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Stop terming 'therapeutic' experiences, as 'therapy'. Therapy is structured and focused on the client's issues. There is a particular process for therapy which has fixed steps and actions and challenges.

Therapy involves guidance, insights and support from a professional. Professionals are trained to help you and education is achieved in order to be informed of various methods to provide that help. Not so that the tag of our profession is given to 'things'.

Therapeutic experiences do not necessarily need supervision, guidance, scientific advice or the study of psychology. Drinking tea is 'therapeutic' because one feels relaxed or calm after it. But tea is not your therapist for it to be therapy.
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How to drive a #narcissist #crazy: 1. everything is black or white w/them. Try a compromise. They will get triggered. 2. Your independence. They can’t stand this. Be independent. Think freely have your opinions & viewpoints. Exert your independence their their sense of superior
Will be threatened. You have the right to your own opinions, feelings thoughts. This drives them crazy. They now can’t be in control. 4. Accomodation of your preferences. They can’t stand this as they need to choose your vacation, your dinner at the restaurant
There is no Accomodating your feelings your opinions your wishes. It is their way OR the highway. 5. Change. Change interrupts their fixed narrative or agenda. They hate this 6. Ultimatums. If you have given your #narcissists an ultimatum they are now backed up against a wall.
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The ‘Australian Association of Family Therapy’ just had their 2021 conference. Here are their training materials 👀 👇🏻 I see a significant departure from Code of Ethics, evidence based research & science & Foundational principles of family therapy 👇🏻 #psychology #ethics #therapy
Please share widely. Contact AAFT at
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The 2021 #Australian Association of Family Therapy #AAFT Conference included a presentation on ‘treating families with Transgender Children’ in the context of family therapy & is a significant departure from ethics, guidelines & the foundational principles of family #therapy
If you are member of the public seeking a family therapist, you have the right to know how they are trained. What follows is their recent training materials. Please share widely. I will be discussing this in my book. Please choose a #therapist wisely. I cannot overstate this
Family therapists in Australia are trained to have an agenda and bias. They are trained to ‘normalise’ and affirm self-ID
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1. I've pulled together a list of what I've found are the most helpful questions my service users have found to challenge their unhelpful thinking patterns. A thread. #CBT #CBTworks #Therapy #CognitiveBehaviouralTherapy
2. • Am I being realistic?
• Am I being fair to myself?
• What would I say to someone else?
• How many times has the worst-case scenario actually happened?
• Am I being my own harshest critic?
• Is it all my responsibility?
3. •Am I filtering out the positives and dwelling on the negatives?
• Do I have any evidence/proof of this?
• Is it helpful to think about everything that could go wrong?
• Is it helpful to think like this?
• How might somebody else see the situation?
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Why do all therapists need to know how to talk respectfully about sexuality and gender identity? I was interviewed for a podcast for the first time and was asked this question, but I found myself tripping over my words! So here goes #TherapistsConnect 1/
Firstly, #therapy research shows that #LGBTQ plus and other Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse (GSRD) people tend to self-censor in therapy and assume that talking about sexuality and gender identity is "off limits". Why is this? 2/
Well, #LGBTQ plus people grow up surrounded by #homophobia, #biphobia and #transphobia (yes, it still exists folks, both in the UK and in other contexts). Most of us internalise it to some extent, and many learn to protect ourselves by staying quiet about "being different". 3/
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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I am ready to talk about the #silencing of over 25,000 psychologists in Australia with regards to the safeguarding of children. We are threatened, harassed, coerced to provide only one #therapy to children or else! They tried to force me into this I said NO. Any journalists???
I am ready to talk to journalists, lawyers, bloggers and am now writing a book on this topic/issue. I am ashamed of my colleagues and the board who wilfully ignore the immature prefrontal cortex, the autistic brain, and their own ethics and guidelines #rogd #gender #transgender
I have not been able to speak openly about this until now as I have been continually #silenced, harassed, threatened, coerced by other #psychologists #therapists, my board, governing agencies and other professionals. It’s time to reveal what is happening to clinicians worldwide
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Australian Judges to now oversee #transgender #teen treatment is a positive step forward and welcomed in order to safeguard children who are unable to give full #gillick #informedconsent…
Thank you @KLBfax for your #bravery and standing up for vulnerable children who deserve #safeguarding, should have been given full #gillick informed consent and should have had their immature prefrontal cortex, as a consequence of child development, taken into consideration
This decision supports the UK, Finland, and Sweden in an international shift towards caution for #children and safest ethical medical practice. The Australian #gender clinic remains unidentified at the moment
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/10/2021…
Public Citizen Report Finds That Corporate Prosecutions Plunged to a 25-Year Low Final Year of Trump Administration…

#CorporateProsecution #CorporateLeniency #CorporateImpunity
A New Study Reveals that Not Prosecuting People for Nonviolent Misdemeanors May Actually Reduce Crime…

#prosecution #misdemeanors #consequences #CrimeRate
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What is #PelvicFloor #dysfunction? When these muscles become too tight, then they may become a source of #pain 💢 Additionally #tight muscles are problematic because they may not be able to generate enough force to function properly, support the organs & act as part of our core🧵
As we age and in response to #surgery, #childbirth, or #constipation the muscles can also become over lengthened which also makes them weak & unable to function properly 😮🧵
In addition to the length & strength of the muscles being altered, our ability to control the #muscles💪can also become impaired, this is called a loss of motor control. There are many causes to #PFD, but the good news is that #pelvicfloor #physical #therapy can help🙏🏽
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As part of my #selfcare routine I've started going to #therapy ❤️

It’s important to be vocal about #mentalhealth & normalise treatment 💬

If you’re considering starting, go for it—you deserve care.

Here are 4 things I’ve learned about myself from doing therapy 👇
I’m more anxious than I realise 😓

I only realise once I speak my thoughts out loud and get them out of my head 🤯

I’m always surprised by what I’ve actually been holding on to!

It feels good to acknowledge this....
I’m not as “fine” as I first thought!

Small things I pass off as ‘minor’ every day clearly build up to have an impact on my mental health 🧠

Making them more ‘known’ to myself has been helpful & enlightening 💡

Almost there...👇
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Pleased to be presenting on #digital approaches at the IFTA congress tomorrow @IFTA_Family with @PoteHelen 🙂
Our presentation is based on our Journal of Family Therapy special edition @AFTorg_UK @Editor_JFT Image
@IFTA_Family @PoteHelen @AFTorg_UK @Editor_JFT We define digital systemic practice & introduce frameworks for understanding digital mental health;
explore the slow but encouraging development of systemic practice pre-COVID;
describe the move to videoconferencing &
sketch out the possibilities of our digital future Image
#Digital #mentalhealth is so much more than the provision of videoconferencing
-many different approaches involving differing amounts of therapist involvement & tech automation
-spanning the full range of intervention levels @WISHQatar report at ImageImage
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#FEELGOODFRIDAY: Although 2020 was 😩 I’m lucky to be working during the #pandemic, telling stories that matter, especially about people & pets with a big ❤️ who make the 🌎 go round. Here are 17 of those stories I did w/@SBM_Steve, 1 of the best photographers ever!
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A Mass. mom joined a group of parents at her son’s #daycare in #Medford, MA to raise enough money to prevent it from shutting down due to #COVID.

Parents Help Save Medford Daycare From Closing Due to Pandemic

Full story:…
This Boston woman walked around the city handing out food to people in need until she raised enough money to open a free outdoor refrigerator/food pantry to feed more people. A Boston restaurant is stepping up to provide free electricity for the fridge.

Full story. 👇🏽👇🏽
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2020…
How CRISPR is tackling the troubling immune response that's plagued gene therapy until now…

#CRISPR #immune #therapy #gene #response
Less likely than being struck by lightning? Think I’ll stay indoors…

#AvailabilityBias #COVID19 #UnitedKingdom
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Looking forward to delivering this one-day workshop/training to a national counselling service today! #counselling #therapy #training Image
When we say 'working with', what we are actually doing and being in, is a Relationship. So both my idenity and the identity of the other person are present and in relationship with one another #relationships #intersectionality #diversity Image
In #counselling it's important we understand, explore and reflect on our own and our client's intersectionality, and the relationship dynamic created between the two. Great discussion in our morning session addressing those systems of oppression and our #intersectionality. Image
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You see my faith before my profession. You see my ethnicity before my qualifications. You see my gender before my clincial experience. You see my age before my accolades. To say therapy isn't social justice or political guess what, its not a choice. You can't eradicate my Truth.
If I am Seen, my Clients are Seen. If I can accept my Truth, I can accept my Client's Truth.
#socialjustice #counselling #therapy #power #privilege #oppression #political #inequality #intersectionality #identity #faith #ethnicity #gender Image
No Counsellor/Therapist is 'neutral' in the room. Our visible identity (ethnicity, gender, faith, age, ability/disability etc) can't be removed, dismissed, ignored, made invisible. Our identity is reacted/related/responded to (consciously/unconsciously). It's how we work with it.
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My next Setting Up in Private Practice workshop is next Saturday 22nd August. Email to book your place! #SupportingPrivatePractice #counselling #SupportingYou
Setting Up in Private Practice
Saturday 22nd Aug.
Covers all the key areas to help you successfully and confidently set-up your #privatepractice 👍🏼 Image
Excited to be delivering my next Setting Up in Private Practice workshop tomorrow! Always great to support practitioners in their PP journey! #SupportingPrivatePractice #Counselling #Therapy #CPD #successstory 🥳🥳🥳
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I'm about to go live on-air @BBCLeicester to talk about counselling and the need for more POC to enter the profession AND for the profession to offer culturally-appropriate training #counselling #therapy
For people who want to know more about training as a counsellor - see our counselling courses delivered at @LCPCatNo12
For Muslim Communities who want to find a Muslim Counsellor search our @MCAPN_CO_UK Counselling Directory… or check out @MCAPN_CO_UK for support for Muslim counsellors and therapists 👍🏼
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Did you miss this last time? Another opportunity to attend this workshop on Setting up in Private Practice.
Sat 22nd August, 10am-4pm.
All you need to know about confidently setting up your practice. Includes access to templates for GDPR, contracts, social media, marketing & more Image
Places booking up! Opportunity for support in setting up your private practice, creating a visible profile, getting your legal responsibility, GDPR & contracts in place, & creating your social media, branding & marketing plan! & post-workshop network group for continued support! Image
Feedback from delegates, who attended the 'Setting up in Private Practice' workshop last weekend.
Next workshop on Saturday 22nd August.
Email to book your place.
#Counselling #Therapy #Coaching #selfemployed #solopreneur #ownboss ImageImageImageImage
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Being qualified to work in private practice and setting up/running a private practice are two different skill-sets. Counselling training prepares you for the first, ie. the client/clinical work, but rarely prepares you for the 'business' side of the practice. Image
I'm regularly asked by many newly qualified & established counsellors to supervisee them. Many approach me because I support practitioners to establish, launch and run their private practice, alongside supporting their clincial practice. #counselling #SupportingPrivatePractice
Counselling training doesn't adequately prepare for private practice. What did you need support or guidance in when setting up private practice? What would you like to see as part of counselling training? #TherapistsConnect #SupportingPrivatePractice
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1/ Q: Are there ways to combat #COVID19's differential impact on #mentalhealth for communities of color?

A: Our hearts go out to each and every one of you right now. We are not experts on everything and cannot solve all problems, but we can offer support.
2/ We believe these resources can open up conversations on mental health and connect people with resources. And give our followers resources to share with their networks, friends, and loved ones. Together, we can elevate a stronger, more supportive message.
1) A perspective to help us understand the stresses associated with seeking or receiving mental health care from Dr. Jonathan Shephard:…
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1/ Q: Thinking about #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: is there anything new I can try to improve my mental health during the #COVID19 crisis?

A: Yes, there is and there is hope! Read on
2/ Let's start with the facts. A recent report from @KFF estimates 45% of Americans suffered worse mental health since start of the pandemic:…
It appears that more than the 1 in 5 Americans struggle with their mental health in a given year.
3/ So perhaps the good news is that, because we are all experiencing this together, more and more resources are popping up every day. And for the #nerdygirls, this also means we will be getting more data (and hopefully more answers on what works/doesn't work).
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Reports from all around the world including from those of @WHO say that Corona virus is here to stay. The future seems like a dystopian one, and a lot of people are going through personal experiences and emotions that they have never felt before.
The @UN has already laid out their policy about #Covid-19 and the need for action on #mentalhealth. It is serious. We must recognize the importance of a healthy mind. People from all walks of life including small children are concerned and afraid of what the future holds for them
These are the times when we need to reassure ourselves, or someone who can re-ignite in us the confidence in our capability to survive even in the harshest times. This is a window for inspirational figures and government authorities in India to start a movement about the
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