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@lolitataub Super grateful for the ask, @lolitataub!🤗

Hi everyone, we're hosting a virtual #preseed #startup competition in Q1 2023, powered by

👉 All eligible participants will get USD $25,000 worth of #AWScredits & 3 months free @roiquant Pro Plan subscription roiquant virtual preseed startup competition 2023Over USD $126,000 worth of equity-free cash and in-kind prizRegister now 👉 schedule: important dates
@lolitataub @roiquant Over 3 months (qualifying to semi-final rounds), participants will research, refine, build, #validate, & improve their conceptual ideas, #business plans, MVPs, & #pitch decks, then they'll #demo & pitch their business & solution offering to a panel of judges at the final round. Join our data-driven virtual preseed startup competitionDemo and pitch to top investors and gain opportunities to at
@lolitataub @roiquant We're looking for Community/University Partners:

👉 a #university considering to promote #business building with scientific and data-driven approaches

👉 an #organization looking to exhibit your products & position your #brand

👉 Partnership Prospectus:… We're looking for Community & University Partners to collabo
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1/ A thread 🧵

We know how bad market conditions are and you must be looking for a hub to get the best #P2E games to give you some funds and a little distraction.
What you're looking for is on @YGGIndia $INDI, a sub-DAO of @YieldGuild that's… Image

…pushing the narrative for top gaming in #India. With #IndiGG, the mission is simple. Making India a #Web3Gaming Powerhouse that would connect users/gamers to their favorite #P2EGames.
There's quite a list on #IndiGG now and… Image

…they are all top notch

@AxieInfinity which is also one of the best #P2EGames where gamers can battle, collect, build and also earn.

With #IndiGG, it would be easier to network with fellow… Image
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The flood of foreign Govt visitors post-Ukraine, suggests, that they are finally trying to understand #India & #GOI #policy from the "horses mouth" (instead of seeing it through the biases of neo-colonialists and their Indian agents).
3/IFP #Japan #Kishida visit
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The Metaverse - ULTIMATE 🧵

#Metaverse, like #Blockchain, is a word that is becoming more popular but is hardly fully defined.

The intersection of self-sovereignty, limitless networks, VR/AR, data, commerce, #tokenomics, and other concepts is still evolving.

Interested? 👀👇🏻 Image
1/The next big step as an interconnected society is here:

7 billion digital minds capable of living almost fully online and contributing to a society influencing virtual economy

Imagine it.

@daolectic attended the @Everyrealm course on #Metaverse & NFTs

Get ready for it! 👇🏻 Image
2/When Facebook released its @Meta makeover, the #metaverse soared in popularity (and its aim of building its own metaverse).

@Google trends come in our help📈

In the metaverse and #web3, we are presently aiding various new businesses

However, what is web3 compared to 1 & 2? Image
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If you are new to the world of online gaming it won´t be long before you begin to wonder if someone re-invented the English language while you were asleep. This is because many of the terms in the gaming world will seem like #Greek to you.…
There is enough of variety in the gaming world to keep all the different kinds of people that play the games happy. However, it is impossible for any person to keep abreast of all the developments in online gaming. Besides, the sheer volume of terms…
and definitions ensures that it is impossible for you to keep track of all of them So what is the best way out of this maze? The most obvious thing to do, of course, would be to do a little bit of research before you begin your journey into the
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Once you´re ready to start playing at a #virtual casino, you will need to transfer funds to your casino account in order to start placing #wagers at the Slots or Card Tables. While you may have the option to use a #creditcard directly on the casin0´s website,… often this comes with strings attached, because many credit card companies either will not allow you to use their financial services to make a deposit to a virtual casino, or they will enforce a strict limit upon how much you are able to spend.… A great way to fund a virtual casino account is to use an alternative method of payment which acts as a third party transfer service between your credit card and the online casino.
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Hey #path2path #PathMatch22 applicants! Thinking about your rank list and wondering what📍Rochester, Minnesota is like?

In a word, beautiful 😍

A 🧵 for those who won’t get a chance to visit us this #virtual interview season! @MayoClinicPath @MayoClinic
Just to get it out of the way…

YES, it gets cold here 🥶❄️ Yes, it snows 🌨

But as someone who grew up in the desert ➡️ and then lived in TX 🤠 ➡️ if I can handle it, you definitely can too! (Just need to get yourself some good gear🧥🥾 - I’ve got suggestions!)
If you don’t want to go outside in the winter, Mayo Clinic & Rochester have tunnels & sky bridges connecting the med center w downtown, including from the parking ramps to the hospital 🏥
But personally, I’m excited for outdoor activities like snowshoeing & cross-country skiing!
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Almost impossible to get a PCR test in #Westchester (or NYC) right now. This evening on FB, the County Executive, George Latimer, provided an update on the #COVID testing situation in Westchester County. See below for content: 1/12
"Update on #COVID #Testing & more…We’re all well aware of the long lines faced by those who want/need COVID testing. This post will update what is being done about it.Two things have worked to push more people to get tested:more infection exposures; #holidayseason #travel 2/12
The ability to satisfy this demand has been compromised by insufficient number of test kits, and staffing gaps in the health care field.We’ve seen an explosion in #COVID cases the last week - 2,000+ new cases in less than a week. A surge we haven’t seen in a year. 3/12
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As in all fields in the digital age, the new trends have emerged in the field of education. Turkish Maarif Foundation follows the new trends very closely to provide better education, as can be seen from the title chosen by the foundation for #IstanbulEducationSummit.
#EduTrends Image
In this thread, 5 methods will be shared to emphasise and explain new #trends in language #education.
#Flipped learning, which was developed to carry the #learning environment out of the classroom through technology and to transfer the practice phase given as homework into the classroom, is improving as an efficient method in language teaching. Image
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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#AXXAers a short(ie #shortsqeeze hopefully) #update on one of $AXXA’s #VC companies:
$AXXA Great #zoom call over the weekend w/our #French #VentureCapital Office. We received confirmation of a #USD $250,000 #INVESTMENT into one of our early-stage startups from a reputable international #VC funder.
(let's focusing on #VC before we move to other divisions)
$AXXA Our #French #VC Group will be increasing its stake in this #startup. For confidentiality reasons, we will not disclose the name of the #funder until the second #stage #Funding round is complete.
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(This time with correct links!)

On Feb 17th we’ll be releasing a new short course @Moorfields @StudyVisionUCL @UCLeye

“An introduction to AI for clinicians”

We're excited and proud to tell you all about it…

#OnDemand #Virtual #AI…
Why are we doing this?!

Over the last 5+ years @MoorfieldsBRC we’ve learned that developing clinical AI is much more than coding.

In fact, it’s a broad spectrum...


@Moorfields we’ve been working on cutting-edge clinical AI with world-leading industry collaborators

@DeepMind @GoogleHealth @GoogleAI @googlecloud

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@virenkaul hosting Acute Resp Failure in COVID! With Jagpal Singh, Brady Scott and Eric Osborne #CHEST2020 @accpchest @drdangayach Great Videos!
Protocol for awake prone #CHEST2020 @accpchest @virenkaul @CHESTPrez
Simulation correction Virtual Sim walk through with experts!@virenkaul @accpchest #CHEST2020
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Please #SaveTheDate #KarensHalfMarathon 6th September 2020 #BedfordHalfMarathon2020 I am doing it to help some of the little #rescues that desperately need our #help please #donate if you can and your #virtual support on the day would be amazing… #RT ImageImage
Facebook group here for the links contained in the screenshot, that was the only way I could do this on twitter to tell the story of why I’m doing the #BedfordHalfMarathon2020…
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Of interest: "How Pandemics Past and Present Fuel the Rise of Large Companies"

#WEF #greatreset #digitalization, #IoT, #BlockChain #5G #NewDealForNature…
"There has been a clear spike in #online shopping, and #retail #analysts are wondering whether this is a #decisive #move into the #virtual world, and the further #dominance of big #corporations."

Please tell the analysts that the answer is yes.
"Keeping us distracted as we wait at home for our parcels is the streaming #entertainment industry – a market sector which is dominated by big corporations including #Netflix, #Amazon Prime (again), #Disney and and others."
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We have always tried predicting the #future looking at past information and trends. This time it’s not going to be easy.
There is no past comparable to this event. Nothing like this has happened in our lifetime. When something similar happened 100 years back, the world was a lot different place.
In terms of #trends, things are changing so fast and it's such a short span (although it looks like an eternity that we have been locked inside our houses) of time, its difficult to find any trends to predict the future.
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Preparing for #virtual interviews workshop by Michelle DeLair for @WashUFWIM (a thread)

⭐️Technology & setup
⭐️Strategies for connection
⭐️Types of interview questions
⭐️Tips for ending #interview

#MedTwitter #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter #ResidentTwitter

Pro-tip: Practice a run thru ahead of time

Background: Find a space that works. Is it distracting?

Lighting is 🔑: Face a window or have a lamp in front of you

Sound: test quality ahead of time

Platform: be familiar w/ what is going to be used

Virtual engagement strategies:

Eye contact:
🎯Elevate laptop on a box/stack of books so camera is at eye level
🎯Add sticky note behind camera as reminder to look there
🎯Minimze & move window with interviewer as close to the top of the screen as possible
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- Make an initial list of programs you are interested in applying to.
- Do your #research: curriculum, front loaded?, number of residents, night float?, location, categorical or advanced (needs IM prelim)?
- Start asking for LoRs (May have to remind writer at least once)

- Start working on your PS
- Have a note or document on your phone/PC for
ideas: You never know when a moment of inspiration
may happen!💡).
- Make as many corrections as needed
- Contact programs with any questions, specially if something is not clear to you

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#KaVoltaCultura 🎭 | @ConjSantander presenta la #SalaDigital, espacio donde podrás disfrutar de contenidos culturales producidos para disfrutar #encasa

Aquí te tenemos todos los detalles de los shows, las compañías y donde adquirir tus boletos 👇…
@ConjSantander La #SalaDigital del @ConjSantander es una nueva sala #virtual para que veas espectáculos creados especialmente producidos para ese formato.

Hicieron un despliegue de tecnología para hacer que disfrutes las producciones más allá de una primera fila.
@ConjSantander En esta, su primera temporada, tendrán 18 espectáculos de 15 compañías estatales. En los que habrá, teatro, danza, recitales y presentaciones para niños.

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1/ Trying to figure out how to connect to your learners during #VirtualTeaching & avoid this response?

Don’t worry, the #MedEdTwagTeam has you covered w/ today’s #TweetorialTuesday on optimizing the virtual #LearningClimate

#MedEd #EdTech #VirtualLearning Image
2/ In my previous poll, most of you identified “lack of interaction” as the most challenging aspect of #Virtual Teaching.

Today we will discuss how to increase interaction. Image
3/ And if you missed last week’s #MedEdTwagTeam #TuesdayTweetorial by @GStetsonMD, check it out here.

I know that I learned some new tricks from him!

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Honoured to have addressed the Live Webinar on 'Impact & Future Of #Covid19 On Education Sector' organized by Bhagwan Mahavir University. Guruji Shri Nayan Padam Sagar Ji Maharaj & Smt @DarshanaJardosh Ji, MP, Surat were also present in the Webinar.
During the webinar, I talked about COVIOD-19 pandemic, how we are handling the situation, pandemic’s impact on international academic mobility and also about the development of a vaccine, medicines & its final eradication
While addressing the live webinar 'Impact & Future of COVID-19 on Education Sector' I said that amidst COVID-19 situation, we’ve started thinking about possible reforms in the education sector.
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Henri Bergson (1859-1941) and his processual approach to self, matter, creativity, intuition and free will had an influence not just on continental philosophy but also on #existentialism and #personalism in the #Islamicate milieu - a thread on #postcolonial #Bergson 1/ ImageImageImage
I first came across #Bergson notions of creativity, duration and time in the work of Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) in his Reconstruction (my copy as an undergrad) and Bedil in the Light of Bergson… 2/ ImageImageImage
Years later I came across the work of Souleymane Bachir Diagne and Abdennour Bidar (b. 1971) that indicated the abiding #postcolonial interest in #Bergson #Iqbal and #Lahbabi 3/ ImageImageImage
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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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