remember saying Trump didn't care about Ukraine.
Okay, I'm thinking I'm done for the day. I can't anymore of this crap.

Thanks to all who followed along with the thread.

Hopefully, the Dems understand that they had another epic fail and ends this witch hunt.

They probably are too stupid to see thw handwriting on the wall.
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