I think I can design a game.

A game that can teach the children how to learn.

I am not saying I have done PHD in game design or learning or child psychology.

What I understand is that learning needs to be e fun personal and exciting.

Assumption: kids love to play.
For example..

How would you teach children to speak?

Of course speaking properly need to be taught.

We do that all the time with the kids around us or we were taught by our parents.

Doing it online i.e. at scale is the challenge.
How do we do it?

-He is your dada ji
-Did you say namaste to your visitors.
-Do you recognise our visitors-
-Dont speak foul language
-Remind the correct pronunciation of something
-Ask same thing a few hundred times untill kids respond correctly.
Etc etc etc.
Also kids learn what they see.
And they ask real Questions.

Questions that make us think.

Like the right method of saying something.

We tell them the ideal thing, we may or may not follow them

Then when they find us not following what we said earlier, they ask again
A responsive voice chat bot.

That can talk to the children.

Like a man in the face of a friend/toon/family member / big brother
No they dont know how to play chess well, they know a few things..😂 (sometimes I help) Image
Since KIDS are the most genuinely curious humans..

How do we ensure, the curiosity do not die as they grow up?

#Curiosity is defined by the Quality and Serious questions one can ask?

PS: The quality, quantity, sequence, format, topic and lot other things.. everything is either a variable or a constant in every possible permutations and combinations

#Philosophy #Poll #DataScience
Since few months, I am dreaming of online learning system from a total first principles point of view.

Like, Siri/Alexa sitting behind the screen.

Would teach anything verbally and visually as per the learners point of view. Would answer any queries and find answers.

5-10 yrs down the line, thats going to happen.
I guess, kids only know how to play.. and they learn from #Everything

I wonder, if letting the new born play and learn would be the best possible way to teach.. no ?

Becoming the (greatest) father seem to be a huge responsibility.
We as #KIDS respond to life the max, subconciously in play.

As we grow up, we skip a lot of it and stop playing.

As adults, We teach the kids to not play and study.
hey @XEngaging

How was the run?
Want to try again ?
Please share your learnings from the 3rd startup experiment.

I wonder, what opensource game I used to make it back then.
Wow, my game is only accessible to only me, only on my phone 😅 ImageImage
It can be a simple abc learning game..

With the harmonic sound of piano 🎹
And then evolve to difficult words as the child learns the basics 🤓
☝️That's why I would like to work with an ed tech startup as a Product Manager.

One which is open for some experimentation.

Are you #HiringPhenomenalTalent that has been playing games in last decade and hungry to make the most of what he has learnt?
Learning has to be fun, as much as possible fun.. nothing else.

No conditions applied.

Turning into a father, its also a responsibility
Difficult byte to be gulped.

I guess, not in case of games 🤓

Assumption #1
For a kids ed tech platform


Now the question is:

How do you let The Kids play interactively with technology and without technology and learn and repeat.. where the things evolve as per learning and long term goals?

#Oversimplification ?
☝️ Thread will be ever expanding

I think I'll have to write about my #philosophical throught process, in depth 🤓

Getting decision makers to read would be another challenge 😅

#EdTech should be everything about Ed, with the help of Tech, with some fun .
Starting with kids, they only know how play

#EdTech has to be about fun learning experiences that last forever.

That makes kids fall in love with learning.

For early education (kids)
It has to be about educating parents also. 😅

Kids learn more from parents, less from apps
So it has to basically be about systems that fit in parenting habits.

That encourages parents to keep pushing for being better at parenting.
Early Education technology #startups do not considered the parents which are #expecting as potential customers. (I just concluded based upon the thoughts in my head, I may be wrong)

Soon, that will change.

On similar lines, @Parentune should be considered as an #edtech
Because, its not a one time thing.

Education, its a life long thing.

Ecosystem Will Evolve 🤓🤟🚀
What is EdTech (for me) & why only edtech?

Draft 1.0
Technology.. A Tool or Toy?

Well, it will be difficult to make learning much like play, in online settings but once we understand the basics, it'll take off.

Toy would be a better option.
Force yourself to write #alittle more today.

Or do anything that you don't like but is important in long term.

Condition is YOU should believe in Every word you write.

Live a little more today.

Be thankful that today exists.
Technology can empower the #Ideal teachers so much that kids would strive to come back to the same teachers, fall in love with learning and be the best versions of themselves.

That's why #edtech is important.
A for Apple is not enough
The points to be noted while teaching kids..

*I may be wrong, I am just thinking out loud.

1. Even the subconscious biases and lies told to kids even unknowingly will be truth for them.

This CAN be taken care with #technology. May be, by showing them all(most) possibilities.
2. We do not have unlimited time.

Rather we'll teach them very clearly that Everybody has 24hrs in the day.
So they start managing their time well. So if we don't know it, we can't teach them.
3. Teachers can be empowered with tools we can create for them.

That's why we need @leadschoolindia

Someone please connect me to the founders of Lead School. Image
Because technology is just a great tool with unlimited possibilities for personalization of education so that kids don't ever feel pressure.
Dear #Product Mentors,

This is my pitch, I am a humble beginner PM with some entrepreneurial exp.

I need help to find my blindspots & scale up. I've been struggling since some long time.

Would you be able to circulate that in your mentor network?

Damn Outlierz.. But as a PM, I actually live to find and make them a norm.

Its easier to drive when..
Outliers moments for one may be everyday moments for others. That's why defining personas as real as possible is important in product management.
I found myself missing the bus usually so tried learning to walk backwards. Wrote myself a letter from 2032.


Recently heard @ShaneAParrish talking about #inversion as a mental model.
So utilizing a few other mental models that I've been following unknowingly, this writing was important.

I kind of see what to do next. I wish I could go back to school with @leadschoolindia or a similar kind of a platform, learn from them and build a game for kids.
Why go back in time and correct yourself to lose your today when you can do otherwise ?
Wow, interesting, amazing.. #Sawaal

I think, I found my tools. 🤟

Spread the word and note the date. 😀

1st Jan, 2023

One year, 43days, 4hrs, 15Mins.

Thanks @mayukhb for the amazing talk on importance of AI for Product Managers.


Can you please help me understand Explanability with no bias towards what technologists have been able to achieve today on scale for general public?
Being a beginner, I am always on cross roads of understanding depth and breadth, but hey.. its fun connecting the dots.
Its taking a good shape.. 🤓

I guess, I'll need help from #DataScience and many related ones.

Oh, we are still far from it.

Read: what is that #AI still can't do?

Ofcourse, Such a marvel can't be created without proper research, analysis, experimentation, planning.

Starting with asking the right questions.
Lets learn from stories?
A story a day and a question at the end of it.

Kids are the best improvisers & learners.

One of them emerged as Doctor, Another as a leader, they understood money exchange, enact, taking care, listening, responding.. Enjoying

Am sure, there's a lot we can learn from that by just observing

No software can analyse this, yet
But note, there's a lot of data that we ignore.

In most cases We only get what we look for, No?

We may be biased, may have blind spots, might need a fresh evolving perspective.

I hope, edtech PM leaders at @BYJUS, @unacademy, @vedantu_learn are taken that into consideration.

• • •

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