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The “we’re not racist” drums are beating loudly and proudly today. If we’re truly making progress, that’s great.(1) ImageImage
I’m particularly struck by what has been identified as the key cause for this celebration:

'Education is the single most emphatic success story of the British ethnic minority experience'

'The Commission notes that the average GCSE attainment score for Indian, Bangladeshi and Black African pupils was above the White British average.'
This success, which was down to “aspiration and hard work”, meant these ethnic minority workers were getting better jobs, which was creating “fairer and more diverse” workplaces.

So that’s all positive then. Let us relish this educational success.
(4) Image
Except…the report also “uncovers” how “stuck” some groups from the white majority are. It’s a “revelation”.

If you’d been reading the Daily Mail over the past 15 years, it wouldn't be a revelation. You’d know that poor white boys have been trailing. It’s a disgrace. A betrayal.
(6) Image
It’s certainly a worry that white boys are under-achieving. But for today, it is apparently fabulous news that students of colour are doing better. Because it proves we’re a “beacon for the world”.
Instead of trumpeting yet another illusory “world-beating” achievement, how about we actually do something about the deprivation that causes division?

Meanwhile, with impeccable timing, I have been asked by @pressgazette to examine whether sections of the Press are bigoted, as Prince Harry alleged.

It is intended as a dispassionate analysis and I leave you to draw your own conclusions from the evidence presented, but here are some things that struck me:
1: Of 805 faces that appeared on the front of the Mail last year, only 80 were non-white. 40 of those belonged to Meghan and 10 were crime-related. Models in the puff and generic families were exclusively white. (11) Image
2: : Of about 130 columnists who have a fixed slot in the general comment pages that are the beating heart of our national daily papers, only eight are not white. There are more in specialist areas, like sport and showbiz. Others make less regular appearances on the opeds.
(sorry, that should be nine - but still too few.
3: We need more diverse voices and fewer old white folk like me blundering all over the place. Thank you.

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15 Mar
This govt is busy pretending its #policing bill is about making people, esp women, safer.
That is why there is a whole section on protecting monuments, a whole section on shutting up Steve Bray, a whole section on protecting Parliament.
And nothing about women.
Be in no doubt. From removing the whip from Remainer MPs to cowing the BBC to giving Priti Patel and police a free hand ban "noisy" protests they don't like, this Government is openly making it clear that dissent will not be tolerated.
All this talk of "cancel culture" and protecting the free press is a smokescreen. They are cancelling all sorts of cultures faster than any "woke warrior" and, far from holding the powerful to account, the Press is not just colluding with them, but cheering them on.
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14 Mar
Mini thread....
Here are the first editions of today's papers. Royals heavy...perhaps as you'd expect as it's their first go after that interview. Kate obligingly provides a royal angle to the #SarahEverard vigil. Because the story on its own? Pah!
(1/?) Image
The tabs are renowned for being nimble between editions. So let's have a look at what they did for their finals. Ah, The Mirror changed one of its sub-heads. The Express replaced the index with a bit about Priti Patel...
(2/?) Image
The Sun and Mail left their fronts exactly as they were. It was all about Kate (and dissing Meghan).
The People is a one-edition paper.
(3/?) Image
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19 Nov 20
This is going to be a very long thread.
It is about the #bbc and is timed to coincide with @penguinbooks publication today of The War Against the BBC by @peterpeteryork and Patrick Barwise.
More particularly, this thread is about the way the BBC's media rivals - especially the Daily Mail - prosecute that war.
The timing is serendipitous as Prince William's intervention in the #panorama interview saga puts the corporation back on the front pages...
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14 Jun 20
Good morning. Have seen quite a lot of my work on here under the hashtag #dontbuythemail as an answer to the question posed by this morning's Mail on Sunday.
So thought I'd offer a fuller picture (1/?)

@jamesfelton @stopfundinghate
Some tweeps have used composites I created as part of an audit of the way the Press treated #immigration in the runup to #brexit. But they haven't used the most damning versions, so here is the full catalogue from the *Daily*, not Sunday, Mail over the past decade. (2/?)
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8 Apr 20
Lot of exhortations on here to "go and buy a newspaper". Which some of us think is a good idea, but one widely mocked by #dontbuythesun tweeters.
But suppose you did decide to venture to the newsagents, what could you buy today?
Well, obvs #covid19 is of abiding concern (1/?)
Some seem to believe that @DominicRaab has suddenly acquired a medical qualification to go with his elevation to caretaker PM. And that a "fighting spirit" is enough to cure the sick.
(It isn't. And as @paulconnew1 points out, it's insulting to those who die)
Others think the country is "behind" Boris Johnson, and that the fact that it is willing him to make a full and swift recovery is more important than anything else that happened yesterday - like more health workers dying.
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2 Apr 20
After yesterday’s plain wrong #covid19 headline, the Telegraph seems to be doubling down on the idea that flu remains more dangerous. This time it cites research from @lshtm to produce the headline below.
We are learning to become familiar with the R factor – the number of people a sufferer of any disease is likely to infect. The consensus seems to be that unchecked, #covid19 has an R factor of around 2.6.
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