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#Bojo Recounts #Putin #Missile Attack Threat | -2h
- "He sort of threatened me at one point and said, 'Boris, I don't want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a #minute,' or something like that," Johnson quoted Putin as saying…
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak
The world has suffered for decades from the #AngloSaxon #AgathaChristie psychopath poisoning operations.
- That is why it is good for everyone that the #satanic forces are vaporized, asap.… ImageImage
@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak #PortonDown #Salisbury #Skripals #Syria #Douma #OPCW #Novichok #Navalny
1. #Novichok was used and produced in the #US since 2008. #Patent US 9,132,135 b2 | Sep 17, 2020.
2. #PortonDown: #Salisbury nerve agent 'attack' reveals $70M #Pentagon program
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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“Chapter 4,” titled “Matrix Aroused—The Sixties:”

“How We Became a Nation of Puppets, & the Hidden Puppeteers”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(publishing 9/2022)


CW22Q 4/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #media #press #FBR

CW22Q 4/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “These instances may be seen as the examples of the use of ‘The Big Lie’ as a major, sometimes the only, strategy in conservatives’ attempts...” []

READ BOOK…… #60sGen #Midterms #media #60s #press #FBR #FilthyRich #resist

CW22Q 4/3
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“Chapter 3,” titled ““1984” Comes to America—Slick, Gradual, & Perfect:”

“Dictatorship, Authoritarianism, & the Consequences of a Lack of Accountability”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022*

by M Adzema

(pub. 9/2022)…

CW22Q 3/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #media #press #FBR

CW22Q 3/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”—George Santayana” []

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...… #Midterms #media #press #FBR #FilthyRich #resist #Republicans #CultureWar #MAGAts #ClassWar

CW22Q 3/3
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“Chapter 2, Truth’s Solitary Journey:

“War, Nukes, & the Media…
“the Comfortable Ignorance of Grade School Propaganda Gone Forever”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M. Adzema

(pub 9/22)…

CW22Q 2/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #media #press #FBR

CW22Q 2/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “… when I had my first personal experience with a major national lie at the age of 19—one that involved an obvious collusion of State Dept, Dept of Defense, & all the major newspapers in America—I was shaken.”


CW22Q 2/3
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Congrats @SamDeBrule @kevinthau @sparkcapital!

A well crafted presentation. Best I've seen recently.

But I think you can push it a little further next round.

I run a pitch design studio, and we audited your deck for fun.

Here are 6 opportunities to make it more compelling. Image
Our story framework informs our recommendations.

We use it to break down content into components.

It's our venture spin on the Story Circle, a timeless structure. Image
Let's start with the great things you're doing.

World-class type and clever branding elements.

Great data. Clear copy. Thorough.

But we think you could dial up the narrative. Image
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

So, the finger-jabbing continues

Meantime, I've spoken to #Consumers abt positive experiences @STN_Airport - plenty of staff & well org they tell me, so why is it so different elsewhere?

Then there's other issues....…
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

We hear of the remarkable pleading to allow foreign workers to come in under special visas which was refused; a free-movement #Brexit issue; an own goal!

But clearly the discussion has been going on for months…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

In this discussion abt foreign workers & other matters, we discover @GOVUK & #TravelIndustry have had regular meetings w/warnings given

So, @grantshapps release minutes of the meetings & let's see discussions & warnings…
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Kerala High Court Bench of Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chaly will soon pronounce judgement in the appeal against a single-judge's order upholding MediaOne Channel's ban.

#keralahighcourt #mediaone #MediaOneBan
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had revoked the channel's licence allegedly due to "national security concerns" flagged by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
The channel has been off-air since Feb 8

#keralahighcourt #mediaone

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The court has upheld the single judges decision. The ban on mediaOne will continue

#keralahighcourt #mediaone
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The US #press runs a lot of articles discussing the legalities of online gambling and discussions whether online gambling is #legal or not. These discussions will go on for a long time yet but recently a ban on online gambling was put in place for US based players.… Whether or not this helps is hard to say. It certainly helps some but often drives illegal activity into other areas.

The UK on the other hand actively allows legal gambling and actively promotes it… as do many other countries. However the UK is rather unique in that it’s taken the bull by the horns and makes a lot of effort in ensuring that the casinos advertising and allowing play by UK players are regulated and properly licensed.
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تخوض #نقابة_الصحافة_البديلة انتخابات نقابة المحرّرين بمرشّحة واحدة: إليسار قبيسي، بدورٍ رقابي وسياسيّ للإشراف على #انتخابات نقابة غائبة عن دورها تجاه العاملين والعاملات في الصحافة.
الانتخابات التي تُعقد اليوم الأربعاء شهدت حتّى اللحظة مخالفات عدّة، سجّلتها الجمعية اللبنانيّة من أجل ديموقراطيّة الانتخابات (#لادي). كما حذّرت #نقابة_الصحافة_البديلة من «استمرار الاستهتار بالنظام الداخلي للنقابة (بالرغم من ملاحظاتنا عليه) والقوانين المرعية الاجراء».
The Alternative #Press Syndicate has one candidate, Elissar Koubeissi, running in the #elections of the Order of Press Editors.
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The Alternative #Press Syndicate held a press conference on Tuesday, where members explained why journalist Elissar Koubeissi is running in the #Lebanese Press Order Council elections
#presssyndicate #journalism #elections #lebanon Image
happening tomorrow on Wednesday, despite their belief that the official #syndicate lacks representative legitimacy.
Koubeissi’s candidacy is to ensure that the Alternative Press Syndicate can monitor the elections, as they revealed that there were many violations “most notably that the head of the Order himself is running, as well as supervising the #elections.”
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Are you using the terms #MSM #media #news and #press incorrectly? If so you are hurting #journalism.

And America won’t survive without journalism. 📰 🗞

Thread 🧵:
-what is media? It’s really anything out there: TV, papers, mags, internet. This is an extremely general term. Do not use it, unless you specify which medium. Particularly if you are unhappy with this medium. When you use media in a derogatory manner, you hurt *all* media.
-what is MSM? Who the hell knows. Especially in today’s digital age. Propagandists love using and abusing this term. Be wary of it. See above. Skip usage.
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1) An uninformed, pharisaical condemnation of an industry providing, w/regularity, life-saving, less invasive medical options at huge R&D cost:
2) The tweeter has a campaign against #Pharma, an imperfect industry, as all human endeavors are. She blames Pharma for poor nations, though it has provided millions of free doses. It escapes her that graft often frustrates the administration of those helps. We are blessed...
3) our nation to enjoy market freedoms in which to exercise and profit from our industry and invention. We elect Gov't to hold business accountable and citizens who can organize and sue both. I won't broadbrush a grim picture of an industry that, though imperfectly,...
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The findings show an absence of a systematic and coordinated plot to take over these schools and an absence of any concerted and deliberate plot to promote radicalisation and violent extremism of Muslim children in these schools or elsewhere

language used to talk about the issues of “radicalisation” & “extremism” is itself the subject of considerable debate (Kundnani 2012; Lynch 2013). There is also a difficulty in understanding fully these issues cos there is a lack of an objective or universally accepted definition
As soon as the media took hold of the allegations, there was huge publicity about the promotion of extremism, radicalisation & terrorism.
At the time, the press also expressed many irrational anxieties about these Muslim majority schools (Arthur 2015). Even though, from the
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I reached out to @MumbaiPolice @pmo @cmo @AmitShah @PawarSpeaks @NCWIndia & every politician of every party on #sanjayraut harassment issue. Nobody helped me. I won’t die like #SSR I won’t give up.I will fight.Join my fight.This hashtag is my identity #myrightmyfight Please RT. ImageImageImage
#MaharashtraGovernment is now used to murders being documented as suicides. I have already made it clear in my letter. I’m very strong. If I’m dead, it can only be a murder. #SSR was killed. He did not get a chance to say this, so I have stated my point much before the event.
I filed a writ in #HighCourt hoping that the judicial system will help. But the court does not find this issue emergency so does not come on board. If I was an actress, It would be easy. The only way left now is to fight alone with the help of public of India #myrightmyfight
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🔴 Join #MFRR panel on #protests in 30 min.

Protests are essential to democracy’s functioning. Yet, covering demonstrations have become a dangerous situation for journalists due to attacks & intimidation.
What needs to change? @freepressunltd @_MoniqueHofmann @SnjCgt @NUNS_1994
🔴LIVE in less than 15 min:
here ➡️

We will be live-tweeting.
Choose between French or English.
🔴High-level speakers on today's panel:

Tamara Filipovic Stevanovic, @NUNS_1994
@_MoniqueHofmann @djuverdi
Emmanuel Vire, @SnjCgt
CHAIR: Jantine van Herwijnen @freepressunltd

#MFRR Summit
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🔴Join #MFRR panel on the role of the police in 1 Hour.

What happens when police fail to protect or actively attack journalists? Discussions w/ @renatemargot from @EFJEurope, Larissa Rausch @afpfr, @AmeerAlhalbi & Stoyan Tonchev.

▶️ w/ simultaneous French language translation Press Freedom Police Codex.  Code de la liberté.  Pressefre
🔴 LIVE in 15 min:
here ➡️

We will be live-tweeting.
Choose btw French or English.
🔴High-level speakers on today’s panel:

Larissa Rausch, Agence France-Presse @afpfr
Stoyan Tonchev,
Ameer Al Halbi @AmeerAlhalbi freelance photographer
CHAIR: Renate Schroeder @renatemargot @EFJEUROPE

#MFRR Summit Screenshot of panel "Protect or Persecute?: Police Thre
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🔴Join #MFRR panel on #COVID19 in 30 min.

Increase of threats & attacks on journalists due to anti-lockdown protests, economic difficulties for media outlets & press restrictions by governments. Discussions w/ @Jamie_Wiseman_ @GaborPolyak @margosmit1 @documentonews & @ObctRosa. 29.9%. In nearly 1 out of 3 incidents related to COVID-19 me
🔴 LIVE in 15 min here

We will be live-tweeting.
High-level speakers for this panel:

🇭🇺Dr. @GaborPolyak @MertekMonitor
🇬🇷Lambrini Papadopoulou @documentonews
🇬🇧@Jamie_Wiseman_ of @globalfreemedia
CHAIR: @ObctRosa @BalkansCaucasus

Later joined by:
🇳🇱Margo Smit @margosmit1
News Ombudsman for Public Broadcasters Screenshot of Zoom meeting. MFRR Summit. Panel: COVID-19.
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🔴LIVE in 1 Hour: #MFRR Summit

Join #MFRR keynote w/ UN Special Rapporteur @Irenekhan & Vice President @VeraJourova who will give a global and #Europe-wide picture of the #MediaFreedom landscape.

@ecpmf premieres documentary w/ at-risk journalists & whistleblowers 👇
🔴 #MFRR Keynote LIVE in 15 min here

We will be live-tweeting. 17-20 March  Locked Down - Protecting Europe's Free Press
"With the European Democracy Action Plan we put the #media where they should be, at the core of #democracy."

states @VeraJourova Vice-President for Values and Transparency in the @EU_Commission.
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I kinda think it's hillarious that @_SecondThought was intimidated by @DHSgov and shadowbanned by @YouTube re: criticism of the @CIA.

For all the wrong reasons...
[a thread]
For once, it's a chilling effect for anyone, espechally de-facto members of the #press [since @_SecondThought does #journalism, be is part of it] to intimidate them by a govt. agency like @DHSgov.

Not to mention that their accusation, "anti-americanism", is not a crime.
In any reasonable justice system, #NullaPeneSineLege applies, which means the government cannot do anything about something that isn't explicitly outlawed.

And last time I checked voicing criticism of politicans was not, @DHSgov!
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#Press Release

Minister Mourns Death of Veteran Film Producer, Chico Ejiro
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has described the shocking death of veteran film producer Chico Ejiro as a
huge blow to the nation's Creative Industry in general and to Nollywood in particular.
In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday, the Minister expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, and indeed to the entire Creative Industry.
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#IHC in a constitutional petition filed by a #Journalist @ArshadSulahri held that the Director General of the #FIA is expected to formulate guidelines for the investigating officers, having regard to the principles highlighted in the judgment of the august Supreme Court.
It is further expected that the Agency will consider prescribing special guidelines regarding proceedings against persons engaged in the profession of journalism on account of the profound effect on the freedom of press and independence of a journalist when the coercive powers
are abused, giving rise to a perception of retaliation to professional functions performed. In this regard the Agency may
consult the key stake holders.
The Federal Government i.e. the Prime Minister
and members of the Federal Cabinet are elected representatives of the people and
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Its @CHCon_nz day 2 kicking off with @mrdanwallis
#CHCon2020 Image
Leaning into the #Press 🕵️ thing!

#Press 🕵️ #CHCon2020 @CHCon_nz Image
Today's happenings!
#Press 🕵️ #CHCon2020 @CHCon_nz Image
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