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Hey folks I. Gonna out this all in one spot for you to hammer back at the narrative with.
They are claiming Burisma was not being investigated. That's why Shokin was fired.
This is a TOTAL LIE.
@ChanelRion of OAN did an explosive 3 part series that PROVES Shokin was fired for it
Video number 3 specifically addresses this but the first 2 lay the rest of the ground work. This stunning series obliterated the narrative that NY Post story is unverified.
OAN has winesses, affidavits, documents, the works. And he was looking at this in 2017. OAN series Dec 19
The significance of this series in light of the NY Post story that's being censored in this platform and the ties to the Biden corruption is all here all with evidence to back it up & with SHOKIN himself telling you what happened!
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⌛️Don’t forget that @realDonaldTrump famous line came on October 9, 2016! “Because you’d be in jail!”
•So worth a watch!
•Red White House!
#HillaryForPrison #HillaryClinton #ShotHeardAroundTheWorld
2. Rig for Red
•Cue 3574 said RIG FOR RED
•Nov 2, 2019 on their 1st day of posting to 8Kun after 93 days of silence=Q was confirming fighting the “silent war”
3. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming while Trump played the violin verifying Patriots, Trump team, Cue etc all working together for a better world! The storm may be here
#NothingCanStopWhatIsComing #RigForRed #DigitalArmy #ArmorOfGod #GodWins
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We have received countless positive reviews on these #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries. They lay the foundation for understanding much of what is going on today/has transpired within #DeepState over the last two decades. I hope people will read, review, and retweet. Thx
Please keep going. Wash, Rinse, RETWEET . . .

Information is everything. The power of knowledge is unbeatable. This is HOW WE WIN.
@stacykarma1 I am forever grateful for the support of the #digitalarmy in sharing our work. Your help in further promoting and retweeting this #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries thread is GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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Wie Ihr wisst, setze ich mich hier ab und zu mit den Social-Media-Guidelines der #Bundeswehr und der #SocialMediaDivision auseinander. Aber wie gehen eigentlich andere Armeen mit Social Media um? Die nächsten Tage ein kleiner Thread zur #DigitalArmy der 🇬🇧 @BritishArmy 🧵👇 Image
1. Wofür die @BritishArmy 🇬🇧 Guidelines? Der Einstieg etwas gezwungen. Schwankt zwischen:

⛔️ „Social Media ist gefährlich und untergräbt den Dienstweg“


🧐 „Oh, unsere effektivste Kommunikation stammt von jungen Soldat*innen, die authentisch kommunizieren.“

Komisch 🙄 Image
2. Mein Eindruck zur Einleitung 🧐 Man sieht sich *gezwungen* einheitliche Regeln für den Umgang mit Social Media aufzustellen. Im Ton wird deutlich, dass es der @BritishArmy um einen gewissen Grad der Kontrolle geht. Image
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I've become passionate about "SIGNAL" BREAKING. See all this? Auto companies signalling celebs, black hats, deep state and cabal. They're #streetstrong ⁠— suppliers equipt for COVID "wave 2". @realDonaldTrump Do they think we are stupid? #QAnon #QAnons ImageImageImage
I wanted to know what the "590W690" on the #Ford windshield was. With 5G at top of mind, the search results were very interesting. I know Ryan Reynolds is Canada's "ambassador", so I thought I'd dig further for fun.
#COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnon ImageImageImage
.@realDonaldTrump New themes everyday. Definitely a "dot" and "spot" theme happening since "Mary Poppins Returns". How many SHERMANS are there? Shermanmania? Maybe they're just mad with 'fury' because #JFKJrReturns too. #COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnons #MadMax #BlueDot ImageImageImageImage
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1) Defeat Disinfo uses artificial intelligence (AI) and network analysis that maps President Trump’s statements to friendly discussion groups and the individuals who discuss them on social media. #InformationWarfare #PoliticalWarfare #Insurgency #DigitalSoldiers #DigitalArmy
2) In Intelligence parlance, THIS IS A COLLECTION EFFORT—but this one is directed at American citizens and U.S. persons. President Trump is not al-Baghdadi and pro-Trump Americans are not ISIS cells. #InformationWarfare #PoliticalWarfare #Insurgency #DigitalSoldiers #DigitalArmy
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2) We read that retired Special Operations General Stanley McChrystal will “deploy” information warfare technology in the domestic U.S. political arena:…
3) The organization running McChrystal’s #InformationWarfare effort against the president is a “Democratic-aligned political action committee” called Defeat Disinfo.
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These FB morons think they can silence the closing down accounts for activity blue wavers routinely do.


Um, nope.
Smear Q all ya want.
Take down accounts.

Nothing will stop what's coming

N O T H I N G.

So now, they are just targeting notable Anons and yanking their content down, and blaming it on election interference, basically.


Free speech is dead on FakeBook and InstaLlies

Only room for shiny happy pics, influencers, and pro Biden crap apparently.
We are on the cusp of a major cultural revolution and it's up to us what the outcome is.

We can submit to cashless, mandated vax, Censorship, group think, propoganda, lies, & fear...

Or we can shove BACK against this 🐂💩 and FIGHT

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Throwing it all out there!

Never done one of these and don't want too, so you know I'm PISSED!


FREE MY GENERAL!!!!!! #GenFlynn
#DigitalSoldiers #DigitalArmy
#WWG1WGA #DigitalArmy #DigitalSoldiers #WeThePeople #WeareQ #Changethegame

End this charade now!
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): "I know where all the bodies are buried": Clinton Foundation CFO made that statement to my partner and I on November 30, 2016 at a breakfast meeting in NYC. (details in this 5-minute clip @CSPAN…
We testified under oath to that statement and others that both the CFO provided and another former senior executive at Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative made to us in mid-2017 prior to our making our formal Whistleblower Submission to the IRS. We provided written reviews of
these interviews to the DOJ, FBI and selected state AG offices as well. Coverage of these interviews specifically and our Congressional testimony generated significant attention via social media and online (1.4mm views at #ZeroHedge:…) yet limited coverage
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) Given the now daily presence of the President's Coronavirus Task Force in our lives inc. our lead representative to PEPFAR and US rep to the board of the Global Fund, let's navigate these paths in re Clinton Fdn(stick w/me)
A review of PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) In Country Operational Plans:… from 2007-2018 indicates that there were 1,511 references to CFdn and/or CHAI (Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative; Clinton Health Access Initiative) in those plans.
Lots of engagement. By year, the numbers look as follows: '07/68x; '08/293x; '09/474x; '10/237x; '11/55x; '12/147x; '13/160x; '14/4x; '15/26x; '16/36x; '17/16x. So what do we see here? During #HillaryClinton tenure as Secretary of State, (recall that she controlled the
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) Given the now daily presence of Dr. Birx & Dr. Fauci in our lives and the fact that Dr. Birx is US head of PEPFAR and US representative to the board of the Global Fund, let's navigate these paths in re Clinton Fdn (stick with me)
A review of PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) In Country Operational Plans:… from 2007-2018 indicates that there were 1,511 references to the CFdn and/or CHAI (Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative; Clinton Health Access Initiative) in those plans.
Lots of engagement. By year, the numbers look as follows: '07/68x; '08/293x; '09/474x; '10/237x; '11/55x; '12/147x; '13/160x; '14/4x; '15/26x; '16/36x; '17/16x. So what do we see here? During #HillaryClinton tenure as Secretary of State, (recall that she controlled the
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): Let's take harder look at individual and organization whom many in US and around the world hold out as 'the smartest guy(s) in the room' along with having the biggest wallet to back it up. Who? #BillGates and #GatesFoundation
Background: The #Covid19 model used primarily by #DrFauci and #DrBirx (…) is largely sponsored/funded by the #GatesFoundation:… I will dispense on commenting on model itself given that UN & WHO are already making a 'run for the $$>
UN Calls for $2.5 Trillion Coronavirus Crisis Package:… to in large measure 'save the world.' How admirable but let's hold on and take a harder look at when #BillGates and #GatesFoundation wanted to help these developing nations in re HIV/AIDS crisis >>
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Welcome Newbies to the #GreatAwakening ❤️🇺🇸⚖️

Many of you seek answers here and you've come to the right place! Please be patient w/ the info - its alot to take in. Go at your own pace. If you need help, ask publicly as Im unable to answer you personal questions.
If you do not know how to use Twitter, learn now. Most of the latest truths and info is here from anons. Make sure you are following @realDonaldTrump for updates.

Plenty of YT tutorials on how to use this platform. I do not endorse this vid but 👇

One of the most important things you can do is TURN OFF MSM completely. Unplug your cable and free your mind. Reading truth here will save you. But you must filter through the madness.

First and foremost, get rid of your TV and MSM news sources.…
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Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library: As our following grows, we welcome maintaining this ongoing 'library' at which you'll find much info/extensive links. Our only request? Please retweet/share this library far and wide. Armed with info, we can't/won't be beat. Let's roll:
Book 1: "US House Oversight and Government Reform Congressional Hearing (December 13, 2018) on Not-for-Profits w/Specific Case Study on Clinton Foundation". We enter at the 90-minute mark:
#FBH #DigitalArmy #DigitalSoldier
Book 2: "Appeal to US Tax Court": Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) v IRS. In early '19 we receive final denial from IRS to our whistleblower submission. In 3/'19, we appeal to USTC. Case is ongoing:…
#FBH #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers
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DOJ & FBI Participated in a Fraud On The FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) - “In order to surveil Carter Page, a US citizen”▫️

@FBI & DOJ deliberately..

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn #DigitalArmy
“and intentionally advanced unverified opposition research paid for by one political party (DNC) designed to harm the opposing party by creating a fictional Russian collusion story as reliable fact. All this took place in the midst of a US presidential election.”
“This behavior is a massive abuse of power and should outrage all Americans of both parties.”
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@RudyGiuliani 👉"I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People."
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #WeAreTheNewsNow!
2. And @Nocoincidence33 bringing it home for us! 💥🧨💥
“Worth Following. Senate testimony next? #FactsMatter
QDrop 3678
3. 🤔💭😮 Seeing these 2connect all together now. 999
Follow @RudyGiuliani #FactsMatter #MarchforLife
“See you on Friday...Big Crowd!” @realDonaldTrump
👉🏻B👉🏻C👉🏻D. #painiscoming #QDrop 3651 “... [coup attempt] unpunished?... #EnjoyTheShow#Q
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There is a method to their madness, believe it or not...

Unfortunately [for them] we know EXACTLY what it is and refuse to let them (successfully) move the goal posts!
For example... the benefit of not naming the fake ‘Whistleblower’ is that it doesn’t lock them into one path.

Think of it this way - these fuckers are on a freight train towards ‘Destruction, USA’ and they don’t care how they get there.
Not naming the WB gave them ability to flip a switch and take a different route... avoiding derailment.

At least, in their minds...

It’s stupid, but it’s also essential... bc they are manufacturing the entire freaking scandal.
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Leaked Documents From Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Indicate Complex Money Transfers From Foreign Sources Into “Slush Fund” Owned & Operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Family, Heinz Jr. & Hunter Biden▫️

Money was transferred & then Burisma was no longer under investigation▫️
#QuidProQuo With Ukraine Involved John Kerry & Joe Biden -
Not President Donald Trump▫️
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#FakeNews Courtesy of @nytimes

Trying to Change Narrative & Rehabilitate Recalled US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the @StateDept Employee, Who Requested US Journalists Be Monitored in Ukraine▫️……
Yuri Lutshenko went to meet Obama Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, he says he was stunned when the ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute”

“Us-Ukraine corruption & collusion goes all the way to the Obama White House as John Solomon Reports:
Spying Allegedly Ordered On Following Citizens/Journalists:

Jack Posobiec, Donald Trump, Jr., Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michael McFaul, Dan Bongino, Ryan Saveedra, Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, John Solomon, Lou Dobbs,Pamela Geller, Sara Carter▫️
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I'm officially CONVINCED.

And, yes, he could have gotten across continents in a matter of hours with the technology Germany had in WW2

For more tidbits on this topic just scroll my Profile Page!


I'll do my best to post everything I've got on THIS THREAD.

Pictures tell stories, they also ask questions.

Follow me down the rabbit hole...

At your own risk.

"The choice to KNOW will be YOURS"
"Follow The White Rabbit"
"Snow White"
"You are watching a movie"
"What makes a GREAT movie?"
"Great actors"
"There are good & BAD ACTORS".
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“Federal Contract Records Show Comprehensive Health Services (the Only Private Co. Operating Unaccompanied Migrant Children Shelters) Rcv’d $222 Million to Operate Homestead, FL Site 7/7/18-4/20/19”

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn…
“John Kelly on Board of Directors of Caliburn International which is the parent company of CHS which operates the Homestead shelter & 3 other shelters for unaccompanied migrant children in Texas”

“The Caliburn Board includes other high-raking military personnel including...
retired Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, Adm. James Stavridis & Rear Adm. Kathleen Martin. The company’s portfolio includes work in a variety of defense sectors.”

“Board focused on advising on safety & welfare of unaccompanied minors who have been entrusted to their care & custody by...
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