Today is #WorldMangrovesDay. So let me remind you. #Mangroves;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & #storm surge.
- they break the #wind force
- provide #habitat to #animals during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce #pollution.

We just need to protect them.
So how it works. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing the storms get dampen. You must have read in ‘Theory of Vibration’.
They are prop roots. In #mangrove #ecosystem they are adventitious support roots. They Grow down from lateral branches, in a way support trees, with doing other root functions. Additionally roots buffer against damage to coasts & enhance biodiversity & carbon sequestration.
These are called as #pneumatophores. Mangrove ecosystem has high amount of soil moisture & salt. To take air trees here build special Aerial #roots. Which come out from ground & can grow upto 30 cm. Then air is supplied to all parts of a tree. #Natural filters.
Now as thick this #mangrove belt is, more effective it will be in resistance to #cyclones & other #disasters. They provide habitat to numerous wildlife species which makes the system healthy & balanced.
#Mangrove #ecosystem is not static. It is dynamic, keeps changing. With size variety of #landscape increases. You see here a small #grassland inside mangrove belts. On one side destruction & on other creation
Habitat to not only herbivores but also hypercarnivorous apex #predator like this. One of the largest crocodilian #species on #planet, whose size can go upto 6 metre in length. A salt water crocodile. This one basking in sun at Sunderban. A stable & balanced system.
Enough reasons to protect them.

All pictures & information are mine. During my exploration trips. All are free to use and publish in whatever manner they want to.

• • •

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2 Jul
Keystone species - species which are like keystone in a building. You take out that & building will fall. Important for the whole ecosystem. If they go extinct, the system will not function as usual. Example beaver.
Flagship species - species which are important & we select them as an ambassador for our conservation programs. Mostly charismatic species. So that other species which are in that habitat can also be protected. The habitat can be protected. Example tiger.
Umbrella is similar kind of thing. We chose a species by whose conservation we can conserve others also.
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8 Jun
If anybody wants to see how elephants sleep. PC BBC.
These are the elephants from China about which I shared recently. They are 15 elephants which have walked 500 km. The herd was seen resting near a village in Xiyang township after heavy rain slowed down its travels.

Complete details here.…
Elephants have only two jobs; eat & sleep. They sleep heavily. They snore a lot.

Most of the time one among herd remains awake as a guard, mostly bull.

Now in India maize & monsoon is here. Elephants will stay on forest boundaries. In day they will sleep & in night will raid.
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23 May
Kiddo fell into reservoir from where water was being supplied to village. Territorial team, wildlife squad II & vet team reached on time. Was rescued & happily united with family. Mother was watching from safe. Our team.
Range territorial team. It took 3-4 hours. But all went fine without any harm to mother or calf.

It will be repaired soon with protection this time.
This is how unfolded. Watchtower staff called control room & range control by RT.

Patrolling party reached first. Local range staff reached then. Mobile squad as backup. And vet team for care. All communication through RT for location & information. Four hours all went normal.
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9 May
Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd, all are mothers. Grandmother makes all decision for the family. #Mothersday Image
Obvious that experienced matriarch should lead #elephant family. She has accumulated immense traits/wisdom due to her long life. Which comes handy in long journeys & dangers. Not true for all. In #Zebras pregnant lead the way as she needs more water. #Buffaloes decide mutually. Image
Males keep on joining & leaving herds. Well one of the accepted theory is. That males when they get young are pushed out from the herd/family by dominant female, also called as matriarch. To check the inbreeding. Which only shows elephants are highly intelligent. Image
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8 May
Today is #WorldMigratoryBirdDay. When we read about them, we realise how least migratory humans are. Here is Himalayan griffon vultures, as sub adult they are migratory. We found many in sick condition & were able to revive 21. Here few stories about migration with Indian touch.
The real global tourist !! A Demoiselle crane tagged in Russia's Transbaikalia was spotted in Khinchan village in Jodhpur district in Feb. She traveled about 4,368 kms, the longest distance covered by the tagged migratory birds reported so far. While we were under lockdown.
While #Covid19 appeared. A female Common Crane was satellite tagged in March'20 near Nal Sarovar in India.

Named Vadla, migrated to breeding site in northern Kazakhstan and then returned exactly at site of her tagging on Migratory Bird Day, 10 Oct. By WII team.
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7 May
That is how life starts. Millions of olive Ridley turtles started their journey from Odisha coasts as we are locked inside. Under close watch of forest department. One of the natures extravaganza. Sharing as received.
Each year millions of turtles reach to coasts with perfect synchronization for laying eggs, phenomenon is called as Arribada. New one comes put after 40-45 days.

It is said that mass nesting of #Turtles is a phenomenon as old as dinosaurs. 2/n
This mass nesting is a strategy to protect them from danger. To distribute the threat.

when turtles arrive on coast if they found disturbance they don't lay eggs. Some will dig the hole but if disturbance is there they will run away. Looking for suitable site & time. 3/n
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