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अधिकतर व्यक्ति इनकम टैक्स भरते वक्त यही सोचते हैं कि हमारे साथ ज्यादती कर रही है
लेकिन सियाचिन की यात्रा के बाद और वहां पहरा दे रहे 3 मराठी सैनिकों को सुनने के बाद
मुझे इनकम टैक्स चुकाने का कोई मलाल नहीं है।
उन्होंने जो कुछ भी कहा वह ऐसा था -
पहले---- 1. राशन3 माह पुराना
2. फल 2 महीने पुराना
3. सलाद कभी नहीं मिला
4. किसी ने सेहत की परवाह नहीं की
5. खाने योग्य हर चीज के लिए डिपो दिल्ली में था, फिर ट्रक से लेह, फिर ट्रक से सियाचिन, फिर ट्रक से बॉर्डर और फिर बॉर्डर पोस्ट किचन में एयर ड्रॉप जिसमें2 से 3 महीने लगते थे।
मोदी सरकार के आने के बाद---.
3 हेलीकॉप्टर रोज लाते हैं
ताजा फल
ताजा राशन
ताजा सलाद
ताजा सूप
अच्छी रसोई
अच्छे रसोइये
अच्छे वाटरप्रूफ कपड़े
देश में बने बेहतर क्वालिटी के वाटरप्रूफ जूते
(पहले लगभग60000 के आयातित जूते मिलते थे, लेकिन अब बेहतर गुणवत्ता के जूते 30000 में ही निर्मित होते हैं)।
प्रचुर मात्रा में ताज
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अगर राहुल सांवरकर की इतनी आलोचना ना करते तो हर भारतीय को सावरकर जी के बारे में कम पता चलता धन्यवाद राहुल
🤷🏻‍♀️ वीर सावरकर कौन थे..? जिन्हें आज कांग्रेसी और वामपंथी कोस रहे हैं और क्यों..?? ये 25 बातें पढ़कर आपका सीना गर्व से चौड़ा हो उठेगा।…
इसको पढ़े बिना आज़ादी का ज्ञान अधूरा है!
🙏🏻 आइए जानते हैं एक ऐसे महान क्रांतिकारी के बारे में जिनका नाम इतिहास के पन्नों से मिटा दिया गया। जिन्होंने ब्रिटिश हुकूमत के द्वारा इतनी यातनाएं झेलीं की उसके बारे में कल्पना करके ही इस देश के करोड़ों भारत माँ के कायर पुत्रों में सिहरन
पैदा हो जायेगी। जिनका नाम लेने मात्र से आज भी हमारे देश के राजनेता भयभीत होते हैं क्योंकि उन्होंने माँ भारती की निस्वार्थ सेवा की थी। वो थे हमारे परमवीर सावरकर।
1. वीर सावरकर पहले क्रांतिकारी देशभक्त थे जिन्होंने1901 में ब्रिटेन की रानी विक्टोरिया की मृत्यु पर नासिक में शोक सभा
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⚔️ Adani Group: A perspective you cannot miss GEOPOLITICs thru' ECONOMIC CLOUT; CHINA DOES IT ,WHY NOT INDIA ?

⚔️When the Adani Group replied to the allegations of Hindenburg, the latter retorted, ‘Fraud cannot be obfuscated by Nationalism’

There is a school of thought that says, that the Hindenburg report was a hit job, and Adani is a nationalist. Let us evaluate.

⚔️ Leave aside the fact that Hindenburg report was timed with the release of the FPO; there is a greater aspect to the timing. It was done when

Adani was to acquire the Haifa Port in Israel.And who other than Adani was interested in the Haifa Port?

⚔️ It was the Chinese.They already run the container yard at Haifa and wanted control of the entire port. But what destroyed their goal was that Adani bid five times the
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Deplorable that #NamoAt72 endures hashtags like #NationalUnemploymentDay & #राष्ट्रीय_बेरोजगार_दिवस.

Record job loss, inflation & cronyism are no excuses not to say #HappyBdayModiji.

Since I'm jobless, here's a thread of videos to entertain Narendrabhai & other jobless folk...
Modi the Mathematician figured out where the 2ab in (a+b)² comes from. You see, no one had taught him that (a+b) * (a+b) inherently produces it.

So he spent his entire sojourn in some Himalayan cave to come up with this explanation...
#ClimateEmergency activists have long despaired of human society acting with any urgency on the issue. Modi the Modifier brilliantly figured out that the way to tackle a global problem is to completely redefine it. The climate hasn't changed, it is humans who are getting older...
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Happy Birthday dear @narendramodi ji❤️🙏❤️ Mahadev ki kripa sada aap par bani rahe🙏 Sending you 72 wishes on your 72nd Bday❤️



Maa ke laadle Modi!
Happy Birthday dear @narendramodi ji❤️🙏❤️ Mahadev ki kripa sada aap par bani rahe🙏 Sending you 72 wishes on your 72nd Bday❤️



Pradhan Sevak Modi!
Happy Birthday dear @narendramodi ji❤️🙏❤️ Mahadev ki kripa sada aap par bani rahe🙏 Sending you 72 wishes on your 72nd Bday❤️



Santo ke priya Modi!
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Frankly, I have been sleepless since i heard detail of #WaqfLandGrab where Waqf board can CLAIM any land as theirs while as per 1991 #PlacesofWorshipAct, I can’t RECLAIM my heritage? 🤨🤨

Why did Cong kept strengthening #WaqfAct?

Waqf is 3rd largest owner of land in India after Railways & Army

8 lakh acres of land

6,59,877 properties

…presently registered with Waqf Board

& all this in Hindustan, after India was partitioned by Congis on religious lines

Let that sink in 🤨🤨🤨
Nehru brought Art 370 that made Kashmiri Hindus refugees in own land

Nehru brought Hindu Code Bills in 1950s to REFORM only Hindus

SoniaG brought Communal Violence Bill 2011 holding majority community H!NDUS responsible for all R!OTS

Is this Bharat jodo or Bharat todo?
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8 years ago who would have thought, we would be facing the worst pandemic of the century & we would fight the battle by administering 191 crores of vaccine doses & ramping up healthcare infrastructure.
Even supplying vaccines to other nations.
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) Gramin - Over 2 crore homes sanctioned while 1.14 crore homes built under PMAY Urban.

Jal Jeevan Mission - 6 crore tap water connections to rural homes.
1,351 water supply projects in the cities worth Rs. 42,400 crore under AMRUT.
Swachh Bharat Mission - 11 crore toilets built in rural India while 68.8 lakh individual/community toilets built in Urban areas.

Ayushman Bharat - 3 crore people received free medical treatment.

SAUBHAGYA Yojana - Electrifying 2.6 crore homes.
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A letter written by professional doctor to PM Modi.
Why do Indians resist paying taxes? - #Thread

Interesting thoughts on why Indian resist paying taxes, in an open letter to the Prime Minister.
Dear Modi ji,

This is what we honest citizens feel about our Governments - Central and State...

On behalf of professionals & businessmen, I am* sending you some facts ..

Please try to understand.

We are not doing Tax '"Chori"'... this is tax saving (a bit of evading too).
This is to ensure security of our family, kids and their future for any adversity.

1. We bought Generators/Inverter in our houses, because Govt. failed to provide constant electricity.

2. We installed submersible pumps, because Govt. failed to provide water.
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India records highest ever annual #FDI inflow of $83.57 billion in FY 2021-22. This is $1.60 billion more than last FY despite military operation in Ukraine and COVID19 pandemic.
#India ’s FDI inflows have gone up 20-fold since 2003-04, when the inflow was $4.3 billion.
India is rapidly emerging as a preferred country for foreign investment in the manufacturing sector. FDI equity inflow in manufacturing sector has increased by 76% in FY 2021-22 ($21.34 billion) compared to FY 2020-21 ($12.09 billion).
It is remarkable that #FDI inflow into #India has increased 23% post-#COVID19 ($171.84 billion between March 2020 and March 2022), compared to pre-pandemic FDI inflow ($141.10 billion between February 2018 and February 2020: USD 141.10 billion).
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Imagine a donation of ₹1.20 crore in your bank account on a single day deposited by 20 different persons with each transaction of equal amount. But...self-styled environmental activist Medha Patkar & her NGO Narmada Navnirman Abhiyan has evaded law enforcement for 17 years

But NO MORE !!!

ED has issued a notice to Medha Patkar, for alleged suspicious 17 years old transactions on the account of the NGO Narmada Navnirman Abhiyan. 

A case is registered against Patkar by Revenue Intelligence Directorate & Income Tax Dept.


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Im surprised I missed this thread on the Levententh Avatar of Vazoo by @Candinam (Now @DrDatta01).. The claims she has made about Modi are serious & Im going to fact-check them... Give me a few minutes to roll out a thread on all that she has claimed...
1/9.. This is an interesting thread by @DrDatta01 on PM Modi around his birthday in September 2018… Considering hes the PM, we must examine the facts claimed by her carefully so that the public is adequately educated & doesnt become AntiNational…
2/9.. Firstly, @DrDatta01 claims Modi was born TWICE.. This is a FACT but not surprising.. Hindus believe in multiple births. Modi was once born as Avatar of Shivaji (per #BhajanMandli) but they changed their mind & rebirthed him as Avatar of Lord Vazoo..
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My humble tribute to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on his 125th birth anniversary. His contribution to the freedom struggle is incomparable. Independent #India 🇮🇳 owes him an immense debt of gratitude.
1/4 Image
The decision to install a magnificent statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose under the canopy at India Gate, where once stood the statue of King George V, King Emperor of colonial British India, is a fitting tribute to a national hero.
2/4 Image
Prime Minister @narendramodi will inaugurate a hologram of Netaji’s statue today, marking his 125th birth anniversary, pending the installation of the granite statue.
It will also mark the formal start of Republic Day celebrations.
3/4 Image
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2014 पूर्वी उठसुठ #US #Russia ह्यांच्याकडे धाव घेत होतो. पण आज चित्र बदलल आहे. UK, US, रशिया ह्यांचे #NSA हे श्री अजित #डोवाल ह्याना भेटायला भारतात येतात का? तर #अफगाणिस्तान! तोच अफगाणिस्तान ज्यावर रशिया,US (#महासत्ता😜) ह्यांनी अयशस्वी राज्य केलं! १/७
मोदी सरकारचे अपयश आहे काही गोष्टीत मान्य करायलाच हव पण हे सुद्धा बघायला हवं की जे गेल्या ७० वर्षात झालं नाही ते आता घडतंय. अतिदुर्गम भागात रेल्वे, राम मंदिर निकाल, ३७० कलम, तीन तलाक ह्या गोष्टी घडल्या. २/७
नुसतं गल्लीत माझा नगरसेवक, सरपंच - कार्यसम्राट, दादा, ताई हे करून आपला फायदा फक्त क्षणिक आहे. कारण राष्ट्र जर सुरक्षित हातात नसेल तर काय होऊ शकत हे आपण अफगाणिस्तान मध्ये बघतोच आहोत. विरोधक कितीही बोलले तरी मोदींना 🔔 फरक पडत नाही. ३/७
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Rural Broadband project, #BharatNet,rolled out by @narendramodi govt,to be implemented via PPP model,will ensure,every inhabited village in 16 States will have Optical Fibre Connectivity,with overall cost at 19041 Cr

3.61 lakh villages will get broadband,OTT&Multi media Services Image
On economic front,good news is,for FY21,India saw Current Account Surplus (CAS) of 0.9% of GDP,versus Current Account Deficit (CAD) of 0.9% in FY20

Under inept #Congress,#CAD rose to 6.8% in 2013 but it has been less than 2% in last 7yrs,under @narendramodi govt,which bodes well
Just look at the kind of transformative work being done by @narendramodi &his team

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana to boost #Pisciculture,with a Rs 20000 Cr corpus &subsidy in the range of 40%-60%,is a huge boost to agri&allied services sector

#Modinomics #PMModi #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai Image
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Story of the day(Read till the end)
There was a travel agency with one big bus & 25 plus minibuses. Big bus was driven by the descendants of first driver while the mini buses were driven by their servants. They were simply earning money without spending on the maintenance.
Buses were leaking during the monsoon. All the parts were loose & making lots of noise & vibrations. They had the responsibility to maintain the roads too which they neglected. They & their servants were interested only in collecting money from passengers

Passengers had no other option than to pay the money & gradually they were used to this.
Finally, a mini bus got a new intelligent driver who was focussed on repairing the bus. He changed the looks & performance of the mini bus that others were jealous about his passengers

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India administered over 8 million #COVID19 vaccine doses yesterday,the 1st day of central gvmnt taking over vaccination from states.
It was the highest in a day yet.
Vaccination drive in India under PM Narendra Modi has been unprecedented.
Funfact Thread 1/
India administered almost entire Switzerland yesterday with vaccine dose
On average India administers around 5 million vaccine dose every day which is equal to entire population of NZ,who has administered only 10%of its population yet with 1st dose.
49million+ Indians r fully vaccinated with 2 dose, which is double than the entire population of Australia,while Aus has only vaccinated 3% of population yet.
280 Million single dose vaccines administered in India,while Aus has only 6million.
Reason?Not able to secure stock
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Thread: 1/6
India, Indians and @narendramodi have now become objects of ridicule world wide. The world is worried about the possibility of a mutated strain of Corona emerging from India and has thus closed its gates to all Indians.
2/6 It will be a long time before we are able to travel to any country.

A failed vaccine program, announced with much fanfare as #TikaUtsav with no stocks or no thought as to how it will be rolled out, has created an international situation.
3/6 A strain detected in UK, called the B.1617 has been classified by WHO as a 'strain of concern'. What this means in layman terms is that this strain may bypass the defenses created by the vaccines that are being currently administered.
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People living in their ivory towers have no idea of real Bharat.

37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually, 1.5 million children die of diarrhoea alone.

See this report from 2013

This is what we have been living with even seven decades after independence.

Why couldn’t successive governments think, plan and deliver such a basic thing like tap water when this man #modi is targeting the same in 4 years.

Covid has hit our homes and we are very vocal. Rightly so.

But think how would they have handled a pandemic of this scale that requires a response where we need to increase resources by 5-10 times in months because doubling or tripling will be GOOD but not ENOUGH.

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Thread-Vacine drama
Why US banned raw material export to India 1st?
Why now suddenly they agreed to help?
Man behind it- #NarendraModi, a leader who knows how to,Silently. The one who perform best under pressure&is master of diplomacy.
Since start of India's #VaccinationDrive ,India was emerging a global leader in #VaccineDiplomacy .
India under its Vaccine Maitri campaign started shipping its Made in India #CovishieldVaccine to world.
Till now India has provided its vaccine to more than 90 countries.
B4 Covid-19 vaccines were developed,India supplied some 100 countries with hydroxychloroquine& paracetamol,and sent pharmaceuticals,test kits&other equipment to around 90 countries.India was emerging as global pharmaceutical powerhouse&#Modiji as powerfull leader.
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After Modi's #Trichy youth conference, the next morning when police were clearing up their mini-control room, they found 5 strange boys who were roaming there with bags. When police enquired - "sir, we are frm Subramaniapuram in Trichy. Whatever political meeting or conference
is held in this ground, we come here on the same night or morning hours to collect the #Liquor bottles to sell in the scrap shop for 50 paisa to Re.1 per bottle & we used to earn Rs 200 to Rs 400 on each such event. Even in the last #DMK meeting the next day we collected around
1500 bottles. But for Modi's #BJP meeting, we could not find even a single bottle in the whole ground. We are coming round & around & not a single bottle in any corner of the ground in Trichy, we are much disappointed, sir!". #Police seem were stunned & pleasantly surprised
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Be it BiharGovt or a google search of the word only “Bihar”, talks are just abt #SushanthSinghRajput (my fav too)

REAL NEWs: nearly 66Lakh people affected by BiharFloods & death toll Rising- No talks😒

My bird eye attempt 2 unfold Bihar & it’s perennial disastrous floods👇🏻1/n
🌑According to the BSDMA, 73.63% of the area & 76% population of North Bihar is considered to be prone to floods.

🌑This year monsoon has arrived before time which has damaged majority of corn crops
Thus farmers didn’t get appropriate rate for crop (2/n)…
2015 का नारा था
“बिहार में बहार है, नतीशे कुमार है”
लेकीन सच्चाई यह है की
“बिहार में बांड है और निकम्मी सरकार है”

In flood-prone Bihar, Sushashan babu‘s govt has asks villagers to tweet about potential threats!!

बिहार में इतना Digital_India हुआ है क्या?
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In J&K 10 unprecedented decisions have been taken in recent days which further promote the reforms of @narendramodi Govt in J&K.
1. Around 5 lakh people mainly West Pak refugees, families of women married outside J&K, Valmikis, Gorkhas and non PR residing in J&K for so many years and mainly from backward sections and who were denied their basic rights got all these rights due to #NewDomicileLaw.
2. All extraordinary facilities at Govt expenditures being enjoyed by all Ex CMs including Abdullahs, Muftis and Azad have been stopped.
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A comedian who asks a tv anchor questions is banned from flying, while a terror accused can make a scene and delay a flight by 45 mins, no problems.
A man talks about blocking roads in protest and has a sedition case filed against him, while a Union Minister asks people to kill
in a public meeting and no action
People are convicted of burning 33 people to death are given bail and asked to do community service, while a social worker speaks up for tribal's rights and is in jail for over a year without charges or trial.
School kids enact the destruction
of a centuries old place of worship and get applauded by the Lt. Governor, while students who stage a play protesting a law that violates the constitution are charged with sedition.
A terror accused is made an MP,
a murder accused who was externed from his home state
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This thread will list down the 75 reasons why everyone should vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India

Thanks to @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha for coming up with these brilliant 1 minute videos.

My effort here is to list all the 75 reasons in a single thread
#Reason1 - @BJP4India MPs work for you.

👉 #Attendance #DiscussBills
👉#PassLaw #75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk by @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha -

#Reason2 - Electricity for All

👉 100% Rural Electrification #DeendayalGramJyotiYojana
👉 Electrification of 100% households #Saubhagya

@PiyushGoyal @grameenvidyut

#75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk @muglikar_
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