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Adam & Eve Were The First White People – Genetically Created By A Black Scientist (Read Rare Facts)
Over the course of human existence, men have been in a long search for the sources of our existence as a species. Despite the various accounts of modern religion and philosophy, humans are still not satisfied.
This is because the accounts of the creation of modern religions such as Christianity and Islam do not add up – or do not account for the entire races of man, especially the Black man.
Hidden knowledge about human existence has pointed to the Caucasians being the race that was created at the garden of Eden, in the persons of Adam and Eve.
This hidden knowledge exposes that Black people lived for millions of years, before a Black scientist, named Yakub, out of anger for the murder of his parents, decided to go rogue and distort the balance.
This version of the creation of the Caucasian man, 6000 years ago, has always been known by a few people in the world. Many Black people do not even know of this account.
Many of those who know, might not be willing to share this, for fear of the backlash from the adherent of the Abrahamic religions, who only know one story.
But we believe that every account of creation must be heard, tested and verified for authenticity. So, we are detailing this for us all to learn and ask the right questions.
Some years ago,Elijah Muhammad,a religious leader,of the Nation Of Islam,revealed the creation story of Caucasian people to the world,and it generated attention,both from those who wanted to shut him up and those who were amazed at the possibility and the originality of his facts
He revealed how Adam & Eve were Caucasian people who were created by Yakub, in the Island of Patmos, which is today code-named garden of Eden, through a method of selective breeding, called “Grafting”.
The interesting thing about this is that the Biblical account of creation has a lot is similarities and events which match this hidden creation story of the white race by a Black man.
Before we continue, it is important that we mention that the story of the creation of Adam & Eve was inserted into the original laws, mythologies, principles, astrological concepts and literature of ancient Africa (Kemet, Ethiopia) that make up the texts of the Bible.
These ancient African contents were put together and are being used as a tool for Caucasian political and religious agendas.
Just like many Black scholars have said, we need to reaffirm that before white people (code name “Adam & Eve”) were created, Black people were already in existence and walking his earth.
And these knowledge are well known to the elites of the Caucasian world. That is why they did their best to hide it in the Bible, and paint it as the original source of mankind.
Yakub’s Captivating Story

The first Caucasian man appeared on the Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, around 6,000 years ago. This creation of the full white man (Caucasian) was complete after 600 years of grafting and experimentation.
It was said that Yakub’s mother and father died when he was only five years old, and he was raised by his uncle. Young Yakub was smart, being that he was a mixture of two ancient Kemet (Black, Egyptian) civilization.
The two civilizations are the Shayuk, who are 5ft to 7ft tall, with large heads, and great intelligence. They were known to be healers, priests, scientists and very advanced in knowledge.
The other group was the Sinin, who are of various complexions, with Oval heads, just like many African ethnic nationalities today; especially those from around the Congo. Yakub’s mother was from the Sinin people, while his father was from the Shayuk.
Yakub’s mother was married to the king of the Shayuk, but she didn’t love him. So, she went behind him, conspired with his jealous brother, and got pregnant, and gave birth to Yakub. When the king found out, he sent his soldiers to kill his brother for sleeping with his wife.
This was done according to the laws of the Shayuk. Yakub’s mother was spared to bring up the child. But she didn’t live long enough, as she committed suicide out of pain for the death of Yakub’s father.
Yakub was always laughed at for his bead head among his peers. They called him the “Bighead scientist” because of his love for science, and because he was smarter than many of his peers.
He did not like the humans and the environment he grew up in that much. He somehow held hatred and resentment for the world for the murder of his parents.
One day while playing with magnets, he told his uncle that he was going to create a people that will rule his kind and all of the Black people on earth. His uncle replied: “Yakub, do you not know that if you make a man other than the original man who is already here
on the Planet Earth, you will be making the devil himself?” But Yakub’s mind was made up. He replied to his uncle saying: “Nevertheless, I know that which you know not.”
By the time he turned 18, Yakub had fully formed the teaching of his own – a pattern and method of science that planned to create a species that would rule for many years to come.
He started to gather a large crowd whom he thought his techniques and philosophy. Before the people could realize, he built a following of over 50,000 people.
He promised his followers that with his techniques, they will rule the world for 6,000 years. At that point, he became a threat to the king of the nation, which is around today’s Sudan, Eritrea, and Egypt. Yakub was put in jail by the king.
After a while, the King and Yakub reached an agreement while he was locked up.
The agreement was reached for the king to provide Yakub and his followers the adequate commodities and amenities to start their own civilization, so they could leave their current land, to avoid troubles with the king.
The king did as they asked, and Yakub together with his 59,999 followers moved to the Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea. At Patmos, Yakub formed his government, with the help of a nurse, priest, doctor, and cremator.
The experiment which Yakub had been planning was then in effect. He placed a law on mating in the land. The law permitted sexual intercourse and conception to be on the basis of skin color. The law made sure that only higher complexion babies were allowed to live.
As generations came and went, the population of Patmos started to become whiter, an lighter. And after 600 years dedicated to grafting, the people were only with pale skin and blue eyes, and blonde hair.
A great number of Yakub’s followers after a while were not happy with his grafting methods because it involved lots of killing, and so they became disloyal to him and his ways. Yakub would later die at the age of 150, leaving his loyal followers to continue his mission and work.
The completion of Yakub’s grafting process took 600 years as we have mentioned earlier. And in those 600 years, they were able to produce three classes of new-humans. These classes are the “Rubedoid” (red man), Citrinoid” (Yellow man), and the “Albinoid” (white man).
The white man (albinoid) returned to Yakub’s childhood home, and in less than a year, they started to cause chaos in the land. Now, remember that this land is around present-day Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eretria.
The king and the people of the ancient Black lands stripped them of their clothing and sent them away, dressed in aprons. They were forced to cross the hot desert and into Europe.
When they entered Europe, they dwelt in the Caucus mountains and caves for another 2,000 years. Dwelling in such harsh conditions changed them mentally, socially, culturally, psychologically and otherwise.
They then turned into shameless savages who had no morals. They turned into cannibals and ate themselves and even some of their newborn.
This is how we arrived at the “caveman” theory. According to many scientific and archaeological stories, the Black man was already conquering and beautifying the globe when the Caucasians were still in the caves. This is a fact backed up by many studies and facts.
The story of Moses in the Bible was twisted to suit the narrative of those who stole African scriptures and stories and called it the Bible. In the real story, Moses was sent to go civilize the cavemen (albinoid).
When they were brought out of the mountains, they descended on the earth and started to cause havoc. And for 6,000 years they have been the major source of anarchy and doom all around the world.

It is important for us to note that the 6,000 years benchmark given by Yakub for his new invention to rule the world is the same as the 6,000 years of the creation of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
We must bear in mind that Black people have lived millions of years before that time.
The fact that the Black man has always been contested by many around the world.And the bulk of those who saythis is a lie,are those who areunder the tight influence and doctrine of Christianity especially the African Christian.But books suchas“Introduction to African Civilization
by John G.Jackson,holds plenty of evidence that points to the unarguable facts that Black humans have dwelt on this planet for hundreds of thousands,stretching to millions of years.And there isno arguing the archaeological andcosmic fact that these first humans were Black people.
Although this story of the creation of the “white Adam & Eve” was brought to light by the late Elijah Muhammed, it has been a story told by many cultures and civilizations around the world.
The creation of the Caucasian was prophesied to be the downfall of the glorious civilization of the Black man, by many of these cultures.
Now, we want to make it clear that the accounts brought forward in this writing is to the best of our knowledge factual, based on evidence and pieces of literature before us.
But we will not impose this on you or your beliefs. It’s ok to doubt this at first, but knowledge is power. And knowledge comes with more learning.
You are allowed to research further on this. We have a few books that would help you with your research. You can click on them below and continue your search for truth and enlighten. We have only shown you the door.

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