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London police officers routinely made jokes about rape and disabled people and exchanged racist messages. The same ones who protected @BorisJohnson & his #DowningStreet 24-hour party people when others couldn't say goodbye to their dying loved ones.…
@BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk "said in a statement that the actions of the police officers in central London that the report detailed do 'not represent the values' of the force."

Yes. They do.
@BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk In one exchange, two @metpoliceuk officers talked about domestic violence, with one officer writing about women, “Knock a bird about and she will love you. Human nature.”

In another exchange, a male officer told a female officer, “I would happily rape you.”
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Seeking truth and finding deception

"Good friend of ours she went in and..." #NoOrdinaryLife
She did some good
Never heard of her!
Be afraid!
She created her own backlash
Truth is admin--ting to bullshit
Sent to Cov blah blah
You deleting my comments?
#Gas #Light #NARC

#TheTruthMovement U PARANOID ImageImageImageImage
"@ Annie Watson Coventry 💕 yeah me too its like someone is sending a psychic attack or something."

What a load of Bullshit! ImageImage
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The murder of #SarahEverard was a watershed moment. Sexual violence & harassment touches us all, whatever our background or politics. 4 MPs tell their stories, united in their drive to make tackling violence against women & girls a political priority…
The aim of our discussion with @carolinenokes @jessphillips @DrRosena @JonesyFay was to show other women that you can be a powerful, public figure & still experience sexual harassment. No-one's immune. And we wanted to talk to these MPs about what can be done to deal with it 2/
Their stories: @JonesyFay was flashed when she was 17 years old, on her way to meet her then MP dad. She didn't tell him 'cos she felt "ashamed" When she finally did "there was no talk about of phoning the police because you don't make a've got to make a fuss" 3/
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WHY is it hard for many men to appreciate women's terror? WHY is #NotAllMen trendng this morn re #SarahEverard ? A THREAD.
I write it because I believe that once you can MAKE SENSE of confusng things, they stop being so distressng &exhaustng. You're better placed to tackle them.
2. If you aren't a feminist theorist or writer or reader, it is easy to miss how far back &how widely spread t discountng of women's experience is, in deference to men's. Seeing ths breadth is hard, gut-wrenchng. But SEEING it helped me make sense.I was more effective w/ my rage.
3. Here is t result of my attmpt to SEE, co-written 21 yrs ago. Most ppl think of me as a 'baby psychologist'. They don't know I wrote a feminist text abt The Male Norm. But I did. (It helped me understnd even more t importnce of caring for our childrn.) Let me give some quotes.
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This is why women are asking “who will police the police?” and demanding real systemic and cultural change beyond “more bobbies on the beat”. (THREAD)

▪️There must be an immediate public inquiry into institutional police failings.

▪️Cressida Dick must resign.
Sarah Everard:
Serious allegations against Wayne Couzens were swept under the carpet. His colleagues nicknamed was “the rapist”.

He kidnapped #SarahEverard by arresting her. When women gathered to mourn her, the force he belonged to arrested them.
Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry:
The police allegedly failed to act when they were reported missing.

Responding police officers took selfies with their bodies, and shared them in a WhatsApp group where a further 6 of their colleagues did nothing.
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Why are some police officers coping with the horrific news of #SarahEverard by rejecting Couzens' membership in the police force? This is an ordinary, common human response to stressful times. It is also dangerous.
2. Wayne Couzens murdered #SarahEverard. Horrifically. It is now public knowldge that he (mis)used his authority as a police officer (uniform, handcuffs, arrest powers) to achieve that. Other police officers who wear t same uniform&title hv to come to terms w/ ths sickening news.
3. How does a person cope with t idea that someone else in 'your group' does something sickening? This is a question about belonging, about identity, about group membership, about attachment. The immediate answer is easy: Deny their membership. Revoke it."They aren't one of us."
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Thread on #SarahEverard

public relations at the @metpoliceuk are smooth and practised one benefit of having a good PR team is they will take a story that the boss can’t survive and instead create a non story she can
one example is this morning in reference to the sentencing hearing of #WayneCouzens for Ms Everard’s appalling rape and murder

they called Couzens an “ex police officer” he wasn’t ex

he was however a member of the elite firearms trained VIP protection unit
he also had allegations, serious allegations of sexual offences some quite recent against him and yet he was still on duty still drawing a firearm and still holding his warrant card which he used to kidnap poor Sarah
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“She was just walking home” has been the rallying cry over the death of Sarah Everard.

But in court today the prosecution has said there are five better words that summarise what happened to Sarah:

“Deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, fire.”

The prosecution tells the court that having murdered Sarah, Wayne Couzens burned her body in Hoad’s Wood in Kent, and moved her remains in green bags to a pond, around 130m from a plot of land he himself owned within that wood.

Wayne Couzens, a former Met Police officer, worked on COVID patrols. Prosecution says he was “aware of the regulations, and what language to use to those who may have breached them. He was to use that knowledge to kidnap Sarah.”

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.@theebrockway writes about #SarahEverard

"The cause of death for far too many around the globe can be boiled down to living while a woman," she says.
Sarah Everard was just walking home. And it cost her her life.
"I’ve been lucky enough to never become a global news story because of the harassment and assault I’ve faced. Most women count themselves that lucky," she says.
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1/ Thread on the endemic nature of sexual assault & harassment in our society.

It's taken me a few days to muster the courage to share my personal experiences, but I feel strongly that women's voices need too be heard.

The full article is here:…
2/ When I was 14, I was attacked by a naked man on a beach in Norfolk. I had gone to the beach alone to do some sketching. He chased me down, threw me around & groped me. As I ran away he stood wanking himself, screaming “Fuck me, Bitch!”.
3/ When I was campaigning, an older male activist developed an obsession with me. At events he would greet me by grabbing both my arms & kissing me on the lips. He would follow me around everywhere and try to stand or sit as close to me as possible. He put his hands on my legs...
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FEMINIST GIANT Global Roundup compiled by Samiha Hossain:

-Femicide in Peru
-Indonesian Girls Traumatized By Push to Wear Hijab
-Intersex Advocates and Heroes
-Migrant Women in Brazil
-Indian Woman Sharpshooter…
Subscribe to FEMINIST GIANT for twice a week Global Roundups by Inaara Merani and Samiha Hossain.

It's free, no paywall, no ads. If you can pay, it helps to keep it free.…
A police officer in England has been charged with abducting and murdering #SarahEverard. You should also know about the police officer in Peru who has confessed to murdering two women. Read Samiha Hossain's Global Roundup…
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1/ Met Deputy Chief Stephen House today criticised @SistersUncut and the #SarahEverard vigil for sharing what to do when faced with police oppression.

House basically has a problem with tweets like this (so you defo should RT it):
@SistersUncut 2/ House said the tweet was a “typical preparatory tweet before a demonstration, but not before a vigil”.

There is so much wrong with this arguement it is staggering. *Takes a deep breath.*
@SistersUncut 3/ Those preparing for the vigil were right to share information about what to do when faced with police repression. The Met had clearly indicated that they were going to crack down on the vigil.

No magic crystal balls needed.

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1/ Plenty of mentions of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes in relation to Met Commissioner Cressida Dick & police violence at #SarahEverard protest. So a quick reminder that the family of Jean (young Brazilian migrants) fought a 10 year battle to get Justice for Jean
2/ Police fired 11 shots at Jean after restraining him at Stockwell tube. 7 shots to the head & 1 to the shoulder. The police then lied - trying to cover up the murder - blaming Jean for what he was wearing, how he was walking, what he looked like. They even tried to smear him.
3/ The Govt rallied behind Ian Blair the Met Commissioner - despite his public lies. The CPS - headed by Keir Starmer refused to charge any individual officer with Jeans murder, & the coroner refused to allow a jury to consider an unlawful killing verdict…
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1/ the horrific murder of #SarahEverard by a cop, the national reckoning about women's safety and the brutal response of the Met makes me want to share a story of a run-in I had with British men and cops when I was studying in Oxford the summer of 1988.
2/ So first: a lot of town/gown, and UK vs US factors also apply to this story, those I didn't fully understand at the time and will not get into.

Suffice it to say, I was studying there with a bunch of Americans, most British students were on holiday.
3/ A few of us, including my friend John who was travelling around, went to a pub, then after lined up for a "disco" (basically a bar that stays open after pubs). Some local guys on a stag, pushed their way to the front of the line.
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Mini thread....
Here are the first editions of today's papers. Royals heavy...perhaps as you'd expect as it's their first go after that interview. Kate obligingly provides a royal angle to the #SarahEverard vigil. Because the story on its own? Pah!
(1/?) Image
The tabs are renowned for being nimble between editions. So let's have a look at what they did for their finals. Ah, The Mirror changed one of its sub-heads. The Express replaced the index with a bit about Priti Patel...
(2/?) Image
The Sun and Mail left their fronts exactly as they were. It was all about Kate (and dissing Meghan).
The People is a one-edition paper.
(3/?) Image
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On Monday Priti Patel wants to rush through a bill in the Commons which will lower the point at which police can intervene. After the appalling police reaction last night at #ReclaimTheStreets #SarahEverard peaceful vigil, we should be extremely concerned…
But this is not just about #metpolice powers (altho' we need more checks and balances on these). This is about govt wanting to silence "protests". Last yr #PritiPatel branded #BlackLivesMatter protests "dreadful" and called Extinction Rebellion “eco-crusaders turned criminals”
There are many extra powers for police regarding protests, as well as more infringement on human rights which should cause concern in tmrw's Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill. This includes increasing maximum penalty for damage to memorials to 10yrs…
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#ReclaimTheseStreets This is for you Sarah Everad “It could have been anyone of us in your place” reads one of the cards for #SarahEverard on #ClaphamCommon
#Reclaimthesestreets #ReclaimTheStreets #shewasjustwalkinghome
Warning long tweet ahead Image
I once knew a woman who was married to a police officer. They separated, after years of mental abuse, she left with their young children, moving into rented accommodation. And he stalked her. She never knew until he told her.
He showed her exactly where he could stand without being seen, to look into her kitchen windows. He showed her where he could park to monitor who went into and out of her property. He was convinced she was having an affair. Which, of course, she wasn’t.
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No Met Police ban nor the official organisers calling it off can stop the anger and solidarity from expressing themselves on the streets. #ReclaimTheNight #ReclaimTheseStreets
Cops are now trying to take away the mic from organisers of the #ReclaimTheseStreets vigil at Clapham Common
Incredible. Cops are seriously trying to put an end to the #Saraeverard vigil in Clapham. "Shame on you!" #ReclaimTheseStreets #ReclaimTheNight
VIDEO @kellyjaderogers
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The deaths of #SarahEverard #BlessingOlusegun are triggering because frankly EVERY woman is either a survivor or knows at least one woman/girl who is. But remember violence against women isn’t inevitable. PREVENTION IS POSSIBLE & there’s amazing work being done to show how.Thread
First let’s acknowledge feminists were right-violence against women exists at a pandemic scale (1 in 3) because its a primary tool for defining women and girls in patriarchy-i.e as objects not subjects, who must comply with patriarchal norms or be punished. Violence is normative.
So if we are going to end VAW we can’t just address it after the fact- though we *definately* need high quality holistic feminist response services for survivors. Prevention means redefining the premise of how we relate & structure society= changing gendered power & social norms.
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Don't we only address violence against women in #UK by confronting violence built into our society?

We'll fail if we ignore violence we impose on #GlobalSouth because of #ClimateBreakdown, imperialist foreign policy with its associated militarism. 1/n

My heart bleeds 4 the family of woman taken just 2 miles from where I live (I have a 20 year old daughter walking these same streets) and for all the other victims of violence.

But this isn't a men vs. women issue + if we truly want 2 tackle the issue we must #TellTheTruth 2/n
Yes #TellTheTruth to rejecting ALL #violence:

For example, the violence of #inequality, #racism, #sexism.

The violence we are imposing on future generations and #GlobalSouth by failing to address #ClimateBreakdown (as highlighted by @XRebellionUK)

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I’m retweeting this because this weekend it’s 5 years since my son and I ran from our home in bare feet, as I was convinced “he’d” kill us. 5 years on, I feel as if we are still running. We are rootless, no real home to feel settled in. I am hearing womens names read in
Parliament, mothers, daughters, friends who were all loved. And I cry. I am trying to not watch, but find myself having to watch every news story about #SarahEverard, feeling a raw pain for a woman & family who I’ll never meet but for who my heart is breaking. And I cry.

I cry
because it never stops. I cry because I am sad. I cry because I’m f#cking angry.

I’m angry because the police, politicians, media, people on SM are suddenly outraged. I’m angry because it won’t last. I’m angry because nothing will change. I’m angry for me, for Sarah, for all
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Suspected human remains have been found during the search for a woman believed to have been kidnapped and murdered by a London police officer.… #SarahEverard
#SarahEverard, 33, vanished shortly after 21:00 GMT while walking home from a friend’s apartment in south London on March 3.
The case coincidentally coincided with the publication of a report by UN Women UK that showed virtually all young women in the UK have been subjected to sexual harassment.… #SarahEverard #ReclaimTheseStreets
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#SarahEverard’s suspected murder has triggered traumatic memories.

I fear for all women.

I walked part of the Waskerly Way today in a raging wind.
It helped to clear my mind.

It upsets me so much knowing what will probably happen next.

Lots of talk, but little action.

I was a 15 year old when the Cambridge Rapist terrorised the city I lived in.

When I was a student we were terrified of walking home alone because of the Yorkshire Ripper.

I was working in Colchester when 2 random killings occurred (one a female student, in broad daylight).

The pattern is usually the same.

A huge outcry about women being attacked by men.

Women speaking up about what’s happened to them.

A lull until the trial, then more publicity.

A true crime programme is made.

Interest fades.

The cycle repeats.

Nothing really changes.

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Ok so, #NotAllMen - just the ones who murder, the ones who rape (and I don’t just mean trench-coat clad strangers in dark alleys, I also mean your friend who knew his girlfriend was too drunk to say yes or no, or that guy who pressured her into sex because he bought dinner) [1]
The incels, the domestic abusers (a concerning number of whom are in the police force), the molesters, the gropers, the grabbers, the starers, the ones who think following a lone woman off public transport is the start of an epic romance, the slut-shamers [2]
The victim blamers, the ones who make rape jokes, the ones who let rape jokes slide, the ones who think 'it's not that deep', the ones who look the other way because it’s 'none of my business', the ones who shout from cars, the ones who think catcalling is a compliment, [3]
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