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#WednesdayWagner Here I go again ... no, not the Whitesnake song, but the weekly pill on Wagner's compositional strategies. Today: Echoes of 'Tristan chord' in "Tristan und Isolde" (part 1). Let's go! 
#TwitterCultural #Covid_19 #StayHome #TeamWagner
#WednesdayWagner One of the clearest evolution of "Tristan Chord" appears at the beginning of Act 2. Just listen the first 20 seconds of the Prelude:…

#TwitterCultural #Covid_19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner Firstly, note that, at bar 9, the bass melody ('Isolde impatience' by some authors) is comprised by the pitches that formed the resolution of the so-called "Tristan Chord" at the start of the opera. You can see the details below:
#TwitterCultural #Covid_19 Image
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Até Abril eu tinha 2 empregos, graças ao Covid, fui dispensado de um deles, já estava me preparando pra investir mais na minha empresa e sair dele,foi abreviado,vida que segue
Em momento algum,apesar de entender os danos a economia,deixei de entender a necessidade do isolamento++
Sempre defendi racionalidade ao processo, medidas de isolamento, volta controlada, testes, testes e mais testes.

A economia foi freada totalmente, a dinâmica quebrada, mesmo essa volta, não é a mesma coisa.

MILHÕES vão voltar a pobreza, inevitável.

Como um relógio quebrado, o Bozo falou uma obviedade, a economia quebrou, as pessoas vão passar FOME.

Claro, aliado a isso, os R$ 600 q levaram ANOS pra ser pago.

Ele aglomerar pessoas e IDOSAS, um IRRESPONSAVEL.

Cafezinho na padaria? qual a necessidade? TUDO errado!

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LIVE shortly: Media briefing on current #COVID19 situation in the country

📍: National Media Centre, New Delhi

🕓: 4:00 PM

Watch on PIB's


ICMR has been focusing on increasing #COVID19 testing capacity, we now have testing facilities in every state & UT, we now have 681 labs out of which 476 are in govt. sector, now we are testing ~ 1.2 lakh samples every day

We have been using indigenous platforms too for ramping up #COVID19 testing capacity. The Truenat screening and confirmatory tests have now been validated. Outreach of testing has hence been increased since this is available in primary health centres and districts. - @ICMRDELHI
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This is the track of Tropical Cyclone Phyan ( 2009 ) the last major Cyclonic system to make landfall near Mumbai at a good strength, lot of people don't remember this. #Nisarg is also quite similar in its track 1/
Reports by @VagariesWeather at the time. Personally it is the only Cyclonic Storm i remember that Mumbai has experienced in past 2 Decades, i could be wrong 2/
10 Years ago lots of Mumbai suburbs didn't have rain roofs 3/
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Resurge Review Weight Loss Supplement Exposed Read More

The question many consumers have about John Burban's Resurge Review is: "what is Resurge?". Resurge is a weight loss and body fat loss supplement that is safe and effective.…
Resurge reviews show it to be one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today which works while sleeping. Resurge works by blocking the fat from being absorbed into the body. #resurge #resurgereview #weightloss #sirtfood #adeleweightloss #StayHome
That means the body does not store the fat that we eat, so we burn more calories even when we are sitting down at our desk at work. If you suffer from the problem of putting on unwanted weight, you should give Resurge a try.…
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1. Labour called for the lockdown. We were concerned social distancing measures were not being adhered to. We will continue to argue easing of restrictions must be done gradually with caution and safely.
2. This virus hasn’t gone away, it could easily get out of control again. While we are past peak we still have thousands of cases daily and as the Deputy CMO indicated yesterday we still don’t fully understand why.
3. Hundreds are still losing their life to this horrific disease every week. We have one of the highest excess death rates in world (amongst nations that produce the data).
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#Eyam #SocialDistancing


When victims of the Plague start getting rashes that looked like rings & were the colour of roses

Pocket full of posies

Some people thought the disease was due to bad air, so they carried sweet herbs in their pockets
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all fall down

When the people were getting really ill, they started coughing and sneezing and subsequently died.

#COVID19 #SocialDistancing
The earliest cases of the Black Plague occurred in the spring of 1665 in a parish outside the city walls called St Giles-in-the-Fields.

The death rate began to rise during the hot summer months and peaked in September when 7,165 Londoners died in one week.

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COVID Update May 30: Looking ahead at June.

I did this as May started and may as well do again. 1/
The phases of the COVID crisis are easy to spot in hindsight.
Getting our bearings in chaos
-watching China
-watching Italy
-Washington & community spread
-Crisis w ventilators & hospitals
-PPE crisis
-Flattening the curve
-Devastated NY
-Nursing home deaths
-#StayHome 2/
Our reaction
-Reducing transmission
-Avoiding the Easter Sunday massacre
-Congressional support
-Shelter in place
-Economy stops
-Neighbor helping neighbor
-April death toll
-Massive job loss
-Factories, jails, homeless shelters, Navajo nation
-Blaming China & WHO 3/
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Tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane briefs the media on the level 3 regulations in the tourism sector #WeDoTourism #TourismStrong #StayHome #Covid_19 #Level3Regulations
To ensure that SMMEs in the tourism sector survive the crisis we put together the tourism relief fund. The application window for the Covid-19 Tourism Relief Fund will close on 31 May 2020 #WeDoTourism #TourismStrong #StayHome #Covid_19 #Level3Regulations
The Tourism Relief Fund provides a once-off capped grant
of R50 000 per entity to subsidise expenses towards fixed costs, operational costs, and other pressure cost items #WeDoTourism #TourismStrong #StayHome #Covid_19 #Level3Regulations
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1/ THREAD: Becoming a Published Author in a Pandemic
I published my first academic paper in the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience (what?!) called “Heralding Healthcare Professionals: Recognition of Neurological Deficits in COVID-19” with the incredible @AMannanBaig!
2/ The full text will be available as open access in a few days, but here's the link to the ACS abstract:…

#covid19 #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #neuroinvasive #brain #neurotropic #pandemic #virus #medtwitter #nursetwitter

3/ I always imagined that my first publication would be in maternal or women's health as they are my main clinical passions. My new position @MountAuburnHosp was supposed to start in March but then the #pandemic happened and everything changed @plrosen
#mamasmatter #gynfluencer
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Hopefully people will now realize economies based on people buying things they don’t need with money they haven’t got is not the most sensible way to organize human affairs. #Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I for one hope there isn’t a return to normal because what was happening in the economy prior to this wasn’t normal.#Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I meant normal by historical standards. Debt levels were unprecedented both governments, businesses and personal. Many businesses and people are now having to relearn that liquidity isn’t the same as access to credit
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Donald Trump issued an executive order this weekend to open churches, mosques, and other places of worship “in an effort to make sure that the most devout Americans get a chance to contract the #coronavirus too
The order was a controversial decision, one that could endanger the lives of many,but anyone who knows Donald Trump knows he’s a man of great faith.#StayHome
It looks bad for the president to be golfing with 100,000 Americans dead and a stay-at-home order in place, #StayHome“but try explaining optics to a guy who stared directly into an eclipse
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#WednesdayWagner O nun waren wir Nachtgeweihte ... Welcome to another small but energetic Wagner's pill. Today: Night's invocation in 'Tristan und Isolde'. Let's go!
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner This leitmotif can be listened in the 2nd Act, as the starting point of one of the most amazing love duets ever composed. If you want to listen the whole 26-min excerpt while reading, go to this link  
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner After a careful look into this melodic idea, you can surely notice these pitches are indeed the ones forming the 'Tristan Chord'. Not only they form the omnipresent 'half-diminished' chord: they are literally the same pitches
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
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Let's say you woke up with a terrible cough, a fever, and severe body aches. Immediately, you rush to the doctor and unfortunately, you’re diagnosed with COVID-19. For the last two weeks, you’ve been unaware that you were infected and you’ve ignored "the rules."
You've gotten together with some close friends for pizza, had a few people over, even visited a park and a beach. You figured, “I don’t feel sick. I have the right to keep living my normal life. No one can tell me what to do."
With your diagnosis, you spend the next few days at home on the couch, feeling pretty crappy; but then you’re well again because you’re young, healthy and strong. Lucky you.
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Sadly not one journalist asked about need to protect every locality#s #NHS #ITU capacity in #cummingspresser. This is why #NoSecondHome #StayHome is important and will continue to be throughout #summerholiday. A very important issue to keep live as #lockdown releases
@Fox_Claire this is an important issue and I was sorry it wasn't asked. This hasn't got through and will matter for a long time to come.
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I'm fascinated by how we can leverage evidence to inform behavior change. A thread based on literature & our #design of spaces & processes in high-stakes environments @AdvPerformHD @HumanFact0rz @ASPphysician @jyangstar 1/
2/ After the wkd, its clear some in Ontario are experiencing quarantine fatigue ( Below are thoughts combining work from change management (, behavior psych (, risk perception (Kahneman) & #harmreduction
3/ Current state = #publichealth experts tell us that we cannot return to our previous way of life despite many who wish to do so. RESULT = need for substantial behaviour change. CHALLENGE = people don't like to change. #default & familiar behaviour is preferred
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COVID Update May 23: 2 months ago, with things heading off the rails & we launched #StayHome, experts told me that if we were successful at reducing the death toll, many wouldn’t believe COVID was much of a problem after all.

Fascinating look at where else I was right & wrong.1/
One popular activity is to go back to earlier days in the pandemic when we knew less & hunt for places where people were wrong and light them up for it.

I think it’s often a bad practice but I’ve decided to participate— by going back & looking at my own statements. 2/
I don’t make predictions. If anything my skill is getting people to return my call & sharing what I hear from experts. In the third week in March I laid out what it might look like ahead based on what I heard.

I made 12 calls @medium captured. 3/…
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(1) Copied!
Apologies for the length of this, but I just gotta get this off my chest.

I am SO over hearing people say “we have to open the economy has to be done safely”.
(2) It’s this annoyingly weak and politically correct fall back line. It’s like the Seinfeld episode where they referred to someone who is gay and say “not that there’s anything wrong with it!”
Like you cannot want the economy open without saying “but we have to be safe”.
(3) I do not feel a need to defend my stance at all.
In terms of being out and about, I think social distancing is stupid.
I think masks are stupid.
I think gloves are stupid.
I think all of this was a waste.
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Ah, would that this be true... I've seen tweets from 2 Tory MPs this morning, trying to spin the story.
Guess we're finding out (again) who're in the Cummings coterie...
Going to make this a thread of MPs defending Cummings for "visiting" his elderly parents, then his sister, in Durham, all the while he was in bed, with muscle spasms due to #COVIDー19, and his wife was praying for him, whilst making a castle with their son.
So, who do we have first? Step forward Robert Halfon.
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COVID 19 Update May 22: The most dangerous current effect of the pandemic may be denial.

Denial this was bad. Denial it has killed significant number of people. Denial it might come back even stronger.

Most of all, denial that social distancing actions had a big impact.1/
This is going to be a different thread. If you want to skip it, I have a ton of data to share but it will wait until tomorrow. 2/
Yesterday a well-known TV host opened their program by going directly after me. Not just me but Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo and Zeke Emanuel.

I have thick skin & I’m also fair game. This won’t be about defending myself. 3/
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Americans rate their own government’s response, along with that of the UK and Italy, higher than that of #China despite those countries having much higher death and infection rates.
By: @AlanRMacLeod
#COVIDー19 #coronavirus #FridayMotivation #StayHome…
Conservative figures, in particular, insist on calling #COVIDー19 the “Chinese Wuhan Virus,” not-so-subtly reminding those listening who is supposed to be at fault. 
#fridaymorning #FridayVibes #coronavirus Image
As of #fridaymorning, there have been 5.23 million confirmed positive #COVIDー19 cases and 335,631 reported deaths worldwide, including 1.61 million positive tests and 95,087 fatalities in the #UnitedStates.
@realDonaldTrump #TrumpHasNoPlan…
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#WednesdayWagner "Hoiho, Hagen! Müder Mann! Sieh'st du mich kommen?" In your weekly dose of wagnerian clues, let's face the overlaps between Hagen, Siegfried and Tarnhelm. Pardon??? Yes!!! Keep reading to know further details
#TwitterCultural #Covid_19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner Hagen's evil is represented by a descendent tritone (diminished 5th). One of the clearest presentation of this evil character is the wonderful "Hagen's Watch" scene. This diminished 5th appears in the bass part
#TwitterCultural #Covid_19
#WednesdayWagner Note that the presentation is done by linking this descendent interval with a slightly modified Siegfried leitmotiv. They fit together into a ... half-diminished chord! (oh man, again this chord!)
#TwitterCultural #Covid_19 #StayHome
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BREAKING: Americans want their sense of normalcy back - but not at the cost of people’s lives. Today 20 bipartisan health care leaders and I joined forces to outline how our government can #OpenSafely amid COVID-19. 1/…
Experts Mark McClellan, @EricTopol, @juliettekayyem, @cmyeatom, @DrLeanaWen, @T_Inglesby, @Bill_George, @bfrist, @DavidBrailer and others (tagged in pic) built this plan because Americans don’t need to choose between a good economy and the public’s health. They go together. 2/
Despite efforts by some to turn COVID-19 into a partisan political football, Americans have sacrificed with great unity to reduce the infection rate, support our front line health care workers, and save lives and are equally unified in wanting to #OpenSafely. 3/
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🚨Important thread Alert👇🏻🚨

🤔We know you may have Q’s about this new data & what this means to you, your loved ones & diabetes📊

⁉️We’ve tried to compile a list of FAQ’s to answer queries

Please read this thread all the way through & share widely! 🔁
#GBDoc #BeKind
🚨@ACDC_UK - 👶🏽👧🏻🧒🏼👦🏿👱🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🦰
Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians statement on children returning to school:…
🚨 Sick Day Rules: ⬆️🥴🤢🤒😷

👨🏻T1 Adults:……

👩🏽T2 adults:…

👶🏼Children :…
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