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In a large and diverse country like #India, which was divided into several parts right from the first invasion in the 8th century to the very infamous year of 1947. Over several centuries, the Civilizational Bharat has shrunk to the Geo-political India we know today.
A temple for Agni Dev in Azerbaijan was found with #Sanskrit Shlokas written on its walls, an ancient Vishnu Idol was found in an excavation in Russia, and every other thing that we already know about Indonesia or Cambodia.
In fact, in the 1300s BCE, the emperor of present-day Turkey was named "Dashratha". One can go on citing numerous historical records indicating the Civilizational #Bharat.
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--- Fivefold forms of Brahman in Rg Veda ---

“janma karma ca me divyam” - One must know inner meanings of his acts & forms he assumes during avatārās. This is called “avatāra rahasyam” by ācāryās & is fhe intent of this sūkta:…

Who are these gods in these mantras? Well, these rks are not describing various gods, but various forms of the same god.+

#Hinduism #Vedas #SanatanaDharma #RigVeda #Sanatani #SanatanDharm #Hindus #Vedanta
This god takes a fivefold form – para (supreme abode), vyūha (among the devas), vibhava (among us), antaryāmin (in all beings) and arca (visible to all in temples). Of these, vibhava is further divided 3-fold and antaryāmin as 2-fold, which we will see+

#Hinduism #Vedas
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-- "Erotic Mantras" of Atharva Veda --

I came across a few mantras of the Atharva Veda which have been deemed to be “erotic” by “scholars”. There has also been discussion about them:+…

#Hinduism #Vedas #Atharvaveda
Scholarly” translation of “erotic mantras” (20.136.3-5) (see screenshot):

“yád devā́so lalāmaguṃ práviṣṭīmínam” – Playful lovers enter with wet penis (lalāmaguṃ)”

“mahānagnyàtr̥pnadvi” – The great naked woman was satisfied.+


#Hinduism #Vedas #Atharvaveda Image
Let's see if they actually talk about fat naked women.

yád devā́so lalāmaguṃ práviṣṭīmínam āviṣuḥ |

[Which senses, move (gavate) towards the Supreme Brahman who is the best of objects to be attained (lalāma), entering in various ways (ie, by many actions).]+

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As I said here, the sanat sujAtiyam discourses on nature of the jIvAtman. ParamAtman is described too, but only as a means to attain jIvAnubhava. A few tongue twisting shlokAs that some have tried to interpret (unsuccessfully) -…
Due to the beautiful construction of the shlokAs, I decided to have a go. First one:

na vedAnAm veditA kaScidasti vedena vedam na vidurna vedyam |+

#Hinduism #Mahabharata #SanatanaDharma #Sanatsujatiyam #Vedas
[Not any acts like seeing, speaking, hearing about jIvAtma (vedAnAm), is capable of knowing it truly. By knowledge in form of seeing differences (vedena), one can't know the nature of self that is identical in all (vedam) & the body belonging to it, so distinct from it (vedyam)]+
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-- Vamadeva's Hymn --

Beauty of śarīra-śarīri sambandha between the self and Brahman is that "I" denotes your innerself, equated to the innerself of other entities as well as directly to Brahman, enabling blissful anubhava of equating oneself to all entities+

#Hinduism #Vedas
This is demonstrated by the following pasuram of Nammazhwar:

kadal gyālam seydhenum yāne ennum kadal gyālam āvenum yāne ennum kadal gyālam koṇdenum yāne ennum kadal gyālam kīṇdenum yāne ennum (Thiruvaimozhi 5.7.1)+

#Hinduism #Vedas #SanatanaDharma #Sanatani
[I created this world, I entered it, by pervading them, I became the sentient and insentient entities, I then protect them. I uplifted the Earth as Varāha from the waters, and I placed the worlds all in my stomach and protected them at the time of deluge.]+

#Hinduism #Vedas
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Interesting event in Taittiriya Samhita (2.1.7):

“Devas and asuras vied with each other in respect of the Lordship (of these worlds). Vishnu saw a “Vāmana" (Dwarf Pasu, sacrificial animal), that he offered to himself as the Deity...."+

#Vedas #Hinduism #SanatanaDharma
"...By this act, he conquered the worlds. He who vies (in this manner) shall offer a dwarf to Vishnu. He will become Vishnu himself and conquer all these worlds.”

Sayana takes “Vāmana" as dwarf animal (ox) & links it to a sacrificial offering+

#Hinduism #Vedas #SanatanaDharma
Appayya Dikshita goes one step further & says this is a rite to attain “Vishnu Padavi" as it says “he becomes Vishnu.

If only it were that easy, "Sacrifice an Ox, become Lord Vishnu"😂 Reality - this isn't an animal sacrifice. As below+

#Hinduism #Vedas #SanatanaDharma #Vedic
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Continuation of how the Pāndavās conducted themselves post their humiliation in Kaurava Sabha.

Let us look at Bhīma, having seen that Yudhiṣṭhira represents karma yoga in previous posts here:

#Hinduism #Mahabharata #SanatanaDharma #SanatanDharm
Sabha Parva describes his actions (link:…) - “I have no equal in strength of arms,” thinking so Bhīma goes stretching forth his mighty arms, proud of the strength of his arms, exhibiting them & desiring to perform deeds worthy of those arms to his enemies"+
Karna reveals Bhīma's nature in Udyoga Parva:

udgātātra punar bhīmaḥ prastotā sumahābalaḥ vinadan sa naravyāghro nāgānīkāntakṛd raṇe

[Bhīma of great strength, tiger among men destroys elephants, roars in battle, is Udgātā & Prastotā, singers of Vedic hymns.]+

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--Fairly Brief Thread on the Intent of Mahābhārata --

Thought of writing on this. If we look at the names of the 18 parvas in the Mahābhārata, we can easily discern the undercurrent of bhakti yoga.+

#Hinduism #Mahabharata #SanatanaDharma #SanatanDharm #Sanatani #Hindus
Adi Parva – The beginning, or the birth of the self when it acquires a body based on karmas. Key events are the curse of Pandu (had already written about inner meanings of this) & Lākṣāgṛha incident that teaches the harm sense-objects cause to the self+

#Hinduism #Mahabharata
Sabha Parva – Experiences of embodied self in “Sabha” or Saṃsāra that is an assembly of elements. The self feels suffering now. Draupadi (the self) suffers in hall (Saṃsāra) due to Kauravas (kāma, krodha etc) when her 5 husbands (senses) forsake her.+

#Hinduism #Mahabharata
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--- Thread on Veśya Dharma in Matsya Purāṇa – Pt 2---

You can access part 1 here:…

This section now deals with how prostitutes can attain sat-gati in their current births itself, while doing their work. Such is the compassion of Sriman Nārāyaṇa.+
Now, these women resorted to Rṣi Dālbhya, who informs them of the reason for their depraved state, tells them to execute their duties with detachment and discourses on dharma to be followed by prostitutes. He relates a story first+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #Vedas
Long ago, the devas won against the asurās and made the latter’s wives their concubines. Then, Indra, taking pity on the women, preached a Vrata to be followed for prostitutes+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #Sanatani #SanatanDharm #Hindus #Vedanta #Vedas
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--- Thread on Veśya Dharma in Matsya Purāṇa – Pt 1---

Matsya P describes dharma for prostitutes so they may attain sat-gati, in the form of brahmā asking his son, the omniscient mahādeva.+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #Sanatani #SanatanDharm #Vedas #Hindus #Purana
Why would the son discourse to the father? Just as vyāsa considers his son suka to be worthy of reverence, brahmā regards the opinions of rudra very highly. This discourse contains a story of how the 16000 wives of Krishna became prostitutes later+

#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma
The story – these devīs were apsarās in a previous life. They were playing in the water (jalakrīḍā), when nārada happened to come. As they disrespected nārada, he cursed them that they would become prostitutes. I reproduce key aspects of that dialogue here+

#Hinduism #Hindus
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--Thread on Origin of the Śatarudrīya Mantrās--

Caution: This write-up is for those with an open mind. If you have an iron-clad presumption reg Veda, kindly stop reading to avoid your beliefs being contradicted (& blaming me). I respect all traditions while adhering to mine.+
A sūkta has some reason for manifesting in the mind of the rishi. The Śatarudrīyam too has a reason, described in Kanda 9 of Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa (SB). It has a support in the Mbh as well, something missed by sayana, bhatta-bhāskara etc+

#Vedas #Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #Vedic
Link to the indologist translation of SB Kanda 9 here -….

Due to lack of space, I am not reproducing sanskrit text here so kindly refer to this link for the sanskrit text of SB Kanda 9-… +

#Hinduism #Vedas #Hindus #Vedic #Sanatani
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-- Smara Sukta of Atharva Veda --

A favorite Sukta of mine consisting of just 4 mantras in the Atharva Veda, misinterpreted by egghead indologists as a "love spell" -… +

#Hinduism #Vedas #AtharvaVeda
#SanatanaDharma #HinduRashtra
rathajítāṃ rāthajiteyī́nām apsarásām ayáṃ smaráḥ / dévāḥ prá hiṇuta smarám asaú mā́m ánu śocatu //+

#Hinduism #Vedas #Atharvaveda #SanatanaDharma #Hindus
[This loving meditation (of Brahman) of those moving in sense objects (apsarásām), masters of bodies (rathajítāṃ), those following the Lord who conquers the embodied self (rāthajiteyī́nām)..]+

#Hinduism #Vedic #Vedas #Sanatani #Hindus #SanatanaDharma #SanatanDharm #Atharvaveda
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--Thread on Agni Pariksha and Banishment of Sita --

Pt 1 of this discussion here –…
Explained the killing of Vāli and Sambūka. Now, let us look at agni pariksha and banishment of Sīta.+

#Hinduism #Ramayana #BhumiPujan #AyodhyaRamMandir
#Ayodhya #Hindus
The 2 incidents truly encapsulate the glory of the divine couple. If you fully understand these incidents, you will be left wondering who is indeed more glorious, Rāma or Sīta!+

#BhoomiPujan #BhumiPujan #Ayodhya #RamMandirAyodhya
#RamMandirBhumiPujan #Hinduism #Ramayana #Hindus
Start with Sita’s banishment first. No need to quote ślokās. The literal act is justified by the fact that Sīta is mentioned to be Mahālakṣmi and Rāma to be Viśṇu. In reality she is always on his chest, inseparable and hence it is a līla+

#Ayodhya #BhoomiPujan #BhumiPujan
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--The Tryambaka Offerings, Pt 3 (Final) --

In past 2 threads, I covered the Tryambaka Ishti of Sakamedha, explaining exactly what “sister of Rudra” meant, and the Mṛtasanjīvanī mantra here. Links to previous threads:……

Naturally, Qs may arise. Mṛtasanjīvanī mantra is dedicated to Shiva by some scholars. How can one claim it denotes the mind? Ans - If you read previous threads, it is clear that context of tryambakaṃ yajāmahe… is meditation on the mind+

#Hinduism #Vedic #Sanatani #Hindus
A mantra is identified as belonging to a devata if it does not change in other occurences. As eg, rudra gāyatri has “tanno rudraḥ pracodayāt” that remains unchanged while occuring elsewhere with minor changes in preceding words – so, it denotes rudra devata only+

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--The Tryambaka Offerings, Pt 2--

In Part 1, (…), we clarified “Rudra” signified mind, and “Ambikā” experience of Brahman. In this thread, let's finish interpreting mantras of the Tryambaka rite that come after this+
#Hinduism #Vedic #Sanatani #Vedic
áva rudrámad īmahy áva deváṃ tryàmbakam

We have satisfied mind that bestows good (rudram), that shines out auspicious qualities of Brahman (devam), perceiver of 3 abodes – place, object & instrument for brahmānubhava (tryàmbakam)+

#Hinduism #Vedic #SanatanaDharma #Hindus
yáthā no vásyasas kárad yád yátʰā naḥ śréyasas kárad yád yátʰā no vyavasāyáyāt

So it may make us wealthy, may it make us attain the path of liberation, make us closely bound to Brahman.+
#SanatanDharm #Vedas #Hinduism #Vedic #Sanatani #Hindus
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-- Thread on the Tryambaka Offerings in the Veda --

Tryambaka Ishti is an ancillary rite of Sakamedha Yajna, 1 of the 4 Yajnas comprising Chaturmasya. Housed in Vājasaneyi samhita of Yajur Veda, it contains “tryambakaṃ yajāmahe…” mantra.+

#Vedas #Hinduism #Hindus #Sanatani
However, even good scholars have not been able to decipher the mantra in this section, “rudra bʰāgáḥ sahá svásrā́mbikayā” – which declares Ambikā as sister of Rudra. Many queries about this are on the internet (eg Hinduism Stack Exchange) .+

#Hinduism #Vedic #Sanatani #Hindus
I am giving the interpretation, which those with dispassionate minds can appreciate. To understand why Ambikā is mentioned as a sister of Rudra, one must accept that parts of Veda talk in metaphors and common terms denote many things.+

#Hinduism #Vedas #SanatanaDharma #Hindus
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