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BREAKING: Lt Gen Michael Flynn in a recorded phone call to Lin Wood just outed the entire Qanon movement as a bunch of kooks and nonsense. He just took a dump on half of his #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DigitalArmy
Meanwhile, #Oathkeepers attorney Kellye SoRelle, who was filmed at #Jan6th Capitol insurrection with Stewart Rhodes, has also turned on Michael Flynn big time & alleges he is part of a Global Cabal that includes Bushes, Clintons & Obama. And another allegation at @lindseyGrahmnSC Image
Its surprising 2 see who is & who isn't turning on Lt Gen Michael Flynn. And lots of dumping of texts? Kellye goes on to post a screenshot of a text message from Sidney Powell from Apri 24, 2019. Not sure why now ... but Sidney Powell alleges something about @LindseyGrahamSC Image
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🔥Israel begins an investigation into the NSO Group spyware abuse allegations. It will be so interesting to see how Netanyahu is connected and who he and Trump targeted.…
💥Israeli media reported that the Foreign Ministry, Justice Ministry, Mossad, and Military Intelligence were looking into the company following the publication of the Pegasus Project.
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Not often policy analysis comes from #FYB, but Alfie has a good point here worth discussing…..

Operationalising military use of social media….. A thread.


Alfie rightly says that Ops are built on intelligence. But in modern warfare (or perhaps more accurately constant competition), they’re built on information and narrative. This is the "Grey Zone" as covered in the amazing @haynesdeborah podcast.


The British Army currently has a very formal SM structure being delivered both officially and unofficially, all very controlled, focussing heavily on providing "positive" stories aimed at recruitment.

#Kettlebells #BeMoreDog


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Hey folks I. Gonna out this all in one spot for you to hammer back at the narrative with.
They are claiming Burisma was not being investigated. That's why Shokin was fired.
This is a TOTAL LIE.
@ChanelRion of OAN did an explosive 3 part series that PROVES Shokin was fired for it
Video number 3 specifically addresses this but the first 2 lay the rest of the ground work. This stunning series obliterated the narrative that NY Post story is unverified.
OAN has winesses, affidavits, documents, the works. And he was looking at this in 2017. OAN series Dec 19
The significance of this series in light of the NY Post story that's being censored in this platform and the ties to the Biden corruption is all here all with evidence to back it up & with SHOKIN himself telling you what happened!
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Wie Ihr wisst, setze ich mich hier ab und zu mit den Social-Media-Guidelines der #Bundeswehr und der #SocialMediaDivision auseinander. Aber wie gehen eigentlich andere Armeen mit Social Media um? Die nächsten Tage ein kleiner Thread zur #DigitalArmy der 🇬🇧 @BritishArmy 🧵👇 Image
1. Wofür die @BritishArmy 🇬🇧 Guidelines? Der Einstieg etwas gezwungen. Schwankt zwischen:

⛔️ „Social Media ist gefährlich und untergräbt den Dienstweg“


🧐 „Oh, unsere effektivste Kommunikation stammt von jungen Soldat*innen, die authentisch kommunizieren.“

Komisch 🙄 Image
2. Mein Eindruck zur Einleitung 🧐 Man sieht sich *gezwungen* einheitliche Regeln für den Umgang mit Social Media aufzustellen. Im Ton wird deutlich, dass es der @BritishArmy um einen gewissen Grad der Kontrolle geht. Image
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1) Defeat Disinfo uses artificial intelligence (AI) and network analysis that maps President Trump’s statements to friendly discussion groups and the individuals who discuss them on social media. #InformationWarfare #PoliticalWarfare #Insurgency #DigitalSoldiers #DigitalArmy
2) In Intelligence parlance, THIS IS A COLLECTION EFFORT—but this one is directed at American citizens and U.S. persons. President Trump is not al-Baghdadi and pro-Trump Americans are not ISIS cells. #InformationWarfare #PoliticalWarfare #Insurgency #DigitalSoldiers #DigitalArmy
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2) We read that retired Special Operations General Stanley McChrystal will “deploy” information warfare technology in the domestic U.S. political arena:…
3) The organization running McChrystal’s #InformationWarfare effort against the president is a “Democratic-aligned political action committee” called Defeat Disinfo.
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These FB morons think they can silence the closing down accounts for activity blue wavers routinely do.


Um, nope.
Smear Q all ya want.
Take down accounts.

Nothing will stop what's coming

N O T H I N G.

So now, they are just targeting notable Anons and yanking their content down, and blaming it on election interference, basically.


Free speech is dead on FakeBook and InstaLlies

Only room for shiny happy pics, influencers, and pro Biden crap apparently.
We are on the cusp of a major cultural revolution and it's up to us what the outcome is.

We can submit to cashless, mandated vax, Censorship, group think, propoganda, lies, & fear...

Or we can shove BACK against this 🐂💩 and FIGHT

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There is a method to their madness, believe it or not...

Unfortunately [for them] we know EXACTLY what it is and refuse to let them (successfully) move the goal posts!
For example... the benefit of not naming the fake ‘Whistleblower’ is that it doesn’t lock them into one path.

Think of it this way - these fuckers are on a freight train towards ‘Destruction, USA’ and they don’t care how they get there.
Not naming the WB gave them ability to flip a switch and take a different route... avoiding derailment.

At least, in their minds...

It’s stupid, but it’s also essential... bc they are manufacturing the entire freaking scandal.
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New Release:
“The Sound of Awakening”
🎨 by @Melis_Strategic

Parabolic storytelling piece for #TheGreatAwakening patriots & saints worldwide.

Completed Sundown
Yom Kippur 2019.

Original 24” x 30”
Acrylic & Gold Leaf Canvas
Original & prints for sale.

Profound story...
This painting has an intricate and profound timeline and themes associated with it. A ten year completion cycle, a prophetic swirl, with several cool puzzle pieces that came together. I’m going to do my best to tell this story in the thread following. Gathering thoughts, brb.
“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace... “ says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you who #REVERE My name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in its rays... ” Malachi 4:1-2
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Mogilevich 👉🏼Firtash (Manafort)👉🏼Tchenguiz👉🏼Nix👉🏼Mercer👉🏼Bannon👉🏼Flynn👉🏼TrumpCampaign


Cambridge Analytica’s exploitation of private data from 87 million Facebook users is a significant piece of the conspiracy to defraud the US, UK French (?) electorates.
I haven’t seen any definitive reporting linking Brannon’s Far R The Movement & the use of CA, to help elect Le Pen, but it isn’t a stretch to imagine it was likely used to assist the right-wing effort to disaggregate the EU. 
#MacronLeaks & TeamTrump
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