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Our first-ever CapSciComm Virtual Trivia Night starts at 7:00 p.m. PDT! Join us for a little community fun in this inaugural #CapSciCommLive event. Open to CapSciComm Members and non-members. Instructions:… #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve #KeepScienceSpicy [1/n]
Rules: No limit on how many people to a team--solo, with your family or roommates, or many even virtually with friends over text! Come up with your team name and just have a good time! If you’re tweeting a selfie with your team, be sure to use the hashtag #CapSciCommLive. [2/n]
Instructions: You can read tonight's questions here, or dial in to our conference line. These instructions plus printable + PDF-fillable answer sheets for tonight's virtual pub quiz here:… [#CapSciCommLive 3/n]
We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. Finally, no checking your phone or the internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! It's not a Google-contest, yo :D [#CapSciCommLive 4/n]
We'll start the quiz after a little introduction on our phone line for our audio participants! Hang tight, and get ready to start a little after 7:00 p.m. sharp 🌶️🌶️🌶️[#CapSciCommLive 5/n]
For anyone having trouble calling in, please keep trying. Until then, please read questions from Twitter. Thank you!!!!! [#CapSciCommLive 6/n]
R1 Q1:

BUILDINGS: A new planetarium opened in our Capital Region in summer 2019. On what campus is this planetarium located?

R1 Q2:

ZOOLOGY: The Mola mola is what kind of animal?

R1 Q3:

LANGUAGE: The word “Algebra” comes from what language?

R1 Q4:

ENGINEERING: What liquid coolant is most commonly used in nuclear reactors?

R1 Q5:

PHYSIOLOGY: The “hammer”, “anvil” and “stirrup” are bones in what part of your body?

R1 Q6:

HISTORY: Which Augustinian Friar is considered the father of modern genetics?

R1 Q7:

FOOD: As popularized by online videos, this candy can be dropped in bottles of Diet Coke to create a spectacular gaseous geyser. Name this brand of candy.

R1 Q8:

WOMEN IN STEM: In February, this prominent NASA mathematician passed away. She was the focus of the 2016 film Hidden Figures. Name this woman in STEM.

That's it for Round 1 for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night! Answers coming up!!!!!!!!!
R1 Q1 Answer:

That would be Sac State. Tickets were very hard to come by from the beginning!

R1 Q2 Answer:

It’s a fish. Also known as the ocean sunfish, the Mola mola is one of the largest bony fishes on Earth.

R1 Q3 Answer:

That language would be Arabic. Its literal translation is “the restoring of broken parts.”

R1 Q4 Answer:

Water! Nearly all reactors today use water, either “light” or “heavy”. Sometimes boronated. Previous liquids include liquid metals and molten salt.

R1 Q5 Answer:

These are bones in the human ear. The Malleus, Incus, and Stapes respectively.

R1 Q6 Answer:

A familiar name to biology students, this would be Gregor Mendel, famed for his experiments with pea plants in the 1800’s.

R1 Q7 Answer:

That would be Mentos — the Freshmaker! Which before the soda videos was more famous for its campy commercials from the 90’s.

R1 Q8 Answer:

This would be Katherine Johnson, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama in 2015. She passed away this year at the age of 101

We are taking a quick re-set break to set up for Round 2! Stay with us -- back online shortly. #CapSciCommLive
R2 Q1

ECOLOGY: You can visit these unique aquatic habitats around Dixon and Mather Field each year after spring rains. What is the technical name for these habitats?

R2 Q2

WOMEN IN STEM: Eugenie Clark, Sylvia Earle, and Rachel Carson are all renowned for their work in what specific technical field?

R2 Q3

GEOGRAPHY: In the continental United States, if someone is called “Yooper” — that’s spelled YOOPER — what state is that person from?

R2 Q4

MUSIC: This incredibly famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band from the UK includes a lead guitarist who has earned a PhD in Physics. Name this band.

R2 Q5

MOVIES: At the Palms Springs International Film Festival in January, this 2020 Oscar-winning actress gave a shoutout to the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for treating her dog, while on the red carpet. Name this actress.

R2 Q6

CHEMISTRY: What is the densest naturally occurring element?

R2 Q7

ENGINEERING: The chemical production of cement produces which greenhouse gas?

R2 Q8

GEOLOGY: In a fun viral Tweet back in February, science writer Mika McKinnon pondered the question: what kind of rock is @TheRock. Name the type of rock she decided on. Is it:

A. Igneous
B. Metamorphic
C. Tertiary
D. Sedimentary
E. Cromulent

That's the end of Round 2 of our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night! Answers coming up.
R2 Q1 Answer

These are called vernal pools, which replenish with spring rains each year, causing many uniquely adapted creatures to come to life and breed. We hosted a CapSciComm tour to the Mather Field vernal pools with Sac Splash back in 2016.

R2 Q2 Answer

The answer we’re looking for here is marine biology. We’ll also accept marine science. If you simply wrote “ecology” that will not count. Part of the fun trivia here is that although Rachel Carson is best known for her book Silent Spring....

R2 Q2 Answer

....her original career was a fisheries scientist. As for Eugenie Clark, she was a very famous biologist known as “the Shark Lady”, while Sylvia Earle was the first woman to serve as chief scientist of @NOAA.

R2 Q3 Answer

The answer here is Michigan, “Yoopers” is the nickname for people hailing from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, also called the U-P. Hence Yoopers.

R2 Q2 Answer UPDATE: We will also accept Oceanography!

R2 Q4 Answer

It’s not just fantasy, this is the real life — the band is Queen. Lead guitarist Brian May holds a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London. He actually started his doctoral studies in the 70’s but quit when Queen became famous...

R2 Q4 Answer

...He resumed his thesis in 2006 and submitted it in 2007. It is titled “A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud”

R2 Q5 Answer

This would be Renee Zellweger, whose dog was undergoing hip surgery at UC Davis at the time. Zellweger would go on to win the 2020 Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Judy Garland in “Judy”.

R2 Q6 Answer

Osmium is narrowly denser than iridium. One of its first uses was as a catalyst for the Haber process, which makes nitrogen fertilizer from the air.

R2 Q7 Answer

The most common one — carbon dioxide. Cement production is responsible for about 10% of human GHG emissions, about 60% of which comes from the chemical process that produces cement.

R2 Q8 Answer

The answer is B. Metamorphic. McKinnon explained in her tweet “He’s evolved under immense pressure, dramatically changed yet never shattered, and doesn’t explode even when provoked.” ...

R2 Q8 Answer

....@TheRock quickly smelled what Mika was cooking, and posted her tweet in agreement the next day.

That's it for two rounds for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia night! We'll be back 10 minutes with the final two rounds!!!!!!!!!
And here we go!

R3 Q1

WOMEN IN STEM: This famous French cosmetics corporation has partnered with the United Nations to give out its prestigious Women in Science Awards since 1998. Name this company.

R3 Q2

FOOD: I’m looking for the name of a very cool looking vegetable, whose form is a natural approximation of a mathematical fractal — these nested, infinitely repeating patterns. Name this vegetable.

R3 Q3

SKEPTICAL SCIENCE: This debunked field of study analyzes the bumps on a person’s skull to assess their psychological traits. Name this outdated field of study.

R3 Q4

GEOGRAPHY: Which mountain in the United States held the record for highest-measured wind speed?

R3 Q5

MOVIES: The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is home to the National Ignition Facility — the largest laser facility ever built. The NIF was also used as the engine room set of this 2013 science fiction movie. Name this movie.

R3 Q6

CULTURE: Like the “Bacon Number” named after actor Kevin Bacon, there is a number that counts the number of coauthors needed to tie any published researcher back to one prolific mathematician. What is the mathematician’s name?

R3 Q7

BUILDINGS: Located near Folsom, the California Independent System Operator is a government facility that monitors what in the State of California?

R3 Q8

POLITICS: This politician once ran for President of the United States with a campaign slogan that read "Protect the Earth — Serve the People — Explore the Universe". Name this politician.

That's it for Round 3!! Answers coming up!!!!!!!!! #CapSciCommLive
R3 Q1

The company is L’Oréal. Their International Women in Science Laureates offers a prize of 100,000 Euros, and they also offer U.S. postdoctoral awards of $60,000

R3 Q2 Answer

This is the romanesco. It looks very much like a broccoli or cauliflower, but almost this bright, alien green, with pointy, spiraling florets that look like geometric patterns. Look for them next time you go to the farmer’s market

R3 Q3 Answer

This field of study, which has no basis in reality, was phrenology.

R3 Q4 Answer

If you’ve lived in the Northeast, you know the answer is Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Bumper stickers that say “This car climbed Mt. Washington” are as common there as the “Santa Cruz Mystery Spot” bumper stickers are here.

R3 Q5 Answer

Located in Livermore, California, the NIF was used as a shooting location for the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, including scenes of the warp core of the Starship Enterprise.

R3 Q6 Answer

Paul Erdos, who passed away in 1996. He collaborated with over 500 people and wrote over 1,500 papers, travelling the world to work with people.

R3 Q7 Answer

The California ISO monitors electric power or electricity. It is the facility responsible for the constant monitoring of the supply and demand for electricity across most of the state. We toured the facility on a CapSciComm field trip back in 2017. #CapSciCommLive
R3 Q8 Answer

This is of course the one and only Governor Jerry Brown of our Great State of California. Governor Brown ran this slogan on posters during his presidential bid in 1980, staying on brand with his longtime nickname of “Governor Moonbeam”.

And let's go for Round 4 #CapSciCommLive
R4 Q1

MOVIES: Vivien Thomas of Johns Hopkins University was a pioneer in the field of pediatric cardiac surgery. Which hip-hop artist portrayed Thomas in the 2004 film “Something the Lord Made”?

R4 Q2

SPORTS: Hockey pucks are made of rubber that gets hardened through this chemical process, first patented by Charles Goodyear in 1844. Name this process.

R4 Q3

ENVIRONMENT: Actor Jeff Goldblum visited Sacramento in January 2020 to lobby the California State Legislature about a particular environmental issue. Name this issue.

R4 Q4

WOMEN IN STEM: From 1989 to her passing in 2012, astronaut Sally Ride was a faculty member at this research university. Name this university.

R4 Q5

TELEVISION: This type of star shares its name with a cult classic British science fiction comedy show that premiered in 1988. Name this TV program.

R4 Q6

ENGINEERING: In the past two decades, the world produces more glycerine than it needs because it is the byproduct of the production of which type of vehicle fuel?

R4 Q7

ECONOMICS: This metal was more expensive than gold until the discovery of electricity enabled a new refining process that made it a common metal.

R4 Q8

GEOLOGY: Within the next 300 million years, all the continents on Earth could again combine to form a supercontinent. What name has been assigned to this future landmass?

And here come the answers for Round 4 #CapSciCommLIVE
R4 Q1 Answer

Vivien Thomas was an African American surgery instructor who was instrumental in solving the challenge of saving “blue babies” — newborns with a heart anomaly that deprived them of oxygen. He was portrayed by...

...Mos Def — who now goes by the name of Yasiin Bey — in this wonderful HBO film, which depicts Vivien Thomas through his life and career, battling racism as he performed the technical work of postdocs...

... while being paid as a janitor, battling ingrained racism to gain recognition for his mastery with surgery.

R4 Q2 Answer

The process is called vulcanization. It was first used by the Mayan Civilization thousands of years ago, before Charles Goodyear arrived at his own process.

R4 Q3 Answer

The specific answer is reducing single-use plastics but we’ll accept simply plastics or plastic pollution. Goldblum was working with the advocacy group Oceana to support California Senate Bill 54 and Assembly Bill 1080...

R4 Q3 Answer

...which would require California to reduce its use of single-use plastics and packaging by 75% within the next decade.

R4 Q4 Answer

This would be UC San Diego, where she served in the Physics department. Sally Ride of course was the first American woman in space and remains the youngest American astronaut to have gone into space.

R4 Q5 Answer

It was a show called Red Dwarf, originally airing on the BBC. It’s hard to describe the show’s plot, but let’s just say it also involves a humanoid cat played by a person in a cat costume. That character was called “Cat”.

R4 Q6 Answer

The production of biodiesel produces glycerine as a byproduct. The oil feedstock, known as triglycerides, are reacted with ethanol to make biodiesel, or ethyl esters, and glycerine as a byproduct.

R4 Q7 Answer

Aluminum. The process to turn alumina to aluminum requires so much electricity, smelters are typically located where electricity is very inexpensive, like Washington State and Iceland.

R4 Q8 Answer

Pangea Proxima. Coined by Dr. Christopher Scotese, he originally called the super continent “Pangea Ultima” but didn’t want to suggest that that would be the final supercontinent to grace the planet.

AND THAT IS IT FOR ALL FOUR ROUNDS!!!!!! We'll let the audio line catch up -- but in the meantime, tally your scores, and we will start asking around for your top scores!!!!!! #CapSciCommLive
LET'S SEE YOUR SCORES!!!!!! Tweet photos of your completed trivia sheets with hashtag #CapSciCommLive, and get ready to respond to our calls for top scores... coming up now!
Now, we’ll do this in reverse order, and see if we can find some winners! At least a top-five lineup. How many of you have:

32, a perfect score
Now, we’ll do this in reverse order, and see if we can find some winners! At least a top-five lineup. How many of you have:


In what year was the magazine Scientific American first published?

@alisondawnscott Please answer
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL TEAMS!! Thank you all so much for participating in our first-ever @CapSciComm #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night!!! We had a fun night with many top scorers. Let's take a look at the winners as we know (verified where possible):
IN FIRST PLACE winner by tie-breaker: Team "KONY 2012" with @kirkrichard10 et al.!

In SECOND PLACE tied at 23 points are:

- Smarter In Person (@alisondawnscott et al.)
- Snow Body Mongooses (@monsterbashseq et al.)
- Pinky and the Brain (@andyfell @beckyoskin)
- Neopangea II Electric Booglaoo (@Megggegs et al.)
- Quaranteam (@rica460)

(Again our apologies if some of you on Twitter did not hear the tie-breaker in time!! We're figuring out how to do this best virtually on 2x platforms 🥰 #CapSciCommLive)
Correction: on verification, Smarter in Person (@alisondawnscott et al.) should be at third place with 22 points. (we realize many other sheets are not verified...)

In fourth place: Team Cilantro with 21 points!

And finally, in 5th place, many of you out there at 18 points, including @DNAgibson @JoseBilingue @Plant_Phillips @SactownTucker and apologies to anyone we missed!!!!!! #CapSciCommLive

THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL being amazing #scicomm troopers for our first-ever Virtual Trivia Night! Get to know us at and find out how to join our Slack community, and keep following us for ways to stay engaged virtually with your colleagues. #CapSciCommLive
LASTLY: Our online signoff should have been this (duh):


Stay well, stay healthy, and take care of one another!
This is Ben @younglandis and Ben @bfnicholson, signing off for #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night
Unroll this baby, @threadreaderapp!! #CapSciCommLive🌶️🌶️🌶️
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