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#THREAD to clear misconceptions that Lord Rama🕉️ is not worshipped much in South India:

We have 1000's of Rama temples in our South India..almost in every village, town of Telugu states.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

Don't fall for lies by Le-Lis, #Dumeels, Hinduphobes & doubt Lord Rama's worship in South.

I believe that Respected @SadhguruJV ji used these words accidentally.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

@SadhguruJV ji said "Maybe Rama is not such a big icon in the south."

That's false & only Anti-Hindu, Dravidian-#DMK gangs do such nonsense.
We South Hindus don't.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

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Mandir Wahin Banega:
Viewing the SC Bench’s thumping support today validating the ASI Report affirming, after excavation, the existence of Temple Structures, predating and underneath the Babri Masjid, construction of Grand Ram Temple is done deal.…
Obviously, The title of the land on which both these structures are located, would be that of the party which had the earlier and the oldest structure. In this case, the party is: Mandir Wahin Banayenge Claimant.
All the Judges Of The Constitution Bench, in unison, led by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said today, it was too late in the day to object to the ASI report. The Bench wondered why the Muslims had chosen to question the report now in the Supreme Court At Appeal Stage!
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The Ramayana in Sanskrit was authored by Valmiki. There was no literature meant for commoners, prior to the Ramayana. Only Vedic literature existed before it. That’s why Valmiki is referred to as adi kavi or the first poet.
Two more Ramayanas are very popular -- the Kamba Ramayanam in the south and Tulsi Das’ Ramcharitmanas in the north.
To all Hindus, the Ramayana is an important religious text. It describes the life of Shri Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
It is divided into 7 parts. Of these, SUNDERKAND is considered the most important. The significance of Sundarkand lies in its very name. It is a canto that most people chant; a parayana grantha meant to be chanted. Beautiful components are embedded in the canto.
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1. Attacks on 'Jai Shree Ram' slogan are very organised and structured. Liberals saw how the slogan became a huge hit in Bengal against a oppressive Govt. They hated it. Once they got one story of Ansari to malign it, they spread it on every book and corner of the world and took
2. It to the Parliament to make PM comment on it. Muslims saw the chance and lied in petty quarrels to serious murders that they were 'forced' to chant Jai Shri Ram. These lies are not co incidences. It doesn't matter whether they were busted as fake by cops with in hours+
3. The narrative was set. RW was kept busy entire time to bust each news as fake while they got some 50 'intellectuals' to make it look like people are getting lynched all over the country for resisting Jai Shri Ram. They desperately try to equate it with +
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The 49 RATS who wrote to the PM, do they have a conscience? Haven't they learned that people have rejected their lies! They CLAIM to be 'HINDUS' yet term 'Jai Shri Ram' chant a war cry! Do they even know abt Lord Ram?
A thread to educate the illiterate hypocrites.
#JaiShriRam 🙏
#JaiShriRam 🙏
The Ramayana is the divine story of the time when Bhagwan Vishnu manifested on Earth in the form of Lord Ram. It tells us about Lord Ram's life and teachings.
The word "Ram" literally means one who is divinely blissful and who gives joy to others.
#JaiShriRam 🙏
The primary source of life & journey of Lord Ram is the epic Ramayana composed by Maharishi Valmiki. The learned sage wanted to write an epic that would serve as an inspiration for generations to come, and highlight the ideals of human behavior in various roles.
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Every crime was given communal color n linked to Beef during 2014-2019 when LYNCHED FOR BEEF failed the liberal Media has come up with new propaganda that is Minorities are being lynched for not chanting "Jai Shri Ram "

Aim is to corner Hindus, push the Hindu renaissance back
Since May 23 there has been innumerable instances where the Victims were Hindus and the mob or perpetrators were Muslims but this is never debated by Secular media as it doesn't fit the Narrative of Minorities under threat under Modi Rule.

A Mob has no religion ,they are angry. Lynching has been happening since years and must be discouraged. In a civilised society there is no place for it but the Media only does selective reporting where a victim belongs to a particular religion
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @MamataOfficial .Your recent indigestion moment for #JaiShriRam has made me put few facts about Vishnu worship in Bengal. It’s bit too old (As per records it’s 1st-2nd Century AD or b4). Read this thread. Cc @RajivMessage @Sanjay_Dixit
2/n I’m sure that you recognise the image above since you are a proud “Bangali”. This is Susunia inscriptions: 4th Century A D (The earliest discovered inscription talking of Vaishnavism). References below:
3/n “The Susunia Rock inscription,the earliest reference to the cult of Vaishnavism, is a short Sanskrit inscription in three lines engraved in Brahmi script, recording the installation of an img of Vishnu during the Chandravarman.”
History Of Ancient Bengal
byMajumdar, R. C,P31
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On way to Chandrakona Road under Midnapore in #WestBengal CM #MamataBanerjee was greeted with #JaiSrRam chant by people. She came out of the car threateningly & dared them why they are abusing/slang. So Lord Ram 's name slang to her #MamataLostItAll
O Pisi tor eto raag keno #JaiShriRam naam sune. Tui ki ebar Nimai/Chaitanya RamKrishna/Vivekanda ke O nirvasan dibi. 3 arrested for chanting #JaiSriram in West Bengal. CM threatens of cinsquences after CPMF gone post polls #MamataMurdersDemocracy
Yet another day in #MamataBanerjee's #WestBengal #TMC workers beat up @BJP4Bengal @BJP4India
Polling agent in a booth, Howrah. However good to see women standing up & fighting Didi's goons @ECISVEEP @SpokespersonECI #MamataMurdersDemocracy #BurningBengal
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Wishing all a Happy #RamaNavami.
After Shri Venkateswara, the next most popular God in the Telugu states would have to be Shri Rama himself. The Ramalayas or the Ram temples are pretty much a common sight in almost every village in the Telugu states.
The chariot processions or the Ratha Yathra during the Ram Navami celebrations again a very common occurence, in fact it is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in rural Andhra and Telangana .
Among all the Ram temples down South, the most famous one though would be the Seetharama Swamy temple at Bhadrachalam. And when one speaks of Bhadrachalam, the name that comes to mind immediately would of course be that of Bhakta Ramadasu aka Kancherla Gopanna.
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1)For decades d powerful #ChrIslamoNaxal Cabal has waged a relentless war against Sanatana Dharma & is massively patronized by CONg
2)Globally-members of this cabal hate each other:
Mu!lahs & Libtards/Feminazis hate each others guts while Xtians & Mu$lims r at war since crusades
But in India-hate for SanatanaDharma overpowers their mutual dislike & makes them work together in an unholy nexus of convenience
3)Three Gens of Sanatanis hv been brainwashed with adulterated history thnx 2 this Cabals dominance in Education & Media-Text books glorify barbaric Mughal/British Invaders who looted India & either ignore/denigrate our own rulers-Little or no mention of great Hindu empires....
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Who Am I?
I am Acharaj
I am Acharya
I am Ad Dharmi
I am Adi Andhra
I am Adi Dravida
I am Adi Karnataka
I am Agamudaiyan
I am Agamudaiyan Nattaman
I am Agaria
I am Aghori
I am Agri
I am Aguri
I am Ahar
I am Aheria
I am Ahom
I am Ajna
I am Alambadi Kurichchan
I am Alia
I am Amat
I am Ambalavasi
I am Ambattan
I am Anavala
I am Andh
I am Apapanthi
I am Arain
I am Arakh
I am Arasu
I am Arayan
I am Arleng
I am Arora
I am Arunthathiyar
I am Arwa Mala
I am Ashtashasram
I am Audich
I am Badaga
I am Badaik
I am Badhai
I am Badhai Konkani
I am Badhi
I am Bagata
I am Bagda
I am Bagdi
I am Bagdi
I am Baghban
I am Bagheti
I am Bahelia
I am Bahna
I am Baidya
I am Baiga
I am Bairagi
I am Bairwa
I am Baiswar
I am Baiti
I am Bajania
I am Bajgi
I am Balai
I am Balasantoshi
I am Balija
I am Balija Bogam
I am Balija Bolla
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The power of narrative. Wonderfully explained by @Infinitchy… #Asifa
“Virtue signalling is an addiction.“ ~ Neha Sri
With respect to @Infinitchy’s post:

IIRC First video of lawyer’s protest with #JaiShriRam slogans against Rohingya settlement mischaracterized as protest defending rapist was circulated by @AdityaRajKaul with Surprising coming from otherwise sane journalist.
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