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#BBC has unleashed 11minutes Documentry using extreme cruel Tamil words & says" Muslins death cry all over,Hindus killing chanting JaiShreeRam"
Anchor is Vivekananda-I don't how can he even utter such lies without heart!
If u r a nationalist & understand tamil
U can't digest this documentary!
How @rsprasad is allowing such biased channel that spreads Hate to survive

The average & rural Tamilian who has no knowledge about Hindi/English believes this is 100% true.

They were shown doors during the
IG period & begged for return to create this havoc
Can @AmitShah @amitmalviya @PMOIndia punish them from revoking there operations!
Says "see how Mosque has been burnt & a Muslin was stabbed to death & wife, kids crying!How Muslins r chased away from their homes & running away"
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The @VictoriaLIVE Show is one of the best examples of honest, open and inclusive tv journalism. The #BBC decision to axe it suggests discrimination against women is still alive and kicking in the organisation.

I have written to Lord Hall urging him to reconsider.
Having appeared on the show myself to represent constituents in dire need of support – whose stories may not otherwise have been covered by mainstream media – I can attest to the true value of its campaigning journalism to expose wrongs and seek justice for people across the UK.
At a time when the #BBC BBC has sought to defend paying certain male staff more because of ‘glint in the eye’ this decision smacks not of unconscious but very blatant bias against a progressive, intelligent and compassionate female led team.
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The #bbc has had a near total monopoly on TV politics and what has it coughed up for us? Grace Blakeley, Owen Jones, Aaron Bastani, EU supergirl, Femi, Steve Bray and Ash Sarkar. It debases public debate. It adds no value while acting as a bed blocker to anything that might.
Thanks to the #BBC public debate is dominated by cranks because they're cheap, readily available and generate controversy. That's fine for commercial stations but if the BBC has abandoned its obligation to inform and wants to play in the gutter it should not enjoy special status.
#BBC can't complain if the government wants to treat it like a commercial entity when it has decided to compete with commercial stations on their terms. If there's any point to a state broadcaster then it's to take risks private channels cant, preferably by rising above the dross
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A businessman who once was export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE was falsely represented as a Strategic Studies Analyst by #ManotoTV, an #Iranian opposition TV! Few days ago, he was also interviewed by #BBCPersian! He has not written an article in his life! Who is he?!🤔
How on earth someone attends in a meeting against #Iran's Islamic Regime with #FakhrAvar & Saghar Kasraee in 2012! And just three years later, he is being appointed as export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE?! It is strange! May be this guy is a double agent?!
Real political & strategic studies analysts such as Mahnaz Shirali, Scientology University Professor might boycott #ManotoTV over inviting people like #FarbodTalaee who pretends to be an analyst (in fact is a businessman who cooperated with #IRGC).
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Here's what I think are the fundamental problems with the #BBC.
1. News: In the era of 24 hour news time is too often filled by the musings of its correspondents and presenters. Rather than reporting the news, they just cannot help giving their opinions.

Guests should be used for opinions, not BBC journalists.
1B. News: Editorial decisions seem to be made entirely by people with the latest right-on, social democratic mindset. This is why they are criticised by the Tories, the SNP and Corbyn's Labour.
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Initial thoughts about the #BBC. It is not just another crisis. The closest parallel is Thatcher + Peacock committee in 1986, where Checkland and Birt had to secure the future of the corporation (amid much internal opposition to their culture and methods). This is worse 1/
The biggest challenge is dealing with a PM who is personally entangled with commercial media, makes policy announcements on Facebook Live and leads an administration openly hostile to the BBC. Public support for the BBC matters less and is weaker than previously 2/
The new DG has to deal with the political challenge and restore the morale and (journalistic) integrity of its key departments. Not sure this exists in one person. Editorial job is to break silos, restore attention to standards, create right goals, make better progs 3/
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1. Thread on Manchester Police failing raped children…
3. Read the Report yourself 146 page pdf Independent assurance review of the effectiveness of multi-agency
responses to child sexual exploitation
in Greater Manchester… #OperationAugusta #PoliceFail #Police #OperationAugustaReview #GMP #csa #childabuse
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@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 1. There are pictures of black white & shades of brown beJayzus & Mary

So were they experimenting with their tanning salon

And some say they didn't even exist

Also colours depend on pigments available & affordable

And we aren't discussing "dark skinned" people

@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 2. There are literally hundreds of surviving artworks depicting jet black, dark, midtoned & light Jesus & Marys in Christian society

Does that even prove they exist

Never mind that that they were chamelions

There's also thousands angel & unicorn paintings

Do they exist too?!
@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 3. It makes no difference if they were just Roman servants or slaves or not

As one of your fellow history distorters inadvertently proved

The DNA that fortunately survives to this day as any genealogist knows is for Coastal North African people

Who were light or white skinned
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Emily @maitlis joins @franunsworth & DG Tony Hall in the Guardian/Observer labelling anyone who observes a clear pattern of Establishment/Tory bias at the #BBC 'conspiracy theorists'… #BBCbias
@maitlis @franunsworth In my recent letter to DG Tony Hall, I point out that the term 'conspiracy theory' used & abused by #BBC staff is a CIA construct, employed to close down critical public debate…
#BBC license fee payers should ask themselves why a succession of BBC management & senior staff are writing articles in the @guardian, using CIA devices designed to shut down public debate on #BBCbias?
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Jenny told the BBC: 'She was a changed person, she was very withdrawn, she was quite terrified of everything, she didn't want to leave the room that she was in she was very jumpy.
'When she left for Cyprus she was a beautiful bubbly happy girl that was very confident and she was totally different when I got there.'
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I've had enough of Senior #BBC Management & journalists gaslighting the British public & refusing to apologise for the BBC's appalling #GeneralElection2019ً coverage. Complaint letter to Director Tony Hall here:… #BBCbias
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval A key point here is the #BBC are completely out of touch with their audience, partly because BBC complaints & monitoring is palmed off to outsourcing crooks #CAPITA. Send your GE2019 #BBCbias complaints direct to BBC management instead👇…
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval Here is Tony Benn's 5 tests for those in power. #BBC top brass answer public complaints with nothing but contempt, because they don't represent our interests, and are in no way accountable to us. #BBCbias cc @jimwaterson
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#Q post incoming
Check yr phones #Deepstate and #msm
#Q posts new #Q
And there’s more #Qanon new #Q
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The #BBC the “Political Correspondents” #Labour and the #Election a thread 👇

The BBC never regarded Corbyn (or any of us on the left) as legitimate political actors, we were always interlopers in a world they knew, it was shaped in their interests. 1
The left of Labour were a “disruption” to ordinary political reporting. The BBC political reporters have no cultural or social footprint in the movements, the wider social and political forces on the left in general, or in the Labour Party. 2
The BBC didn’t seem interested in cultivating them. The BBC did occasionally cover what was going on, but they did so as anthropologists, viewing the wider social movements as a sort of “tribe”, something to be examined as an oddity.
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@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 2. Or do you mean this kind of critical research of YOUR OWN linked article in an ADMITTED liberal bias media source?!

So at a time (same now if country is still supposedly so racist) when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so....
@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 3. So at a time when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so staff wages and bonuses, THE MANAGEMENT of a company THE Trumps owned discriminated against black MEN

And preferred white WOMEN to them

How many places TODAY turn away...
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@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 1. And what about the Green delegate

Who's co-leader

And a councillor

Who are #Channel4 to rule that Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster-effectively Deputy Leader of a major UK party-& former Secretary of State for Environment wasn't a suitable opponent to debate her
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 2. And what right has anyone never mind #Channel4 to expect #BorisJohnson to accept an "invitation" to a "debate" being run by a body whose

News boss brands Boris Johnson a ‘known liar’ & likens him to Putin
Dorothy Byrne said it's time for broadcasters to start using the L-word
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 3. Incidentally all claims about #Boris being a liar racist etc are based on out of context quotes from satirical parliamentary sketch type articles-verbal lampoons & cartoons about OTHER people NOT his own beliefs & opinions

And no I'm not a #BorisJohnson but a TRUTH supporter!
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I hate to make political points of a tragedy like #LondonBridge but since the #Conservative party are lying through their teeth trying to blame #Labour its time to remind people of Tory complicity & responsibility for blow back terrorism. Here’s a brief thread. Pls RT #Marr etc
1. Back in 2011 David Cameron was PM & Theresa May Home Sec: UK Gov was actively seeking to topple Gaddafi using scaremongering like “massacre about to happen”. UK along with usual invaders France & US started illegally bombing #Libya : foreign jihadi fighters were needed
2. Salman Abedi ( #Manchester bomber) & his father were members of a Libyan dissident group – the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – covertly supported by the UK to assassinate Qadafi in 1996. At this time, the LIFG was an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden’s #alqaeda . #Marr
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#BBC is controlled by Israel.

One of the most disturbing biases is how a foreign gov, Israel, exerts control on what we see.
Greg Philo of @glasgowmg “A senior BBC producer told me "We wait in fear for the phone call from the Israelis”

@glasgowmg The BBC will NEVER tell you ANY of the Truth about what really goes on in Israel and Palestine.

The BBC is a rabidly Neocon Fascist disinfo propaganda rag that strongly OPPOSES Democracy and Human Rights.

@glasgowmg The BBC covers up State Sponsored Terrorism, War Crimes, Mass Murder and supports the War Criminals & Enemies of Humanity who support, arm, train and fund al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

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Sadly this needs to be done again
The chief rabbi writes in The Times
(This is not going to be a nice thread so look away now)
First up @MattChorley gets it right
But immediately the “flip side is”
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Syria in 3 pictures.

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the truth about Syria?

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the fact the U.S., UK, Saudi Arabia & Qatar armed an invasion of al-Qaeda type terrorists to start the War in Syria?

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War…

The Geopolitics of WW3.

This is an excellent short video (22 minutes) which explains most of the why of Geopolitics over the last several years.
If you want to understand what is going on in the world - watch this.

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To all friends
Please join Us #twitterstorm calling 4 #TwitterBanMullahs
With internet shutdown surpassing 90hrs in #Iran while regime officials take to SM to justify their killings
🕘9:00pm CET
🕒3:00pm EST
🔵PST show ur solidarity
#IranProtests #Internet4Iran
Calling 4 #TwitterBanMullahs
It is very unfair that the #Iran'ian people are deprived of the Internet, but the heads of the Iranian regime, ministries & security & political repressive forces of the regime are free to use the Internet to falsify the news of #IranProtests.
Calling 4 #TwitterBanMullahs
If #Iran's religious dictatorship regime has deprived 80 million Iranians of the Internet. Let's convince the intern'l community in solidarity to isolate all Iranian regime leaders from the world.
#AP #AFP #CNN #BBC #Reuters #NEWS
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BRAND NEW #Bombshell #Thread #Crowdstrike is covering up for #JeffreyEpstein’s #SexTrafficking operation which was run through the #ClintonFoundation. This is why #Hillary deleted her 33,000 emails. #Impeachment is a way to stop prosecution.
#SergeyBrin, owner of #Google visited #JeffreyEpstein after his #ChildSexTrafficking conviction in 2011 at #LongBeach, CA. The funder of #CROWDSTRIKE was in bed with #ChildSexTrafficker #Epstein along w/ #Bezos, #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
Financed by #Epstein friend #SergeyBrin & the #Rockefellers, hired ex-#FBI #ShawnHenry, #Crowdstrike provided cover to the examination of the #DNC servers which would’ve exposed their entire #JeffreyEpstein #China #ClintonFoundation trafficking ring.
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Latest example of @bbcpersian's censorship to server Mullahs in #Iran:

On Nov 12, #BBC twitted about a #FakeNews on Iranian opposition group, the MEK, and their presence in Albania
I replied to the tweet with MEK's response:

@LPressly @Ofcom @BBCWorld
Latest example of @bbcpersian's censorship to server Mullahs in #Iran:

As evident in the image, today, Nov 15, my reply has been retweeted 28 times. #BBC's tweet has got the retweet of 5 people!

@LPressly @Ofcom @BBCWorld
Latest example of @bbcpersian's censorship to server Mullahs in #Iran:

This is why #BBC has resorted to censoring my reply by "muting" my twitter account. This causes people who do not follow me on twitter, not see my reply at all!

@LPressly @Ofcom @BBCWorld
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What Explains Latest #BBC's Anti-#MEK Tirade in the Service of #Iran Mullahs…
#FakeNews #BlackListMOIS
#BBC has published an utterly bogus report on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (#MEK).In its entirety,it has rehashed the #Iranian regime’s threadbare,baseless &false allegations through the voices of 2notorious functionaries of #Iran's Ministry of Intelligence(#MOIS)#FakeNews
So outrageous is the scope of lies and distortion in this report that it raises an obvious question: What kind of a deal has the #Iranian regime offered to the #BBC to secure such an inexplicable and vulgar hit-piece? #FakeNews…
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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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