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* Lawyers: #BreonnaTaylor case connected to #gentrification plan- @courierjournal
* #Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That 'Blacks' Are Registering to Vote - @TheRoot

* #JeffreyEpstein Associate #GhislaineMaxwell Reportedly Prepared to Out 'Big Names' to Help Case - @Complex

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Remember the version of the #Cleveland #Police Department that showed up at the #Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016? That was then, this is now. Appalling images from the #GeorgeFloyd protest show officers are far from reformed.…
#Reporter @LeilaAtassi writes: "They were the picture of #constitutional #policing, representing #Cleveland when all the world was watching. Working alongside law enforcement officers from across the country, Cleveland #police managed even the most volatile demonstrations..."
"... on downtown streets with #professionalism, #civility & respect for the rights of citizens. Observers worried that the embattled #police department – then operating under its first year of a federal consent decree governing use of force – would overly restrict protests..."
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The Kraft case that we all forgot about? It's *SUPER* important, but for reasons that aren't easy to talk about. This case shows us exactly what the utility of #trafficking to cops/how you can push what is acceptable in #policing for a few reasons: (1/10)…
First, you have great PR to fall back on. You have journalists churning out something juicy that they don't understand, so they generally either re-print your press release or get completely distracted. Look at these headlines. As a cop, don't you want this PR? Esp NOW? (2/10)
But you're also usually targeting ppl who are (1) Broke (2) Marginalized & (3) ashamed. So most people are going to plea & never know the evidence. What makes this different IS Kraft - no one else in this case has a well-paid legal team meaning no one questions tactics. (3/10)
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Some excellent research has been published over the past few years on #policing and #militarisation that, given the recent events in the #US (and beyond), and subsequent debates on policing, deserves to be curated. A thread on some relevant scholarship from around the world. 1/n
Let's begin with the #US, where @Peterkraska has guided much of the contemporary research on the militarisation of civilian policing. Here's an article by Kapeller & Kraska on normalising police militarisation (a response to Garth den Heyer’s critique)… 2/n
den Heyer had challenged the works of Kraska and others who showed how policing was becoming more militarised in the #US. den Heyer argued instead that the establishment of SWAT/PPUs was ‘a natural progression’ in the evolution of American policing:…) 3/n
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Thread: After covering civil unrest from US embassies in other countries, it has been sad to see past 72 hours. In trying to make sense of it all, here are things that I would have likely covered in a cable on #riots2020 #GeorgeFloydMurder
2 -The murder of #georgefloyd appears to be a Mohammad Bouazizi-type trigger that has affected the majority of the country and unleashed pent up anger from a significant portion of the populous.
3- It would be a mistake to discount those on streets to a small segment, grouping, or insignificant. The size, scale, & daring nature in almost ever major city highlight the level of anger. Also important to note it is taking place during pandemic-quarantine in most cities.
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Excellent piece by @riptari on the devil's in the #privacy-by-design detail of #Bluetooth #ContactTracing. This 'head-to-head' is between DP-PTT & PEPP-PT

Makes you wish some in the #health arena hadn't been so badly abusing the term '#anonymised'...…
And a heads-up on some of the possible features (or rather, bugs) of @NHSX's #Contact tracing app.

Makes you wish some in the #policing arena hadn't been so ridiculously overstepping their powers...…
HINT: for (public) #health interventions to be #successful is dependent on factors other than just whether they #work. The two examples above illustrate (as we have been saying for quite some time now!) that one absolute fundamental is #trust.
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"Uighurs make up close to 90 percent of the population in the south, compared to just under half in #Xinjiang over all, and Mr. Xi set a long-term goal of attracting more Han Chinese settlers."…
"[#Xi] & other party leaders ordered a quasi-#military organization, the #Xinjiang Production & Construction Corps [#XPCC], to accelerate efforts to settle the area with more #HanChinese, the docs show."…

Here's my history of XPCC:…
I offer a history of #Xinjiang Production & Construction Corps [#XPCC] in the #Encyclopedia of Modern #China:…

Here are the key excerpts from “People’s Liberation Army: #Military Enterprises & Industry Since 1949” (pp. 112-115):…
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#2918SHA O'Hara: policing is done by a variety of different agents. Wood: SC Gov. Cole Blease (rabid racist & passionate defender if lynching), but also used pardon powers liberally; wrote about penal reform = Southern exceptionalism?
#2018SHA Wood: reinforced the racial hierarchy of Jim Crow = what @Lankwa calls the paradox of Southern #Progressivism. Blease directly appealed to poor whites, engendering racism. But also ended convict leasing.
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