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Cali Happenings thread!

It's amazing that people haven't realized that there is more going on then we are being told.

Start here: Please watch the video in the link…

Those are Apache Helicopters in Southern Califonia
The Military had a training exercise last year preparing for what's going down

This is from Feb 2019…
Our military spent half a billion training our brave soldiers how to fight in tunnels.

Preparing for what's going down now…
Only a few days before, Trump closed the border between the US and Mexico.…
What I don't think people realize

Want to know why?

You can find some answers in here.

(if you read only one article I link to, make it this one)…
I'll link that article twice since it's all the evidence we really need to know that Obama was a traitor

The Drug and Human Trafficking routes run through Mexico to Venezuela…
Human trafficking routes run directly through Venezuela.

hold on......


what other country is mentioned in this article about Child trafficking?…
If the lighbulb went on and you knew where I was going here, let me know. I know you remember this from the other day…
What Americans could possibly be 'stuck in PERU?'…
Don't think Human Trafficking is an issue in the US?

Why do we have over 4x the amount of missing kids than India

U.S. population = 330 million

India population = 1.35 billion

There are just the CHILDREN…
This rag isn't even worth wiping your back side with.

The people that work at the Washington Post should be ashamed to walk down the street.

I refuse to link to this article
This was just signed in January. I feel like it is good evidence that Trump has been preparing for this now for a lot longer than we realize…
If you 're interested,

here's an article on the executive order.…
While we're at it,

If you commit crimes against humanity, like child trafficking.

Trump already stated that he's taking your SH*T…
Back to Venezuela

Please take 8 minutes of your time to watch this video.

It explains the connection between the Drug Cartels from Mexico to Venezuela all the way to IRAN and Hezbollah

Venezuela is the bridge between Iran and the Western Hemisphere…
In the video from the last post, they mentioned that Venezuela wasn't a Narco state anymore, it's now a much darker, Mafia State

Read what this article implies.

Direct ties to the Franklin Scandal
The Pizza Connection???

Oh, don't worry.…
Why yes.

Yes we are about to connect Italy and the Mafia to Venezuela

First, let's name who the mafia is
You should know about the 'Ndrangheta.

They are the bosses of the Costra Nostra these days…
Pay close attention to what I'm about to say.

On March 12th, the Italian Police captured the 'Ndrangheta mob boss SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF THE FORCED QUARANTINE…
The media really has to get their cover stories more in tune with each other…
The ’Ndrangheta takedown began in December…
Oddly enough, the 'Ndrangheta are also known for their extensive tunnel system.…
I know you were waiting for it.

I know you were wondering when I was going to connect the Vatican into all of this.

Well, the Pope provides a good segway here explaining how the mafia makes more money annually than banks or McDonalds…
I'll explain this in more detail in it's own thread, but to make a long story short:

The Mafia is an extension of the Vatican's power. The two organizations have a long intertwined history going back thousands of years.…
Can we get this guys petition on over the 2,500 hump?

Interesting explanation as well, might want to read it.…
I could go on and on about the Vatican and that side of this world wide evil organization, but I need to start bringing this back home.

Here is the DOJ's indictment of Venezuela's Maduro.

Notice something about this?…
I could be wrong, it might be just a coincidence

But wasn't someone else indicted in the Southern District of NY?

Didn't that someone also own a secret property in Venezuela?

Who knows?......

Just a hunch…
hopefully this thread helps you understand why Trump was calling out Iran just this morning. This is all connected…
Trump is without a doubt, with plenty of evidence nowk, currently taking down a world wide Drug ring as well as a Child Sex Trafficking ring.

Which makes today's announcement of a


being used as a weapon to take down a


make more sense
The guy literraly tried to take out a boat with a train.


this happened.

We declared war on the Cartels

We declared war on the Terrorists

That's because they are all part of the same group
None of this is new.

It's been going longer than any of us have been alive…
Our politicians have known about this, all of them.

Some even try to help the traffickers by keeping our southern border open and unguarded
Some politicians have profited from the abuse and trafficking of children.…
It's disgusting that we live in a country that is among the worst in the world in human trafficking

and no one cares.

The media hides it.

This is modern day slavery, yet we continue to hear about slavery from the 1800s…
I never considered myself a religious man. But when I think upon the evil in the world, it enrages me knowing I can't do anything about it.
That's when I realizes it's important to read some wise words ✝️🙏
Hey look

The new Counter-Narcotics operations!

They look like they’re blocking Venezuela, not Mexico.

But I thought they were Mexican Cartels?
Don't believe me?

Listen to the man tell you himself

I know you were wondering.

The only thing holding up the Venezuelan Regime is the drug / human trafficking and Chinese / Russian investments

China is accessing the Western Hemisphere through Venezuela as well.…
'Bringing home 30,000 people'

I'd hate to read into things incorrectly, but this is an odd tweet from the SoS

@threadreaderapp unroll please
Change your trending location to El Salvador and find out why Daniel Noriega is trending

Special thanks to @Roger_doors10
How you know Ortega is a bad dude.

Read the praise from Kerry and Sanders heaped on this murdering, back robbing piece of human scum…
I know a lot of people don't have time to click all the links, so I'll help you figure out who this guy is.

Look at who his allies are:

and he's most likely a p#dophile

So he's a communist p#do, obviously the Democrats adore him…
Don't believe Tunnels in the United States exist?

here is proof that they do


The media will not talk about this

This crime is so horrible, people refuse to believe it is real.

This is what the fight at the border is all about

Please watch and share

Link to full show👇
They confine this to local media. National news will not touch it. They make to much money from it.

Please share and let ppl know the truth about what’s really happening

(Supporting article) 👇…
I think my favorite part of this whole ordeal is how obvious it is that the virus dilemma is nonsense.

The St. Louis Fed president even admitted it

I erased 3 words from his quote, mostly because I don't think he even said them.…
(I'm going to keep adding information this thread as I go, Therefore it might start feeling like it's all over the place.
Allow me to apologize ahead of time)

Anyways: I have reason to believe that Trump has decided to move forward with this 👇

This whole thread was just confirmed by the President.
Going to get into the Operations going, but first, I want to link this thread here before I forget.

It's not 100% on topic, it's about the Vaccine issue and why the media is pushing so hard for them.

please read if it interests you

Vaccines: Our opponents frame the argument as we don't believe in Science. That's not true. Not all vaccines are bad. Only the ones we don't need that are forced on us by greedy big Pharma are. Take a look if that's your thing

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