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Well done @pranitasubhash u r the only one who tweeted about #RamMandir #BhoomiPujan #Ayodhya from all of south film industry. No one has guts in the entire #Tollywood #Kollywood #malluwood who could feel happy publicly. Each of them earned hundreds of crores with Hindu’s money.
This entire film fraternity rejoiced when @BeingSalmanKhan was falsely acquitted from murders of poor people slept on footpath, they all drank fevicol for #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan. In the name of #Sickularism these people have lost their true self. Do they deserve love from Hindus?
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Shri Ram – The One and Only Purushottam


As you all know, the most awaited temple is being built in Ayodhya after a long battle in and out of courts. Ram Janma Bhumi might be just three words for many or just a place but for billions, it is the ray of hope, as a Image

place of reverence and pride, a place to bow down the head and forget your being in front of the divine presence.

This day did not come without efforts and sacrifices. Countless people fought the battle in and outside of various courts. Mothers and wives lost their

support as many brave souls sacrificed their lives for this day, they made an ultimate sacrifice so that you can get a chance to bow your head in the temple and light a Diya.

The age-old temple at Shri Ram’s birthplace was destroyed by Babur in 1528 and replaced with a
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आज महान दिवस है, युगों युगों तक स्मरण रखे जाने वाला दिवस है। आज एक महायज्ञ के सम्पन्न होने का दिवस है। आज संघर्ष का, बलिदान का उत्सव मनाने का दिवस है। आज सत्य की विजय का दिवस है। आज विजय दिवस है 1000 साल के अत्याचारों के विरुद्ध। और आज उन (1/n) #RamMandir #RamMandirAyodhya ImageImageImageImage
बलिदानियों को याद करने का भी दिवस है जो इस दिवस के लिए 5 शताब्दियों के इस प्रचंड संघर्ष में आहूत हो गए, उनके परिवार वालों को भी याद करने का दिवस है क्योंकि व्यक्ति केवल स्वयं शहीद नहीं होता, उसके परिवारवालों का प्रचंड बलिदान भी होता है। आज कोठारी बंधुओं (2/n)#AyodhyaBhoomipoojan ImageImageImageImage
का दिवस है, आज उन सब का दिवस है जो बाबरी के अवैध ढांचे के ध्वंस में दब कर शहीद हो गए और उनकी लाशें तक नहीं मिली। आज आडवाणी जी का दिवस है, और उन सभी नेतृत्वकर्ताओं का दिवस है जिन्होंने इस आंदोलन को परिणीति तक पहुंचाया। आज विश्व की प्राचीनतम, समृद्धतम और सबसे (3/n) #Ayodhya
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जय श्री राम 🧡 Image
You can download it from given telegram link and use it as your display picture. 🧡🙏…
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1. As Ayodhya gets ready for the historic occasion, here's a 25-tweet thread on the struggles, the controversies and the records that have led to August 5th.
2. As the Bhumi Pujan draws closer, here is a brief history of the long legal battle that was fought and won for the mandir:

#Ayodhya #BhumiPoojan…
3. From Persian works of the medieval era to sanads issued by Mughals in 18th century, Muslim sources themselves acknowledge the formerly disputed plot as the Ram Janmabhoomi:

#Replug #AyodhyaRamMandir…
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1. #Happy #Emotional No words to express. After 5 centuries getting a home for our #RamLalla How many sacrifices are done over this time period. Isn't this the Living Proof of tolerance & patience #Hindus have?

#Ayodhya #AyodhyaRamMandir #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #RamMandir2RamRajya ImageImageImageImage
2. Isn't this what #SanatanDharma teaches? #Truth & #Dharma wins at the end. No where in the world can such beauty & miracle can be witnessed. All the Indians who lost their way and left our Dharma should do a #Gharwapsi

#RamMandirNationalPride #RamMandirAyodhya #Ramrajya ImageImage
3. Indians will truly be indebted to many stalwarts & heroes who made this day possible for a billion #Hindus to witness this in our lifetime with their perseverance. Thanking them from the bottom of our hearts. #Justice is delayed but not denied. Light a #Diya
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Shruti on Lord Rama:

namastE rudra manyava utOta ishavE nama:|namastE astu dhanvanE bAhubhyAmUta tE nama:||
(Shri Rudram)

[Rama, destroyer of samsAra dukha (Rudra). Salutations to your anger, to your arrow and bow, to the sturdy arms carrying bow and arrow]+

UpabrahmaNa is in vAlmiki rAmAyaNa as below:

evam uktvA dhanuSh pANiH krodha visphArita IkShaNaH |babhUva rAmo durdharSho yuga anta agnir iva jvalan|| sampIDya ca dhanur ghoram kampayitvA sharair jagat| mumoca vishikhAn ugrAn vajrANi iva shata kratuH||+

#RamMandir #JaiShreeRam
[Speaking thus, Rama with his eyes made larger by anger and wielding bow with his hand, became dreadful to look at, as a blazing fire at the end of the world....

#BhumiPujan #JaiShreeRam
#JaiShriRam #RamMandir
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In the wake of impending #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan, I happened to come across some comments that the Supreme Court has accepted the claim that the Babri Masjid was built after demolishing an existing temple.

Replugging a piece to clear the air on that.…
1. SC did not hold that the Babri mosque was built over a temple.
2. The verdict was not based on ASI reports.
3. It referred to the ASI report which suggested the existence of a structure of 12th century of Hindu origin under the mosque.
4. But, the report was inconclusive as to whether the structure was a temple, or whether it was destroyed by human action.
5. SC suggested that the long gap of nearly 400 yrs years between the structure and the mosque makes it probable that it was naturally destroyed.

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1. A few years back I had taken a vow I would not visit #Ayodhya until there is a grand temple housing Ram Lalla. For me to step into Ayodhya which did not give Ram Lalla His rightful place was a painful reminder of collective failure of Hindu civilization. #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan
2. Some time ago, I had written that the only reason Hindus have been unable to build a temple in Ayodhya was that Hindus have removed Bhagavan Rama from their hearts. #Ayodhya #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan
3. On the eve of #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan in #Ayodhya, I am very happy that I will be able to visit Ayodhya and have Darshan of Bhagavan Rama in this life itself. This is a historic moment for Hindu civilizational in its struggle reclaim its civilizational space and the lost glory.
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