125 #COVID19(84) deaths among #Australia’s 25 mln pop (1 in 200,000). Average all causes death pro rata 60,000 (480x greater)...
2/3 of casualties among the usual poor souls, geriatrics in home or residential care, ~no-one under 40, a handful 40-60, yet the nation at a standstill Image
And if you thought the Poms were a bunch of whingeing, #lockdown Lotus-Eater #Maskers, just check out the comments sections of the Ozzie press!
The power of propaganda!
Oops! Fake news! 126 deaths.
Mea culpa.
It gets worse! The goal, apparently, is to have ZERO cases: i.e., to pursue an unrealistic aim, remain utterly & protractedly susceptible to the bug, continue to disrupt society, suspend civil liberties, undermine the economy, waiting hopefully on dear, old Uncle Bill. #Victoria Image

• • •

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Dec 13, 2021
The Elite faces 3 key dangers:
1) Public protest is becoming ever more widespread as awareness of the nature of the tyranny grows
2) The willing guinea pigs are realising they’ve been had & are also resisting
3) #Omicron might *just* be the host-adapted endemic we’ve awaited
Hence the heightened panic-mongering over the ‘tidal wave’ of #Omicron; the renewed repression of all; and the divisive attempt to brand the Unsp1kd as lepers, Untermenschen -even ‘killers’- who should be confined to their ghettoes.

A cynic might say that if “O” *is* as mild as preliminary reports suggest, the drug lords of Big Pharma also need you to believe it was *their* snake oil that saved you much suffering, not a more benign mutation and your own innate defences.

Read 5 tweets
Nov 26, 2021
@darioperkins This is scientism in action. Many interacting variables at work=no cet.par. Money definition shifts & is often confused with (esp. saved) credit. Institutions change. Growing eco-complexity adds more intermediate transactions per unit output. CPI basket not comprehensive.....
@darioperkins ...sometimes an eco-impulse calls forth more money/credit (esp. "New Eras"): sometimes v-v. Cantillon effects matter greatly not least in Unicorn, "serial" con-trepreneur Ponzi times when new infusions pay for past losses....
@darioperkins ...but, ultimately, for there to be more than *relative* price shifts on any lasting schedule, the money relation must change, generating a perceived excess which society makes a foredoomed attempt to dissipate thru ever more indiscriminate spending....
Read 6 tweets
Aug 26, 2021
1/ The darkest tyrannies in history commonly treat those under them as mere human cattle. They act to sunder that most precious bond of a parent's care for their offspring & render the family a mere breeding unit.

This violates all ethical & religious precepts.
2/ Since barely afflicted there is NO science behind this (quite the converse given evidence that children may help boost adult immunity in the households they share), but even "#science" is NOT the point.
This is a totalitarian outrage which no-one with any morality can condone.
3/ To be forced by the state to submit our precious little ones to this insane medical experiment in a desperate attempt to make up for its obvious shortcomings and so to spare its political enablers recrimination or embarrassment is beyond abhorrent.

#NHS #schoolreopening #mRNA
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Jul 22, 2021
Let's pick out a few key points of the #COVID19 coup

The State should mobilize ALL digital means of control IN PERPETUITY so, should it decide you need to avail yourselves of some 'safety measure', it can 'locate you w/out delay & provide you with "assistance"' 1/n
Such "assistance" can be 'extremely finely targeted - eg, by exploiting #genetic data & #medicalrecords'
Backing this up, you'll be self-reporting your status in real-time via 'connected objects' & imaging cameras allowing #PreCrime - sorry - 'preventative intervention' 2/n
'Teams' can be 'positioned' to isolate people using smartphone tracking.
'Control - if necessary accompanied by sanction' is 'precisely where digital technology' is the 'most EFFICIENT'!
Efficient in the manner that whips, clubs & attack-dogs are 'efficient'.
#COVID19(33) 3/n
Read 16 tweets
Jun 25, 2021
I have been warning for ~4 years that this was the ultimate goal.

Rule One of modern politics is that if #Technology empowers servitude, #surveillance, or social engineering those in power will seek to exploit it.

#bankofengland sees #CBDC as a tool: #socialcredit +#NetZero
You @SteveBakerHW @DesmondSwayne @DavidDavisMP @Mark_J_Harper @SirGrahamBrady @Fox_Claire are valiantly resisting vxxne passes, but are you alert to this, much more overarching, more intimately intrusive horror?
ALL to be watched, weighed, tracked, traced, rationed, restricted?
The shorthand I use is #Sinification: what #XiJinping’s #CCP did in #China yesterday, his proselytes & admirers -like #KlausSchwab- promote today, Big Tech, Pharma & Finance offer to enable tomorrow & YOUR government plans to introduce -on some pretext or other- the day after.
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Jun 15, 2021
1/n The downfall of tyrants usually comes when those they empower both to protect them and to crush resistance to them lose confidence in their masters' ability either to reward them or to spare them, in their turn, from the people's growing fury...

2/n It is well past time that we should ostracise this Junta's petty Praetorians as a way of peacefully showing our disgust at their shameful complicity in the grinding destruction of our way of life.
We all know who they are: they live among us. Let them know they face a choice.
3/n Either they continue to enforce their orders, not just devoid of all morality but of dubious legality, or they refuse & can again enjoy our companionship, trust & respect.
Don't serve them in your business. Don't acknowledge them in the street. Shun them. Boycott them...
Read 7 tweets

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