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26 Feb, 15 tweets, 15 min read
Here’s some clarity re #KR1’s share register:

Nominee co’s are set up by major brokers/custodians/etc. to aggregate individual sharehldgs, both large & small...eg in reality, Vidacos does NOT own a 25.5% stake.

And no, #WarrenBuffett does NOT have a direct/indirect hldg in KR1!
This nominee system does NOT absolve individual/inst’l investors of req’t to report major 3%+ stakes & any significant chg in hldgs...which you can track via #KR1 RNS:


Ideally, KR1 wd also break out these stakes (on a look-through) basis for investors...
And I highlighted major #KR1 stakes in my Nov post:


Largest hldg belongs to KR1 team itself (& Smaller Co Capital)...tht’s 15%+ in KR1’s fully diluted share capital.

That does NOT inc. 80% of their 2020 bonus to be granted in shares...

And rem #KR1 team don’t even receive those bonus shares til we see an audited set of 2020 results...

...and aren’t even remotely close to an actual opportunity* to potentially contemplate selling any shares!

*I presume/obv want to see a decent #lockup period confirmed.
So if you’re struggling to cope with #KR1’s share price volatility (again)...

...jst look at the KR1 team (& consider the pot’l ‘trapped’ value of their bonus shares TODAY!? 🤯)...

...tht’s some fierce #diamondhands inspiration for fellow shareholders! 💎🙏
Now THAT is #skininthegame...

And as I always say, #incentives drive behaviour...

...and accordingly, you can expect #KR1 team to really up their #IR game & focus on KR1’s share price/multiple in 2021 (with new NED #RhysDavies adding the necessary ext’l perspective/experience).
Other major #KR1 stakeholders include:

11.5% - Roshan Ashok Vaswani (rep. a UAE/African family office)


6.7% - Adam Powell (of Neopets fame)


4.8% - Bruce Rowan (estate)

#BruceRowan hldg may be sold now (in which case, executors neglected to advise KR1 of the change)...

...bt otherwise, this £9.3M stake cd now be a v tempting #blockbuy tgt for an institution actively seeking #crypto/#DeFi/#KR1 exposure here.

DM/email me if I can help!
And speaking of inst'ns , only name I've seen in #KR1 to date was #GervaisWilliams of #Miton (sub-3% hldg, so no RNS), who's noted for his patient/pioneering #smallcap approach:


But of course, 'til recently, tht simply reflected KR1's #nanocap status...
Except it's a new paradigm today:

The level of inst'l acceptance of #Bitcoin, #crypto & #blockchain (esp. the #DeFi opp.) in jst 3-4 yrs is astonishing...

...let alone #KR1 growing from a £0.1M #nanoshell (tht ONLY raised a mere £2.7M) to a £0.2B* #crypto behemoth!

*234% CAGR!
We've reached a pt where #KR1's £0.2B mkt cap & recent avg £5.0M+ daily volume (now via 3 lines of stock)...

...now opens up & can attract a whole new pool of family offices & (smaller) (hedge) fund managers, seeking something FAR BETTER than a passive/leveraged #BTC play!
And VERY important to note #KR1's £ daily volume #driver...

...it's actually a function of today's share PRICE, not actual share volume, which remains a TINY % of o/s KR1 shares.

e.g. Actual 4.5M volume back in Jul-2017 was worth jst £0.15M then...bt TODAY it wd be worth £6.6M!
So it's a viable/easy proposition today for a family office/fund to build a decent stake in #KR1...(say) £0.5-1.0M/day.

Bt again, shares traded have (& will) remain a TINY % of o/s KR1 shares...do NOT underestimate how pervasive the #HODL here, in addition to stakes I mentioned!
This pot'l #supplydemand imbalance is another major positive/secular trend to underpin #KR1...

...the larger its mkt cap, the more ins'tl buying it can actually attract!


As always, it depends on yr own #crypto/#macro view & #risk appetite/tolerance...

Bt #KR1's BY FAR the best listed #crypto/#blockchain/#DeFi portfolio on the planet...one tht boasts 185%+ a year NAV/share returns & trades well below my tgt FV/share here!


• • •

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