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Shruti on Lord Rama:

namastE rudra manyava utOta ishavE nama:|namastE astu dhanvanE bAhubhyAmUta tE nama:||
(Shri Rudram)

[Rama, destroyer of samsAra dukha (Rudra). Salutations to your anger, to your arrow and bow, to the sturdy arms carrying bow and arrow]+

UpabrahmaNa is in vAlmiki rAmAyaNa as below:

evam uktvA dhanuSh pANiH krodha visphArita IkShaNaH |babhUva rAmo durdharSho yuga anta agnir iva jvalan|| sampIDya ca dhanur ghoram kampayitvA sharair jagat| mumoca vishikhAn ugrAn vajrANi iva shata kratuH||+

#RamMandir #JaiShreeRam
[Speaking thus, Rama with his eyes made larger by anger and wielding bow with his hand, became dreadful to look at, as a blazing fire at the end of the world....

#BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam
#JaiShriRam #RamMandir
...Swaying his terrific bow and making the earth tremble by his violence Rama released the arrow resembling a powerful thunderbolt of Indra (into the ocean).]

#BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #RamMandir #ProfileForRam #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan
yAmishuM girishanta haste bibharshyastavE |shivAM giritra tAm kuru mA himsI: purushaM jagath ||
(Shri Rudram)

[Girishanta (Creator of Girisha), Giritra (Lord, propounded in the Vedanta)...

#RamMandir #ProfileForRam #BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #JaiShriRam
...shoot that auspicious arrow you hold in your hand (to destroy the obstacles to my knowledge of Brahman). Do not cause injury to the JivAtmA who is migrating in samsAra (purusham jagat)]

UpabrahmaNa to this mantra is seen in the rAmAyaNa:

#RamMandir #JaiShriRam #BhumiPujan
tairna tatsparshanam pApam saheyam pApakarmabhiH || amoghaH kriyatAm rAma tatra teShu sharottamaH | (~ vAlmiki R. 2-22-33)+

#RamMandir #BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam
(Samudra Raja said:) I am not able to bear the touch of those wicked people, evil doers. Rama, Let this excellent arrow (that is never
in vain) be released over them there.

Exact match. Samudra Raja is Jiva in samsAra (ocean).

#JaiShreeRam #BhumiPujan #JaiShriRam #RamMandir
Another one:

vijyaM dhanuH kapardinO vishalyO bANavAn.h uta |

(Shri Rudram)

[May the bow of the Lord with matted locks (Kapardin), be without his bowstring.]

And the parallel again in vAlmiki rAmAyaNa next: +

#ProfileForRam #BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #RamMandir
brahmavirbhirmahābhāgairbrāhmaṇairupaśobhitam | taddṛṣṭvā rāghavaḥ śrīmāṃstāpasāśramamaṇḍalam || abhyagacchanmahātejā vijyaṃ kṛtvā mahaddhanuḥ | (~Aranya Khanda 1.9)

#BhumiPujan #ProfileForRam #JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #RamMandir #Hinduism #Ramayana
[That glorious and resplendent Rama on seeing the precincts of hermitage graced with Brahmans who are blessed, who are the knowers of the Veda, neared it, unstringing the bowstring of his great bow.]

Regarding matted hair+

#RamMandir #BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam #JaiShriRam #Hindus
niriikShya sa muhuurtam tu dadarsha bharato gurum |uTaje raamam aasiinaam jaTaa maNDala dhaariNam || 2-99-25

[Looking around for a moment, Bharata beheld his elder brother, Rama himself seated in the hut, wearing matted locks.]

Rama was "Kapardi" +

#BhumiPujan #ProfileForRam
vēdavēdyē parē puṃsi jātē daśarathātmajē vēdaḥ prācētasādāsīt sākṣādrāmāyaṇātmanā

When the Supreme Being revealed by the Vedas took birth as the son of Dasharatha, Vedas too appeared in the form of Ramayana//

#ProfileForRam #JaiShreeRam #BhumiPujan #RamMandir #JaiShriRam
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