I reached out to @MumbaiPolice @pmo @cmo @AmitShah @PawarSpeaks @NCWIndia & every politician of every party on #sanjayraut harassment issue. Nobody helped me. I won’t die like #SSR I won’t give up.I will fight.Join my fight.This hashtag is my identity #myrightmyfight Please RT. ImageImageImage
#MaharashtraGovernment is now used to murders being documented as suicides. I have already made it clear in my letter. I’m very strong. If I’m dead, it can only be a murder. #SSR was killed. He did not get a chance to say this, so I have stated my point much before the event.
I filed a writ in #HighCourt hoping that the judicial system will help. But the court does not find this issue emergency so does not come on board. If I was an actress, It would be easy. The only way left now is to fight alone with the help of public of India #myrightmyfight
#sanjayRaut should step down from being a lawmaker in #Rajyasabha & editor of #saamna . If the @PMOIndia & the @CMOMaharashtra did not feel the need to help a citizen, it’s time people like me came on the streets & create revolutions. If women read this, speak up #myrightmyfight
@MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice @CMOMaharashtra never felt the need to respond & try to help. #Maharashtra has disregarded a woman. Infact with every appeal my problems increased. Now I don’t want help. I will fight myself with the public of this country. #myrightmyfight
My fight starts. No looking back now. I don’t want justice after my death. I want it now ! Power of devils should be over So that innocents won’t be killed. Join me. Tag @PMOIndia @AmitShah @CMOMaharashtra to remove #sanjayraut from #rajyasabha & #saamana #myrightmyfight
The complete media knows this issue. @republic @abpmajhatv @TV9Marathi @PTI_News @LoksattaLive @milokmat @TOIIndiaNews @htTweets @IndianExpress @aajtak @htTweets But nobody wants to talk about #sanjayaraut Media is a TRP machine. Gone are the days when media helped get justice.
I am not expecting any help from anyone now. I just expect public support. My country & my state has failed me as a citizen. What I will do, #india & #maharashtra both will remember for years. Soon all will see. My last protest for my fundamental rights begins #myrightmyfight
#sanjayraut should be out of #rajyasabha and #saamna . Toxic people should be out of power places. RT till this happens. #myrightmyfight
I have faced many #vaze type people since 2013. I have gone to various police stations for false cases & have been humiliated on instructions of #sanjayaraut Now I have no fear. I am fearless. No matter what false comes my way now, I will speak about everything. #myrightmyfight
All the women politicians of all parties have been informed by me long back. They should rethink why they did not feel the need to bring this issue up. Otherwise they are so vocal . What happens to them suddenly. #womenslivesmatter #myrightmyfight
In 2020 when the pandemic had started, I was visiting #manor police station for a fake case created by #sanjayraut He was constantly instructing police how to humiliate me & prosecute my people. His junior #vaze ensured the torture. @Palghar_Police @MumbaiPolice all work for him.
When your country, your state & the judicial system in your country does not feel that saving your life is an emergency. Stand up and fight. @Malala had to leave her country to speak her mind. I will go to any extent to speak out. Nobody can stop me now #myrightmyfight
This is not a coincidence. I need an answer. How come every police station that calls me or my family for investigation of random cases is connected with #sanjayraut?Why is he in touch with all police officers involved in harassing me? @CMOMaharashtra @PMOIndia #myrightmyfight ImageImage
Everything is not about politics. I hope the politicians are reading it. It’s not just about elections & positions. It’s about lives sometimes. Don’t wait for a good time or right opportunity to save someone. Many don’t have the courage to speak #myrightmyfight
I will not just fight for myself but for every woman in this country who is not supported or heard. RT as much as possible #myrightmyfight Lets change the system. If @Malala @emma4change @TheEllenShow @Oprah @NadiaMuradBasee I can do it too. I’m fearless now. #womenpower #women
When ur country, ur state, ur people fail to listen,help&support,the only thing u can do to not get killed is leave ur country. Is that what’s expected. Can’t wait for the court to decide my emergency anymore @PMOIndia @CMOMaharashtra I want to live & speak #myrightmylife
I want to thank @abhasinghlawyer for always being a huge support in my fight. She is not just a fighter herself but she has given me courage to fight my legal battle. When no one was ready to stand with me she did. I am a winner already because I refuse to give up #myrightmyfight
In the year 2013, I was attacked twice. Mahim & Vakola. @MumbaiPolice could not find anyone. I was pressured to A classify the case as nothing was happening. I did not. #myrightmyfight @CMOMaharashtra @CPMumbaiPolice did not respond to any of the letters sent on this issue.
I reached out to @ShivSena @BJP4Maharashtra @INCMaharashtra @NCPspeaks @AamAadmiParty @mnsadhikrut Strange how nobody felt like helping. U need to be a celebrity, politician or useful in current situation to get help. Common people have to fight for themselves #myrightmyfight
@MumbaiPolice is protecting me or #sanjayraut ? @CPMumbaiPolice @CMOMaharashtra what’s this?Free life is my right as per #Article21 of the #constitutionofindia I have been deprived of freedom to live since 2013. I demand a free life as a citizen of this country. #myrightmyfight Image
This case is not new for @CMOMaharashtra. No intention from @MumbaiPolice @OfficeofUT @PawarSpeaks to help.The #MaharashtraGovernment has disowned me.I disown it too will find my own way #maharashtra & @ShivSena were not so insensitive when #Balasaheb was alive. #myrightmyfight Image
The women in @ShivSena have lost the plot totally. They have forgotten they are women & need to help other women. Politics is not about taking but giving. When selfishness strikes like a virus, humanity is isolated. I will fight because it's #myrightmyfight
Wherever there is a case against me in any police station or wherever I am called for investigation, #sanjayraut is involved & in touch with police. Mr Sanjay Raut’s obsession:he threatens people to stay away from me & reward people who harass me. Will list them. #myrightmyfight
False case no1: Encounter specialist Praful Bhosle was investigating me as if I am asking extortion from #sanjayraut in 2014. Me, family, staff were tortured & defamed.He claims he saved me by shutting the case. Funny there was no paperwork shown to me on demand. #myrightmyfight
The same encounter specialists brother was given a job in a builders office & a flat in cheap rate by #sanjayRaut. This was a reward to harass me. #sanjayarauthas a Phd in creating false cases in sync with police & destroying people’s lives. Whimsical nature #myrightmyfight
The line of false cases started from 2014 & continued till 2020.Till I filed a complaint with #ncw. I have been sent to various police stations by him. All this for control.Please control your wife & children.He does not understand #Article21 #constitutionofindia #myrightmyfight
My school,college friends received requests on Facebook from #sanjayRaut Some family,friends called to #Shivsena Bhavan, #samna Threatened, abused & told to stay away from me.Somecut off from me & the ones complained against him were further put into false cases #myrightmyfight
One family member of mine has filed a complaint against #sanjayraut at Dadar West police station after being tortured in #Shivsena Bhavan. There was a counter complaint filed on him. I cut contact with them because I realised they will suffer because of me. Sad #myrightmyfight
When #sanjayraut figured I'm not going to take it lightly, he pulled my PA, my staff, my so called husband to him by giving them perks/money. They tag along with him now & enjoy the VIP status around him. They are the ones he started using against me. #myrightmyfight
I'm sure all those people he has flicked from my side will start tweeting for #sanjayraut randomly.He has plan B always. But this time I don't care. I don't have a plan. It's my war cry. Character & image assassination doesn't scare a person who died many times. #myrightmyfight
Praful Bhosle encounter specialist was invited for music launch if #balkadu movie. I had argument why that man was called. Now we all know why. All encounter police are his mentees. The. I decided to keep away from him after this, life became more difficult #myrightmyfight
In 2015 when his & my family came back from a vacation to Greece. #sajayraut family blocked me randomly. I realise he wants me to stay away from them so that I don't spell out things to them. He very sharply did the divide & rule to save his skin at home #myrightmyfight
In 2015 #sanjayraut gave me a #CDR of my husband & a woman. Which he procured through his police resources. Told me that I should think about the betrayal & not tolerate it. I told #sanjayraut to stay away from my life & he got offended. Still have the #CDR . #myrightmyfight
The next strategy was to lure my husband into perks&teach me lesson. My husband was told to file complaint against me at #Armsdept that I'm having high temper & I show gun to everyone.The police found this funny but when #sanjayraut instructs they have to follow. #myrightmyfight
My dream project #DoctorRakhmabai movie was stalled. #sanjayraut Din't let release it.Other projects scrapped. Pressured bank to auction my property I had given in LAP for making movie. He claims he borrowed money for my project.And sends msg to create wrong data #myrightmyfight
#sanjayraut did not want me to work with anyone except him or without him. I was stalked, informed where I was & with whom I was over email. I was tired of being mapped. He had hatred for all I was trying to work with. Slowly people refused to work with me #myrightmyfight Guess Y
2016, One false set up was done in Malad.A friend was called to #Samna with his wife, threatened to open his flat. Sent Shiv Sainiks,staged the whole place,clicked pictures & sent me those pictures.I was threatened that I will be defamed by making photos public #myrightmyfight
I had received call from Malad Police asking to visit them.The lady officer on call said that we have a complaint that you are doing prostitution in Malad.I told them I will not come unless u send me an official letter. They never sent a letter & I never went. #myrightmyfight
On call #sanjayraut told me that police will now arrest you on charges of prostitution&that if I listen to him, I will not be prosecuted. I am a fighter @ can never accept slavery.I told him to do whatever he wants. Malad police took instructions from #sanjayraut #myrightmyfight
In 2017, my PA, my staff, my driver all joined #sanjayraut. It wasn't a surprise because If my husband can be lured with perks, why not my employees. He wanted to isolate me completely. His sole objective was to cut people away from me & make me miserable #myrightmyfight
People who stood by me had to face a lot. Santosh Raut who supported me all throughout was called by #sanjayraut to #saamna humiliated & threatened not to meet me or help me. He refused to do so & said he will always support me. Post this his life was destroyed #myrightmyfight
Santosh Raut was called by #Antiextortioncell Thane.Headed by #PradeepSharma.On the basis of a fake complaint, he was called tortured, humiliated for 5 days. His passport was taken.Later it was found that the complainant did not exist. All this for supporting me. #myrightmyfight
Santosh Raut then wrote a complaint to @CMOMaharashtra & #HumanRightsCommission in regards to #Antiextortioncell Thane humiliation & mentioned that the fake complaint was staged by #sanjayRaut as he didn't stop communication with me. Kind of him to fight with me. #myrightmyfight ImageImage
On knowing about complaint, #sanjyraut was angry&wrote to DG Passalgikar asking for investigating of a man who is complaining against him. So anyone who complaints against Sanjay Raut will be investigated as to why he is complaining. @MumbaiPolice seriously? #myrightmyfight
Because #sanjayraut wanted an enquiry against a person who complaints against him, Santosh Raut was called again for investigating on why he is complaining. Is this how police function in India. I cut of with many friends&familyor of fear of them being harassed. #myrightmyfight
Next I was called to Palgar SP office for unknown investigation.I went there twice.This time #sanjayraut got my character certificate made by SP Shinge.Police are supposed to investigate crimes but on orders from #sanjaraut anything is possible shame on these men #myrightmyfight
I was asked absurd unparliamentary questions at Palghar by an officer. He mentioned why are you taking a tiff with such a big man. I was also told that it will not stop here ai listen to home and you will live peacefully. I tried to meet SP Ahinge but he didn't #myrightmyfight
When #sanjayraut realised that he has successfully isolated me from everyone & cut off all people but is not able to do it with Santosh Raut he was furious. He decided to plan big coz he found second person who does not give in to his pressure. Threats, pressure! #myrightmyfight
I was called to #saamna saying why to fight let's sit across table&resolve. Met him in his cabin hoping this hell will end.He again laid rules.Work with me, handle my work,cut these people.Insulting me.I furiously picked few things and threw. Left #myrightmyfight
After I left I received a msg from #sanjayraut that police will arrest me because I held his collar&disrupted his cabin. He mentioned his brother & staff have seen this & brother is filing complaint. I said I don't care. Now I'm used to police torture #myrightmyfight
#sanjayraut had threatened my mother that if I don't listen I will be termed as prostitute, criminal & my future will be over. She is in pressure till date&wishes all will get over soon. But until I'm destroyed #sanjayraut won't stop. He has said that to me #myrightmyfight
I have always taught my students to stand up for themselves&fight for rights my turn to do what I preach.I chose twitter because no party, no paper, nobody stood by me. I will not forget to stand up for myself. My students of 15 years are my biggest support.#myrightmyfight
I am a lone warrior. No support from anyone.I created my own media 2 days back #myrightmyfight with a logo&a mission. No matter what, I will not stop. Till the @PMOIndia does not understand my plight.I went to @MumbaiPolice @NCWIndia #HighCourt Women have no place to go to Sir.
I am a #shivbhakt. Won't keep quiet. The #police #ncw #media #politicians #activists all refused to stand up for me. Even if #HighCourt does not give me hearings,I'm now ready to fight alone with #publicsupport. @pmo will realise that I tried every way but no help #myrightmyfight
#sanjayraut has a conman Prabhakar Pawar in his office.He manages all police plots&staging for him.He arranged #CDR of my husband.I was told that I'm with a wrong man&should leave him.instead when I kept #sanjayraut away he was insulted& changed his plans totally #myrightmyfight ImageImageImageImage
The changed plan of #sanjsyraut was to make my husband his scapegoat.Lured him for fame, property, VIP Status in order to make my life instable. Now he wants to cover up his obsession by saying that I'm solving a marital family matter. He #TruthShallPrevail #myrightmyfight
I have loads of proofs kept for the #HighCourt hearing.But somehow feel I may not make it till the hearing comes on board. If I make it I have more. #sanjayraut says I'm like his daughter, I hope he does not do this with his daughters the way he tortured me #myrightmyfight
Called #AnilDesai #Shivsena on his mobile to seek help. Post that got a msg from #sanjayraut telling me that he has recorded conversation of me & Mr Desai. I’m amazed how he gets recordings of all my calls. And knows every person I meet #myrightmyfight Image
The pet people of #sanjayraut must have already started spreading nonsense against me which I don’t care of now. Press is not supporting, media hesitant for known reasons. All parties silent. But I have proofs, papers & reality on my side #myrightmyfight
Some Marathi reporters&people are hired now to write about how fatherly #sanjayraut was to me. You don’t get a license to stalk,harass,dictate an adult woman once you call yourself father like. I had also informed #sanjayraut wife about him. But she has no say #myrightmyfight
All fraternities unite when it comes to disasters. That’s why there is silence. #media #press #politicians have taken a step back. #public should unite as a fraternity & Stand up for each other against people like #sanjayraut #murightmyfight
2018 July-Aug I was feeling that someone is following me. I watched that for a few days.I knew #sanjayraut was stalking me so kept myself alert.I could see the man clicking my pictures.sometimes dashing from my side& scarying me.Was just observing the whole thing #myrightmyfight
11Sep2018,I decided to catch this stalker.I made him follow me for half a day&finally got him to Vakola police station. got him caught.His mobile had my photos&his iCard said he was star security employee. Sr Insp Avhad was present. He beat him up in front of me #myrightmyfight
In interrogation he confessed to Sr Insp that he was Venkatesh Uppar,star security employee on job to stalk me&scare me.His boss had got a big politicians contract to follow me.I was told to leave from there& assured they will call me& not leave the man. Left him #myrightmyfight
Later I followed up with Vakola Sr Insp.He said DCP has to permit me to File an #FIR . why this permission? So I started following up with DCP Anil Kumbhare.He was hostile.All this hiding&delay because I was insisting on #sanjayrauts involvement. What’s an FIR? #myrightmyfight ImageImageImageImage
The FIR was delayed to cover up the stalking,outraging modesty,harrasment by @MumbaiPolice for #sanjayRaut @CPMumbaiPolice also did not help me that time. I kept on asking for #justice. But Police work on political instructions here. #CriminalMinds escape it all #myrightmyfight
'कर-चरणकृतं वाक्कायजं कर्मजं वा
श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वापराधम,
विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्षमस्व,
जय-जय करुणाब्धे, श्री महादेव शम्भो॥ instagram.com/p/CNXW6LKJRtF/… हर हर महादेव ! #myrightmyfight
The #FIR filed in 2018 by Vakola Police was delayed & the charge sheet filed is so funny. Anyone can make out how it is manipulated to save the culprits. Wherever I interact with police I see them spreading a red carpet for #sanjayraut #myrightmyfight
Struggling to find out,why #sanjayraut name is not there in the #FIR or charge sheet?Why he was not investigated in spite of me mentioning him? Why is @MumbaiPolice trying to cover him everytime?Why was #FIR delayed? Why did DCP Anil Kumbhare & Sr Insp block me? #myrightmyfight
Not a single politician/newspaper/channel has come forward to check on my issue yet.The opposition is silent,the state is silent,the centre is silent.This silence is the noise of the dead #democracy #sanjayraut #myrightmyfight @CMOMaharashtra @Dev_Fadnavis @PMOIndia @AmitShah
My Facebook account was hacked & a suicide post was put up. It was disturbing for my family,friends to deal with such a thing. I was not aware that this had happened until #police landed at my home.I don't know what was the objective but it was a nasty experience #myrightmyfight Image
Singer @AKRITIMUSIC alarmed the police at midnight when she saw the post on #Facebook.Very thankful to her for making the effort of calling @MumbaiPolice that night.I don't know what could have happened otherwise. My students made ruckus & Somebody’s plan failed.#myrightmyfight ImageImageImage
#sanjayraut has a problem with every man around me. So he call everyone to #Shivsena Bhavan to tell them to stay away from me. All my friends,brothers,colleagues are scared.I don’t know why this? Why isn’t he calling women friends & sisters to #shivsena Bhavan #myrightmyfight
Some people are claiming it’s a #BJP propaganda.Some claim it’s to attack the State Govt .My question is where is @BJP4Maharashtra Why are they not saying anything? Not a single politician of any party,newspaper or news channel spoke yet?What keeps them silent? #myrightmyfight
Why is it that @INCMaharashtra @NCPspeaks @BJP4Maharashtra @mnsadhikrut quiet ? I am a citizen of this state & country. Are u ppl quiet because I’m not a celebrity or nobody wants to file anything against #sanjayraut in #Maharashtra ? Why? #myrightmyfight
#sanjayraut wants to decide who I must talk to,who must not interact with. Who I should work with & who should be around me. It’s against my fundamental rights as per #Article21 of #constitutionofindia Whi gives him the right to decide anything in my life? Who? #myrightmyfight
I’m wondering why women like @fayedsouza @BDUTT @RubikaLiyaquat @navikakumar are silent? @KanganaTeam is the only person who has noticed my plight. How come there is selective justice in #india. Things could be different if #Balasaheb was alive #myrightmyfight

• • •

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