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Here's How to Make a Face Mask With a Bandana and Hair Ties | via @Allure_magazine #PPEdiy 😷…
COVID-19: What Americans can do to protect their lungs, according to Dr. Albert Rizzo, the chief medical officer of the American Lung Association (ALA) | via @inversedotcom #FlattenTheCurve…
30 Major U.S. Companies Hiring Now to Meet #Coronavirus Demand… via @YahooFinance #HiddenFigures
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⚠️The number of daily #COVID19 deaths in the US now exceeds *all* other countries (#China not accurate).

Sadly, daily #coronavirus deaths will continue to rise, until ~2 weeks AFTER we #FlattenTheCurve of new cases.

The next 3-5 weeks will be brutal.

A glimmer of good news: the curve of the total number of US #coronavirus deaths may be starting to flatten (yesterday's below). Let's hope that trend continues.🙏🏼

Unfortunately, we remain on track have more deaths than #Italy or #Spain.

🤞🏼Another glimmer of hope: new daily #coronavirus cases in the US are still rising but the curve *appears* to be starting to flatten. Sadly, we are still setting the global pace (#China not accurate).

Countries with #lockdowns were able to #FlattenTheCurve BEFORE us.

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1/n I am thinking about the various modes of #COVID19 transmission. Although not common, gastrointestinal symptoms are routinely reported by COVID patients. In humans, the SARS-CoV2 receptor ACE2 is not only found in alveolar epithelial cells (lung), but also in cells that line
2/n the small intestine, among other sites (heart and kidneys). Humans shed high levels of #COVID19 in the stool, a finding that raised the question whether fecal-oral transmission may occur. This would be very relevant for measures to limit the spread of disease.
3/n The concern for fecal-oral transmission is clearly outlined in this review.…
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⚠️#COVID19 deaths in the US continue to ACCELERATE with daily new death now exceeding #Italy.

No signs of slowing.

As I've warned, #coronavirus deaths will continue to skyrocket, until at least ~2-3 weeks AFTER we #FlattenTheCurve of new cases.

The next 4-6 weeks will be hell.
US #coronavirus death continue to DOUBLE every 3 days, with no signs of slowing.

#Italy locked down, and its #COVID19 death toll flattened.

@realDonaldTrump *still* hasn't ordered a nationwide #lockdown, and our death toll is SKYROCKETING.

INACTION = more people DIE.🤬
New daily #coronavirus cases in the US continue to ACCELERATE (~30,000 today), setting the global pace, albeit #China not accurate.

#COVID19 deaths will SKYROCKET for ~2-3 weeks *after* the number of new cases flattens.

Countries with #lockdowns were able to #FlattenTheCurve.👇🏼
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Wie tödlich ist das #Coronavirus? 1/22

Mortalität in den 20 Ländern mit den höchsten Fallzahlen, Stand 3.4. abends

🇮🇹 12 Prozent
🇪🇸 9
🇫🇷 9
🇳🇱 9
🇬🇧 9
🇧🇪 7
🇮🇷 6
🇸🇪 6
🇨🇳 4
🇧🇷 4
🇨🇭 3
🇺🇸 3
🇵🇹 2
🇹🇷 2
🇰🇷 2
🇨🇦 2
🇦🇹 1

🇩🇪 1

🇳🇴 1
🇮🇱 0,5

Quelle: Worldometers, eig. Berechnungen

Wie tödlich ist das #Coronavirus? 2/22

Sterben 1% der Infizierten? Oder 10%?

Ist 🇮🇹 die traurige Ausnahme? Oder ist eher 🇩🇪 der Ausreißer?

Blickt man auf die Mortalitätsraten (= Zahl der Todesfälle in Relation zur Zahl der Infizierten), sind die Unterschiede groß:
Wie tödlich ist das #Coronavirus? 3/22

In 🇮🇹 kommen auf 115.242 Fälle 13.915 Verstorbene. Das entspricht einer Sterblichkeit von 12,1%.

Ebenfalls auffällig hoch sind die Werte für 🇪🇸 (9,2%), 🇫🇷(9,1%), 🇳🇱 (9,1%) und 🇬🇧 (9,1%).
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⚠️#COVID19 deaths in #NYC are more than DOUBLING every 2 days, faster than *anywhere* else globally.

#Michigan (#Detroit) and NJ are also #coronavirus hot zones, followed #NewOrleans (LA).

As I've warned, the next 4-6 weeks will be hell.

🚨#COVID19 cases in the US are exploding *exponentially*, now at >20,000 new cases per day and RISING.

Until at least ~2-3 weeks after we #FlattenTheCurve of new #coronavirus cases, the number of **daily deaths will continue to surge**.

PLEASE #StayHome.🙏🏼

⚠️@realDonaldTrump FAILED to #lockdown nationwide, and @GOP governors FAILED to #lockdown some states, helping this deadly #coronavirus to spread EXPONENTIALLY.

More Americans will DIE because of their INACTION.🤬

#COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic
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1/ New paper! "Social distancing to slow the U.S. #Covid_19 epidemic", led by Mark Siedner (@MGHMedicine @MonganInstitute @GlobalHealthMGH @mgh_id @AHRI_News) & @harlingg (@UCLGlobalHealth & @AHRI_News), w/ Zahra Reynolds, Rebecca Gilbert, & @atheendar (@PennMEHP @PennLDI)
2/ Social distancing is a mainstay of nonpharmaceutical public health intervention in epidemic settings. Most of you recognize this #FlattentheCurve figure from the @PNASNews paper by Richard Hatchett, Carter Mecher and Mark Lipsitch (@mlipsitch):…
3/ For more about social distancing, see this thread (among many, many informative threads on #Covid_19) by @NAChristakis:
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Core message: try to learn from the current #COVID19

Not just about pandemics, but [long tail of] risks, misinformation,… we all will need it, including yourself, then extrapolate/transfer

There are many lessons here, pick preferably the best ones, and act on them

Intelligence is not just in our brain, but in our laws, protocols, culture,…

Mistakes were and are being made. What can we learn from those who did best? 🇨🇳🇰🇷…

More importantly: what can we extrapolate to do better in the next "unforseen" disaster or even prevent or avoid it?
When the situation is under control, the panic will be over, and there will be more urgent but less important matters to focus on, neglecting preparation

Now #StayAtHome and #FlattenTheCurve, but remember, we must also #LearnAndPrepare, when possible, before it is too late again
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1/ It is sad that we still see some individuals in our community who do not follow the directions given by health professionals and the @HPA_MV

This is the brutal truth of what might happen if you get infected with COVID19.
2/ COVID 19 is NOT JUST A FLU and it doesn’t discriminate between age groups.

This virus attacks your lower airways and your lungs very aggressively & if you are lucky you will be able to breath properly.
3/ However many patients end up with difficulty in breathing and would have a feeling of suffocation and eventually leads to inability to maintain oxygenation and would require mechanical ventilation.
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⚠️#COVID19 deaths in #NYC continue to surge faster than *any* place on Earth, more than DOUBLING every 2 days.

#Michigan now a major US #coronavirus hot zone, followed by NJ and #Louisiana.

As I've warned, the next 4-6 weeks will be hell.

The number of new #coronavirus cases in the US continues to explode exponentially with no sign of slowing.

Each day brings more new #COVID19 cases than the prior day, now >20,000 new cases a day – the most in the world.😥

#Spain and #Italy have flattened the curve.

Total US #COVID19 cases continue to set the record and now represent *25% of ALL #coronavirus cases worldwide* (albeit #China doesn't report accurately).

@realDonaldTrump *still* hasn't ordered nationwide #lockdown.

New cases will continue to explode for at least 2-3 weeks.
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Critical Care #Ontario Apr 1📈:

2012 crit care beds w/ 1602 crit care pts (79.6% capacity)
162 confirmed #COVID19 (10.1%)
345 suspected #Covid_19 (21.5%)

276 confirmed+suspected #Covid_19 w/ invasive ventilation

Take #SocialDistancing seriously: #StayHome & #FlattenTheCurve!
Researchers/clinicians: for useful resources/initiatives @MoriartyLab

A centralized data analytics & visualization hub for #COVID19ON: @obenfine

Spare #PPE to donate? Pls consider donating to hospitals⤵️
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Wondering what's going on with your doctors' offices and clinics?

How are you supposed to see the doctor or other care provider if you're also supposed to #StayAtHome?

What even is #telehealth?

Let's talk a bit about what's going on in outpatient medicine during #COVID19.
You've heard a little (though probably not the worst parts) about what our frontline #healthcareworkers are experiencing. It’s harrowing at best, and in reality, it's a complete crumbling of our healthcare system to take optimal care of its patients and its workforce.
What you may not be hearing as much about in the media, but will affect every one of you, is what’s happening with clinics and outpatient care.

Because almost everything has changed.
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#DYK? Nationally the U.S. is in what is called the acceleration “interval” or phase of the #COVID19 pandemic. Acceleration is the increasingly steep upward part of the epidemiologic curve as the new virus infects more and more people. 1 of 3
Actions to reduce spread of the virus, such as social distancing, are key to #FlattenTheCurve. 2 of 3
Different parts of the country can be at different phases of the pandemic (different places on the epidemiologic curve) at different times. Local actions should be based on local circumstances. Learn more: 3 of 3
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Why the confirmed # of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon highly underestimates the actual # of cases?
@mophleb @WHOLebanon @thehealthnerds
#Lebanon #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #RaiseTheLine #healthNERDS
2/ Keep in mind, we can never know the actual # of cases because we cannot test the whole population. However, we should do as many tests as possible – especially during this stage of the outbreak – to gage the scale of the problem, isolate/ treat +ve cases & plan next steps.
3/ If we can’t test the whole population, how can we know the actual # of cases? We try to estimate; one way of doing so is by using the case fatality rate (CFR). CFR reflects the severity of the disease in a particular context, at a particular time, in a particular population.
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We at have built a Covid-19 tracking console for Karnataka using the data launched by the Karnataka Government here:
You can use this console to plan your strategies, groceries and deliveries.

Some features on the console:
1. The grids show the aggregated number of quarantined people. & is colored based on density. You can change the resolution of grids in Settings.
2. There are 3 types of filters: Legend filters can be used to filter grids based on severity. The categorical filters are on the right. The location filters can be used to focus on POIs, areas, and places [Try Kormangala Bus Stand]
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Who's Sickest From COVID-19? These Conditions Tied To Increased Risk…
Among COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU, 32% had diabetes, 29% had heart disease and 21% had chronic lung disease, which includes asthma, COPD and emphysema. In addition, 37% had other chronic conditions including hypertension or a history of cancer.
It's important to note that about 60% of cases evaluated in this analysis were among people who did not have documented chronic conditions. Healthy, younger people can be vulnerable, too.
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1. Some interesting trends continue on Minnesota's latest #COVID19 numbers.
First a few reminders from @mnhealth.

-Not all COVID-19 cases are tested, so #'s not representative total # people in Minnesota w/ COVID-19.
-Total approximate # of tests in MN: 19,780
2. @mnhealth Daily situation updates here:…
3. New cases first: The daily number of NEW cases in MN continues to run relatively flat. It has ranged between 22 and 66 for the past 11 days. So NEW cases are not rising exponentially as we have seen in some other states.
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Let’s pause for a second, and remember two major #stigma spreading around as contagiously as #COVID19. 🦠
1️⃣Ethnicity of the virus and
2️⃣wearing #PPE

I’m addressing 2️⃣ today, but for more guidance on 1️⃣, & more social Do’s and don’ts, please refer to 👉…
To summarize the ongoing debate: “Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence”. A half full glass 😷 can be better than none at all. This 🏴&🏳️ system is leading to two issues:
1️⃣ opportunity to incentivize PPE production is lost
2️⃣ STIGMA against those who choose to don.
If you have 12 minutes to spare, enjoy this well illustrated thesis on the topic, it might change your mind. @medpedshosp
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I do not have a big following, nor do I desire one. This needs to be widely read. Please share.

Social psychologist Dr Erich Fromm first used the term “malignant narcissism” (MN) in 1964 describing it as a severe mental disorder. He called it “the quintessence of evil."
Dr Otto Kernberg introduced the concept to psychoanalytic literature in 1984. Keep in mind as you read this, that it ALL predates the #Trump presidency and none of it is discussing him directly. Compare what you see in his behaviour. Does it comport with what is written?
Dr Robert Hare devised a test to help psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians diagnose psychopathologies, including MN, prior to 2000. He writes:
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Back to basics public health measures IF only @POTUS would listen !
Rule 1: Listen to your scientists! Public Health experts should do daily briefings NOT @realDonaldTrump or @VP Politicians must step aside and let scientists lead the war against #COVID19 @DrDzul @ProfAdeeba
Rule 2: Enforce extreme NOT slow and/or incremental #SocialDistancing like Italy!

eg Clear Florida’s beaches.

China lockdown the #COVID19 epicenter #Wuhan and sent 40,000 HealthCare Providers #HCP to assist
Rule 3: Like Malaysia lockdown dangerous #HotSpots.

#MCO enforces #StayHome orders.

Provide and ensure food, medicines etc delivery to quarantined, old, poor, infirmed and their families

Go into #freeze mode or risk overwhelmed and overburdened hospitals like Italy, Spain
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My father-in-law sent me this vid (176k views) asking my thoughts (he was already highly sceptical but wanted a 2nd opinion).

It's so incredibly irresponsible as far as so-called public info & I've already seen it doing the rounds in alt-right circles.
(tl;dr: this account is putting-out crap in the guise of sensible data & actively works to undo the preventive messaging issued by govts & NGOs around the world. It is unsafe, uneducated & driven by opaque motives. This man isn't an expert & @YouTube should remove the video)
It is the worst kind of careless (maybe deliberate?) misinformation, mixing in just enough fact & superficially sensible analysis & lots of cautious words about personal responsibility. I'm not an expert so please feel free to add/correct but, to me, several things seem clear:
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Thanks for all your interest and I am incredibly grateful for your messages of support for our team! We’ve been hard at work, it’s been tough to tweet, but here’s some 3/29/20 #COVID19 updates from frontline at SF General Hospital @SFGHFoundation @UCSF
The last 7-10 days have been incredibly busy-we are working our absolute hardest to deliver the best care we can and continue getting ready for whatever is to come the next several weeks.
Patient numbers are rising, like at most places. I continue to be amazed and proud of all my colleagues for the teamwork, determination, and resolve to meet the moment and rise up to this challenge.
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The Following STORY is just that, A STORY.

It has NO bearing on Real World Events until certain things

either happen or don't happen.

This is my THEORY until new information comes in.

China has attacked the Entire World with a Bio Weapon.

To destroy it's STRUCTURE
Yes, Millions might die, but that's not the GOAL of those who unleashed this.
The GOAL is to destroy the STRUCTURE of a cohesive, interconnected World that TORE N. Korea from their Orbit, supported Taiwan & the Hong Kong Rebellion & was poised to BRING CHINA TO HEEL
To FORCE Them into a Trade Deal that ended their MASSIVE THEFT of IP & Gov. Secrets.
China PRETENDED to go along as measure were prepared to WRECK the World (US leading the charge) that was about to force them to pay for their innumerable CRIMES.
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 right now - spring is coming and I’ve got a checklist of concerns and necessities to #SlowtheSpread and #FlattentheCurve, #PlanktheCurve as we move into warmer weather:
2/7 #Snowbirds, #MarchBreak & other travellers coming into 🇨🇦 now/in the coming days:

A) You MUST respect the mandatory quarantine now in place, which requires you to go straight home, #StayHome & #SelfIsolate for 14 days.
B) DO NOT stop along the way. Do arrange groceries & essentials by phone, online or through friends, neighbours, community.
#SlowtheSpread #Snowbirds
#StayHome #StayInsideYourBubble
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