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1/ Today, the distinguished professor and dean of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University Yan Xuetong gave a lecture at the University of Helsinki.

Very interesting event, some thoughts below.


#China #IR #Security Image
2/ One day after publishing my own ”Thick Red Book”, the discussion was even more inspiring as there were many overlapping topics, e.g. the role of small states in ”counter-globalization” (in Finnish):…

(The pic is from a @RosebudBooks store). Image
3/ The first part was very academic.

Several points:

a) Individuals define national interests while group-thinking accelerates trends
b) Populism, fundamentally xenophobic, is behind ”counter-globalization”

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The breathless news coverage on Harry and Meghan has made #IranianProtesters look like extras in a B movie.

But while the semi-Royal couple has ‘spared’ us no details, Iranians’ abductions, torture and hangings by the #IR go largely unreported.

This has huge ramifications:
1. It signals the fickleness of American foreign policy, and worse, American leadership. From Obama’s “unclench your fist” to Trump’s “maximum pressure” to Biden’s aloofness on ME, our Iran policy looks like disconnected movies in a potentially promising sequel.
2. Underreporting the #IranRevoIution also gives the appearance that the regime’s unspeakable brutality has been successful in deterring/scaring Iranians into submission.

In fact, the opposite has become true.
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🔥 🧵s on #NeoIdealism 🧵 🔥

2. Why is 'Neo-Idealism' called 'Neo-Idealism'?

- I outlined this new approach to #IR & Grand Strategy in a previous thread (see linked tweet).
- Now I dig deeper into the name & concept

I first introduced the idea of #NeoIdealism in a piece for @RUSI_org in April '22 but Its fullest elaboration so far is in my book - 'To #Ukraine With Love'
- published last month & available now on kindle & paperback😎…

So why call it Neo-Idealism?

Some of the Neo-Idealists from #CEE - sometimes explicitly - seek to refresh the hopeful, people-centred politics that flourished in the post-communist transitions of the 1990s but which had wilted more recently, especially after the 2008 financial crisis
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Lung nodule biopsy. Two minimally invasive options. #CTTTNA or #Bronchoscopy. Which one to choose? Primer on pros/cons here @MaldonadoFabien’s #VERITAS trial.…
Lets highlight some recent trials to prompt discussion. Complications After Transthoracic Needle Biopsy of Pulmonary Nodules: A Population-Level Retrospective Cohort Analysis.
In that study. Among 16,971 patients who underwent TTNB, 25.8% experienced a complication within 3 days of the procedure (pneumothorax 23.3%, hemorrhage 3.6%, and air embolism 0.02%).
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My paper “Beyond ports, roads & railways: Chinese economic statecraft, the Belt and Road Initiative & the politics of financial infrastructures” is finally coming out with @EuroJournIR 🥳🥳🥳… - a short 🧵 #IR #IPE #BRI #China #BeltandRoad #CHERN
While many IR/IPE scholars focus on physical infrastructures, this article analyses the construction of Chinese financial infrastructures along the BRI as an exercise of economic statecraft within the context of the liberal, US-dominated global financial order 2/8
I trace activities of Chinese exchanges as crucial actors that facilitate financial connectivity by enabling investment into BRI projects (investment opportunities), bringing 🇨🇳investors into BRI markets (investor structure) & shaping how these markets work (investment rules) 3/8
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1/ #IR-Tip: One of the (many) tasks to do after a compromise of an (AD) network is to change ALL passwords (from users to service accounts).

This step is listed as #1 on the excellent "post compromise active directory checklist" from @UK_Daniel_Card (👏). 🧵

#CyberSecurity Image
2/ Trust is good, control is better, right?

Although we tell our customers repeatedly how fundamental a password change is, we have had more than one case where not all passwords were changed (intentionally or unintentionally), sometimes resulting of the re-entering of TAs.
3/ Here is a simple example of how @velocidex Velociraptor can be used to check if the passwords have been changed.

The following command find the DC(s) on the network (without having to consult our notes - yep, I'm bad at remembering things):

nltest /DSGETDC:
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1. One line that seems to divide expert advice on how the West should behave in the #RussiaUkraineWar is that most area students recommend more military support for #Ukraine while many #IR & #politicalscience professors propose accommodation of #Russia.…
2. Many generalists' underlying argument, whether im- or explicitly indicated, is that #EasternEurope specialists suffer from professional distortion. An emotions overload weakens their political judgement. Thus the generalists' texts are often educational rather than analytical.
3. #Areaexperts, in contrast, suspect the #generalists of suffering from a lack of empirical and contextual information. They are afraid that the generalists neither properly know nor fully understand (or are even not interested in) key peculiarities of the #RussianUkrainianWar.
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The thread based on this article went ballistic
- I *suspect* because of #Kraftwerk rather than #IRTheory
BUT there's something more to the piece than just the international politics of #Germany's postwar cultural history.
Short(er) 🧵
Difference has always been at the heart of #InternationalRelations (#IR)
- The very notion of ‘relations’ requires difference between the units doing the relating
- Despite the name, IR focused on states rather than nations as the units that related to each other. Image
These states, seen as clearly distinguishable were often imagined to represent particular nations, which could be seen as different - & neatly, even ‘naturally’ bordered from each other (e.g. Agnew, 1994).
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Ein sehr schöner Teil des Lehrens an der #uni ist die Möglichkeit damit zu experimentieren, wie man das kreative Potenzial der Studierenden erschließen kann. Dieses Semester habe ich ein neues Experiment gestartet - ich entwickle mit meinen Studierenden ein #Strategiespiel.
Es hat den Arbeitstitel "The Next Proliferator" und soll veranschaulichen, von welchen Faktoren es abhängt, ob ein Staat sich #Nuklearwaffen aneignen kann oder eben nicht.…
Zunächst haben die Studierenden in der Vorlesungsphase des Kurses eine Einführung in die technischen Aspekte der Nutzung von Nuklearenergie und die wissenschaftliche Debatte über die sogenannte demand-side (warum?) und supply-side (wie?) nuklearer #Proliferation erhalten.
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Here we go. 1st intl work trip since Feb 2020.

I used to travel outside UK almost once a month before 2020 -spreading msg of health justice.

I know I will not do that again soon, if ever. Let’s see if we can spread the message without as many airplane trips!

#Raisina2022 🤞🏾 Image
The reason for travel.

The Raisina Dialogue 2022.…
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Sobre as doações ao ex-procur. da República Deltan Dallagnol: doações são isentas de imposto de renda #IR (Regulamento do IR – Decreto 9.580/2018, art. 35, inciso VII, alínea c). Elas sujeitam-se ao imp. estadual sobre transmissões e doações do domicílio tributário do donatário.
O Regulamento do IR não define limite para a isenção de doações, diferentemente do que faz para os rendimentos de trabalho remunerado. Também não diferencia a natureza da doação. +
O valor das doações recebidas é relevante para definir a obrigação tributária acessória de prestar declaração de IR. Doações acima de R$ 40 mil impõem o dever do donatário (o recebedor) de apresentar declaração de rendimentos à Receita Federal, não o dever de pagar IR. +
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Click Models - What are they and why should you know about them as an SEO? Think about Clicks, Attention, and Satisfaction. I hope you'll get #satisfaction from this 🧵, too. (1/22) #EverythingSEO #SEO #GoogleSearch @MarketMuseCo
Click models are predictive probabilistic data models of search user behavior that aim to predict future user patterns by analyzing historical data. (2/20) #usability #behavior #SEO #SERPs @MarketMuseCo #DataScience #EverythingSEO
Basic Click Models for SERPs aim to understand the examination process of each link presented and understand the biases of other elements on the page like position, ads, and other features. (3/22) @MarketMuseCo #SEO #EverythingSEO #SERPs
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Follow along to learn about partial splenic artery embolization!
@albertolp2097 @DLKVIR @michaeljrepajic
#TwittIR #IR #SIR #VIR #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #RadTwitter #IRad #MedEd #FOAMRad Image
The spleen constitutes an important part of body's immune system and is highly vascular organ. Due to its location is one of the most affected organ in blunt abdominal trauma. The goal of pSAE is to decrease perfusion pressure to promote hemostasis and preserve splenic function Image
Splenic artery embolization (SAE) may be performed in the presence of abdominal trauma involving the spleen and non-traumatic pathologies such as hypersplenism, portal HT, and visceral aneurysms. Image
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All this 20 years of struggle and, then - cowardly deserting Afghanistan leaves the following conclusions:
1) There is a limit to the effectiveness of, even, the 'boots-on-the-ground' measures. No matter how overwhelming the forces you have, you can't win a War if the Opposition
opts for the doughty guerrilla warfare.
You can't subjugate such resistance, and try for peace building, without bringing the contextual parties on the table for power-sharing talks.

2) No super power in the History has been made as overstretched as the USA has been now.
So, if the point #1 rebuts Mearsheimer's weightage towards the effectiveness of the Land power,
this point (#2) re-affirms his 'tragedy' - you need that economic base to be a preponderant power in all theatres.
It's tough to define the USA a 'superpower' now as it can't do this.
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Next is "HM Furniture" in Lahore , issuing invoices with no GST # or Sales Tax Amount, asked authorities to check if they are even registered for Sales Tax?
2ndly Aren't they a Tier-1 Business? Shouldn't they be linked with POS already?

149/n ImageImage
Complaint on 08 Apr, Reply on 01 Jun

Notice has been served to Business to explain their position on both accounts.

150/n ImageImage
Next "Hungers Den" at Kashmir Road #Karachi

Asked #FBR if the Restaurant is registered for Income Tax? As SRB officers visited for Services Sales Tax complaint the owner didn't produce any NTN

151/n ImageImage
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Here’s some clarity re #KR1’s share register:

Nominee co’s are set up by major brokers/custodians/etc. to aggregate individual sharehldgs, both large & in reality, Vidacos does NOT own a 25.5% stake.

And no, #WarrenBuffett does NOT have a direct/indirect hldg in KR1!
This nominee system does NOT absolve individual/inst’l investors of req’t to report major 3%+ stakes & any significant chg in hldgs...which you can track via #KR1 RNS:…

Ideally, KR1 wd also break out these stakes (on a look-through) basis for investors...
And I highlighted major #KR1 stakes in my Nov post:…

Largest hldg belongs to KR1 team itself (& Smaller Co Capital)...tht’s 15%+ in KR1’s fully diluted share capital.

That does NOT inc. 80% of their 2020 bonus to be granted in shares...

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Today, the #UN Security Council has discussed the climate-related risks to international security. This 6th open debate on #climatesecurity demonstrates the on-going process of climatization, securing a steady climate agenda for the #UNSC.
More information and resources ⬇️ Image
The #UNSC has debated the security implications of #ClimateChange on several occasions since 2007. The table below lists the meetings entirely dedicated to the topic up until 2020. See full article ➡️… Image
#IR scholars have analyzed the UNSC growing involvement in climate change in depth. One trend revisits the institutional debate on the role of the #UNSC, a second focuses on the process of #securitization of #ClimateChange. ⬇️ non-exhaustive list, please feel free to add others!
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Thread: The statements and evidences on the horrendous atrocities taking place in the war on #Tigray #Ethiopia are mounting, despite the fed gov imposed information blockage. | Terrified' survivors recount attacks on civilians in Tigray | AFP via @YouTube
It seems clear that widespread and systematic #humanrights violations mounting to #CrimesAgainstHumanity and #WarCrimes are taking place in #Tigray #Ethiopia.
Whether we are also observing a #Genocide in the making in #Tigray #Ethiopia, is leagally speaking too early to confirm due to lack of access. #GenocideWatch and #UN special advisor on the prevention of genocide have expressed concerns in this regard however.
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🔥 #AdventOfReversing 1/24 🔥
Get dirty as soon as possible. Don't fall into thinking you are not ready. Sure, you will be confused by many things at first. That's fine! I used to confuse sections and segments when I started. Keep pushing, and things will become clear naturally.
🔥 #AdventOfReversing 2/24 🔥
Get used to (re)name *everything* in your disassembler. You might be able to mentally track data across registers and memory for small crackmes w/ easy control flow, but this does not scale at all. Unclutter your mind. Make your life easier.
🔥 #AdventOfReversing 3/24 🔥
You really want to have some programming foundations, but which languages? I mostly agree with this post by @MalwareTechBlog:

🐍 Python
🏗️ C
⚙️ ASM (different flavors: x86(-64) desktop, ARM mobile...)

Give it a read! 📰…
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Orthopedic pre-op embo, transradial axillary flush arteriogram before next day reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Catheter selection, embolic selection, outcome images to follow:
What is your preferred embolic in this case? Feel free to elaborate below! #IRad #IR #IO #OrthoIR #PalliativeIR #Embolization
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Respeito e admiração pelos pilotos do #Canadair acidentado 🙇‍♂️

Sentidas condolências à familá e amigos do Cmdt Jorge Jardim pela perda insubstituível. DEP Cmdt🙏
Rápidas e plenas melhorias para o Cmdt Maxi Plaza 💪

#IRPonteDaBarca #IFManinLobios
Segue um thread 🧵 sobre este #AcidenteAereo, composto a partir de uma tecelagem de diversas tweets e notícias de OCS

#IRPonteDaBarca #IFManinLobios #PNPG #Xures #AccidenteAereo #Canadair
01) No sáb 8Ago2020 pelas 11:16 um avião anfíbio #Canadair despenhou-se e ficou destruído numa zona de montanhosa do Gerês, em território espanhol, na zona de Lobios, província de Ourense, a curta distância da fronteira entre Espanha e Portugal
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ℹ️🔥 Por forma à #VOSTPT estar permanentemente alinhada com a #ANEPC, na designação /categorização das ocorrências de #incêndios, vamos deixar de usar a #IFNomeDoConcelho (IF=Incêndio Florestal), para passar a #IRNomeDoConcelho (IR=Incêndio Rural).
Esta alteração surge, não só para facilitar os esforços das duas entidades na monitorização das Redes Sociais, mas também devido às várias categorias que Incêndio Rural (#IR) pressupõe, sendo o Incêndio Florestal (#IF) uma dessas categorias, conforme podes verificar nesta tabela. Tabela de categorização de ...
Chamamos a atenção para esta mudança: @vostSPAIN, @VOSTgalicia, @VOSTeurope, @AT_Brif, @Plan_INFOCA. Esta mudança também será refletida no @FogosPt 🔥ℹ️
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This #Juneteenth, I'm taking time to remember my grandpa's grandparents. Mark Gassaway was born into slavery. He and his wife, Carrie Walls Gassaway, became impactful educators. Here's their story, rich with deep research by my uncle, Charles Kellogg, and cousin @kkellogg309. 1/n
Don't miss the part where Mark Gassaway became the first African American college graduate in Anderson County, South Carolina and started being called “Professor Gassaway.” @kkellogg309 2/n
…Or the part where Carrie Walls graduated in one of the first classes from @SpelmanCollege (then known as Spelman Seminary) in the 1880s. @kkellogg309 3/n
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#IR #HealthSecurity #stefanelbe #colinMcInnes most insightful approach is that of @DrSophieHarman global health governance : key challenges remain on how to assist the important role of the WHO as main provider of global health security
@DrSophieHarman role of military , financing for #WHO, growing leadership of foundations ( in COVID19 is has not been Bill and Melinda Gates but Jack Ma & AliBaba)
@DrSophieHarman "how global health can remain relevant mixed agendas #SDGs & anti-globalist populism" @threadreaderapp compile
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