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"evolve"? These mentalities are a direct consequence of the 'liberal', secular #inversion of Christian moral values, beginning in the late Renaissance. This narcissistic, 'individualist', mammonist ideology dominating first the West, then the world, is only c. 550 years old.
Using the term "evolve" in this context is far from helpful. It implies that somehow, by genetic 'magic', eventually, the human species will breed its way out of present dilemmas; a random mutant will emerge, with "higher" qualities, and spawn more like it. Good luck with that.
There are none so blind as those who *will* not to see.

What ails the world is crystal clear.
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I wonder where this dark alchemical 'art' of waging war – of speaking with forked tongue, of words as weapons, of misleading and deceiving by double meanings, of saying one thing and meaning the *exact opposite*, of brazenly lying by euphemism – may have come from... 🤔
According to Google, the word "euphemism" (English-only) appears 4,590 times on

"Therefore, the Gemara teaches us that it is permitted to employ a euphemism even when reciting verses."
A hint as to who may have invented the popular *cough* euphemism for an opposite sex person serving as fake heterosexual relationship "cover" for a homosexual, esp. one in the public eye:

"The beard referred to here is indeed the 'lower' beard, but the rabbis used a euphemism."
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But it's just "irony", right? That's what Jews always tell us when their arrogant mimicry of transgressive writing and sophistry trickster 'gods' of the Bronze Age – who cross back and forth over divine boundaries whenever they feel like it – threatens to blow back on them.
Scrolling hashtags that Stephen's article has provoked is hilarious. Endless kvetching that it normalises the "othering" of Jewish people. All conveniently ignore that Judaism is the most hateful practitioner of "othering" in history. Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
See? Suspected ringleader in 'Nazi' murder of a journalist.

'When approaching displays of Nazi, hate symbols in Ukraine, elsewhere, one can expect to hear an overwhelming choir of "But it's "Irony", "Trolling", "Sarcasm" etc.” Is it?'

Oleksiy Kuzmenko (Bellingcat contrib.!)
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'Tis a beautiful thing when one's tweets help even one more person begin to see that the world has been "progressively" turned upside down over the last 534 years... #inversion
How so? First, the worship of man as god ... thanks to pampered elite 'Christian' humanists' embrace of Cabala:
Second, and in direct consequence, Western (formerly) Christian civilisation's "progressive" embrace of so-called "Political Hebraism" ... more accurately described as "Jewish values":
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Just as Purim is an inversion-of-all-values-and-social-roles drunken celebration of an imagined, cold-blooded, gleeful genocide of Persians (Iranians), based on the #plagiarism of a Babylonian legend about the cults of Marduk and Ishtar.

"On Purim all things are permissible."
On Purim, the Chosen™ are encouraged to get so drunk that one "does not know the difference" between "Blessed be Mordecai" (ie, 'Good') and "Cursed be Haman" (ie, 'Evil').

Are we waking up yet? #liminal #inversion #blackwhite
Good question. Answer: Depraved, psychopath rabbis.

"The biblical character of Mordechai *pimped out* his cousin and *feigned piety* to *gain power*. So why do we see him as a hero?"…
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How dare you!

This is absolutely necessary in order to 'heal the world' the Cabalist way (tikkun olam), by transforming it into an Ishtar (aka Esther) Babylonian "Queen of Heaven" inversion-of-all-social-roles disorder, castration and debauchery festival.
Notice the colour of Greta's blouse in that famous speech?

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The ADL is a hate group.

One that "abounds" with double standards, which are "at the heart of how we live and what we have taught the world."

Exactly like the nebulous, shape-shifting Bronze Age religious cult it protects, and projects.
From Torah Judaism, to Rabbinic Judaism, to Cabalist Judaism.

Say hello to Saturn's◾️Jews...
Saturn's Jews (Prof. Moshe Idel).

Presiding over change ('transformation') in religion. #Cabala #shapeshift #Sabbateanism #inversion #doublethink #duplicity
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Interesting how neither evangelical crazies, nor rabbinic Jewish crazies, nor Sabbatian Jewish crazies, ever want non-members to know what the coming of "the Messiah" really means, to them: nuclear Armageddon, Jewish enslavement of non-Jews, and nuclear Armageddon, respectively.
Spoiler Alert: the Sabbatian Jewish aspiration to annihilate the Jewish people, in order for them to be unified with "God" – Ain Soph, the Primordial Nothingness – is cryptically portrayed in the obviously Cabalist film, The Believer (2001).
Do not watch this clip if you wish to see the film.

18 = Chai ("life", "living", "alive"):…

Get it now? #Cabala #inversion '#female' '#chaos' #death #double #nature #DescentForThePurposeOfRisingUp #nihilism
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The human species will end its 500+ year-long "progressive" acceleration into the moral, psychological, and ecological Abyss, with most people still obsessing over how to get more 'money' and stuff, and/or how to hold on to all the 'money' and stuff they already have.
I blame Western Christianity's 500+ year-long "progressive" embrace of "Political Hebraism" – i.e., Jewish values.

#doublethink #inversion #Cabala #usury
It is blackly ironic – in the extreme – that most do not even know that the 'money' they are (suicidally) obsessed over, is not even theirs. Legally, the usurer class owns all of it.

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Is this how we would describe the Creator of ALL THAT IS?

- A male deity from the sky, promising chosen followers rewards in exchange for blood sacrifice & obedience?

- Tests faith by telling people to kill their children?

- Jealous of other Gods?

- Murders disbelievers?
If it doesn't sound much like the God Jesus taught, that's because it's not!

Jesus taught God is within us. Not a Being that arrives from space to give us rules of obedience.

Prime Creator grants FREE WILL, therefore a God issuing a code of conduct is DEBUNKED as a deception.
Consider: If God was a Male FATHER w/o a Mother, wouldn't that be #INVERSION?

Jesus did NOT say "Father". The word he used was closest to BIRTHER.

Dark ET have long tricked well-meaning humans. They don't even need to violate Free Will, just play on fears & good intentions.
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"Do not touch the Philosopher's Stone with your hands. You are not of our race; you are not of the seed of Abraham."

– Maria the Jewess (cit. in The Jewish Alchemists, Princeton Univ. Press, Raphael Patai)

#red #white #Cabala #inversion '#transformation' '#magic'
In case anyone is wondering, those are *almond* flowers.

Study up on them. And study your Bible.
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Hoy en #iparfilms les quiero contar la historia de Francisco "Paco" García #Paramés, un hombre "acorralado" por sus #inversiones. Probablemente el mejor inversor de fondos de autor, un verdadero boina verde de la #inversión, nuestro #Rambo patrio ¿Me acompañan? Va HILO 👇👇(1/13)
Paco acaba de volver de la Guerra de @BESTINVER. Quiere vivir tranquilo; su fondo, sus cuatro acciones y dar charlas por ahí. Vaga por los caminos #value buscando a sus viejos amigos. Pronto, su media sonrisa tan característica quedará congelada (1/13)
La primera en la cara. Su amigo Alvaro Guzmán de Lázaro se lo ha montado por libre en @azvalor con Bernand, y que anda con el #uranio y las materias primas. Nota que fuera de #Bestinver las cosas son duras... (2/13)
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Another Day in Brooklyn!

#NXIVMTrial Day 9 continues with #LaurenSalzman on the stand.
Here's the #NXIVM highlights...
2/ So it turns out when this image of the #NXIVM brand...
When viewed in the Mirror and rotated....
3/ Looks like this, and IS in fact #KeithRaniere's initials (KAR to be exact)- Not anything else.
Lauren Salzman confirmed this today.
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Don't listen to any channeled or "spiritual" sources that say he is of the Light.
He came in with the Light but he threw it all away.
He doesn't deserve a Soul reveal.
Barack and Michelle Obama are detained at Gitmo.

Sex Parties - BO attended sex parties with A-celebs, Hollywood satanists, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Clooney, Pitt, Julia Roberts, Ellen Degeneres, Portia, Oprah, Gayle... It's ALL CONNECTED.

Look at Ellen.
She came with the Light but CHOSE Darkness instead.
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Warren Buffett es uno de los mejores inversores de la historia y se caracteriza por compartir todo lo que ha aprendido. Os traemos 8 consejos sencillos, pero de gran valor. Sigue el hilo 👇
#ValueInvesting #Finanzas #inversion #FelizJueves
1. Una gran diversificación no es siempre una buena idea.
2. Invierte primero en ti mismo.
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Nuestros sentido rotóndido está palpitando muy fuerte con esta noticia. Va un minihilo
Lo de rotonda en el nombre no es por las glorietas solo, es también una metáfora del eterno retorno este que nos gusta tanto con el ladrillo
No decimos que este proyecto no se vaya a hacer eh? Pero que lo mismo los titulares habría que moderarlos un poquito por si las eurovegas
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