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Good Morning Blessed StarSeeds, Loved Ones, Universe Travelers, Guardians, Protectors, Executioners (Earth & Galactic) & Guest,

DeCode Reminder Truth is essential: The American Economy was Stabilized prior this Administration initiated 10 years ago: A-1
Historical marker as previously shared was initiated to Free the sovereign American national people & America from the strangle hold of artificially created debt imbalance: The DEATH strangle hold of people's (Hosea 4:6) in everyone's voluntary engagement of the double edge A-2
sword authorizations granted to fiduciary administrating Custodians, DEBTORs = Fed Res Central banks, licensed & bonded (government contractors) whom facilitate your Credit via the TRUST-ESTATE disregarded entity SSN Trust Fund account: (I know a great deal of information to A-3
process for those new to the disclosure of this essential transactional data:) The points are multiple, pertaining the actual historical truth regarding the steady economic growth & stabilization that has transpired over a decade: These operational facts have Zero to do with A-4
politics: It has taken that amount of time of actual private side operational enforcement to continually organically balance, artificially created debt imbalances & Machiavellian agendas of multiple heinous groups termed [DS] that are puppets of negative Galactic operations A-5
through out civilization in every nation via essential organizations across society as people steadily are discovering: It is unreasonable to expect it simply transpired via a new administration that yet experiences embedded corruption being removed: Corruption like a spy is A-6
infiltrated in every culture, race, profession, denomination, sector of society etcetera to attain knowledge & control over essential services for number of agendas, especially within areas that involve trust: Trust has been the most exploited area of our civilization due to A-7
how Trust is essential in ways everyone has taken for granted: Meaning we universally are good people whom are very trusting in nature: Proof when you walk down a sidewalk and use a cross walk, drive or ride in any vehicle: Practically speaking wherever we are using "common A-8
sense" anywhere in the world, universally we expect specific basic rules of trust to be engaged, Obviously: Zero translation needed, green light means go, red light stop and yellow caution: All is well until these basic rules of Trust are violated whether in a public macro A-9
or in a private micro trust relationship with loved ones, transactionally with others one to one, regarding private banking, law, enforcement, medical, governmental, business etcetera eroded or destroy Trust it has the ability to interrupt crucial services and operations: A-10
One of my favorite scenes of the Matrix Trilogy is the scene between councillor Hamann & Neo for obvious reasons pertaining private side reality of operations: Zero people except those maintaining these essential realities pay any attention until an A-11
issue transpires within one's private life or the economy etcetera: Your lights are on transportation is functional, food & products are upon the shelves when you shop etcetera: The economy & American dollar was stabilized during the last administration further reflected by A-12
this Gold coin marker, when America's Treasury Liabilities to China was a serious concern what year? I know yet do any of you remember? The new 100 Benjamin Bill was another marker: The continued threat of alleged economic collapse that has yet to happen: Meaning one needs A-13
to comprehend there are realities upon realities of operations that people have Zero comprehension: During the former administration 95 Trillion was infused into the entire system over two presidential terms: Now compare to 10 plus Quadrillion to date engaged operationally A-14
due to the organic spiritual Conscious actualization via a returned to Life sovereign American national,(who unknown to the population yet notified) historically engaged in out maneuvering heinous Machiavellian cooking of the frogs layered transactional realities transpiring A-15
that took millenniums to prepare the abhorrent feast of the dammed planned: Due to people voluntarily in blissful Hosea 4:6 continually operating via revolving debt accounts: Reminder Fed Res Central Banks operate off of Debt (Brilliant scene from the A-16
International:) Credit that is created (18 USC 8) due to people operating as unidentified "authorized representatives" for the disregarded entity, TRUST-ESTATE accounts everyone authorizes the Tax Status via the attachment of the SSN Trust Fund account number to all public A-17
side (Legal Title) operating realities: The utilization of SSN as Tax status by paying bills and taxes as historically stated, defines everyone by their historical precedence presently as an administrating fiduciary also known as a trustee de son tort… A-18
remember the boiling frog, add this pinzer movement, if one attempts to argue (now one is truly mentally incapacitated to argue against history records of paying bills & taxes for extended period of time) to simply state I had no idea… or now refuse to A-19
Will continue tomorrow! Wishing all a relaxing evening or great morning!
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