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Fauci funded COVID’s birth in Wuhan lab

Led coverup

Loss of millions of lives and trillions in treasure

2+ years of human misery

Lied to Congress

Colluded with Big Tech and Big Media to illegally censor doctors, scientists, and others who questioned

The House must grill him
The House COVID Subcommittee must get moving:

1. Fauci’s improper funding of COVID’s birth in Wuhan lab

2. Chinese and other influence in driving destructive #StayHome orders, school closures, masking, vaccine mandates, and censorship

3. Damage to our health, wealth, liberties
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Disney’s need to milk Star Wars content and ride the nostalgia train has made for a handful of lackluster shows, such as “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” But “Andor” is a breath of fresh air. #stayhome #ShivRit #Fortnite… The basis of the Star Wars franchise has always been political, and “Andor” dares to explore the quotidian intricacies of both the Empire and the Rebellion in a way that previous films and series have avoided. In this prequel to the “Rogue One” film, the… main character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) practically stumbles upon the Rebel cause after initially spurning the fight against the Empire. We see the ways in which the Empire travels from planet to planet as unforgiving imperialists, and how their
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The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Lead to many many deaths but the #vaccin is almost here, working hard, we know the #SPIKE is a big thing, hold on #Hopium being built.

Meanwhile lets keep up the lie of children not important to monitor😢 we know from SARS they build less #antibodies lets presume they just not
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Zur Einordnung: #OneHealth, hier vom @rki_de promotet, ist ein PR-Buzzword, mit dem @DARPA, @EcoHealthNYC, DTRA, #HARPA, @wef, @NIH, @WHO, @USAID, @gavi et al staatliche Milliarden für hochriskante "Gain-of-Function"-Forschung akquirieren; Forschung, die in Wuhan betrieben wurde.
Der #OneHealth-Ideologie zufolge seien menschliche und tierische Gesundheit angeblich eins (ONE). Wegen dem Klimawandel stünden uns nun angeblich alle paar Jahre gefährliche "Spillovers" vom Tier auf den Menschen bevor, Stichwort "future pandemics" und "pandemic preparedness".
Tja, dumm nur, dass man den "Spillover Agent" bei Corona trotz beherzter Briefe von @c_drosten et al im @lancet nicht gefunden hat und alle Wege auf ein Labor in Wuhan zurückführen, an dem mit jener besagten, hochriskanten GoF-Technologie gearbeitet wurde.…
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Headed to Midtown now. Poplar/Evergreen. MPD squad cars passing us on 240. The suspect is believed to have car jacked a gray Toyota SUV. Again, stay home, #Memphis.
#BREAKING: Memphis police have Poplar Avenue eastbound blocked at Cleveland. Suspect is believed to have car jacked somebody at Poplar and evergreen.
#BREAKING: We are on Poplar Avenue at Auburndale. The suspect reportedly wrecked the Infiniti and carjacked a gray Toyota SUV. The driver of the SUV is reportedly injured. @WMCActionNews5 #memphis
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The experimental vaccines work so well . . . that we have to take them every 3 months?

Hell. No.

And I regret I got vaccinated in the first place, considering that I got COVID anyway.

Focus on the elderly and vulnerable.

Leave the rest of us alone.

“My Body, My Choice!”
In 2 short years, Covidians politically weaponized COVID—and destroyed confidence in public health.

The corruption, arrogance, and incompetence at @CDCgov and @NIH is staggering.

In January, @HouseGOP must establish a Select Committee on COVID, with focus on Chinese influence.
Mission of House Select Committee on COVID:

1. Fauci’s improper funding of COVID’s birth in Wuhan lab

2. China’s influence in driving destructive #StayHome orders, school closures, masking, vaccine mandates, and censorship

3. The damage to our health, wealth, and liberties
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Like conservatives, liberals love America.

We believe in opportunity, equality, due process, and free speech.

We disagree on the best way to get there.

Leftists (Marxists) hate America.

They dupe Americans by peddling chaos under the cynical guise of “protecting democracy!”
Left’s god/goal = Power

Religion/strategy = Marxism

Sects/tactics = Chaos

1. #MeToo / Abortion / Birthing Persons / Pronouns / Groomers (sex & gender division)

2. Racist! (woke, BLM, equity, CRT, racial division)

3. Democracy! (make it easier to steal elections/obtain power)
4. Covidians (#StayHome, COVID controls, mask mandates, vaccine passports, social credit)

5. “Climate Change” (next religious sect, after burning out everyone on COVID)

6. “Misinformation!”/“Disinformation!” (#MinistryOfTruth, censor, silence, de-platform, even cancel dissent)
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Left’s god/goal = Power

Religion/strategy = Marxism

Sects/tactics deployed here =

1. “Racist!” (BLM, equity, other racial division)

2. “Misinformation!” (censor, silence, de-platform, even cancel dissent)

3. “Democracy!” (make it easier to steal elections, obtain power)
Other Prominent Tactics/Sects:

4. Covidians (#StayHome, COVID controls, mask mandates, vaccine passports, social credit)

5. “Climate Change” (next religious sect, after they’ve burned out everyone on COVID)

6. #MeToo / Abortion Industry / Pronouns (sex and gender division)
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وبا کے اوائل میں کووڈ کو سب سے پہلے نشتر میڈیکل یونیورسٹی ملتان کے وائس چانسلر ڈاکٹر پروفیسر مصطفے کمال پاشا نے نزلہ کہا تھا
جب کورونا ہوا تو نجی ہسپتال میں داخلے کے دوران وڈیو بنا کے نشر کی کہ دیکھو میں سوپ پی رہا ہوں، مجھے کوئی آکسیجن نہیں لگی
پھر ہفتے بعد وینٹی لیٹر پر

دو ہفتوں ماہر ترین ڈاکٹروں کی سرتوڑ کوششیں دنیا میں خون صاف کرنے کی جدید ترین مشین کا استعمال بھی ان کی جان نہ بچاسکا تھا
اومیکران کو نزلہ کہنا ویسی ہی غلطی ہے
بہت زیادہ لوگوں میں پھیلنے کی وجہ سے شدت کم ہوتی ہے مگر مریضوں کی کثیر تعداد کے حساب سے زیادہ لوگ شدید مریض ہوتے ہیں

اور اموات بھی کم نہیں ہوتیں
کورونا سے اموات بڑھاپے، مددگار امراض جیسے ہائی بلڈ پریشر اور ذیابیطس اور قوت مدافعت کم ہونے کے سبب ہوئیں
چنانچہ ابھی اسے نزلہ سمجھ کر آسان نہ لیں
احتیاط کریں

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#NewYears is on Shabbos - aka, as Jews we have rich traditions on how to celebrate at home.

One of the most beautiful parts of Jewish year-cycle rituals and celebrations, is the "do at home" parts.

This year, let's #StayHome and put it to use celebrating New Year's as well 🎉
Some traditions to put to use:

- if you can, prepare foods that "set the mood" for you. Whether historically traditional, or just traditional for you.

- set the table. Traditionally on Shabbat that means a white tablecloth, candles, etc. Use what sets the table for you.
- structure the meal. If that helps (it does me) start the meal with some reflections or song (religious, spiritual, or secular). And wrap up with something similar.

- dress up! My favorite part of every Shabbos. Wherever I am, the power of dressing up can't be overstated.

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#medtwitter #blacktwitter today is my darling mom’s last day working in environmental services at Faulkner Hospital ⁦@BrighamWomens⁩. Could you please wish her well. She delayed her retirement to help during the last 2 years of the pandemic 1/
She worked hard cleaning and disinfecting and was one of the first to get vaccinated in her department, even escorting some her nervous/hesitant fellow co-workers to get vaccinated #CovidVaccine 2/
My siblings and i are beyond proud and blessed to have her as a mother. She is the embodiment of what is love, kindness, service to others, altruism, generosity, self-sacrifice, and so much more 3/
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There are at least 5 hospitals in Maryland using “crisis protocols” and most others are on the brink. If you don’t understand what that means @FutureDocs gives one example - you could be stuck waiting in a hallway for a hospital bed for days. Here are a few more examples:
Instead of having one ICU nurse caring for you and maybe one other patient, he might be caring for 3 other patients.
And it turns out she might not even be an ICU nurse, she’s a regular med surg nurse who was pulled.
But if you aren’t in the ICU, you’re fine, right?
Well….turns out the nurses on the inpatient unit are caring for 6 patients instead of 4, and they have been pulled from non clinical roles like case management or outpatient.
But the doctors will catch problems, right?
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Being blunt: No one is coming to save you. To save any of us. Timely tests are all but impossible to get.I’m personally driving home rapid tests I bought online wks ago to people. The effective therapeutics we now have are in VERY short supply. #Omicron
What we do have, abundantly, thank God, is #COVID19 #vaccines, #boosters, & #masks. That is the major difference between now & March 2020 for most of you at risk of #Omicron. If you do not go #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted the minute you’re eligible, & #WearAMask
You’re are gambling with your life WHEN (not if) #Omicron finds you, or you have any other need to access medical care. In the absence of #leadership, we are it. You are it. Do the right things. #StayHome if you can. This is like a 🚀. Many people are going to get sick QUICKLY.
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From direct comms to #Maryland physicians:

🆘 State just set record for new daily cases
🆘 Hospitalizations ⬆️ >180% in month since #Omicron identified by WHO as a #covidvariant of concern
🆘 8.8% of unvaccinated #Maryland adults account for >75% of #COVID19 hospitalizations
2/4 Quit scrolling & listen to me. This is a big f-ing deal. If you are indoors in public without a high-quality mask, #Omicron will find you. If you are not #vaccinated, you are at high-risk to land in an overcrowded, understaffed hospital. Most Americans have no experience…
3/4 With what it means to be in a hospital where conditions are frankly unsafe, which is where we now are. I have worked in countries where there aren’t enough hospital beds & pts are on floors, where 1 dr is overseeing care of WAY too many patients. I have been that dr.
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Canada, Canadian region estimated FUTURE severe COVID-19 outcomes, as of Dec 17, 2021

🔵Deaths, ICU admissions, hospitalizations
🔵Vaccine-preventable, breakthrough, total

These are numbers estimated if entire population as of July 1, 2021 is exposed.
1. Data sources, methods are at bottom of linked spreadsheet

2. Estimated vaccine-preventable and breakthrough severe outcomes from July 1, 2021 to present have been subtracted from estimated future totals
3. Estimated future deaths, ICU admissions and hospitalizations are based on age-specific OECD rates for the ALPHA strain, which at this point appears likely "milder" than Omicron.

I know many Canadians now think that Omicron is mild. Please see threads about this linked below.
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FYI: even with mild #covid people still have to stay home from work/school! This is why schools are closing & businesses scaling back- WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE RESOURCES! Even with #mitigation/#vaccination mass infection isn’t the answer- we want lower RATES of infection
The calls for uncoupling infections & hospitalizations are necessary as we will be living with #COVID19 forever- BUT RIGHT NOW THERE IS A LOT OF CIRCULATING #VIRUS! To address THIS issue we need everyone to use all mitigation measures: #masking, #testing, #stayhome if sick.
Reading piece after piece about why we can’t close schools & how we want no #masks are premature! No one wants to shut it down. But we need tools AT SCALE. That means counties & states need massive influx of #masks & #tests& people to administer tests, #contacttracers too
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Nevíme sice jistě, jestli katastrofa nezačala již o rok dříve, ale naplno se projevila až v roce 536.

To, co se tenkrát stalo, poznamenalo většinu tehdejšího známého světa a způsobilo, že se smrt mohla rozletět krajinou a kosit lidskou populaci skutečně ve velkém...
To, co se tenkrát přihodilo, bude některými historiky označeno za nejhorší rok v historii lidstva.

Řada z vás měla jiný tip, ale jak by pravil klasik, "můžeme o tom vést spory, můžeme s tím nesouhlasit, ale to je tak všechno, co se proti tomu dá dělat"

Na počátku roku 536 přitom jen máloco nasvědčovalo tomu, že svět čeká změna a tehdejší lidi potká nepředstavitelné utrpení.

Zima se na severní polokouli pomalu chýlila ke konci a jak tehdy bývalo dobrým zvykem, nepřátelské armády se masakrovaly, kde to jen šlo...
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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#COVDIOTUpdate 2021/8/30🇯🇵Without #lockdown & 20,000 daily #COVID cases in Japan, the #Aichi prefecture (1,300 daily cases, 1,034 total deaths, hospitals 554% overwhelmed) hosted a music festival without enforcing stringent anti-COVID measures.
One of the #COVIDIOT artists #Zeebra apologized for appearing in the show itself, saying the event violated the “3Cs” doctrine recommended by the government. The artist was aware of the situation going out of control before showing up, but improvements were not made in time. Image
#Aichi prefecture is one of the hardest #COVID-hit regions in Japan and has been under #StateofEmergency as of AUG 27. Inter-prefecture travel has been strongly discouraged (but not enforced). It recorded 1,385 cases on Sunday with over 12,000 people #StayHome without treatment. Image
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3 appellate judges appointed by 3 different presidents (Bush 41, Clinton, and Trump) unanimously ruled that the DC federal court “clearly erred” by keeping a 1/6 defendant in jail before his trial.

We have a *presumption of innocence* in America.

Judges must never forget this.
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1/ Why does it feel like the same crowd that yelled #stayHome is now yelling that unvaccinated low-income workers brought this upon themselves bc they’ve had ‘enough time to get vaccinated’?

As much as I wish it was that uncomplicated, I don’t think it is.
2/ I’m not saying there is no aspect of ‘personal responsibility’ but the way this concept is being invoked often feels like people are assuming we are all starting off from the same baseline level of resources & advantages, which obviously is false.
3/ Beyond this, the public is operating in a very confusing environment with regards to divisive politics, poor Sci-Comm from even CDC, and then actual organized efforts from anti-vaxx groups.

That is on top of vulnerable peoples’ baseline level of resource constraints.
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Dear @nytimes:

You really cannot help yourselves.

You just cannot let Americans enjoy the Fourth of July without showing your smugness and disdain.
These know-it-all’s willingly live in a hellhole city, where they let their clown political leaders use #StayHome orders and other Covid nonsense to trap them inside their tiny apartments for over a year — and then get beat and robbed by street thugs when they’re allowed outside.
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@theSANBS, @The_WCBS, and #SACEMA have released new information on SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among blood donors in South Africa, including in the 5 provinces for which data were not previously available. #NotYetPeerReviewed

A full preprint will be released soon.
The new data are based on samples collected in May 2021, using the same methods as described in the earlier preprint from Sykes et al:…

The study was led by @Marionvermeulen with data analysis by @laurettemhlanga, Dr Eduard Grebe, and Prof Alex Welte.
The study is primarily funded by @theSANBS and @The_WCBS. #SACEMA and its researchers are funded by @dsigovza and @NRF_News.

The study used the @Roche Elecsys platform, which detects antibodies produced by natural infection that bind to the N protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
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なぜ日本の住民には #StayHome が最善か。

ランセット研究で示されたようにこれから首都圏で優勢株となると観られる #デルタ変異株 に対するワクチンの効果は1回接種では33%程度。しかも2回目まで3週間が必要で、ワクチンが効果を発揮するまでに更に3日かかる。とてもじゃないが五輪開催期間に免疫獲得できない。 Image


となったら #StayHome しかない。
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