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8.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
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Hoy tengo ganas de recordarles a los “izquierdistas”, su doble moral que trasciende los años.

Comenzaré con aquellas épocas en que las preferencias sexuales destrozaban cualquier credibilidad periodística, como aquí lo ilustró @Patriciomonero con @SergioSarmiento hace 20 años👇🏽
Y cómo olvidar también, cuando @ahelguera criticaba a los ninis, y les ofrecía promisorias carreras que hoy son posibles gracias a @El_Chamuco (antes chahuistle) y al CULO (Centro Universitario LÓpez).
Y qué decir de el mismísimo adoctrinator-in-chief, @fisgonmonero Rafael Barajas Goebbels, que de manera sucinta nos explica cómo sobrevivió la “izquierda” por más de 30 años, incluso a sus guerras intestinas, a expensas del erario y gracias al chapulineo.
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THREAD: What the #US media won't tell you about the popular rebellion in #Chile.

In 1973, #Nixon/#Kissinger provoked a coup to overthrow the democratically elected #socialist government of Salvador #Allende, leading to the 17-year nightmare of the #Pinochet dictatorship.
In addition to torturing, disappearing, and murdering thousands of dissidents, Pinochet turned #Chile into a laboratory experiment for #neoliberalism. With the help of Milton #Friedman and the "Chicago Boys," they set to work privatizing everything they could get their hands on.
Health, education, pensions, roads, even WATER-everything was sold off to #Pinochet's cronies. #Chile became the shining, model state for our new, post-Keynesian world. That this only could've happened by installing a #fascist dictatorship was omitted.…
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#THREAD Tension is high in #Chile as large demonstrations are taking place in many cities, following days of incidents culminated with the state of emergency being declared and curfew (for the first time since the dictatorship) being issued👇

High school students in Santiago peacefully begun #EvasionMasiva against surges in metro fares, which was met with harsh response by #CarabinerosDeChile (military police), here inside a metro car at Vicente Valdes metro station:…
Army units were deployed to #Santiago early on Oct. 19, where they soon made use of their individual weapons. In this video shots are fired next to Del Sol metro station. The truck drives NW passing underneath a bridge here:…
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#Chili #Santiago Le réseau de métro est à l'arrêt. La hausse du prix (depuis le 06/10) a provoqué des manifestations et débordements cette semaine. "Les conditions minimales de sécurité ne sont pas réunies pour protéger les passagers et les travailleurs" selon @metrodesantiago
@metrodesantiago L'exécutif condamne "le vandalisme", selon les mots du ministre de l'intérieur @andreschadwickp "C'est le devoir du gouvernement de maintenir l'ordre public". La loi de sécurité de l'État (LSE) invoquée #EvasionMasiva
@metrodesantiago @andreschadwickp En signe de soutien au mouvement de contestation, le concert de casseroles a commencé à #Santiago #EvasionMasiva #cacelorazo #Chili #Chile
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Power Versus the Press: The Extradition Cases of #Pinochet & #Assange…
This article is an updated take on a piece published last year.
"Citing the aging Pinochet’s inability to stand trial, the UK in 2000 ultimately prevented him from being extradited to Spain where he would have faced prosecution for human rights abuses."
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I think we have reached dangerous levels of noxious stupidity. Here is a test that should easily allow you to gauge where you should be on #Venezuela. If you don't know any of these names, places or the history for the below questions, then you need to STFU about Venezuela.
1. Who installed #Pinochet?
2. Who props up the Saudi regime
3. Who is currently helping the Saudi's murder hundreds of thousands in #Yemen
4. Who overthrew #Allende?
5. Who overthrew #Arbenze?
6. Who installed Saddam Hussein?
7. Who illegally funded the Contras?
8. Who implemented Operation Condor in the Southern Cone?
9. Who was behind the coups of the democratically elected leaders of Argentina, Belize, Paraguay, etc.?
10. Who installed Savimbi?
11. Who invaded Iraq?

These are just a few questions that all have the same answer...
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What the mainstream media won’t tell you about the man at the centre of the US-backed #VenezuelaCoup.
#rte #BBC #UTV #ch4 #VM1 #Tg4 #Newstalk ...
An uncritical MSM with no memory is critical for US foreign policy ...
None of them remember the WMD'S anymore ...
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The plethora of crimes committed during the military dictatorship of Augusto #Pinochet in Chile between 1973 and 1990 were exactly the type of abuse of power that Julian Assange would uniquely expose through #WikiLeaks
Both Assange and Pinochet have battled against extradition from the #UK, with vastly different outcomes and contrasting positions taken by the UK govt. The UK supported Pinochet, a human-rights abuser, and persecuted #Assange, a journalist who has exposed crimes of the powerful.
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