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Once there’s no data/history on Pirlo’s possible coaching style as Juve’s manager, I decided to pick up his book and give it a read. Hoping it would give me more insight into what kind of manager he’ll be.

I’ll be posting my updates here for anyone interested. #Pirlo #juventus
Just a small note about me;

I’m currently reading a Masters of Science in Risk Management, and I’m writing my thesis on the governance and management of Football Clubs, by specifically researching the effects of sacking a manager in football.
My research is still ongoing, and I’m still not able to make soundc scientific conclusions on the subject of managerial changes in the industry (for now)

However, it seems Pirlo has the potential to be on the upside of the debate, and could potentially be a major sucess at Juve
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Gimana hari liburnya, sudah penuh refleksi? Kalau masih kurang mari mengutas tokoh nyentrik yang satu ini untuk mengenal kegelisahannya lebih dekat.
Slavoj Zizek adalah seorang pemikir politik kontemporer yang sangat populer hingga dijuluki sebagai Elvis Presley-nya filsafat.
Pencapain tersebut tidak hanya ia dapatkan dari karya tulis atau buku-bukunya, namun juga karena ia berani melengkapi teori kritik para Marxian terdahulu secara gamblang melalui berbagai debat hingga film layar lebar.
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थ्रेड :

#लिओनार्डो भाग २ (०१/०८/२०२०)

आजच्या थ्रेड मध्ये आपण #लिओनार्डो_दा_विंची याच़्यावर असलेल्या #प्लेटो या थोर ग्रीक तत्ववेत्याच्या तत्वज्ञानाचा प्रभाव,सोबतच #लिओनार्डोचे तत्वज्ञान व कला यांबद्दलचे विचार यावर लक्ष दिपवणार आहोत.
थ्रेड पुढे आहे.
विनंती असेल की आपण पुर्ण वाचवा
प्लेटो बद्दलची जरासा परिचय :
प्लेटो ( इ.स.पू. ४२८/४२७-इ.स.पू. ३४८/३४७) हा प्राचीन ग्रीक तत्वज्ञ आणि अथेन्समधील प्लेटॉनिक अकादमी या तत्कालीन महाविद्यापीठाचा महाविद्यापीठाचा संस्थापक होता. गुरू सॉक्रिटस! पाश्चात्य राजकीय विचारवंतांमध्ये प्लेटोचे योगदान महत्त्वपूर्ण आहे.
प्लेटोनी चार मुलतत्व (classical elements) सांगितली होती,त्याचा प्रभाव अक्ष:श लिआनार्डोवर पडला होता! ती मुलतत्वे क्रमश: पृथ्वी,पाणी,हवा व अग्नी अशी आहेत. यांची जोडणी चार बलांशी (फोर्स)शी होतो: गती,वजन,शक्ती आणि प्रभाव !यापुढे जाऊन #plato लिहीतो की, यांतूनच माणसाच्या चार

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Thread of Stefan Zweig's Life Story Begins!

Austrian novelist, theater writer, biographer and journalist Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna on November 28, 1881, is known for his short story #Chess and his wonderful biography works supported by psychological analyzes.
#StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
#StefanZweig met literature at a young age and received extremely high level education in this field. Having learned #English, #French, #Italian, #Latin and #Greek, he also studied #philosophy. Stefan Zweig
Originally interested in poetry, the writer was largely influenced by the great German poet #RainerMariaRilke, born in Prague. Zweig, who translated the poetry translations of #CharlesBaudelaire and #Verlaine into German, then traveled to South Asia. #StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
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Let's explore a bit further East and browse our exquisite #Persian language resources.
@SOASLibrary has 15,000+ published items in/about Persian on its shelves.
@SOAS_SpecColl hold a very fine selection of manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and archives in Persian.
#SOASLangs ImageImageImage
Want to know more about #Persian?
Halt here and get's captivated by the history of that beautiful language recounted by Narguess Farzad for @SOAS Languages for Lockdown series, in 3 episodes:
One of our shining stars of #Persian manuscripts is Ms10102: a sumptuous Mughal Court copy dated 978 AH (1570 CE) of the famous Anvār-i Suhaylī (Lights of the Canopus) by Ḥusayn Vāʻiẓ al-Kāshifī, also known as Fables of Bidpai.
#SOASLangs #Persian #Manuscripts #Mughal ImageImage
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My first encounter with the #Persian #Wittgenstein (1889-1951) in Iran was buying a copy of a translation of #PhilosophicalInvestigations at the Tehran book fair in 1999 - a thread on Wittgenstein in Iran 1/
This translation by Ferydoun Fatemi (d. 2008), a well-known translator of philosophical works with Nashr-e markaz seems to be based on the English 2/
Standard accounts of Wittgenstein do not tend to look at his reception beyond the English speaking context - but for that there are two two excellent introductions which partly problematise the 'early' vs 'late' and SEP entry… 3/
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You cannot ignore.....
Our inability to understand and grasp something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

#mystery #cognitiveload
West has yet to understand paranormal phenomenon.

Ancient civilizations has achieved so much that still today we are unable to understand and comprehend.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/05/2020-2…

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times…

#philosophy #postmodernism #Science
Leading with the Unknowns in COVID-19 Models - Scientific American Blog Network…

#models #uncertainty #DecisionMaking
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/04/2020-2…

Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem | Quanta Magazine…

#topology #Knot
What We Lose When We Assume People Are Bad : NPR…

#people #bad #SFI
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#Corbin was one of a group of young #Protestant intellectuals in #Paris who discovered the work of #KarlBarth (1886-1968) the Swiss reformed theologian whom he met in Bonn in 1931 1/
Barth was known for his dialectical theology starting with his Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (#DerRömerbrief) published in 1919; in 1934 he openly opposed Nazi authority insisting upon the absolute sovereignty of the divine and returned to Switzerland 2/
‘Faith is awe in the presence of the divine incognito; it is the love of God that is aware of the qualitative difference between God and man and God and the world’ 3/
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0/ Essential philosophy for #DataScience, a thread of 32 questions.

Grab a friend (virtually) and tackle these 32 essential questions (all with more than one reasonable answer) that every serious #data professional should answer for themselves.

#philosophy #rstats #statistics
1/ Is it possible to know anything at all?
2/ What does it mean to "know" something?
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Wow!! One of the most outstanding books I’ve ever read.

Sand Talk: How #IndigenousThinking can save the World

A great recommendation for these days!!

Thanks Tyson Yunkaporta. Your book is a gem to be discovered: #wisdom #values
A few years ago, I wrote a post about the #philosophy of Good Living or Living Well from Indigenous People…

I talked about #biomimicry, learning from Nature with humility, and then we could also learn from the wisdom of indigenous people
I've decided to start a month-long project where I'll tweet a “wise” tip about "Sand Talk" every day during April. 30/30

#WiseBoomerang #1 This will be the 1st one.
It's about #humility the antonymous of #hubris. #Communication #DialogicalEthics #Connectedness
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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
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My latest essay on #recommunlisation and the status quo of this world was uploaded now. #Communism #Utopia #Anarchism #Capitalism #Politics #Philosophy #Liberty #Blog

Further information below this tweet:

This text is mostly dedicated to how I think on a perfect Utopia for everyone, without any exceptions. As for daily politics, a different approach has to be chosen, of course. But for those who wonder how I think on a larger scale, or who wonder how we might solve our everyday...
struggles and avoidable aches, might be interested in reading this text and leave some critique, general feedback, or even approval, just in case.
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"What's wrong with this BS?"

If you are #depressed, you are living in the past
If you are #anxious, you are living in the future
If you are at peace, you are living in the present
- Lao Tzu

WRONG! But good for teaching.
#meded #psychtwitter #somepsych #medtwitter
(quick trigger warning)

This is intended to be educational re: depression & anxiety. It mentions concepts that can be difficult to read about suicide, trauma, and depression. If you're not in a place to read it now, come back later :)

My cat distracts:
A psych mini-tweetorial and a bit more #philosophy, but this is important in #medicine and #psychiatry.

Ultimately, I hope it'll be obvious that this quote is simplifying, stigmatizing, and harmful. It's classic pseudo-profound bullshit.

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“There is no greater threat to intellectual culture than the thought that when it really counts, when it actually matters to us, we philosophers give up on doing philosophy.” @AgnesCallard on petitions in #philosophy…
For all x, I’m always the last to hear x, so I’m sure this is old news to both of you reading this. As someone who has signed petitions (some of which I later regretted) my heart is with @AgnesCallard in this respect... the end of the day, persuasion on the basis of reasons is the foundation of our discipline and the most respectful means to facilitate change and form the basis of community. Having said that...
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»#YuriBezmenov may well go down in history as a #saint by the #survivors of the generations to come.

His statements about the global “#communist agenda” offers an opportunity for students of #history, #philosophy and #economics - world wide - to take note of #reality and to
.. reflect on the identity of their intellectual enemy, the dynamics of #capitalism in economics, and the role of #violence in politics.

Firstly, what is the “western identity”? From my understanding .. the #western identity has been shaped primarily by what it has resisted:
namely monarchic #despotism, authoritative #collectivism, and the infringement on the sovereignty of the #individual. You can even say that, to an extent, #Christianity itself followed from an already existing identity (i.e. the #Socratic divination of the individual).

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Thread: Another overview amazing #Muslim *female* achievement.

Did you know the first university in the world was built by a Muslim woman approx 1200 years ago?

This is the story of Fatima Al-Fihiri (800–880 CE). #BadassWoman #twitterstorians

2. Daughter of a wealthy businessman, the family moved from Tunisia to Fez, Morocco during the rule of King Idriss II. When both her husband and father died, Fatima and her sister inherited a fortune.

They chose to spend their inheritance on building educational institutions.
3. In 859, Fatima built the Al-Qayrawan #Mosque, decorated in the Andalusian style with Kufic calligraphy (early style) engraved throughout. At 3,000 sq ft, it can fit 22,000 people.

She stacked it with Islamic works (Qur’ans, #Hadith collections, etc).
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Tarrant's inspiration 👇 (Thread)

1 (of 15) Tarrant’s manifesto (pp 74) is clearly modelled on Anders Breivik's (pp 1,500) – all very tedious and familiar.

@mehdirhasan @MazMHussain #ChristchurchTerrorAttack #NZMosqueShooting #philosophy #Islamophobia #twitterstorians
2. They’re vomits of personal, narcissistic, paranoid, hysterical efforts of soul-searching.

Psychotic, xenophobic and Islamophobic, they’re autobiographical and ideological mash-ups. Don't look for cryptic codes; they're schizophrenic confusions.

@DMRDynamics @SethN12
3. They take from what politicians and governments, quasi-intellectuals and media have opined openly for decades. My French colleague has long called France ‘the main Western laboratory for Islamophobia’.

Evidence indicates he's onto something. 🇫🇷
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Naturalism vs formalism: A thread.

(Or: How I learned to stop worrying & love informality)


#science #philosophy #whyiliketheideasthatilike
TL,DR: naturalism is a basic commitment of scientific explanation, & formalism a tool that can help achieve it – yet people too often prioritise the latter over the former.

Elaborating on comments I've made here before, in conv w @IrisVanRooij, @JCSkewesDK, @wgervais, et al.

One preliminary comment.

Usually I try to avoid "I know what I'm talking about" comments – you should just let your arguments & ideas do the talking! – but in this case it seems worth mentioning.

I have a degree in Pure Mathematics. This is not math-phobia.

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#Effort & #Understanding

There is no meaningful effort without an understanding
There is no understanding without a #meaningful effort
We #achieve meaningful effort only by #failing and #trying again
#Effort teaches you to be #practical

#Understanding will bring #trust and #patience
#Understanding is needed to examine WHY and WHAT

#Effort is needed to achieve WHAT by doing HOW in accordance with WHY
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A leader in #Igbo land must be very careful. They recognise that the line between sanity & insanity is very thin. Once one starts chorusing ijọm instead of ijọ́m, s/he is on his or her own. Like the said madman casting nothing over the bridge shouting, "13,13, 13..." The bridge
having hung over a deep turbulent river, people gathered to wonder what 13th bawl it could've been. So, a more inquisitive one went closer to see. At once, the madman scooped, plunged him over and began to sing, "14, 14..."

The Igbos know fleeing away, isn't cowardice in any way
Onye Igbo maara na ọhịa a hụrụ ozu nza abụọ na ihe na-egbu nwa nza, nọ na ya.

Kama ihe ga-ata isi ya, ya kpuru okwu ya. #Igbo
He doesn't sit out with insanity. He doesn't take counsel of psychopaths. Once a sound mind, crosses over to the other side of reasoning, the rest
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"Steht das Grundgesetz der Naturwissenschaft, dass jedesmal eine bestimmte Ursache mit einer bestimmten Wirkung verknüpft ist, nicht der Annahme einer frei wirkenden, geistigen Ursache, einer selbständigen Persönlichkeit im Wege?" My tr.: 'Does the basic law
.. of natural sciences according to which a designated effect is always connected to a designated cause not stand in the way of the assumption of a freely acting mental cause, of an autonomous personality?'

Remark. Seitz's expressions 'bestimmte Ursache' and 'bestimme Wirkung' .
.. pose serious problems for a translator (and they also may justifiably said to be careless philosophically): literally, this means
'determined cause'
'determined effect'.
Obviously, these would be infelicitous translations, in view of the semantical force carried by..
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I will be reposting all of the interviews I've done on the first year of the show, one per day, on this thread, with links to the new podcast.

@robsica @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @hfsunde @franciscforde
#1 Oren Amitay: Portuguese Bills on Transgender Rights. #psychology


@docamitay @Muttmere1 @vancitytaraxo @robsica @franciscforde @YzarW @jimfrank @KarinLitzcke @Lauguerreiro
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